The Montana Historical Society invites participation from libraries and museums around the state. We have developed a turnkey service to manage the digitization process, metadata development, and ingestion into this web site. Costs for this service vary according to the amount of content to be digitized. For example, a five-year run of a 16-page daily newspaper will be more costly than the same run of a 4-page weekly.

  • 365 days x 16 pp x 5 years = 29,200 pages
  • 52 weeks x 4 pp x 5 years = 1,040 pages
We are a not-for-profit enterprise dedicated to providing better access to Montana's historical newspapers. The fees paid by contributing partners are used for:

  • Project management
  • Analysis of microfilm
  • Digitization of microfilm
  • Review of digital files
  • Creation of structural and technical metadata
  • Digital storage and web server fees
  • Preservation of digital content

Past contributors of newspapers have obtained funding from a range of sources, including granting agencies, foundations, and donors. If you are interested in digitizing a newspaper for this site, please contact us early in your process. We want to help you plan and implement your project.

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