The Lump City Miner (Lump City, Mont.) 1895-1895, July 13, 1895, Image 1

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,61 deneter. It. C rs t TI II 11 rl, p. p.m.• a. in. p.m. p In a . 5a. m. a. m. 4 and IT. f NT A. Gro- ;oods / any W I /TANA. fi ce, notpl Hont tirs PX I \'ern lsHO • iiC4% le? I W I e er„ Ld on The Lump City Miner. VOL. 1.—No. 28. LUMP CITY, MONTANA, SATURDAY, JULY 13, 1895. $2.00 A YEAR. For Mining Supplies and Machinery OF GOOD. SUBSTANTIAL AND HONEST QUALITY, AND FOR PROMPT and INTELLIGENT SERVICE, go to A. M. BOLTER HARDWARE CO. 118 and 115 North Main Street. . - HELENA. MONTANA. Montana Lumber pe Manufacturing Coo WING TUBBED and BUILDING ILITERIAL of ALL KINDS. Yarda toasted at HELENA and BUTTE. A. N. ADAMS, Cor. Park St. and Sixth Ave., - . - HELENA, MONT, Plumbing, Heating and Ventilating. Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Iron Pipe and Fittings, Valves, Pumps, Mining and Mal Supplies. THE PEOPLE'S STORE, 513 and 515 Broadway, Helena, Mont. RICADQUASTIII8 YOB Groceries, Dry Goods, Tinware, Notions CHINAWARE, Hay, Grain and General Merchandise, CHEAPER THAN DIRT FOR SPOT CASH. CHARLES H. MENTON, Prop. 5 Ur This space belongs to the Lump City Townsite De- velopment and Mining Com- pany and is devoted to the interests of Lump City. Keep your eye on it and watch devel- opments. The future of Lump City is assured and a new era of progress is before it. « An — SASS, 155 N. Matti Street. Mattatadtarat ni IFIKLMNA. Fine Domestic Cigars, And Dealer in All kinds of Piped, Smoking and Chew- ing TObitorios. Mete bet Utailala Mes lltearlored, Helena Iron Works Ore fart sad , Sadeta, %el ken, Car Ur* k.. ud Brus Cutlagi, des. Special Yining Machinery of e kinds made to order. Miners' and Prospectors supplies of all kinds. Work prornazttarided to OE short A. M. Wriswoi,, Agent, Miner Office MINES AND MINING. Regular Weekly Clean-up from the Mines of the Lump eukh District. alloing Not« and Items of the Day of aa Intereatkag otiara•tev. Bu ether, 66%. Lead, 18.1254. Conner, 810.00. • • OBE SHIPMENTS POE THE Liverpool. Little Nell. 2 \ King Solomon Alpha ... 1 \ Free Coinage 1 \ WLEK 2 oars. I Total * • • THE ravicaroot. In our table of number of oars of ore shipped from the gulch this weak, the Liverpool ia credited with having ship- ped two oars ot ore thotth the second oar will not leave the depot here until Monday of next week, owing to a short- age of ore garters at the mine. There is no lack ot ore in the mine; in fact the property never looked hotter in its dif- ferent stop« and levels than it does to- day, especially on the 400 foot level. The usual number of men are kept steadily at work there and the output shows no sign of diminishing either in quantity or quality. Surrounding this great prop- erty are a »ore or more of mines, every one of which is oapable of sending ore to market, and the day is not far distant when they will be doing so. Chief among these may be mentioned the Bir- mingham, Flora, St. Louis, Nevada, London, Hoodo, Ty000n, Washington, Stella, Morning Star, Baby Helen, Gar- net, Mary Jane, Blue% Arthur, Little Giant, Haldemac, and many others on nearly all of which more or lees work has been done, and on some of them ore in sight. The present price of silver, ot °ours., has a great deal to do with the continued idleness ot some of these properties, and the toot that some of them are owned by men without the means to put down skate on them, la still another- memos why Ilk ern not active to -day. But the day is coming when they will all be started up, and if only one in ten ot them prove to be mines, the fame of Lump Gulch will be known wherever the white metal ia used. • • • TRI PRIE 0011tA0i. The Free Coinage is nearly ready to make another shipment of ore, some ot whioh is vary high grad. material. The surface indioations of this vein: was without doubt the finest of any discov- ery in the camp; in fact the croppinge of th. Free Coinage vein would be hard to boat in any camp in the country. The Free Coinage, Silver King and Lobe Star lodee have just been advertised for patent, the required length ot time to satisfy the law, 60 days, in the columns of the Miami, and patent for these valuable properties will now, no doubt, soon be issued by the general land °Moe. They are making upraises and stoping from the 200, and also drifting on the 150 level and taking out ore, more or leas, from all these levels and stopes • • • TTIZ Lrrris A''Á.. Two ore sorters are at work at the Little Alma, where they are drifting and raising from the 300 foot level, in pretty hard rook. A shipment will be made from this property in a week or ten days. • • • Titi 11/1719i MOON. The oontractore on the Muskegon bave gone to work and th, drift bee al- ready been extended west from the point where Masers. Evans à Diller left it, about tan feet. The vein, whisk is about two feet in width, shows unmis- takable signs of improvement with every toot of progress, and the Oiftiere eontidestly expect a mine in the Mus- kegon, and the is oartainly no reason why the91 not he The rook had bee i un1fs ry hard in this drift, and while Pi ot softened up very much in tim. ten feet it is improving ia this respect. The vein of ore con- tinues in the lace, varying from on. te four inches in width. • • THE WiPc The Hope people are taking out good ore from the 200 foot level, where they are now coneentrating their efforts, and the progress being made there is still aa Tepid as that heretofore characteristic ot the work so far done on this property, and which bee been nom mute on st length in thee* ccaluizins from time to time. Unless allignown indloationa fail the Hope is destined to be ranked among the great mines of Lump before snow flies. • * • THE IRON CAP. So far u can be learned, the indica- tions on the Iron Cap continue fair. Drifting on the 200 foot level is still in progress C. * THE BADOr.u. This property is proving to be a whale and will, no doubt, develop into an im- mense proposition. They have a car- load of ore about ready for shipment, taken from the 40 foot level, and will soon commence sinking another 100 feet, the incline being now down 96 feet. The Badger I. owned by Memos. Grobe and Stafford, and is under bond to Grob* for a period of 18 months. * * THE THOMAS. Drifting is still the order of the day at the Thomas with one shift of men, the east drift being 66 feet in length, and the west drift 45 feet. Theee drift, are being driven at the 100 foot level on one of the two known veins existing there. Nothing of importanoe has so tar been found in thus drifts and the prdbabili- ilea are that a crosscut to the other vein may be commenced noon. Since the above was in type the mine has temporarily suspended operations, though it is expected to ruume again 90011. • s * THE NOHMOND. This valuable property is situated just over the divide between Lump and Clancy gulches, and is one of many valuable claims in that section. The shaft on this property is now down about 65 feet. There are from 3 to 8 Joshes of ore in this shaft running as high as 350 0111104e, with indications of haring plenty of it. Niles Cavanaugh has this prop- erty under bond from the owner, Chas. Cramer. • * LITTLE KATIE. The owners of this property, this week hit • contract for sinking the shaft an- other 100 feet. The contract was award- ed to Martin Mulvahill, and work will be oommenoad at once. The dash is down now only fifty feet, yet ore is being sack- ed and a shipment will be made in a few days. The ore is very high grade run- ning from 300 to 400 ounces • ton. Every indication goo. to show that the vein will develop width as sinking pro - greases. Latech Brae., Kleinschmidt Bros., and several other Helena parties are interested in this property. An at- tempt was made some time ago to secure a largo part of the claim by 'owners of adjoining property, who alleged errors in the survey. This attempt, however, baa fell through and J. H. Farmer will survey the claim, preparatory to its owners making application for patent. • • LAST OILINCE. This property ill situated on the same lead as the Normond and hem about three inch« ot ore in sight, with indica- tions of more to oome. This is very high grsde ore. Good progress is being made. There is no reason why these proportion should not be shipping ore in • short time. • • • MINING{ Noon,. There was considerable excitement at the prospect owned by the Walker Broa. just below the Muskegon, last week, caused by the whim horse running away while hoisting a bucket of rook. The bucket was hoisted clear to the top of the derriek before the horse stopped. The man on top managed to oloes the trap over the shaft ea won as the buck- et came up, ut the man below might have been injured by falling rook from the bucket. Andrew Debereau hen the contract ot sinking on this claim. Sam McConnell, engineer, formerly with the Thomas haa gone to a mine at the Park, near Unionville, to install machinery and to take charge of it after. wards, as soon as things are in shape. Manors °robe, Stone:1841d, Hinton and others ars interested in this promising gold claim. Madura. °robe, Murphy and Evans have bonded the Willard group of claims for eighteen months, for $40,000. Theca proepeola are located on the divide be- tween Mope* and Colorado gulches and about sir milaa above Alhambra Hot Springs, close to the Crow (week range ot mountains Thee, claims are very promising, from one of them over 100 tons have already been shipped and the shaft is not over thirty feet in depth. There are shafta on all the locations of different depths down to the water level, and all of them have ore (tarrying considerable gold, averaging about ounce*. The ore taken from %see 1 claims so far has paid for every done pt the development done on the dahlia. Above the water level the ore is a ear - boost. and blow turns to an iron eek, phide. As opened up the indietelle` are that gm.' a surface ore Chute nearly 400 feet in length. Marne. Grobe & 06. will start a force of miners at work on the property at onoe and sup- plies are new being hauled up to the mines. The Ida May, belonging to John Shobsr, has been leased an bonded by Neil Vawter for 18 noinths. This mine is an old time producer, and is -Iodated at the head of Lump gulch. It hi' ni - ready contributed to the world's Mock of precious metals more than $45,000 in days past, the ore netting from $105 to $115 to the ton. Work will be ocean:none- ed there in a few days, the machinery on the property now undegoing thorough overhauling and repair preparatory to that end. The mine has a shaft on it nearly 200 feet in depth, and the prop- srty is a very wet one. Last August the shaft house at the mine caught fire and burned down, and this, of course, wili al» have to be repaired. The property has been idle since the fall of 1893. The new office at the Little Nell is nearly completed and will be ready for occupancy in a few days. The Stanley shaft has reached a depth of 80 feet. There ia about 3 feet of quartz and from one to eve inches of ore which gives indications of widening out as work progresses The Old Dra Tucker struck ore in the shaft last Wednesday night about three inches in width. The Tucker shaft is 235 feet deep, and when the present con- tract is finished will be 270 feet. Van Tyson, Jacobson át Co., are doing the work on this property at present. The men selected as the Committee to decide upon a site for the location of the State Capitol building have been unable to come to a conclusion and have adjourned until Monday, Aug. 5. New bids will be submitted, the same as though this was the original set-to of the Committee. Lout Cabin Mao. William bfarray, who haa a mine at the junction of Koch creek and Pitt river about 80 miles northeast of Redding, Cal., brings news of having discovered the richest mine in the country, and any. it is the original \Loet Cabin\ mine, which has been searched for dur- ing the last 30 years. He has discovered a lode 800 feet wide and 400 feet high, impregnated with iron ore, which bears gold and silver to the value of from 875 to $150 • ton. The range where the mine was discovered is a continuation of that upon which is the great Lost Confidence mine, or what is generally known as the Iron Mountain. It was recently sold to an English syndioate for $300,000.—Ex. Itieh Gold Strike For several years pant the Yahk river in northwestern Montana has produced placer gold in greater or leaa quantities and two oompanies have control ot the large tracts of land along each aide of the river, located for placer mining purposes one company being oompeeed of Mon- tana people and the other of Spokane partied,- It has been the regular custom each year for a few men to go there and rook and pan out gold which has been more or lean profitable, and tor the part two or three years E. J. Merrin, of Le- onia, Idaho, a nearby station on the Great Northern railway, has had men engaged searching tor the source of the gold supply, but until this year without result Some two or three weeks ago his peril., found a vein or veins about twenty miles up the stream and took out samples for assaying purpose.. The returns showed a value of from Pe to $435 in gold, per ton, the gold in many ~es being easily seen without the aid of a glees. After repairing to the ground the disooverers located several claim. both placer and quarts and when the news got out there was a rush into the country Mr. T. D Farrow, who is sup- erintendent of the Yakt Placer Mining A Development Company, waa in Spo- kane last week, but returned to the Y.ahk country to look over the new find. He reported that at leant ons hundred men were on their way to the Yahlt. The ex- tent of the disoovery is not yet reported but there ia doubtless a field to proepeot In, and the chasm. are that another gold camp will soon be contributing to the supply of the yellow metal. Mr. Merlin write' us that the strike Is authentic and all reports heretofore made are substantially eorreet. We have aeon samples of the ore in which the gold is in part free and partly free and partly bass, is a very handsome quarts highly charged with iron and mué fractured, showing small particles of gold. Ex.

The Lump City Miner (Lump City, Mont.), 13 July 1895, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.