The Lump City Miner (Lump City, Mont.) 1895-1895, June 15, 1895, Image 5

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sr TilE LUMP CITY MINER: LUMP CITY, MONTANA. Miners' Union Celebration A Grand Day and a Grand Jollification. A glorious day greeted the Miners' Union for their celebration at Alhambra in honor of the anniversary of the seven teenth year of the organization of prec- ious metal miners in America, and to have seen the happy faces of the miners with their wives anil little ones, their sweethearts, their eonains and their aunts, all for the moment unmindful of the fact that they represented a class of producers of the dethroned and degraded white metal, was a sight that would have struck terror into the hearts of the gold - bugs. Alhambra! The very name is associated with history, witt poetry, with song, with cloudless skies and laughter -- a palace of the Moorieh kings at Granada -and was fittingly chosen as the spot in which to celebrate the birthday of the sons of queen silver! Headed by Higgins' cadet band from Helena the Union marched up through the main street of Lump City, the home of the great silver mines, and thence to Alhambra, where all arrangements had been made for the days' outing, and where the invited guests had assembled by special train, carriages and bicycles froua Helena, Winston, Wickes, Clancy, Corbin and su the surrounding country. There were more than 500 people in at- tendance, and all seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves watching the genies, dancing, listening to the music, sporting in the hot Water plunge baths, wander- ing about the grounds or climbing the hills and feasting upon one of the fairest of n atu re's grand panoramas,touched here and there with glistening snow up to which the eye wandered over a succese- ion of lofty wooded peaks, tilling the soul with gladness. In the base ball game considerable in- terest bad been awakened, owing partic- ularly to the fact that the Winston club and the Lump -City Giants were to cross bats, both crack amateur organizations, anil both clubs with clean records — neither having ever lost a game. The game wits a very pretty one and would have done credit to professionals, being marked by the complete absence of the usual jangles indulged in by amateur clubs, The Winstons, though defeated, played a plucky, up -hill game, and the nine is composed of thorough gentlemen. The following is the score: . INNINGS. 1- 2 3 4 5 6 8 0. Lump City Giants -3 2 0 3 1 2 1 2 *-14 WInstone..........-1 0 3 1 0 0 2 0 0-7 The single-handed drilling match, be- tween J. A. Bieber and E. D. Stillman, both of Lump City, proved a very inter- esting feature, and was won by Bieber, drilling 204 inches in 15 minutes. The winners in other contests will be given next week. PERSONAL MENTION Governor Rickards was a vuotor in the eity and gulch last 'Wednesday, spending the entire day in looking at the mines of the district, accompanied by private secretary Keith. The Governor said that the Salt Lake conferenoe anoom - • plished all that it was intended to accom- plish, and that he expected permanent relief to the silver mining industry through the medium of the republicans at the coming presidential election. He said in subetance that the republican party had been heretofore equal to great emergencies, and that he believed they would fully cope with the financial question when the nominations came to be made. The Governor left Friday to attend the meeting of the republican league clubs in Cleveland, Ohio. W. C. Mitten, representing the Mont- tana Mining and Market Reporter, Butte, Montana, was a u isitor in Lamp this week, in the interest of that sterling mining journal. The Salt Lake Tribune thinks that we of the West do not realize much, after ad, what a country we have. We are )‘ , int to think df Connecticut as a great .1 ate. We think of its manufactories, itH groin choo1s, itA beautiful kinneeti- cut valley, of its nuaifiild resources and aocumuletca wealth, arid yet if (lonnecti- out could be pieloul 1). , bly Tel set down in Oregon, it would jii4t exitetly cover the Willamette valley. That la, there is in that one valley rim inuoh land as there is all Connecticut. A linnet, every :ten, of it, is rich, and it has vastly more Latural resources upon whirl to sup- p.,rt, a populatmn than has Connecticut. \ ni l yet (1.'11114/-1,1,ot ha a one third an many people as there are in all the west, of the Rooky Mountains. IH true , ,f t hn Willamette valle is true of the - '41aor arrant. I and San inapt n aml yet it would take nin' than states of the area of Conne , t lout to make s state like Montana If we only keep on Wo Will rillt•ote people in the East after ri while There arm 160 people to the e.1 Hare mile in ( i nflect I Out. When l't,ah gets to 1)0 Ile thickly eettlad we shall have 12,00o,oi to people, or Fibula one fourth as many ea there are in the United l - )tnten to day @prole' Notice. All those who are subscribers to the school fund are requested to call at this office and pay their subscription for the current month. The bills are now due and the money in wanted to bottle. We trust that all will pay up promptly and not oblige us to send a collector around. We have a good school, and we should pay the HUMS we IlliVe subscribed >a ) , + : e promptly. New !toad fr Helena to 1.tinip ' The vounty commissioners of Lewis and Clarke county have taken the in itiative in the matter of building a road from Helena to this city, by way of Unionville, and the Independent of last Friday has the following in connection with it: Action was taken yesterday by the board which will result in a new road to Lump Gulch by the way of Unionville. County Surveyor Bickel, Jos. Davis and Philip Constans were appointed viewers with instructions to begin their work July 21 The report of the viewers will be filed Aug. 20 and as soon there- after as practicable the commissioners will have the road built. This new road to Lump will be of great importance as it will give a short and easy traveled way between that en- terprising camp and the mining district thereabouts. The road to Unionville is in first-class shape and no work on it will be needed. The new road will ex- tend from a short distance beyond Unionville to the top of the divide which marks the boundary line between Lewis and Clarke and Jefferson counties. It will be only a few miles long but will be over some pretty rough ground. The road from the top of the range on the Jefferson county side into Lump will probably be built by Jefferson county. If not the merchants of Helena and Lump City will doubtless subscribe enough for its completion. That part of the road will cost but little as the slope is not great and the ground is comparatively even. The commissioners of Lewis and Clarke county would have acted upon this matter before had a petition for the the road been sent in. They could not order the preliminary work of viewing until that formality had been dispoed of. The petition came from residents of Unionville one of whom was Mr. Censtans, and was presented very late in the session. „\ri\'. Fair Concert (iarden. Whenever you visit the Capital don't forget to drop in at the World's Fair Concert Garden. The finest attractions appearing weekly. The best liquors and O. G. FREDERICKS, Prop. Attorney -at- Law. cigars always on hand. HALFORD'S A I )1)1T ION TO LUMP CITY. TITLE :---United States Patents Business and Residence Lots for Sale on Easy Terms. Special Inducements to parties desiring to build. GEO. W. HANCHILD, J. B. HALFORD, Helena. Agent, Lump City. • Utah Assay Office E. H. TRAIN, PROPRIETOR, CHEMIST AND ASSAYER Correct Assays made for Any and All Metals. Samples by mail or ex- press will receive prompt and careful at- tention. Silver 75 cents. Gold and Silver $1.t/0 Main St., - Helena, Montana. FOOT OF BROADWAY A. P. 1 )0 RANCE, Ajax, Crescent -- AND _ Eagle Bicycles. Sundries. bicycles to Rent 182 Jackson St., HELENt. )11TANA. JOSEPH J. BURNS, The regular weekly rumor is afloat CLANCY, MONT. that the Rothechielde have bought the Anaconda copper mine. The report of the sale of the old Dominion mine in Arizona is c,onflrmed. The two sets of hoisting engines build- ing at the Union Iron Works for the Ana- conda copper mines attract considerable atteneion. The greatest mines of their kind in the world naturally require the most powerful hoisting machinery, and the plant now being constructed is planned to meet every requirement. Mr. Keith, president of the townsite company, informa Us that arrangements are being made to actively push the in- terests of Lump City through a prom- inent Helena real estate firm. By reason of this the local office in Lump City will be temporarily discontinued. A num- ber of residences will be erected. The 1180,0(X) gold bare stolen from the Carson mint were recovered in a most unexpected way when government officers dug up the treaeure in the wood- shed of William l'irkle,r, an Mnploys in the welters' and refiners' department, who had not e%)sn been suspected. Pickier was betrayed by a vvortian with whom he had been living and whom he had abused. The bùrning of a brush pile, the hill above the Lump (;u1ch Hotel, at Hartford last Wednesday evening after dark, oaumed eorimelerable rerciternent am, mg our vita Zeris, Ix f' 'r R time wet's under the impression that It was the hotel that was burning A feeling of re- lief was er perienred when w , ,r1 \rime up and it was known that the mohort) aniten were only cleaning house. We would nuggent to the inhabitant* of Hartford what there are of them—that they hereafter eontine their deeds of horning to linsid daylight, for we do not like to be woeight up te that pitch of exitement where e are meter the im- premenon t hat a hoddin.k: ‚.H1 ning dbern and a wh -le city consequently wiped oft the map Andrew Slehooster, a miner from Corbin. ties struck lry:a panning freight train at a 'hombre, on the night of the Minere . I 'mon pienie and inetalitly killed. He was found about midnight and the reclining eared for A SILVER STANDARD. It Works Very Well and Satisfactorily In Mexico, Senor Romero, the Mexioan minister to Washington, contributes to the July number of the North American Review an article which is of interest in its bearings upon the discussion of the sil ver standard in Mexico. Silver encour ages very largely the increase of the ex Liebig World Dispensary, HELENA, Emil Wommelsdorf, DICALKH IN Groccries, !lay and Grain, Fruits, Cigars, Tobacco, Liquors and Tinware. Special inducements to the min - ers of Lump gulch and vicinity, on cash orders. Cor. Flobaek and 5th Ave. - HELENA. (Two ‚dory brick building ) Boots and Shoes FOR MINERS. LARGEST STOCK. LOWEST PRICES. Clarke & Frank Montana Shoe Co. 111.:LENA, MONTANA. _NI. 11 13 RYAN - , 12/5., N. Main Fit., MONTANA. Established 1.884. Guns, Revolvers, Inununition Flatting Tackle, Itleyele Sundries, Hunting (lollies. Boxing (iloves, Etc. Complete Stock of sporting Goods. Wall Paper And , Mouldings. The Largest Stock at the Lowest Prices. CHAS. GROSSMANN, 125I¡ North Main St., HELENA, MONT. port of domestic products. The Riker standard also stimulates the develop ment of home manufacturers, the price of foreign commodities being so high that it pays well to inake aome of them at home. One great advantage, on vyhich Romero lays stress, is that at the low price of silver abroad it would be unprofitable to export it. The circula- tion is, therefore, increased so there is now an ample supply of money in the banks, which stimulate' industry, niain- tains prices and increases the demand for labor. On the other hand, he points out that the silver standard has greatly reduced iniportatiiine and that the blown' duties, whieh, until reeently, were the larizeut soun•o of Mexican revenue, are there fore much diminished. Base Ball on the Fourth of .1.11y We extract the following from a letter to the manager of the Lump City Giants, Ira M. Winelovr, dated Boulder, Mon- tana, June 101,1,, 1s95 . \Our Is,ys are very anxvius for your hose hall teitIll CO Meet, the Benin boys here on the 4th of July. We will have R purse of $, - )0.00 or more. If we ,, annot arrange the meeting %ith the Basing our OVID boys will play you, and if they heat you, (which of col' rep is not likely' they will pny your ex pl‘1114PH to the amount of $15 (10 to 'Dien, and if you beat them the purse tA, ample et potiena for your boys. I'lleu40 let me hear from yoil at once, and if you are to have no celebra- tion at home, we will try and make it pleasant for you all. \Your. Truly, \Com. on Rage !tall \ l'or Dam M flaLrouli \ There will be a meeting of the I ‚limp City Gu ari t a ni /ht Itusinees et im- pertanee litiendRI1CSS éleogired. OF SAN FRANCISCO, (MONTANA DITINION,) Permanently Located at 'Main Street, Atlas Block, Helena, Mont. DRS. LIEBIG (16 COMFY, Continue to Trost Chronic. Nervous and \p.\ - ici IlOsessfse, also Weak Men, Oygnole Weakness. Falling \i\,, ri , Lack of Vnergy. Physical Ihreny, fortuities, Ete., A g from indreerret r or eye e r e r indi l l ge no r% pri.lorin g e. tiro frillowiny i elf orlon: Ner- y...iiess, d‘d,inty,( votloil. golf hie_ trreit. iiriforti,, memory, promaturoneere, want ront rol vita) org aner, pimples on the facie, RVNI . ,111111 II, society of fo rna k s ,,f l a rk if ronfirlenro, g irrbilliTIOMM, 1 1..9 , 001411 , 3 , un- fitness to rnarry, malatirtorly, muffled develop noint, lost manhood. ni g ht lossos. pains in tïle 11/11k •nri 0,14 , 01 le, gonorrohte. ''‚ir'\. - tors) diem -bar g ee. retrirture, g lees, nt\. witfir surreara, safely ve1.e17 Rend for blank for ‚eon, le better call if you ran. %A/EAK If If OMEN. Lied io» urc. ritrffori ri g from Any fi err, MOO , 11,1i /,r pre rate ti oilgi to fail roieu, roa, um '''‚r ho lm experintirri I\11.1 new ‚motto.) or roet 1,1Ailt Will Orion owe pm when you 1,avn faileil with MhOr* F44111 for glIfiliii0r1 Wank for woolen. or better rail if y ri - rAttuu And kindred „Il\...' ‚‚y,' of the rye, Throat and I el far« stirreerefully troatred, and iti nutunor RO „p''' he Record/0d° Lc, the TT, .141 API rat• liranore for Hulnal Driformition. Foot, ste mrosifset urea. Rotimfartion iroaranteed The I Àubiir lirare and A pihirince mannfoirturers )IR40 boon brou g ht from Finn Furor -berm mid all real ID oom Foul „‚‚per''''', for deformed people will lie made «e q al to Now York bem reer. All brie',\ and ‚ w pm -Arlie fin for hip ‚ ‚ ‚‚‚tamorlyaler of knee joo lte wry n\'' nrtifiels1 arms, and syos, oar 'truing, olortrio nrul ma g net ir I i retiree, 611 , trneser., leatteririe all are nuinufrtirturer1 In tIm brat, mancrfartriry iif Theta s World Dim_ ponwary Helena. Permanent Office - - - ATLAS BLOCK, HELENA. %trailer. Main and iseto.en CONSIJI .1 . A TION FREE. WEINSTEINS. yo n K 165 Sixth Ave. 114.1.ENA Sixth and Alain. Tho best place to - buy --the cheapest place to buy and we can prove it to you on any line of goods. The better you are posted on other people'h prices the quicker you will buy of US. CLOTHING. Just abuot half the price other stores charge— you may as well save the money as pay it to them. $4.00 for the suit 3 ou pay $8.00 for elsewhere $6.50 for tho suit the clothing «(''ru» g ut $12.00 for .... ...... $7.50 for the usual $14.00 suit............... 15e for a good Fedora hat .. ................ 7.0c ' \ trust' \ \ Fur ............ .50c for Copper Riveted overalls 50c for juackets to match ......... 5c pair for 101 socks ........... . . 2tic for working ahirte Every thing in the line at similar prices. TO Fins cut and long cut tobaccos dry very quick- ly in Montana... but you're fund fresh, .. moist goods here for we Sell them too quiuly „et out or dry. FINE CUTS. Rome heat , lb 35c 40C Sterling, lb Gim,, lb Hiawatha, lb 75e Nerve, lb ...... . ..... . ..... 80c F ountain. ................ ..... . 80c liNIJYT13. 'openhagen, lb.. 75e French atwee, lb.................. ..... 75c \‚r\'' bonne Fa. LONG OUTS. P eerleige, lb .............. ..........•...... 35o Si andard, lb 80e Badger, lb ....... ..... 20c (lIGA5114. Cheeper than you can buy them from the fac- tories -write and see. (nu iinmense sales en - al'!'» to buy the largest 'paint itiee. (11s+ra Bouquet for . ....... ............ . 75o 511 I roldon Oriole for. 50 Henry (lay for ........... .... .......... 75c 50 t Blossoms for .... 1 00 50 Speckled Dainties for. ............ 1 25 100 Nlould 'foram. for .................1 25 100 Virginia Stogies for.....................2 40 50 Hoffman House Bouquet for.....2 90 CLANCY MINERS' UNION NO. 30. The Clancy Miners' Union holds its regular meetings on Tuesday evening of each week at 800 o'clock in their hall in Lump City, Montana. Fuse MCCORMICK, President. IKHK WILKINSON, Seeretary WINSLOW 8i GRIFFITH, PIONEER Livery and FeedStable Carriage to and from all trains. Dray and Express work will receive prompt at- tention. STABLE ON MAIN STREET, EAST OF HAYES HOTEL. WILLIAMS & SONS, ARTISTIC JOB PRINTERS Envelopes, Bill Heads. Letter Heads, Statements, Briefs, Tickets, Labels, Circulars. Stationery lk)oks Ci g;i rm Tobacco ining Blanks Etc. Lump City, - Mont.

The Lump City Miner (Lump City, Mont.), 15 June 1895, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.