The Lump City Miner (Lump City, Mont.) 1895-1895, July 06, 1895, Image 7

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TILE LUMP CITY MINER: LUMP CITY, MONTANA: e, Tiler 1.1'hiP in e man's stomach which makes him irritable and misera- ble and unfit for bus - or pleasure is caused by indiges- tion. lndigest on, like charity, covers a multitude of sins. The trouble may be in stomach, liver, bowels. Wherever it it is caused by the presence of poison- ous, refuse matter which Nature hats been unable to rid herself of, unaided. In such cases, wise people send down a little health officer, personified by one of Dr. Pierce's Pleas- ant Pellets, to search out the trouble and remove its cause. WALTER BAKER 86 CO. The Largest Manufacturers of PURE, HIGH GRADE COCOAS AND CHOCOLATES On this Continent, have waived HIGHEST AWARDS aom the swat Industrial and Food EXPOSITIONS In Europe and America. Unlike the Dutch Process, no „n or other Chemicals or Dye, ar' need in any ot their preparations Their delicious BREAK VA‚er COCOA la •baolutely pure and waMble, and costa leu than vt‘e cent a cap. SOLD BY GROCERS EVERYWHERE WALTER BAKER & CO. BORCHESTU, MARS. ASK YOUR. DRUGGIST FOR PERIA * IT JZAN 15 tj * Tiii BEST ]E --4 0> IC) FOR Dyspeptic,Delicate,Infirm and AGED PERSONS * JOHN CARL E & SONS, New York. * Item, afflicted with ca- tarrh last autumn. Dur- ing the month of October I could ncithe r taste ‚tor emell and could hear but little. Ely's Cream Balm 'Urea ¡L.— Marcus (leo. Shafer, Rah irou, CATARRH g uys CREAM BALM opens anti cleanses the Nasal Casnage*, s Pain and I n flatnmat Ion Ilea.4 the Berea, protects the Membrane from Colds. It, store\ the 8enses of Taste and Smell. Thu Salmis quickly absorbed and gives relief at once. A pariirle I. unfilled into each nostril and is agree- able. i.r.,•. 50 cent' at Druggist/our by mall. ELY BROTHERS, 58 Warren St., New York. Meta Wheel Wagon for yourlk may Met you lj 1111111e 0 71 Rumplre En ft. Co.. e. Box 33. Quinry W.. • ti 1 g b. wank 10 to n ow ate • la- abee w I d • — buts to kt any side. Revell Cost oany time. in • emb- lem to h•ee set • f low wheels le etyma. wagon ler auliag rialmfodder, man - Ire hogs. Ite. 40. 'wetting of time >erg t lean Addreua L EWIS' 98 9‘ LYE i à The «mowed and purest Lys made. Unlike other Lye. It being a Cue powder and parked In a ran with removable lid, the content' are &leapt ready ter 1184,. WIll make tire best perferned Itant 21) minu tee lei/ hout boiling. } 4 1[1: the beat for ehMalliting waste Open, dimin tenting Milk*. cloiiet*, washing bottle., paints, trees eta. PENNA. SALT M'F'G CO. Gen. Agents.. Phila.. P. !.‘ 1 .g. L :HOME-SEEKER tiv the Paseenget Department of the Central • \ listrroad, entitled \Southern home - seekers titilde for lailn.\ It enatalne over re e r cen..nt letter. frets Northern farmers now located In the snore and other authentir and valuable tutor m•tion For a FRIO?, COeY. address the tinderalgord at Mat( /Mawr. lowa..1 MEIIHY,Attat Agi. APS OF THE ENTIRF. WORLD, and much importent tutor !nation concerning all (-Plea and countries i n lhe wor ld . are given in the Atlas of the World. a handsome, up -to date hook large pages- colored platea,etc.r Sent postpaid on receipt of en In Stamp.. CAPITAL PUBLISHING CO., Lincoln, Neb. , i' HAIR BALSAM gro ew and hoeutifier ‚ha hale re' • torment IlIth• lir r Tails to Restos-IiOray air to it. Youthful Color. weir Ahl•fame k halo tallire and 1 00 ad Drn as MINING MATTERS. -•- South Dakota. An npproximate estimate of the amount et ore that will lw mined and milled during the measou autue\ lo give some Insight hit') the inuneneu imaguitude of our mining industry. Ore mined and milled at Lead, Ter - ravine and Central daily, 2,000 tona; approximate cost of mining end mill- ing $2 per toll; total, $4,00u. Daily Out- put of ore at Bald Mountain and Ruby . Basin 400 tons; approximate cost of mining, transportation anil treatment, $10 per ton, total $4,000. J. It., Summit and Grizzly Beur mines, near 11111 City, when the mills are operated at full ca- pacity, which they will be doing by the middle of the year, will COUSIIII1C 4110 tons dully, al a cost not to exceed $2.50 per ton fur mining and milling, or a total of $1,000. The milling capacity of the Keystone mills at the present time Is about 250 tons per day, but with the present prospective enlargement, there can be no acourate estimate on the year's inereaste but from the volume ot ore already blocked out in the district of a profitable grade, it would not be surptiging to see the milling capacity increased t() 500 Or even 1,000 tons per day. By placing the daily average for the year at :WO tons at a cost. of $2.50 for mining and milling. would make a pay roll of $750 per day. At the Four Mile. near Custer. the output can be safely placed at 120 tons, at a cost of not over $2.50 iwr ton, which would make a daily pay roll of $300. The contemplated building of new work and the opening of new mines bids fair of increasing the above output twenty -live per cetit. before eighteen mouths have elapieel. It van be seen front the above sum- mary that the Black Hills daily produe- lion of ore has reached the enormous amount ot' 3.005 tolls, with au outlay of $13,300 per day. or a tai pay roll for the year of $4,850,500. Utah. A gentleman who eame in from the Mammoth mine on Thursday reports that the big strike of low grade ore on the 1,200 -foot level 10)1(15 out. and that it has been drifted in for thirty feet. It is the conclusion that this is the genie ore body that has been worked from the 900 level down, and rema tine ily it was found in the 1.300 before It was opened up in the 1,200 level. . Reports are received from the Cie. rim, mine in Tintic to the effect that on Wednesday a body of good gold ore averaging eighteen inches in thickness had been opened out. Mr. Thomas has p e e rennmed feint a trip to Nevada, and liest night left for the mine. Speaking of the late strikes In Bing- ham, ene experienced miner yesterday stated that there is now more ore in sight in the old properties of the main ore zone than was ever befoee seen even in the best days of the camp. According te the reports received from Harker's; tincin operators, the field has not been abandoned by any merles. Mr. Duest and his associates are sinking for bedrock just below the spring, and the shaft Is now down twenty-five feet with no bedrock yet. Every foot of the shaft has been pros- pected and always rendered the same unvarying result, two or three small nuggets of the salin' nnieular shape as those found in the iheit discoveris be- ing found in every pan e dirt. The owners are quite routent with their findings. and are quietly prosecuting work, and many others \ho have loca- tions are making preparations to sink to bedrock.—Salt Lake Tribune. Arizona. There is great activity at the DPW gold district and in the vicinity of the Pierce camp. Sorting ore is still in progress at the Pierce mine preparatory to ship- ment. Soule fifty tone are now ready waiting to be loaded. Tho roads have n11 lwen graded for the big teams of Mc- Pherson tn. Co., and the sixteen -mule telims will, It IS expected, begin their work in a fear days. hauling by way of Tombstone to Fairbank. A new discovery, which will undoubt- edly prove a bonanza when developed, was made in the Little Jessie, about a mile from the Pierce mine, recently. This mine Is owned by Messrs. Baciga- Wee Butler, Howe and Walsh. A ledge has been eiwountered which is four feet wide and -Mows free gold in large quan- tities A loasi. has been filed for record from .ehritin S Hewitt of New York to A. Fab•o for the Silver Prince mite. in tne B1 . 8(1411:I W mountains. The mine is lo- ( -atoll year the Perk and has been a y silver producer in years past. Si,)', taking hie lease on the Peck mine, Mr Paige) has been moro than pleased with the rerealt of development in that mimino and has great faith in adjacent properties as well. The old Peek camp will one of these days resume its former activity. There is considerable excitement over recent strikes in the eremite:tins between Thumb Butte and Copper Blisin. end a dozen or more Ineatione have already been made in that vielnity. The ore near the surface it fabuinueey rich in gold. The net« finds are located within from „le to eight miles of Prescott. Montana. Placer gold is coming into theseany odic() at Helena in large quantities. The quartz mine of Idaho are also !tending their gold to Helena Then. are at least a hundred mines In thie district that are now being werked under lenee that hnve been 1(110 for over tive and ten years. 'rho advance in sliver Is causing a general reactien all over the state and many mines lire being operated that would net be touched under other circum mein( es Placer mining operations have been *darted in earnest on the old bars In :Ind around Begin. 'Mt , property is owned by Sete Ilinwer. of Helena, and line not been worked «Uwe In the epee It lies all been leueed and will be worked all eurnmer. --Butte Mining and Railway Retie' THE TURF. The Blemtun stable filly Tiara, by Imp. Aerulite---Queen L., that has re- covered from the operation of remov- ing a cancer from her mouth, was pur- ehased recently by W. H. Minster. Dangerous will make his m a ide n start this Set180/1. He was highly tried as a yearling, but grew too fast as a two -year -old. He now stands 16.3 hands and is proportioned in accordance. The difference between animals of the same family is noted in cases of Henry of Navarre and Trump, both by Knight of Ellerslie. The former we n mete) lust season, while the latter captured $35—place money—in nine inane. Jockey Leigh, always a care- less, insolent and wantonly ag- gressive rider, fouled Uncle Luke with Thorpe up in the Kirkman handicap at Nashville, but the judges failed to allow Jockey Thorpe's claim and gave the rare to Leigh's mount, Amelia May. Si. Louis is to be congratulated. The proposed hippie farce between Dr. Rice and Simmons will/ not take place for several months at last. The Turf Con- gress hart wisely questioned the stand- ing of Fred Poster's former animal and Simmons is temporarily an outlaw. - Lucky\ Baldwin's names for his ani- mals are continually causing trouble. Ile had diffieulty in starting Chiquita at Memphis in a race for maidens. The otTicialis sprung a faulty guide upon Baldwin and referred to Chiquita that had raced and won in California. The matter was soon settled, however. \Snapper\ Garrison and Snip Dono - von, the latter pardoned for the mur- der of John Chew, stopped at Lexing. ton to agree with Johnny Payne to ride the joke Le Banjo in the Laterite Derby; for half the value of the stake, estimated to be worth nearly $10,000 in full, If he won it. The Snapper is ir- repressible. He now weighs 134 pounds stripped: 122 pounds would stop Le Banjo in a four furlong dash. THE DIAMOND. Capt. Nase of the - Bostons ta clutter- ing from ut lame arm. Frank Scheibeek, released by Wash- ington, has signed with Detroit. Jack Fanning, the ex-Philadelphia twirler, will play with Minneapolis this season. There will be no Sunday ball -play- ing In Indianapolis this season. The sheriff has speken. The Philadelphia team will be the same this year as it was last, except in the pitching department. Dqring the last season the sum of $15,0f10 has been expended in purchas- ing releases of minor league players. Manager efanning of the Kansas Cityo is angling for Outfielder Bannon of the Boston team. Bannon has not yet been signed with the beaneaters. Manning also wants Catcher Tenny. It is now said that President Vonder- horst was not aware of the fact that non-union workmen were employed in erecting the new stands of the Boston club. The matter will be Investigated. A diamond has been laid out on Man- hattan field for the use of the New Yorks when tile polo grounds are not In condition to be used. The drainage on the latter grounds is inferior to the former. Fred Tamil. the Jockey. As successful Jockeys are better paid than bank presidents, and during the FRED T.ARAL. racing season are objects of deep pomuti- lar Interest. It Is not out of place I\ re- cord the fa, t that Fred Tarai, after season in the eolith for his health, has returned to his 12 4 2.000 house tri NPW York city to rest and re, t \sip before going Into training for his rummor en- Rafrcille fltn MnTat-al weighs pounds now 11, VI,ty I,. through lhe judicious use of his own Turkish bath, he will have toduceti this to 110 pounds, the wvIght at which he won his three great ritees taut Near, lie la leaking forward to en . rnings of about $10,000 next season The most delightful feel- ing he ever ( - fenced, he eels, was when, last re in er. \learwoi from his horse to rv, P sow in feed e es t e e the reward or his winning mount hey N....err diet Iliarnenaged. Pit king pennant winners( te the USU• heftier Motrch and April task of OM prooldents, managers and dyed -In -the woet hase hall crank& No tnattor how ',finn the prophesies fail, he prophets never grow fewer In number's or weary In guessing notwithetanding the fact that tilt' riGtH wto, II l..ft I , . rick a pen- nant winnel in Match should he classed with th, philosn,ph.r who tries to locate 1,ma ut,det otie or three shell\( -1 1 :x. (Gating [Pungent. Mrs. Baxter (in an outing (li'. ) , :tac'. Isaac! 4 erne quick! Lentle Yreeth has fallen inlet der riffent. Mrs. Baxter -Oh, mine entity Re ehraelona! Mit dot tee -toiler relit on! Highest of all in Leavening Power.— Latest U. S. Urov't Report al Baking 3141ffeffal Pcmder ABSOLUTELY MI it E THE NEIGHBORHOOD TERROR. And Yet He Was Only so Because Wife Had Prompted Him. -Billiger,\ said Mrs. McSwat, \I wish you would drive thee() rude, noisy children home that have been playing on our front walk all the afternoon -Can't you send them home, Lobelia?\ -It wouldn't do any good for me to order them to go 'I'hey know I can't chase them. What they need is a good scare. and they'd get it if I were a man \ -Boys,\ thundered Mr McSwatt, appearing on the sidewalk about five minutes later with a huge club in his hand, \1•11 give you just two seconds to get away from here, and if you corne back again I'll skin you alive! Run, now! Scat: Get a move on you! Hustle, now, if you don't want every bone in your rascally little carcasses broken:\ • • \I'm getting ready for church as fast as 1 can.\ Billiger, add you know it,\ said Mrs. McSwat, with her mouth full of hairpins. -1 wish you wouldn't be so cross.\ -I'm not cross, Lobelia,\ he an- swered, pacing back and forth and lookiug impatiently at his watch.\ eYou're not?\ \No.' el> say you are.\ \I say I'm not.\ \Billiger she said slowly, and pointing her finger straight. at him. \You have the reputation of being she croseest, surliest man in the neighborhood. There isn't a child within a half a dozen blocks of here that doesn't run as soon as he sees you coming:\ And Billiger went out and eat on the steps to cool off, according to the Chicaeo Tribune. fluid the /Fort Against a bilious attack by calling to your aid that pttlostiut IbilY n hustetter's blot:BSC/1 bit- ter& 'the tue wili then be uriven hack utterly defeated. Dyspepsia, took headache, malarial, kidney, nenoua silt/ rheumatic trouble anti constipation yield to the action of thin moat bellehttalt Of remedies. Take it reguiarty une )oueia nOVia eeperienee its good enuets. Why NO\? Frank Lockwood, the witty Eng- lish lawyer, having been invited to stay for a couple of days at a friend's country -house, decided to accept the invitation if his host was willing to extend his hospitality for an addi- tional two da' s, Ile therefore tele- graphed, -May I make it four days?\ and the inessage was duly delivered to Mr. X., who after paying six shillings for its delivery. replied: \Yes of course, but dont telegraph.\ 'toward evening the mounted tele- graph messenger again reappeared, and once more demanded a further six shillings for Ins services The telegram when opened read as fol- lows: -Why not?\ -Argonaut. You Don't Have to SwearOff, Sava the St. Louie .lournal of Agriculture in at, editorial about No -To- [lac, the famous tobacco habit cure. ' We know of many cases cured hy No -To Rae: one, a prominent St. Louir archt filet, smoked and chewed for twenty vetar'. Iwo boons Cured ”ct that e%en the smell of to- baeco makes Mtn rick '• No Totdisc sold and guaranteed by Druggists everywhere No cure no pay. Book free Address titer ling Remedy Z'se. New York or Chico THE MOTORMAN'S LOT. Job Looks Ma•y Fnuu g h. Rut It le >ot All -Valley au\ le 'to one who has never tried it nothing seems simpler than running an electric car. There are a good many eimpler things, however, and as a matter of fact, sonie men who want jobs as motormen oft the street railway have to give up beeause they cannot learn to handle the car In the first placo, considerable strength is required to manipulate the brake properly, and in the next place there I s fisreculiar motion tuening the brake handle one way and the (-rank ter shutting ofT tho power the other way at the same time that is not. namy to learn. The local railroad ham no regular school for training men who aspire to run electric ears, hut t'iny have a regular syetein of teaching the reernits the businette, and every no* matt has to go through a ceriain line of training before lie is allowed ti) take ebarge or a car When a Wall applieto for a position as lnotormart hut is . placed on the waiting list, says the Boston Tran- script, and when the company be- gins to get a little short of men and his turn comes round he is sent for and put on a car with one of the ex- perienced men. For about two days he stands on the front platform of the car anti watches tiro driver manipulate the brake and turn tile gutteral sounds, which alphabetical signs are scarcely able to lepreeent kirruklu, kirriklu\—rep- resented with slight variations and differences of accentuation. In a few minutes the whole cominunite of monkeys, a dozen in number, assem- bled and sat in rows before him, with their hands clasped in their laps or resting on their knees, laugh- ing, gesticulating, arid answering. The conversation contenued for a full quarter of an hour te the interete delight of the monkeys, who took a lively part ln it. Aeitheir interloc- utor was about to go away they all became intensely excited, climbing up the balustrade and uttering cries of lamentation. When he fin- ally departed and disappeared more and more from their view they ran up to the top of the cage and, cling- ing to the frieze, made motions as if they were bidding him ,good -by. Railroad Mileage. The total railway mileage was at the end of the year 1892 406,416. The American continents have'more than one-half of the railway mileage of the world, and the United States comes pretty near equalling Europe, Asia. Africa and Australia combined. The total capital invested in railroads at the beginning of the year 1893 was, in round numbers, 332,150,000,000 an average cost a mile for the entire world of a little more than $79,000. World's Colombian Expoeition Will be of value to the world by illus- trating the improvements in the me- chanical arts. and eminent physicians will tell you that the progress In medic- inal agents has been of equal impor- tance, and as a strengthening laxative Syrup of Figs is far in advance of an others. A Similar Feeling, Husband—No, Mary, you can never accuse me of meanness. 1 paid $28 for that hat and $75 for that dress. Wife, kindly—And 1 like to see you look well, too, Henry. Give me that hat and 1'11 touch up those rusty spots with this shoe blacking. --Puck. Removal of Ticket Odle. of the New York, Chicago & Bt. Louis Railroad —(Nickel Plate Road). On May lint the Chicago city ticket either of the New York, Chicago & St. Louis R. R. (Nickel Plate Roue will be moved to 111 Adams street. opposite the post office. J. \ (..U.LAIRALN, General Agent. Outing Dangers. Mrs. Baxter, on an outinge_Oh, Isaac! Isaac! Comei quick! teeth. Yacob has fallen into der riffer. Mrs. Baxter -Oh, mine goodness chracious! Mit dot tre-toller suit on! It la more than wonderful how patiently people suffer with corns Get pearbe, and romfort by removing them with linidereorns. A balloon recently sent up In Paris equipped with self -registering thermome- ters and barometers reached an altitude of ten miles anti the thermometers re- corded 110 degrees below zero iii -ail It mire impaired tenet easily regalia•d Tel Parker'. ItIniger Tonic ha• •ttined 1,1,0',- resulta an V In my \Q.. Oood for es e wry t, 110.• Ind (Harms. If is estimated that two years are re quires' for the gulf water to travel from Florida to the coaster Norway. — I am entirely cured of hemorrhage of lungs by lisos Coro for Consoption — Louisa Lis itamas, 13ethany, Mo.. Jan. 8,'ee Tho sale of Sunday newspapers and the ,..n3Ariegot bronze paint bathing salts will not be permitted at Asbury Park this year M. L THOMPSON a 00. Drusglida, Oaub darsport, Pa. say Hall Catarrh Cure la the beat and only sure cure for catarrh they treao sold Druggists sell it. Ile, lhe marked increase In the number of presidential \favorite sons\ may explain the perspiring temperature of the nefltrIlla RHEUMATIC PF.OPLill USE . \Schrage's $1,000,000 + + Rheumatic Cure.\ fénamni•••1 th• allthf Ion0/à• world for Rh.. m•tt••• and harnrnIst• Onraort Preset. ors Nat. bent, Chartres, Neh nn 1 V. I' flasitiett, BIllirdao, Mont., of Rheum.. Sara WI year.' •tanding). Sever fall. dilleeoe.ry. IIII,041•p•ople eurowl tin maw to- , hard Fllî Ulna fee reed agents Sect . « et0al 01000 000 II le heett t Wee on... Writ, to dar wane.» ca.. 107 Dee r Mt., •Ilalealsges. ‚Mgt IITEERALLT One LOCALLY inT11 Insn/Bator. tart tom tee lo U cores KM, IIMIN Sold by all Druarst.te !le nt* Wanted 'r7: -.•\`\\s . . Z..1 man• over MO. In 04 r Box 1871, New Irma Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Sciatica, Backache. T. JACOBS OIL SEISALIPEI, flit7JER.33, 1Per.,07.1111.1Pwir. - *.caemewso..•„.emmele:

The Lump City Miner (Lump City, Mont.), 06 July 1895, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.