The Lump City Miner (Lump City, Mont.) 1895-1895, July 06, 1895, Image 8

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'ele: THE LUMP CITY MINER: LUMP CITY, MONTANA. ------------ • • MINERS' TEN COMMANDMENTS. Ten Lew» for the Guidance br the Precious Metal Miners of the West. • 1. \lou shalt have no other olaim but one. II. 'I'hou shalt not make unto thyself any false claim, nor an) likewise of a mean nian, by jumping ono ; for 1, a miner, oui a juat une, fuel I will visit the miners round about, and they will judge thee ; and when they shall decide, thou shalt take thy pick, thy pan, thy shovel and thy blankets, with all thou hest, and shall depart seeking other good diggings, but thou shalt find none. Then when thou hest paid out all thy dust, worn out thy boots and garments so that there is nothing good about them but the pock- ets, and thy patience is like unto thy garments, then in sorrow shalt thou re- turn to find thy claim worked out, and yet thou bast no pile to hide in the ground, or in the old boot beneath thy bunk, or in the buck -skin or bottle be- neath thy cabin; and at last thou shalt hire thy body out to make thy board and save thy bacon. Thou shalt not go prospecting before thy claim gives out. Neither shalt thou take thy money, nor thy gold dust, nor thy good name to the gaming table in vain; for monte, roulette, faro and poker will prove to thee that the more thou putteet down the less thou shalt take up; and when thou thinkeet of thy wife and children, thou shalt not hold thyself guiltless -but insane. IV. Thou shalt not remember what thy friends do at home on the Sabbath day, lest the remembrance may not compare favorably with what thou doeat here. Six days thou mayst dig or pick, but the other day is Sunday; yet thou washest all thy dirty shirts, darnest all thy socks, tap thy boots, mend thy clothing, chop thy whole week's firewood, make up and bake thy bread and boil thy pork and beans, that thou wait not when thou re- turnest from thy diggings weary. For in six day's labor only thou canst not work enough to wear out thy body in many years; but if thou workest bard on Sunday also, •thou canst do it in six months; and thou, and thy morals, and thy conscience be none the better for it, but reproach thee should'st_thou ever return with thy worn-out body to thy mother's fireside. V. Thou shalt not think more of all thy gold, and how thou (emit make it fastest, than how thou wilt enjoy it after thou hest ridden rough -shod over thy good old parents' precepts and examples, that thou may at have nothing to reproach thee when left alone in the land where thy father's blessing and thy mother's love hath sent thee. • VI. Thou shalt not kill -neither thy body by working in the rain, even though thou shalt make enough enough to buy physic and attendance with; neither shalt thou destroy thyself by getting \tight\ nor \slowed \ nor \high \corned\ nor \half -seas -over,\ nor \three sheets in the wind,\ by drinking down brandy slings, gin cocktails, whiskyt punches, ruin toddies nor egg-nogs. Neither shalt thou suck « mint juleps nor sherry «idlers through a straw, no gurgle from a bottle the old \raw mate- rial,\ nor take it \straight\ from a de- canter; for while thou art swallowing down thy purse, and the coat from off thy back, thon art burning the coat from off thy stomach ; and if thou couldst see the house., and lands, and gold dust, and home comforts already lying there-\ a huge pile \-thou shouldet feel a choking in thy throat ; and when to that thou addeet thy crooked walkings, thou wilt feel disgusted with thyself, and inquire: \Is thy servant a dog, that he doeth thew, things ° \ Verily, thou shalt say: \Farewell old bottle; I will kiss thy gurgling lips no more. Cocktails, pun- ches, smashes, cobblere, nogg, toddies, and juleps forever farewell. Thy remem - brans* shames me. Henceforth I cut thy acquaintance, and headaches, tremb- linge, heart-burnings, blue devils and all the unholy catalogue of evils that follow in thy train. My wife's smiles and my children's merry -hearted laugh shall charm and reward me for having the manly courage to say 'No.\ I wish thee an eternal farewell.\ VII. Thou shalt not grow discouraged, nor think of going home before thou hast not \struck a lead,\ .nor found a rich \crevice nor sunk a bole updn • \eoc.ket lent in going home thou shalt leave four dollars a day, and go to work ashamed, at fifty cents; and serve thee right, for thon knoweat by staying hero thou mightiest strike a lead and fifty dollars a day, and keep thy manly self respect, and then go home with enough to make thyself and others happy. VIII. Th'.ii shalt not steal a pick, or a shovel, '.% • pan fr- m thy fellow miner, nor take au ft hl. t,.' , 111 without his leave, nor r h,..,a he cannot spare, nor return j them broken, nor trouble him to fetch them book again, nor talk with him while his water rent is running on, nor rem vo his stake to enlarge thy claim, nor nu' ter- mine his bank in following a lead, nor pau out gold from his \rime box,\ nor wash the \ tailings\ from hie sluice's mouth. Naither shalt thou pick out epecimené•-kuin the company's pan to put them in thy mouth or pocket ; nor cheat thy partner out of his share; nor steal from thy cabin mate his gold -dust, to add to thine, for he will be sure to dis- cover what thou hast done, and will straightwa) call his fellow miners to- gether, and if the law hinder them not, they will hang thee, or give thee fifty Wales, or shave thy head and brand thee, like a horse, %With \R\ upon thy cheek, to be known and read of all men, Mon- taniano in particular. IX. Thou shalt not tell any false tale about \good diggings in the mountains \ to thy neighbor, that thou tuayst benefit a friend who bath mules, and provisions, and tools and blankets he oannot sell, lest in deceiving thy neighbor, when he returneth through the snow, with naught save his rifle, he present thee with the contents thereof, and like a dog thou shalt fall down and die. X. Thou shalt not commit unsuitable matrimony, nor covet \single blessed - nose,\ nor forget absent maidens, nor neglect thy \first love ; \ but thou shalt consider how faithfully and patiently she awaited% thy coining- -yea, and cov- ered' each epistle that thou sendest with kisses of kindly welcome -until she hath thyself. Neither shalt thou covet thy neighbor's wife, nor trifle with the affec- tions of his daughter; yet, if thy heart be free and thou dost love and covet each other, thou shalt \pop the question\ like a man, lest another more manly than thou art should step in before thee, and then, in the anguish of thy heart's dis- appointment, thou shalt quote the lan- guage of the great, and say,\such is life,\ and thy future lot shall be that of a poor, despised, and lonely old bachelor.-AmErg. SPOTTED HORSE ALL RIGHT. 'The Celebrated oold Property will Once Stiffen the Single Standard. We are more than pleased to announce this week that the Spotted Horse mine has again resumed operations, and that P. W. McAdow, one of the best mining men in the world, and the only man who ever operated the Spotted Horse suc- cessfully, is at the helm. Mr. Mckdow and John M. Green, the manager of the company, arrived in Lewistown last Friday night on the Ben- ton ()flitch. Saturday morning Mr. Green went to Maiden to get things in shape and Mr. McAdow followed him on Sun- day. We learn that it is Mr. MoAdow's in- tention to expend $10,000 in prospecting for new bodies of ore, and it is generally understood that the right parties know just where this ore can be found. Twenty men were put on Monday and they will drive three up raise* from the No. 3 level to the surface and in twenty days it is expected that the entire plant will be in full blast with the usual num- ber of men employed. An examination of the mine was made Saturday and it was found there were only 17 feet ot wa- ter in the lower levels, which will only take a few days to pump out and plat the mine in good shape. Adam Sager will be the foreman in charge of the mine. The affairs of the company have been in bad shape for some months, the plant being sold at elverifre sale last April to satisfy certain creditors. Since then numerous employes have begun action against the company for wages due. All these claims will undoubtedly be settled inside the time allowed the company to redeem the property, and everything running smoothly once more. The return of Mr. McAdow to Fergus county, after an absence of several years, and his intention to take charge of the Spotted Horse mine for a time, is hailed with joy by every resident of this county. They have faith in him and in his ability to keep the Spotted Horse plant in oper- ation twelve months in the year. The operation of the plant will bring pros- perity to Maiden, whose citizens have experienced to the fullest extent the ups' and 'downs of a mining camp and who now wish for something permanent. The mines of the Maiden district are rich in mineral and the Spotted Horse is one of the beat. Millions of dollars have been taken from it, men have been made rich, and there are millions left. With the Spotted Horse, Gilt Edge and New Year mime in operation the mining industry of Fergus county will be in pretty good shape and the people correspondingly happy.- Montana Dern- ovrat, (Lewistown). The Deed Cittee K aaaaa . There are said to he twenty well-built towns in Harlem; without a single inhab- itant to waken the echoers of their de- serted streets. Saretoga, in that state, has a $30,000 opera house, a large briek hotel, a $20,000 school home% and a num- ber of fine business houses, yet there is No. 3554. APPLICATION FOR PATENT. U. S. Land Office, Helena, Montana, May 24th, POI. Notiee Is hereby given, that Joseph Davis, whose post office address Is Helena, Lewis and Clarke County, Montana, has this day tiled application for patent, under the mining laws of Congress, for 222.58 acres of placer mining land, situated on sections 5 and 6, township 8 north, range 3 west; sections 1, 2, 3, 5, 9, 19, 16 and 17, township 8 north, range 4 west, and south part of unsurveyed township 9 north, range 4 west, in (unorganized) mining dl st Het, Jefferson County. Montana, which claim is recorded in the one. of t lie County Recorder of said County, and designated and deseribed in the plat and field notes on tile In this office as follows: Re -survey No. 2679 A, beginning at corner No. 1, from which the standard corner to sec- tions 31 and 32, township 11 north, rangea west bears north ;12 degrees 34 minutes west 946 feet, and running thence south 85 degrees and 45 minutes west 612 feet ; thence north 32 de- grees 43 minutes west 431 feet; thence south 81 degrees 2/ minutes west 750 feet: thence north 79 degrees 33 minutes west 24e0 feet; thence north 57 degrees 51 minutes west 11E1.4 feet, to corner No. 6, In the east side line of the Little Almaande ; tbetuie south 62 degrees 20 minutes west along said line 138.3 feet; thence south 55 degrees 40 minutes east 206.8 feet; thence south 77 degrees 35 minutes east 2497.2 feet; thence north 82 degrees 17 minutes east 750 feet; thence south 63 degrees 51 minutes east 420 feet; thence south in de- grees 36 minutes east 573 feet; thence north 15 degrees 110 minutes east 284.7 feet to the place of beginning, containing 17.45 acres. And re -survey No. 2679 B, beginning in the northwest side line of the Little Alma lode, at corner No. 7, from which muter No. 6, of re -survey 2679 A, bears south 88 deg 18 min east 95.5.2 feet, and running thence north 70 de- grees 41 dilnutes west 165.7 feet; thence north 58 degrees 19 minutes west 765.5 feet ; thence north 71 degrees 24 minutes west 1824.1 feet ; thence south 21 degrees 54 minutes •r2l feet; thence south 63 degrees 15 minutes se -st de feet; thence south 86 degrees 30 minutes west 375.5 feet; thence south 40 degree, 27 minutes west 336 feet; thence south ‚47(1,'g 06 min'it'-s west 591.7feet : thence south et/ de- grees 26 minutes west 3409 feet; thence sow h 81 degrees 41 minutes west 294 feet: thence south 19 degrees 11 minutes west 300.6 feet ; thence south 30 degrees 58 minutes west 365 feet; thence south 73 degrees 38 minutes west 525 feet; thence south 84 degrees 47 minutes west 380.4 feet: thence south 67 degrees 20 minutes west 662 feet; thence north 50 de- grees 28 minutes west 1e7.9 feet; thence north 3 degrees 43 minutes east 580 feet: thence north 50 degrees 47 minutes west 563 feet; thence north 32 degrees 27 minutes west 1053.4 feet; thence north 67 degrees 25 minutes west 550.7 feet; thence north 57 degrees 28 minutes west 433.3 feet; thence south 83 degrees minutes west 850.7 feet ; thence north 62 de - 30 minutes west mis feet; thence north 88 de- • hit is bonanza greee west P75 feet • thence north 47 degrees re - grecs 04 minutes west 72*4.7 feet ; thence north ' 54 degrees 5)4 minutes meet 704.6 feet; them, south 81 degrees 58 minutes west 1595.7 feet feet; thence north 48 degrees NS tnItitt4`14 gion and will thence north 83 degrees 12 minutes west Ks; 4 600 feet; thence notth 48 degree , :t6 „tout, --- west 423 feet ; thence north 89 d ref e. :to m utes west te.) feet • thence soli t ) 1 deg Tees ‘P!. minutes east 285:7 feet; thence south K2 de- % minutes west 658.3 t . t 111.1i, ,,011t 11 each week t r t e rgrees 13 minutes west 2.Lts feet t toot ce south 36 degrees 38 minute.. se. -1 1te3 f, -, -t thence south 74 degree« 13 minutes west 2:11 I r feet\; thence south 3 de rees 541 minutes ca , t The LUMP CITY MINER. $2.00 Per Annum, The Lump City MINER is the on- ly paper and rep- resentative organ of the now fa- mous LUMP GULCH Mining District, a district which is aston- ishing the miner- alogical world. THE MINER is published in the very heart of 208 feet : thence north 7l degrees 47 minute^. twin faithful east 2.388.6 feet; thence north 61 degrees 07 , minutes east 1178.5 feet : thence north)) de - greve 49 minutes east 2175.7 feet; thence north south 61 deg 17 minutes east 673.5 feet; then... ports W2 degrees et minutes east 837.2 feet: them , south lei deg 02 minutes east 14150.7 feet; them •• • north 85 deg 21 min cast 1461.4 ft; thence ‚ou''. 63 deg 4/5 nib) east 771.5 feet • thence south 73 deg 39 min eaet 544.3 feet- • thence south 40 deg 58 min e min met 103S.7 feet; thence north 84 deg Of &In mines east 3506.6 feet; th Routh 86 deg NI east 787.4 feet; thence south 57 deg 43 min mat 432 feet; thence south ea (leg 36 min east 440.3 ft; thence smith 37 deg re minutes east 11326.4 feet; thence south 30 deg 13 niin east 4447.3 ft; thence south 17 deg 55 min west 478.4 ft; thence south 70 deg west, 1s91.3 feet; thence south 47 deg 48 min west 7X1 fret ; thence south 66 deg as min west lois;' fr , t ; thence south 44 deg 1 , tot ri t (..t.t ; thence south '32 deg 40 min s. • thenoe south 57 deg 30 min west s4 ^ t hence north 72 deg 37 min west, 1731.5 feet; tht•no0 south 7 deg 45 min east 198 feet; theme. sonth 7.1 deg 16 min east lens feet; thenee SI Il' il deg 37 min west 1275 feet : thence sou) h deg 30 win west 1474 feet; thane. , south 32 deg 40 min west 1173 ft; thence »out h 6 deg 57 min west 1125.5 feet; thence south 71 deg es min west 1e45 feet to corner No. '75 from which the northwest, oorebr of Kenton 16, township s north, range' west bears uorth 16 deg :ra min west 1784.7 feet; thence south Ro dog nt I n west 760 feet' thence south 67 deg 15 min east 160.5 feet; thence south 12 deg e Min west 354.5 feet; thence nor) ii 42 deg 09 in r east 102.7 feet.; thence south 68 ,leg 30 min ti t,•• east 114.7 feet; then'\' .40'11 h 79 ,lee 24 mln ea,. 117.11 feet; them* mouth si ebr 44 min east Nrot feet; thence north 61 4lee4n min east life feet thence north 6 deg 21/ min must 900.9 ft; t 1,, north 34 deg 19) Olin east 1157.3 ft ; thenee t 2 deg -06 min.etiet 1,521.7 It thence n l. o.rt fI.•0 34 min east 1 le3,4 feet , ‚Ç ' ,, '' , ',ern, 7.4 leg ď. min east pew; feet 1••••• mall' 34 (leg min east 2.043 feet; thee-• uer t h 43 deg 11 min east Kr.s% feet ; thence rt• •rt 11 em deg ON min earn 1000 feet ; thenee north 45 deg 50 min east. 718.1 feet; theme , north 71 deg 17 min ewe 1ef14.7 ft : thettee eon t h 74 deg 3// mil, east :te 41ft t north 57 de 21' min Pa.i sttl qft t ttll deg .tet...1 ?tot 1 f.,•t t m . t i deg 35 m to.? Vt7 I r. -'-t t north 41 debi 51 nett „__et , t 1.1 a feet , .1..rth deg min _ 1••••I t1,1••••• -„‚‚‚Il, '17(Ipg23inlh east, • 1111`1104. 11,1111 59 11.-i£ 3414.8 feet; • t It s7 deg 10 ..1.4 ft ; them , . «leg 07 lulu east ft . tl..•ttre north •• • I ' , a l a \MO ft t hen , e mtrth 72deo • • :ea ree4; 7f4 deg In ..t 1:elt.5 feet them , - fiedeg 10 mil, 41 feet thenne stt.t t II 70 deg 35 min en • 1...1 t hence, north r:t tier( 30 min east I'm • '• • t to of •rupr No. 7, t)', plate , of he - inning. ;se' t;' sere. In re survey o• 227 1 B. Tetal rt.\ ‚el 222.5e tieree. „ Poo which a notlee of said applleation 5,1 5 posted the loth day of May isue. The adjoining el ei n I.. Iltegot premi..... -- are survey No. 44$7, il,'- At t le Alin' lode, .10- oteph P. ',M.-h. et al mi opl lea e te, on the we -at of surrey Nn ?es A. Red en the east of survey No. 2679 it 1 , 91 1111 , WI -st of survey No. erp 8. the Placer survey No. e00, Wm. T. Holhroee, applierre. Survey No. 10 ' 26 Placer Lot No. 45, WI eurvey No. 9879 , 1 1, on the east, Bell !nrilln F. Ilerrin, applicant. W. E. COX, Register. Date of fleet puhileation June 1, INS. nobody even to claim a place to sleep. At Fargo, a $20,000 schoolhouse stands on the aide of a hill, a monument to the bond -voting craze. A herder and his family constitute the sole population of what was once an incorporated city. According to the Mining and Scien- tific Press I). T. Buekbee, who recently resigned the superintendency of the Monte Cristo group of mines, in Wash- ington, is now looking around the Grass Valley district, California, in the inter- est of Montana capitaliste. Iilanke of ivery description for enle at the MINER °Mee. w quartz location blanks ready July let. Law in effect after that date. School books, slates, slate pencils, ink, pens, penholders, blanks, arithruetice, readers base ball goods and all descrip- tion of stationery, envelopes, etc., for sale at the Moira book store. Novels, histories, magazines, papers and period- icals. con- re - from the concern - COUNTY OFFICERS Judge Fifth Judicial District . Frank titiowere County Attorney ..... William L. Has Clerk District Court........ . Henry O. Itickerts John F. Sheehy, County l'oniminsionere George Renjtunin, Jamie Patterson. Sheriff .. .... ....... Alexander P. Gilliam Treasurer . • William V. Meyer. Clerk and Recorder . Eugene Picot Assessor .. . . ..... . James E. Wood Superintendent of Schools Nannita M-V, Bagley Coroner . Edgar 1. 1 1 1‘er Public Administretor David Hoopes County surveyor Edward R. McNeill FRED. J. THOMAS, ASSAYER. 11);¡ S. Main St., Helena, Mont. Over Gamer's Shoe Store P. 0. Box. 1821 Thomas F. Oakes, Henry C. Payne, Henry C. Rouse, Receivers, NORTHERN PACIFIC 1(uns Through Cars E EN ST. PAUL, MINNEAPOLIS, DULUTH, FARGO, -GRAND FORKS, and WINNIPEG HELENA, BUTTE, SPOKANE, TACOMA, SEATTLE, PORTLAND. Pullman Sleeping Cars, Elegant Dining Cars, Tourist Sleeping Cars. In Effect Sunday June 2, 1895. ARRIVE AT HELENA. No. 1, Pacific Mall, west bound -----825 a. m. No. 2, Atlantic Mail, east bound ... 1126 p. w. No. 5, Marysville accommodation, daily except Sunday .......... 9:30 am. NO. 9, Elkhorn aceomtnodation, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sat- urd aye -2) p ni No.)), Wickes and Boulder ac- commodation, daily except Sunday 5:25 p. m. No. 101 Rimini mixed, Mondays o !Tr\ 230p.m. DEPART FROM HELENA. No. 1. Pacific Mall, west bound 8:35a. ne No. 2 A t Mail, etiet hound -----1130 p. in. No. 7 Marysville accomodation, daily except Sunday 3:30 p. m. No. 10 Elkhorn accommodation, Tuesdays. Thursdays and Sat- urdays 7.15 a. in. No. 10 Wickes and Boulder ac- oommodation daily except Sun- day 7:15 a. ru No. 102 Bimini mixed, Mondays only 1030 m. ing their develop- ment and output, and all othert news of an inter- esting character. We respettfully so- h( it yourPatronage, WILLIAMS 8/ SONS, Publishers. Lump City, Montana. For information, time %Ards, maps and tickets call on or write A. D. EDGrAl. GENERAL AGENT, HELENA, MONT. - OR --- CHAS. S. FEE, G. P. & T. A., ST. PAUL MINN. 'KHMERS\ GREAT DEPARTMENT STORE, MAIN STREET, - HELENA. We carry a general line of Gro- ceries and House Furnishing goods and at prices that will -satisfy any buyer This we guarantee. SCHREINERS. Arthur J. Craven, V1701tNEY-AT- LAW, It•w,,i1••• III awl lI 11ni 1..‘ IIRLEN littNTeNA Webster's Assay Office, A. P. WEBSTEU, Am.... el...11 NO. 82 teeth Main St np» Coornnpnittan HELENA, - YONTAN P. 0. Hoz 1017 Pr, pt rat' ma made on SAM plo• sent by mail or evpresa. Over 28 years ex per - Tern -a in the mining Staten and Terri torte* Feitablished in Helena in Veil% CIIA o n n AND 4.4-.11e , sf Ant/ MEI101 SAIMPLIS. RA II furs. Silver $100 Silver rig» at.« and Lead 15*) grid Lead 100 Gold and Silver 1 50 (101.1 end //liver_ a en HI& Oily> Ld. 200 Whi. 8i I v'r h Ld. 4o 0000er • 150 Iron tle Zino 00 • • r ,

The Lump City Miner (Lump City, Mont.), 06 July 1895, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.