The Lump City Miner (Lump City, Mont.) 1895-1895, January 05, 1895, Image 1

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......11444101111411114 4— ••••••• 444444*p*s. • VII• 11W111•1011.... ••• 4 . tti The Lunl VOL. 1.—No. 1. r LUMP CITY, MONTANA, SATURDAY, - JAITtrARY 5, 1895. • J. B. LOCKWOOD, DNUG S rr DEAL= IN Drugs, Medicines, Mining Supplies; Chemicals, Etc. 137 N. MAIN STREET, HELENA. For Mining Supplies and Machinery OF GOOD, SUBSTANTIAL AND HONEST QUALITY, AND FOR PROMPT and INTELLIGENT SERVICE, go to A. M. HOLTER HARDWARE CO. 118 and 118 North Mate Street, . - - - HELENA, MONTANA. TURNER & Co. Grocers and Miners' Supplies, 20 AND 22 EDWARD ST. Montana Lumber villanufacturing Co. MINING TIMBERS and BUILDING MATERIAL of ALL KINDS. Yards Located at HELENA and BUTTE. The Largest and Best STOCK OF MINERS BOOTS and SHOES In the State at Bottom Prices. WIEThistlewaite THE Cash Shoe Man, 12. 1 3N. Main St., - Beveridge Bie'k HELENA, MONTANA. Mail Orders Shipped the same day received. James Twiford, DZALNII IN Furniture, Bar Fixtures and Stores, Ore Sacks and Tents, HARNESS, ETC. Ten Thousand Second I Lind Articles of Every Desciiption to be sold at onc-half their ac- tual value. 235 N. Main St., HELENA H. H. ASHLEY, Livery, Feed am! Sale Stable. 414 North Park Atosamoi HEI.F.NA Teleshono 325. The Ashley Stable is now run - 1.1.1 a daily coach between Helena umli City, leaving the Grand 1 Hotel every morning at 8 ; returning leave Lump City )p.m. as way $1 00 trip . t, 100 Ile or over se delivered 1.50 25c per 1(10 lbe ..25 and ri0c ANDREW WOODS, Barber Shop and Bath Room, 33 1 i S. Main St., Helena. FRED. J. THOMAS, ASSAYER. Silver and Gold 11.00 Silver, Gold and head 1.50 Copper 1.50 Meinschmidt & Bro. (CONSOLIDATED.) HARDWARE DEPT. AMENT8 FOR Hercules Powder Von Stock of Miners' Supp . hes, Builders Hardware, and Headquarters for Blacksmith and Wagon Makers Auppii.8. STOVES AND TINWARE. Granite Block, Helena. Helena Iron Works Ore Caru and Bucketx, Track Iron, Car Whedg, Iron and Brats Cantings, et. Special Mining Maeliinery of all kinds made to order. Miners' and Prospector,' supplies of all kinds. Work promptly attended to on short notice. A M. W11.1,14MN, Agent, Miner Offloe AMONG THE LEDGES. Regular Meekly Clean-up fropi...1he Mines of the Lump Gulch Dietrie. Mating Note, and Dame of one Day of an Interesting Chairer. Under a caption similar to the above The Mama will hereafter, each week, give a condensed review of all the mines of this district, being at all times care- ful to make only such statements as are of genuine worth; of s newsy eberseter ; and such as we believe to be true. Also under this bead till be interspersed other items of a mineralogical nature— such as in our judgment will tend to shed light upon a • variety of subjects suitable to a general review of this nature. * * • SLIGHTLY surroRICIAL. The mines of the Lump Gulch district are the latest contribution to the great system of precious metal bearing lodes in the state. The district is not only the latest, but is by all odds the best, and in all probabilities the most extensive, that have as yet been discovered. Originally Lump Gulch was worked as a placer claim in a desultory fashion, and for some years the only inhabitants of the gulch were the White Bros., who were by turns placer -miners, and manu- facturers, in a small way, of lumber. So far as I have been able to learn from those who are well acquainted with this locality during this period, as well as before and since, the gulch was never a famous producer of the yellow metal, in this respect being quite unlike,many of the neighboring gulehea of the imme- diate vicinity, and it was not until the finding of the Hill and Washington lodes, and the later discoveries of the Liver- pool and Flora mines that the attention of the c tivartz miner was called, even in the slightest degreeoto the gulch as a possible iteld for future quartz bonanzas. Previo,p4 to this time the quartz mines of other localities offered more enticing., prospect& on the surtacie, and the' Ha' deposits of Lojep gulch were left undis- turbed, only to corns prominently to the front with their astorOhing richness and wonderful bodies of ore at a time when silver commands a price below that of any other period in its history, and when many other low grade mines and campel of the state were forced to remain idle ' in consequence of this unhappy state of affairs and just when a high grade Cain') was to at needed. lU F. LI VFIIPOOI, This property. owned by the Merrill. MillerMining Corn puny, is at present the nitwit extensively developid mine in the camp. It is located at the apex of of the bluff overlooking Lump City, on the right hand side as one ascends the gulch. The affairs of the Bailie and the company are ablymanaged by Mr. Thos. ;. Merrill, p obahly the best known min- ing man in t estate, owing more partai ularly to his oininent connection with the mineral land ilbstroveray, Rome years ago, he being the secretary of the mineral land association, and latterly in connoc- tion with Montana's famous exhibition of her beat crop gold and silver ores at the World's Fair, and also at San (tilted. Teday it occupies the posi tion of the first mine of the camp, and as development progresses will no doubt keep up its record as one of the greet mines of the state. * 5 C THE WASHINGTON, owned by the Liverpool people, adjoins that property, and is under lease to Messrs. Grob, Heheon and Hogan. It Is at present the, greatest producer in the district and will unffoubtedly con- tinue to be so for some time as ground is being opened at evert point and stop - lug is kept to the face. This proper- ty is leased until April 30, 1895. THE BABY HELEN, while at present idle, is a representative property having within its boundaries a choice lead showing ore from the grass roots. Dr. Beecher, of Minneapolis, one of the owners, contemplates active de- velopement in the near future. • * * THE 'TYCOON. This mine is owned by Merrill &Jack- son of St. Paul. The property has had ore from the start and with the advent of spring will get the attention of these gentlemen to such a degree that it will be numbered as one of the most active in camp. * * THE CREOLE, owned by D. T. Haskell and others is being pushed rapidly to gain depth and get into their vein, whiettan the surface and while it was with thew showed the usual high grade ore. *. s THE FREE COINAGE, owned by Messrs. Prescott and Smith, is the phenomenal property Of the (tamp. Ore was produced at a depth of 25 - feet and a car produced at 78 feet returned 265 ozs. No stoning has so far been done. The claim was originally pox: chased from N. H. Johnson for $80C1.' THE LITTLE Nem, owned by Head. Bell and others, is now in Bonanza. At the 200 their main body of ore was encountered and is from two feet to 30 inches in width, producing in one week 3 cars of high grade ore, net- ting the lucky owners $10,000. The fu- ture of that property is assured and it will undoubtedly soon take first rank, as they intend sinking and opening their ore bodies for systematic stoping. • THF. LITTLE ALMA. This mine is owned by Dr. Pleasants and others of Helena, and is a tine prop- erty. It has produced some of the high- etd. grade ore in the camp, one lot return- ing 600 ors. Their hoist and rigging is now in place and sinking is in progress under contract, The ore reserves above still keep the mine a shipper. • • • TILE MUSE VUOIN, ulilir imfild t4) McKay and Gable have reached a depth of 12.5 ft and a contract has been recently let to Jacob Evans for 100 feet of depth. This will determine the trend of the ore chute which they cut through in their shaft. * * Francisco. Mr. Merrill is very ably as- THE LINCOLN, 5151.451 in his manipulation of the affairs owned by Mackay, Gable, Russell and of the Liverpool by John S. Miller, his teesxiiate. Both thews gentlemen are old- time residents of Helena, where the main 01110(15 of the company are located. The Liverpool Ito outfit Led With A Ptearn hoist capable of sinking to a depth of 114X) feet, and has a present working force of miners numbering 47 men. The mine is a dividend -payer in this respect the sum of 5150,000 standing to its credit, notwithstanding the eitremely low price of silver during the entire period the Messrs. Miller, Wilcox and others are d owners uner bond from W. Redding. « • mine has been operated. Development work has so far advanced that the lode will soon be cut at the 4(X) when the additional stoning ground will add greatly to the mines output. The mine . is to lay putting five tons if ore in sight where (MP is lifted out. The Liverpool has the honor of being the first mine discovered in the Lump gulch district., having been located and Roberts have attained a depth of 75 feet and have just set their hoist for 100 feet additional. This is a very promising property, having had ore from 20 feet in depth: THE KING SOLOMON, is another steady producer The ship- ping ore is extra high grade, 1st class returning 300 07414. and 2nd class 265 ore. THE ri.izAiirTn, owned by A. 11. Keith itteil others is re- pidiv improving and glies evidence of soon being among the producera. • • 4, • TIIF, FAIRWFATIIER, recently discovered by R. F. Wilkinson a ud owned by himself and W. Stigler is recorded by Mr. Merrill in lt164, and ,..._,1 a '''''\'. . 1, At grass roots gray copper afterwards abandoned by him. ITpon i r a i n . ' A ' ,7::,:pred assaying 77 or.., at 8 Mr. Morrill's return to the gulch, severyleo rosini•od from ‘run 10001a. They have 4 ti years later, he found the mine relocwii , vs to $10 pnr roniatter between walls. This and thinking well of the propert I : i v\ Z n r : f i :::: t \ i w 1 i 7\ , showing, to date, in the ptirphafted it and had the grout, I fi rm ,“1 Slid .1 .,\„ he surface ran neetki' owned by Hooper sad become a producer. Thor from 36 -feet in depth and at inches high gr The tonnage month of Novetn cars returning on Extent of the La In the New Year's pendent We find the of the Lump 0 tributary and in the and as it in a measure greatness of this mineral give it place in our columns: The camp is young, developments th no' far amount to but little, b‘t if Shoes de , veloped, or partially so, furaltdi en7 cri- terion, then Lump is destined to have a great and prosperous future. Hundreds of men are engaged in sinking on their prospects and by next spring one may look for lively times in Lump. The district embraced by Lump, Clan- cy, Strawberry and Warm Spring Creek is greater by far than any one not fa- miliar with the country can well imagine. It contains within its actual limit. an area of 100 square miles and the men from up Lump gulch, on going to Clan- cy, or Lump, or Hartford, or Alhambra with his pockets tilled with rich speci- mens of ore, expecting to astonish the natives, will himself be surprised at the varied and prolific exhibit furnished from the neighboring hills. Verily, Lump is a great camp, not only in extent, but in the richness and variety of its -area. Even -the old -Legal- - Tender, which was worked profitably many years ago, in contributing its quota toward the output of the district. In - Lump proper hundreds of claims have been located and many of them are un- dergoing developement. On Trafis creek strike of ruby silver is reported. On Buffalo Ridge ** Fslriesejveto. is &WILY showing gray copper ore ci good grade. Work of development will boon begin. The Hollenbsoks no sinking cm the Gold Finch adjoining. Dorn and Ppr sen are sinking on a promising ledge on East Buffalo creek. Fred Bowe and others are opening up the Oreseent, si tine vein west of the Little Ma. Itkir any attempt to enumerate one-teathf , nt the prospects being developed oelstair gulch would be out of the question at this time. It would require at least a week of oonstant travel to get over the ground, to say nothing of the time re- quired to make a proper Inspection and report. On Clancy creek the following prop- erties are being worked: Dan Tudor, an old time producer, owned by M. Redding; the Holt mine, under bond to Cavanaugh and Beattie; the Maud E., bonded. to Winters and Arnold. TbA•German Min- ing company's property lies between Clancy and Alharribee, and is reckoned a good one. It is equipped with a steam hoist and is producing shipping ore. Across Prickly Pear to the east lies the Mammoth n3irr developed by a 160 -foot shaft and containing good ore. Nego- tiations are pending for the purchase of the Mammoth by Helena parties. Southeast of Clancy and *said Limp are a great number of goodslakin 'I'he best developed is the Argonaut, osnied by H. M. Hill. It is developed hy two shaft& 100 and 175 feet respectively, and 175 feet of levels, in which a oontinuous vein of , ore extends of an average of 100 o unues to the ton. On this mine asbatt was sunk in 1873 to a depth of 90 feet, from which good ore was taken. This property is not being worked at the pres- ent for the reason that Mr. Hni does not believe in selling his 'elver at the pre- vailing rates. gait of the Argonaut about one mile a galena outcrop has lately been dieoovered, showing I largo quantity of Ore astititiying Viper cont. lead and 30 ounces ally* under bon(' to F. W. Ellis, of Helena and Mr. Stafford, pf Alhambra. To return again to Clancy creek Mc - Rennie has enoountered sixteen inches of ore at a depth twenty-five feet . The Trade Dollar has a shaft down 85 het. It is owned by &UMW Leese, veins re , ports four feet of ore lissering .8110 in gold and 13 ounces silver. progress. Mr. Leese also OWDS en Leaf and will sink on it 190 winter. It is said to belt *sty port. S• \ 4 • *4444.444....... .••••••10. s a!„

The Lump City Miner (Lump City, Mont.), 05 Jan. 1895, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.