The Lump City Miner (Lump City, Mont.) 1895-1895, June 15, 1895, Image 8

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ere THE LUMP CITY ILINER: LUMP CITY, MONTÁNA. 1 ; , STATE CODE MINE SIGNALS. Their Adoption Made Compulsory en alines Over 78 Feet Deep. State Mine Inspector Shoemaker and Deputy Inspector John Miles have even piled the new code of mine signals, which took effect June 1. Some delay was ex peronced in publishing the code of .ig nais anil for this reason the time for its adoption will probably be extended to June 15, tu allow all engineers and eta tion tenders an opportunity to thorough- ly study the code. The signals adopted are similar 1,o those in use at the great mines of t Comstock, and meet with the appr al of the engineers of this district. The signals are good for a depth of 30 levels or stations. The full oode is as follows: SIGNAL HELL.s. 1 Bell Hoist, 1 Bell Stop, (if in mo- tion). 2 Bells lower men, 3 Bells hoist men. 4 Bells blasting signal, engineer must answer by raising bucket or cage a few feet and letting it back slowly. Then 1 Bell hoist men away from blast. 5 ells steam on, 6 Bells steam off. 7 hells air on, 8 Bells air off. 3-2-2 send down drilla. 3 2-3 send down picks. 9 Bells danger signal (case of tire or other danger,) then ring number of sta- tion where danger exists. No person shall ring any signal bell except station tender, exoept in case (if danger, or when the main shaft is being sunk. Engineers must slow up when passing stations when men are on the cage. STATION BELLS. 2 Bells, Pause, 1 ............Station No. I 2 Bells, Pause, 2 Bells ...........Station No. 2 2 Bells. Pause. 3 Bells ...........Station No. 3 2 Bells, Pause, 4 Bells Station No. 4 2 Bells, Pause. 5 Bells 3 Bells, Pause, 1 Bell, 3 Bells, Pause, 2 Bells, 3 Bells, Pause, 3 Bells, . 3 Bells, Pause, 4 Bells, ... 3 Bells, Pause. 5 Bells, 4 Bells, Pause, 1 Bell, Station No. 5 Station No. 6 tation No. 7 Station No. 8 Station No. 9 Station No. 10 Station No. 11 4 Bells, Pause, 2 Bells, .... .....Station No. 12 4 Bells, Pause, 3 Bells, Station No. 13 4 Bells, Pause, 4 Belle, - Statism No. 14 4 Bells, Pause, 5 Bells. Station No. 15 5 Bells, Pause, 1 Bell, Station No. 16 5 Bells, Pause, 2 Bells, Station No. 17 5 Bells, Pause, 3 Bells, Station No. 18 5 Bells, l'anse, 4 Bells, Station No. 19 5 Bells, l'ause, 5 Bells, tiatiou No. 20 6 Bells, Pause. 1 Bell, ..... .St at ion No. 21 Ilells, Pause, 2 Bells, Stat Ion No. e 6 Bells, Pause, 3 Bells, ........ Station No. %I 6 Bells, Pause, 4 Bella, ..... Station No. 24 6 Bells, Pause, 5 Bells, Station No. 25 7 Bells, Pause, 1 Bell, Station No. 26 7 Bells, Pause, 2 Bells. Station No. 27 7 Bells, Pause. 3 Bella, . Station No. 2it 7 Bells, Pause, 4 Bells, Station No. 29 7 Bells, Pause, 5 Bells, ..... Station No. ad F.LECTRIC BELLA. Where electric bells are used in con- nection with other belle, Otto the follow- ing signals : If cage is wanted ring station signal Station teinter will answer 1 Bell. Reply 1 Bell to go up. Reply 2 Bells to go down. If station is full of ore and station ten- der is wanted, ring station signai and do not answer back. If 2-1-2 bells are rung, engineer or station tender does not understand, re- peat signal. In case of ma - 71 - '0n trr-eocident, ring station signal, station tender will reply 3-2-1, ring 9 Bells. One copy of this notice should be pos- ted on the galliiws frame, and one before the engineer. To be in effect from and after June 1, 1895. This code subject to change under oertain conditions. C. S. SHOEMAKER, • State Mine Inspector. JOHN MiLna, Deputy. A Chapter in oWhithiatehhim.\ The Helena Independent contains an- other interesting article on the Whit - latch I 'Ilion and McIntyre Gold Mining Company. It is not a statement of the amonnt taken 'oit of that valuable prop- erty, but in a general ‚sa ) r‘form to the amount put into it, imarinet its it does the modest caption : \Sheriff's Sale,\ says the Mining Area. To a large number of (mien stockhold- ers this notice means a gi eat deal, for it indicates that on the 211 Is day of the present month, in the year of our Lord, A II , 1895, a cake of ice will fall upon them and crush them into ii painful for- getfulness that such a mine as the Whit - latch ever existed. There was a time when this mine was a way -up proposition, and in the year precedineite closing down it produced about et5,001) in yellow gold. Notwith- (deriding this promising out -put, atonic hoidere were eurprieed to learn that the entire amount bad been \ blown into\ un pro RI able prospecting, consisting ehiefly of n tunnel run floosie the eoun- try for no pioteuidar purpose or object that, practienl Mining men have ever been able to disoover. Had the gold taken out, ef the mine alone I14/1/11 s.' dwd the stockholders might no/ /ep tad the situation more philosophically, but in addit ion to this ex ponditur• the trustees snoops. led in slue hleri rig is debt of $4,000 on the eompany half of uh was beyond the limit preerribed by the law. Of the organization and eoreesi t- ly illegal. While the rot - Timmy has bi•en patiently waiting, like the immortal Micawber, for something to turn up, the trustees have taken steps to \legalize\ the debt they created. They permitted the holder of the note to sue and obtain judgment against the company, and as the result of this the eheriff will offer the property for sale on the 24th inst. The next chapter in the program will be the redemption of this property, prob- ably by gentlemen in the East acting through their representatives, and the equeezing out of the small fry stock- holders. Then the water that was per nutted to till the mine surreptitiously before the closing down of the property was publicly announced, will be pumped out and work will be resumed. A pro- ductive gold mine will again be doing business up the gulch, while the has- beens whose hard-earned dollars helped develop the property, will stand around and look at the dump and dream of van- ished hopes. Of course, the usual announcement that stockholders will be permitted to \come in \by paying pro rata of the ex- penses, will be made. The freeze -out would not be complete without this oon- servative and fair-minded proposition; but with $2,000 added to the legitimate debt, with court and other expenses ad- ded to that, and all the money in the treasury worse than squandered, the small -fry may look sufficient financial enthusiasm to help buy a hole full of water. Moreover, the small stockholders have no knowledge ot what is in the mine, further than the confession of min- ers who worked there that it is all right when properly handled. It was flooded by the stealthy withdrawal of the pump before the little fellows had a chance to investigate; and studious efforts were made to keep theui out of the mine when it was in operation. The affaire of this company have boon handled with criminal negligence, on the one hand, or negligent criminality on the other hand. There are but these two horns to the dilemma. It would have been just as easy to closedown the works when the $35,000 were expended as to in- cur an indebtedness of $4,000 additional upon which to lay the foundation for a eheriff's sale, and the elimination of the small stockholders. Either poor man- agement, or worse, has brought this company, like poor Yorrick, to its pres- ent complexion. The Area wishes to do no one an in- justice, but there is altogether too much looseness in the handling of mining in- terests, and whether stockholders suffer from incompetent management or dis- honest management it matters not --so long as they suffer. The motives of the manageaient that exhausted the many thousands taken out of the,Whitlateh, and then plunged the dompany into debt that forces its properties into the hands of the sheriff, cut very little figure in this transaction. The effect is of chief concern ; and as a matter of self-protec- tion the small stockholders ought to ask for the appointment of n receiver. helena was scraped with a drag -net to find loose dollars to blow into this concern, and very many of our best citizens are inter- ested in seein.r fair play. Mr Merrill will not tr e to Memphis A telegram from Denver, Col., dated June 10, says that Mr. Merrill, who was to have been Montana's representative in the great bimetallic convention to be held in Memphis, has been called back to his home by illness in his family. E. B. Light, of Denver, has consented, at the request of Mr. Merrill, to act as Mon- tana's advocate. The delegates to the Mempn is conven- tion left Denver for Memphis last Mon- day night. One of the assured results of the gathering of the silver champions will be the establishment of oftlees in Chicago, Waiiiiington and Memphis for the propagation of the bonetallitu cause, and the distribution of enlightening lit- erature on tinancial questions. AOSIC11.1111111 COpper Company Articles of incorporation of the Ana- conda Copper Company were filed with the secretary of state Monday last, says the Independent.. The incorporators are Moses Kirkpatrick, William Scallop and Malcolm 13. Brownlee, who, with Michael Donohue, William L. Hoge, D. J. Hen- nessy imil Joseph V. Long, are to be the trustees f; ;I . the first three months. The capital utoek is to be I1C10,000,000 in 300,- 000 shares • .f $100 each. The term of the eximteme of the corporation ia to be 40 years The objetut of the company,- as AM forth in the article*. are to engage in manufacturing, mining, mechanical ag. rioultural, chemical, electrical, mercan- tile, commercial, induatrial and produc- ti . i , e bilaineamea, and to purchase, hold, rent-, mine and improve 111110(01 01111 ether lantig, and to engege in every kind of ruining, Fonelting, milling and reducing operations. It 114 11011111TR1.1011 tirat the new ‚sincero is the one under the name of which the Anaconda Company is to nedgenizeil '1110 ;ranite Mountain and Bi Metallic mines are the verdant silver producers in Nihmtane, says the Reporter. Both have been cloged down on lesseunt of the low price of ''silver. Theme minas have produced during the past live years nearly $30,000,000 , a large portion of which was gold. The tact that these two of the largest mines in the west, equipped as they are with the very latest improved plants, is pretty good evidence of the coat of producing silver, and shows that the estimate@ of the low °oat of pro- duotion are unwarranted. There may be times when silver can be produced out of \ pocket \ developments at 60 ote. per ounce. There are gold mines also that can produce gold at a leas cost than 60 cents. Blanks of every description for male at the MINER office. New quartz location blanks ready July 1st. Law in effect after that date. School books, slates, slate pencils, ink, pens, penholders, blanks, arithmetics, readers base ball goods and all descrip- tion of stationery, envelopes, pto., for sale at the MINER book store. Novels, histories, magazines, papers and period- icals. No. 3554. APPLICATION FOR PATENT. U. S. Land (Mice, Helena, Montana, May 24th, 181E. Notice Is hereby given, that Joseph Davis, whose post offic,e address Is Helena, Lewis and Clarke County, Montana, has this day filed application for patent, under the mining laws of Congress, for 2.-' , 2.58 acres of plaocr mining land, situated on sections 5 and 6, township 8 north, range 3 west; sections 1, 2, 3, 5,9, 10, 16 and 17, township 8 north, range' west, and south part of unsurveyed township 9 north, rangs\ west, in (unorganized) mining district, Jefferson County, Montana, which claim is recorded In the office of the County Recorder of said County, and designated and described In the plat and field notes on file in this office as follows : Re --survey No. 21179 A, beginning at corner No. 1, from which the standard corner to see • Hong 31 and 32, township 9 north, range 3 west bears north 32 degrees 34 minutes west 946 feet, and running thence south 85 degrees and 45 minutes west 61.2 feet; thence north 62 de- grees e minutes west 431 feet: thence south 81 degrees 29 minutes west 750 feet; thenre north 71) degrees (X minutes west 2480 feet; thence north 57 degrees 51 minutes west 118.4 feet, to corner No. 6, in the east side line of the Little Alma lode; thence south &degrees 25) minutes west along said line 138.3 feet ; thence south 5.5 degrees 40 minutes east 206.8 feet; thence south 77 degrees 35 minutes east 2497.2 feet; thence north e degrees 17 minutes east 750 feet; thence south 63 degrees 51 minutes east 420 feet; thence south 87 de- grees 36 minutes east 573 feet ; thence north 15 degrees 30 minutes east 284.7 feet to the plare of beginning, containing 17.45 acres. And re -survey No. 2679 B, beginning in the northwest side line of the Little Alma lode, at corner No. 7, from which corner No. 6, of I re -survey 2679 A, bears south 814 deg 18 min rant 955.2 feet, awl running thence north 70 de- t5rees 41 minutes west 165.7 feet; thence north ;)8 degrees 19 minutes west 765.5 feet; thence north 71 degrees 24 minutes west 1824.1 feet; thence south 21 degrees 54 minutes east 121 feet; thence south 63 degrees 15 minutes west 403 feet; thence south 86 degrees 30 minutes west 375.5 feet; thence south 40 degrees 27 minutes west 326 feet ; thence south 87 degrees 06 minutes west 501.7feet ; thence south 60 de- grees 26 minutes west 3409 feet; thence south 81 degrees 41 minutes west 2e4 feet ; thence south 19 degrees 11 minutes west 300.6 feet ; thence south 30 dolmen 514 minutes west 365 feet ; thenee south ;.1 degrees 38 minutia west 525 feet ; thence south 84 degrees 47 minutes west 390.4 feet: thence south 67 degrees 20 minutes west 682 feet; thence north 50 de- grees 214 minute» west 107.9 feet ; thence north 3 degrees 43 minutes east 560 feet: thence north 50 degrees 47 minutes west 583 feet ; thence north *degrees 27 mlnuten west 11163.4 feet; thence north 67 degrees 25 minutes west 569.7 feet; thence north 57 degrees 28 minutes west 432.3 feet ; thence south 5:1 degrees :114 minutes west 850.7 feet ; thenee north IV de- grees west 975 feet ; thence north 47 degrees 30 minutes west 3486 feet ; thence north ES de- grees 06 minutes west 728.7 feet ; thence north 54 degrees 58 minutes west 704.6 feet; thence south 81 degrees 58 minutes west 1506.7 feet; thence north 83 degrees 12 minutes west 836.4 feet; thence north 48 degrees fei minutes west 600 feet ; thence not th 411 degrees 36 minutes west 421 feet; thence north e degrees 30 min- utes west 85) feet ; thence seut h 2 degrees 09 minutes east 285.7 feet ; thence south 82 de- grees >mini] tes west 658.3 feet ; thence south 14 degrees 13 minutes west Zee feet ; thence south 36 degrees 38 minutes west 989 feet' thence south 74 degrees 13 minUt4ti4 ;visit 7.111.6 feet; thence south it degrts‘s 50 minutes east 206 feet: thence north 71 degrees 47 minutes east Z188.6 feet; thence north 61 degrees 07 minutes east 1178.5 feet: thence north de- grees 49 minutes east 217/4.7 feet ; thence north 82 degrees 40 minutem east Kr.2 Nee : thence south Cl deg 17 minutes east 673.5 fist; thence south 86 deg 02 minutes east e52.7 te.'); thence north 85 deg 21 min east 1461.4 ft.; theme. south Ca deg 45 min east 771.5 feet ; tht•nee south 73 deg ait min east 544.3 feet' thence south 49 deg 58 min east :erge.8 feet' thence south 65 deg 53 min east lezs 7 feat; thence nor/ h 144 (leg(); min east 787.4 feet . thence south 57 dog 43 min oast 432 feet; t hence south (r-i deg 36 min yard 44a.3 ft; thence S4/11111 37 deg 50 minutes east I1ES.4 feet; thence south 30 deg 13 min ewe W7.3 ft , Limner. south 17 deg 55 min west 478.4 ft; thence south 70 deg west I891.3 feet ; thence south 47 deg 48 min west 7142 feat; thence south 66 deg 311 min west 1018.3 feet; thence sont)' 44 ‘leg 21) mln west 3245.3 feet; thence eolith 32 deg 40 min west 2448 feet: thence seuth 57 dug an min west 1444.8 feet; thence north 72 deg 37 min west 1731.5 feet , thence Rout h 7 deg 45 nilei east 1914 fest: tlienee month ei deg 16 nun east 14.11.8 feet : thence 41011,11 :11 deg 37 min we..) 12'75 feet: thence soul luI deg 30 min west 1474 feet; thence T10111h 32 deg 49 min west, 1111 ft; thence south 6 deg 57 min west 025.5 feet; thence south 71 (leg 45 min west 1445 feet to yerner No. 75 from whii•li the northwest corner of Rection 16, tow nsh Il' 14 north, range 4 eset bean; north 16 deg :ri min west 1764.7 feet; theme , ‚south 89 deg 14 min west 700 feet ; thence Routh 67 deg 15 min en-4 g feet; theme , eolith 12 deg 45 I west .tes 5 reel ; thenci.; nerth 4'2 (I eg 0 min east 1112.7 feet ; t believe south tas deg 30 minutes east 114,7f.'''); thence smith 7111iet 24111111 0/1.1.11 117.41 feet; thenoe south al deg 11 ruin east 559.4 feet; thenee north ell deg 36 niin east 1962 feet . thenee north 6 deg 25) min east 900.0 ft; theme. north 34 (leg 50 m eau). 1157.3 ft ; thence, north 2 deg 06 min east 1521.7 ft • thence nt.rt h 35 de .11 min reed Illed.4 tied; t enee north 54 (leg . min east 1009.7 feet; thews , north 3 4 dog 28 ruin east 24ft1 feet; theme , north 43 deg 11 mir' eamt 3Z34 feet ; thetme ntIrth flit dog 63 min east IOW feet thence north sit deg 50 min east 718.1 feet , theme. north 71 deg 11 Min east 1804.7 f5; I henee h 74 degas min oast 110.9 Ot; thence, north 57 deg 27 min (met 894.1) ft; thenee 14011th HI deg in min Oast 266.8 feet: thence north 75 flee :it ruin ',1St 537.7 feet,. thence north 41 deg 51 rn east 4)11.0 feet; thence north 6 dog er min oust ?.> 4 foot ; thence south 87 deg 2r1 min east 20:12 feet ; then(lel north se deg east 3414.14 feet: theme. eeuth $7 deg 1() min east Nuke f); thence north 31 flOgir 07 min east am rt. th ..... se north 117 lug 42 min wet :042.2 ft; themes north 7'2 deg 2s min east 621.1 feet ; thenne south 711 deg 25 Tr, I iest 1360.5 feet : thenee e.iut h deg 10 1itii eest 7119.2 feet; theme , geniis 70 deg 35 min seed 75 7 feet; thence is, ai (I Off ruin P1441 MISI 1'44/1 1.0 (Seller No. 7, th\ ¡dive. if be- ginning ,eintalning 2181 13 Rome In re survey No eirti It Total area elainieri 222.541 acres, upon n o tice , et' eel(' applleation wee porited the let (lay of Pflay• P*S. The adielning claimante to these premieee are survey N11.4487. the Little Aires .1;; seph P. i,ateh, et al applloante, MI the wee) of survey I. 21179 A. and on the Nast of survey Ne. 21170 in the west of survey No. 2671i II. the Holbrook Plaeer survey No, applicant. surv..y Ni' Lot Ne *dining survey No. 2670 A on ils\ PaRt, ‚tee horde . F. Herrin, applieent. W. F. 011 / X , Itegieter Inste of first publication June 1, 11 , 615 Is FREE COINAGE all right when applied to silver and gold ; but all wrong when it means the free coinage of falsehoods about the merits of a townsite proposition. THE LUMP CITY TOWN - SITE DEVELOPMENT AND MINING CO. does not boom town lots or ask investors to take anything for granted. Purchasers are invited to make a full and careful investigation into the real and prospective value of Lump City real estate before purchasing. It is the ONLY Town in Lump Gulch that has a Postoffice, or that can get one under the Postoffice Regulations. It has the start and will keep it, and Real Estate is rapidly ap- preciating in value. It is situated in the Heart of the Mining Dis- trict, and the Center of Trade and Business For information concerning the purchase of lots inquire of A. B. Keith, President, Helena; O. C. Dallas, Vice -Presi- dent, I ielena ; or of C. E. GABLE, Secretary and Resident Manager, Lump City, Mont. All business will be given prompt attention and inquiries cheerfully answered. No. 3542. APPLICATION FOR PATENT. U. S. I,and ()Mee, Helena, Montana, April 13th, 1805. Noth•e Is hereby given that Lawrence Wanderer and Lillian S. Wanderer, have this day filed application for patent, under the mining laws of Congress, for a placer mining claim, situated in iunorganire mining dis- trict, Jefferson County, Montana, in Sec- tion 34, Townethlp 9 north, range 3 west, M. P. M., which elaini Is recorded In the °Mee of the Recorder of Jefferson County. at Boulder (It Montana, and described as follows : The southwest le northeast ?w,„ and mirth - west 4, southeast 4„ Section 34, Townehip O north of Range 3 west, Montana Principal Meridian, embracing eighty acres, upon whieh a notiee ef said application was poeted the Ath day of April, 1895. The adj dning elalmants to these premises are unknown. W. E. 00X, Register. GEO. IL BOURQUIN, Atty. for Applieant. Date of first publieation April 13, 1895, APPLICATION 35 F0 55 1 . t l'ATENT. U. S. Land Office, Helena, Montana, May 31st.t , , , . N(,t is hereby given that Adelphus B. Keith and lienr G. 41(.1101re. W1101441 pole- ; ()Rive whines is elena. Montana, have this day filed application for patent, under the mildew laws of Con ress, for 1500 linear feet of the Bunker Hill exit., and 150o linear feet of the Mountain Giant Lode. desIgnat4e1 as 1411rvey›. Noe. 4857 and 4653, respectively, mitu- ated in an unorganized mining district, Jef- fers; in County, Montana, In Section 32, town- ship 11 north. rarige 3 west, which elalnis are 1 . 1.1 . 1.rdovi in the office of this Recorder of Jef- ferson county, at Boulder, Montana, and deeeribed as follows : Beginning at °erne r number 1 of survey No. 4857, Bunker Hill Lode. from whielt the clos- ing norner between section>. 5 and 6, eiwnshlp north, range 3 weet beam south al degrees 24 minutiae west 40(14.6 feet , and running thenoe north Z) clegrieel 45 rninutef4 west 4116 feet; thence north 711 degrees le minutes east 1500 feet; theme , eolith 23 degrees 45 minute , *quit 490 feet.; thence south degrees 57 min utem west 151.10 feet, to the place of beginning. containing an area of 16.5e Hens \lei riled Beginning at corner number I, of survey N.. 4658, Mountein (Ilan) Lode, from whiell the eh sing ‚'orner bet weer, sect Ions and 6, 14 01.1 It- shIp M north, range 3 west bears south 23 de- grees to minis tes west 3797.11 feet ; and running thenee north Zi degrees 45 0111111104 11T0T11 110/4.0 feet ; theme. mouth 76 degrees d5 minutes west 1MX) feet; thence. smith 23 degrees 45 rninutea east 4ER.0 feet: theme+ north 76 degree\ minutes east 1500 feet. to the place of begin- , ng, nontaln ng an area „f211 M 'term elaimed. Total area (defined ;t7 mores, ‚item w)' I'')' Si 555550'S' of said application was 1/1/111441 1111 , :10111 (lay of May, 1M1a. The adjoining elaims ' I.e eurvey No 46!,7 are the Reynolds lode on the north and the Cato lode on the welt h. The adjoining Ylainie ti. eurvey No. MN are the Dandy lode (in the north anil the White 'forme lode on the eouth. all uneurveyed. W. E. COX, Register. Date of first publieation June lat. 1896. Webster's Assay Office, A. P. WEBSTED. ama as‘ 1C111.1..4..4»•. Ne' ler South Main SI . npp Cosmopolitan Hotrd 11141.P.N4, MoNTANA 1' o Ito, WIT Prompt returns 'made en Siam plea sent by mail 11T express Over 28 years el perienos in the mining Stntee and Terri tories Eeteldiehed in }Jolene in leso t711A1Z.(41.1 - 4 aplITchrIPC 1111 TT Alin SA/SPLITS Silver ...... $1 an Silver and Lead 1 50 Gold and Silver 1 fin Hilv't hd 2 00 retleer 1 50 1 ron . 1100 Zinc 11(10 min.', 0,T /1 Mf re rinses RAMP1 Rshvur ....2 00 Ruser and I ded 00 lield and fell ver,. 80 O'i'l. r Ld. 4 00 C,OUN'TY OFFICERS Judge Fifth Judicial District . Frank Showers County Attorney William L. Hay Clerk District Court ..... Henry G. Rickerte John F. Sheehy, County Commissioners George Benjamin, Jessie Patterson. Sheriff Alexander P. Gilliam Treasurer ---------William V. Meyers Clerk and Recorder Eugene Pl -ot Aseemor ......... Janice E. Wood Superintendent of Schools Nannita 'V. Bagley Coroner Edgar I. Fletcher Priblie Administrator David }10411>P411 County , . Edward R. McNeill TIIE Lump City Hotel Mrs. MARI MtEACHERN, l'SOPRIRTRICSTI. The Lump City Hotel is the Pioneer Hotel of Lump City. Visitors to the Mines in I ,l11111) Gulch and the surrounding country are hereby informed ' that they can he accommodated with first class meals, at all how,. The patronage of the traveiing publit solicited. Mrs. MARY MCEACHFRN, Proprietress. respectfully

The Lump City Miner (Lump City, Mont.), 15 June 1895, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.