MONTANA NEWSPAPERS offers four means of access: browsing by title, location, or date, or searching for terms that appear in the newspapers.

TIP: Retrieve more precise results using Advanced Search


Browse by title

Here, you’ll find a sortable list of all newspapers on the site. You can sort by clicking at the top of any column.

Some newspapers changed names over time, and in this list, they appear as different newspapers. This arrangement is required by the CHRONAM software, which recognizes newspapers the way library catalogers have identified them.

Browse by location

Explore the newspapers on a zoomable map.

Click on a city to see the newspapers available from that location.

View the legend by clicking the legend button in the upper-left part of the map. Cities identified with a green circle have newspapers on Montana Newspapers. Cities with a blue/purple circle have newspapers on Chronicling America. Cities with a black circle have newspapers on both Montana Newspapers and Chronicling America. The yellow diamond shows cities with newspapers digitized on other websites.

Browse by date

This calendar view allows you to choose a date and see all available issues published that day. Click the date, then click paper you’d like to view. TIP: Dates for which there is more than one newspaper available are shaded in dark gray.


Using the Search box on every page, you can enter a term and get a list of all pages on which the term appears. All searches will take you to a page which highlights your search terms (if there are any) in red.

(Optional) To limit your search to one place, before running your search, select a town in the list at the left of the search box.

Use these options to run more precise searches and retrieve fewer but more relevant results. TIP: If you leave an option blank, the search defaults to "all."

Select Title(s): Choose one or more papers to search. To select multiple titles, hold down Control (PC) or Command (Mac), then click each title in the list.

Specific page: Limit your search to a specific page. For example, you may want to search the text of a regular column that always appeared on page 2.

Select date range: Enter the range of dates you want to search.

To search all newspapers in this site, leave the Date Range boxes blank.

with any of the words: This option does an OR search on a list of words. For instance, city limits will find pages that have the term city OR the term limits.

with all of the words: This option will find pages that contain all of the words you enter, in no particular order. For instance, city limits will find pages that contain the term city AND the term limits.

with the phrase: This search will look for pages that contain the sequence of words you enter. For instance, Inside the city limits will retrieve pages that contain the string inside the city limits.

within (proximity search) Finds pages that contain your search terms within a given distance from one another. For example, Jones Smith will retrieve pages that contain these two words within 5, 10, 50, or 100 words of one another.

Note: Additional help is available at Chronicling America.