The Lump City Miner (Lump City, Mont.) 1895-1895, July 20, 1895, Image 1

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o- is Motet The Lump City Miner. VOL. 1. -No. 29. LUMP CITY, MONTANA, SATURDAY, JULY 20, 1895. $2.00 A YEAR. For Mining Supplies and Machinery OF GOOD, SUBSTANTIAL AND HONEST QUALITY, ANI) FOR PROMPT and INTELLIGENT SERVICE, go to A. M. HOLTER HARDWARE CO. 113 and 118 North Alain Street, HELENA, MONTANA - Montana Lumber dlanufacturing Col MINING TIMBERS and BUILDING ARTERIAL of ALL KINDS. Yards Located at HELENA and BUTTE. A. N. Al )A MS, Con Park St. and Sixth Ave., - - - HELENA, MONT. Plumbing, Heating and Ventilating. Wholesale and Retail Dealer In Iron Pipe and Fittings, Valves, Pumps, Mining and Mill Supplies. THE PEOPLE'S STORE, 513 and 515 Broadway, Helena, Mont. HEADQUARTERS FOR Groceries, Dry Goods, Tinware, Notions, CHINAWARE, Hay, Grain and General Merchandise, CHEAPER THAN DIRT FOR SPOT CASH. CHARLES H. HENTON, Prop. COLEMAN'S LUNCH COUNTER Meals at all hours. Short Orders a Specialty. Your patronage solicited. MAIN STREET Rear of Chkag° Liquor Store, • 1.1.7MP CITY, MONT. Ufr This space belongs to the Lump City Townsite De- velopment and Mining Com- pany- ags_l , is devoted to the interests of Lump City. Keep your eye on it and watch devel- opments. The future of Lump City is assured and a new era of progress is before it. .AEI FRED SASS, 188 N. Main Atritat nictuNA. %I nn. fart,t1rm f Fine Domestic Cigars, A no1 Donlest trn All kinds of ripert. Smoking end Chew- ing Tohaecoe. N \O Unit,\ Mon Rrnpl.q•ed Helena Iron Works Ort Cars and Burkelx, Trek Iron, Car Whmls, Iron and Brass Castings, ete. MINES AND MINING. Regular Weekly Clean-up from the Mines of the Lump Gulch District. Mining Notes and Item. of the Day of am Interesting Character Bar silver, 67. Lead, e3.12ti. Copper, $10.00. ORE HHIPMIENTH FOR TH Liverpool Little Nell. Total * * OWSLEY. Right L. Liles, Wm. Owsley, Ed Mc- Govern and John Cameron have just leased and bonded the Ovveley quartz lode, near the head of Lump gulch, to William Shakespeare, of this city. The bond runs from about the middle of July of this year for a period of eighteen months, the consideration being $36,000. Mr. Shakespeare agrees to sink 150 feet incline shaft within fourteen months. The property has a forty -foot shaft show- ing ten inches of good ore. There is also a grass -roots tunnel 130 feet in length on the vein showing ore, more or less, and in the face from 4 to 10 inches wide. The Owsley is regarded as a more than usually fine prospect. THE LITTLE NE!.!.. The ore -raising record for this prop- erty was broken one day during the past week when 215 sacks of high grade metal was lifted out of the shaft in ten hours. Each sack will oontain about 80 pounds of ore on an average, there- fore the output for the time stated in clean shipping ore was 17,200 pounds, or almost nine tons, worth at a rough cal- culation over and above all expenses, at least $1,000, The Little Nell never looked better in its different etopee And levels than it does to -day, and probably more men are engaged at work there than ever before. The deeper the shaft penetrates the earth the wider the vein gota, and the more clean solid ore there is in it, and the quality remains about as high grads as that first enoountered in the mine. The Little Nell is fast developing into a great property. stories is something his tender nature (amid never stand, and besides, he would resent as a vile slander any imputation that e he ever was disposed to see snakes unless they were in actual and bona licie existence. Upon being assured that his statements would be given to the public in no exagerated form, he consented to relate his exciting experience. Morgan said the recent contract for It seems that upon returning to the the sale of bonds was without precedent mine from hie borne a few evenings ago, or justification. He combatted what he with his pet cat and dog, when nearing ' termed the \false issue invented by the mine he observed an immense snake Sherman and adopted by Cleveland, yy•FICK coiled up in the road a few feet ahead of that it is the duty of the government to him. Its huge size and peculiar color ! preserve a parity between the metals by startled him, and stopping to look at it, ! adjusting our coinage to meet fluctua - 2 cars- it seemed to change color, first appear- ! tions in oommeroial value.\ Of the \ ing black then changing to deep blue 1100,000,0(X) gold reserve, he said,\ it is a sort of \jackpot\ put up by Sherman 3 that has kept up gambling in our money. It was never needed to give strength to the United States. A country that has paid in debts and interest more than $3,- 000,000,000 in 30 years could not now support 1100,000,0(X) deposited in the treasury to support its credit.\ In accordance with the programme the convention was called to order by Prof. John G. Hunt, president of the local silver league. Ex United States Senator Patrick Walsh, of Augusta, was made permanent chairman of the con- vention and president of the State Bi- metallic league. In assuming the chair Senator Walsh made a brief speech, de- fining the purpose of the gathering and criticising the financial policy of the ad- ministration. The displeasure of some of the demo- cratic delegates at the presence of a large number of populists showed itself early when Delegate Gardiner protested against populists being allowed a voice in the proceedings. His remarks were greeted with applause. Congressman Moses, of the Fourth district, moved that all resolutions be referred to the resolutions committee without reading. This was hotly oppos- ed by Delegate James Barrett, of Augus- ta, a populist, who was supported by the other populist delegates present. The motion was adopted. however, while Bar ret denounced the proceedure as gag law. Evan P. Howell, chairman of the com- mittee on resolutions, read the platform, which was identical with that adopted at the recent free silver convention in Memphis. The convention ended with speeche» by Congressman Livingston, Clark, Howell and others. THE ERIE l'OINAOS1. This property is still taking out good ore and have a little better than 400 sacks ready for shipment which will probably commence to move down the gulch about Monday one hundred of these sacks contain very high grade ore, black oulphureta, et' . and has bees carefully selected anil will be kept sep- arate. Like the Hope, the Free Coinage is another groat proposition and when it has been opened to the deep will make a famous mine. • • rira HOPE. and finally to shimmering green. While lost in amazement he was suddenly startled to see it raise its huge head as if to strike, while his cat was slowly ap- proaching it as if drawn by some strange infatuation. Fearing for the safety of his pet he turned to look for a club and as he did so he heard a peculiar rustle behind him, the rattles of the snake, for it was a rattler, which sounded to him as loud as the gong of cathedral belle, accompanied by a blood -curdling yowl from his cat. Seizing a large pole lying near he turned towards the snake which had again raised its head in an attitude to strike, while his faithful eat had dis- appeared. Fearing to try to escape by running, he opened battle and by a well directed blow be stunned the reptile so that he was enabled to dispatch it without further difficulty. He then in- stituted a search for his cat, whose plaintive mews he could faintly hear. Failing to locate it he again turned to- ante the snake, remembering having eard that they always took fresh meat alive, he for the first time ventured close enough to examine its carcass and ob- serving one portion a few feet down from its head which appeared unduly extended and from which the mews of the cat seemed to come, he called to one of the men at the mine to bring him an axe with which he opened an aperature in the dead carcass about a foot arid a half long from which his oat jumped, gay and chipper. By actual measure- ment Fred says the snake was 151 inches long and 24 inches in circumfer- ence,. Decomposition set in so rapidly he was compelled to bury the reptile be- fore exposing it to public view but he has the grave to bear out the truth of his statement. THE NORMA. he changed front on the silver question. His conversion was not like that of Paul, who espoused error, was made blind, then saw the truth and embraced it; but like that of Aaron, who saw the truth, became blinded to it, and espous- ed the darkness of Egypt, typified in the golden calf.\ Hoeing a smelter. A ruining suit involving $450,(X)0 hae The strike reported in those columns, been begun in the District Court by A. last week, as having been made in this M. Hendry against the Pueblo Smelting property proves on investigation to have and Refining Company for the value of been even better than at first reported. ore claimed to have been taken by the There is now 14 inches of ore in the smelting company from a mine belong - bottom of the shaft, and the indications ing to Hendry, and converted to its own are good for its continuance. As this use. strike us practically on the top of the Five years ago lIendry went to the ground, the Norma bids fair to become a New Placer mining distriot, Santa Fe valuable prospect, ami opens up a new county, N. M , purchased the Anaconda section of this gulch not heretofore pros- mining claim, paying therefor $2.5,000, peeled to any great «tent. and sunk a shaft. Adjoining the Ana- conda is the Lincoln Lucky mine. The ore, which is a sulphide, lie« in a pipe and runs from the Lincoln Lucky into the Anaconda. Hendry claims that the Lincoln Lucky people followed the vein beyond their lines into the Anaconda territory and extracted 4,500 tons of ore, which he estimates worth Clio per ton. The smelter return, show that over 4,000 tone were shipped to the smelter. The purchasing agent of the smelting company, who is also interested in the Lincoln 'dicky, and one or more of the latter company, it is said, had full notice that the ore was claimed by Hendry at the time it was shipped to the smelter, anui on that ground it is claimed that the smelting oompany is liable, as they must have known they were buying ore from the Anaoonda. Hendry also noti- fied them formally, it in eaid, of his ownership of the mine. Hendry hen been in litigation over his mine ever since the purchase, and a is now in the Santa Fe courte. The Lin ooln Lucky ownrito claimed that the lo- cation had been made on a Nranirrh grant and was therefore void, but this grant %cam set FUSide ley the, I 'rebid States Government, lia' tug llendry-ar title, he claims, intact In the htigation which has just commenced the smelting now pany will probably dispute Hendry's ownerehip of the mine and set up aver right te and surface heiatems. • • MiNINO NOTES. The Little Katie strike still continuer; good, and the mbar t hair reached a depth Work is still in progress in both drifts of ao f ee t, at th e 24 a) and considerable ore of good Work on the Thomas bas been sus - grade is being taken from both ef these pond's'. It is underoto , s1 that the ma- done, though most of it comae from the } y need there v‘ ill lie set up on • (+set level where the vein seenis to be more solid. The air is bad in the mine g(lid property somewhere near Union - and aome arrangements will have to be made to improve it. Miners best posted with the character of the vein matter so far enoounterel here are of the opinion that the Hope will, with depth, develop into a great oopper proposition rich in silver and gold. The mine is a very wet ono, and the water is highly impregnat ad with copper. The formation and vein matter is sinidar the great g•opp.r mines of Butt*, and tile oro is also of a somewhat similar character, with the ditTerenee that. the Hope ore is very on the vein, for a one half nitieh richer in thin preei,oui weenie ! that property. Work will commence ()are 'loud the necessary bu ildingn ereeted. d.h ing of Hpeotal portanoo has “e I rurred at the ‚ledger during the past The principal event of the Georgia week Fro far RS the Mil,' is concerned, free silver ronviintion, held at u;r1 although they have been steadily at Ga., on July lsth wrui the spersiti of work in the drift and arc bringing some Senator Morgan, uf Alabama. Ile said wi \ra to the surface There has, how he came to the meeting as • democrat, e% •r, been a n sir. „r suepromeral ex '''te \in denewratic 111111'110M, and by the ment hovering flyer the ramp for the authority of nettled °reed, to advocate Th.. st Louie mine, owned by Dorn & Co., want to let a contract to Rink a 100 foot shaft on that. property The St. Louis is located just east of the Liver- pool. Kleinschmidt liros were in the \amp during the week looking after their min ing interesta. While here they entered into a oontract with lire. feyekwood and Head, ow ocre of the Hidden Sunlight, to mink a 21)0 -foot shaft anil drift WO feet interest, in at vf.r- ir, il,. Sim I 11 past few dap', which the soothing effect demooratic as old and as of time alone .an robe s When inter sound as the great national party \ viewed as to the cause, Fred Stafford Sherman ' a law of 1>473 was ouch a (loath HOOtned lenti' iiinko the matter piddle. blow tri silVoT as • money metal that it Thie was read ‘, ie , ...unted for, how 144•1114.11 mar •eloue that ether had enough ever, when it. was leiirried that it sas It life left to take up its hod and walk; fierce encounter bet a \en Mr Striqord, iewial Mining Machinery le‘ his t, cat and a huge rattlesnake that S of all hied retuned the disturbance NI , P1. It kinds made to order. there in any one thing more than an - M mere' and Priepeeeire supplie' of all oth•r upon which [red prides himself kindir 'Work promptly attendee' ! it is his irro.proaha l .Is reputation for to on short notion truth and vererity, and the fear of hell - 4 claimed as à rettiiar t`' common snake A M WILLIAMS, Agent, Miner ()lice \but\ he 'rod, \it moving to the feint with uplifter(' head and vigorotia strip, again in union, if not in full herineny, with gold, and the parade is so triggering The MINER ham received from If M Hill, of Clancy, • box of strawberries, gr,,wn by that gentleman in hie gardens at that phiee whioli were the finest straw born ‚eu we ever saw. Indeed, It would be dirtiu.olt eonvei VP how finer berried!) eould be green anywhere. Some of thion were more thaetwo inches in cir cumfereneo, and the smallest 'if them that evet ;rent Britain keeping ate\ %Mild be mammoth berries in niorit (101.10 to the omen:, of the union \ tries ' I heir flavor waa of that unap Of Secretary Carlisle, the senator said proachable eliararter which has made he was not chosen a cabinet officer until the Montana strawberry fatuous. 1

The Lump City Miner (Lump City, Mont.), 20 July 1895, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.