The Lump City Miner (Lump City, Mont.) 1895-1895, July 27, 1895, Image 1

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•46:4 . ere Lae eta n. n. 010 XX, ley ees eill it. rs arid ľ. A., s Y, iT '3ro- Dods any ice, Hotel k II t The Lump City Miner. VOL. L—No. 30. LUMP CITY, MONTANA, SATURDAY, JULY 27, 1895. $2.00 A YEAR. For Mining Supplies and Machinery OF GOOD, SUBSTANTIAL AND HONEST QUALITY, AND FOR PROMPT and INTELLIGENT SERVICE, go to A. M. HOLTER HARDWARE CO. 118 and 118 North 111,alti Street, _ HELENA. MONTANA. Montana Lumber rd Manufacturing Co. MINING TIMBERS and BUILDING MATERIAL of ALL KINDS. Y•rdo Located at ILE:LENA and HUTTE. MINES AND ' MINING. Regular Weekly Clean-up from the Mines of the Lump Gulch District. Xining Notes and [tome of the Day of an Intet ending Character Bar silver, 60 3 s. lead, 443,49 1 2 . Copper, $11.50. * * * oitE sHIPSENTs FON THE wrzir. A. N. ADAMS, Liverpool Little Nell Cor. Park St. and Sixth Ave., - - - HELENA, MONT. Free Coinage Plumbing, Heating and Ventilating. Wholemale and Retail Dealer in Iron Pipe and Fittings, Valves, Pumps, Mining and Mill Supplies. THE PEOPLE'S STORE, 513 and 515 Broadway, Helena, Mont. HEADQUARTERS FOR Groceries, Dry Goods, Tinware, Notions, CHINAWARE, Hay, Grain and General Merchandise, CHEAPER THAN DIRT FOR SPOT CASH. CHARLES IL IIENTON, Prop. COLEMAN'S LUNCH COUNTER Meals at all hours. Short Orders a Specialty. Your patronage solicited.. NIA1N STREET, BearotChioLiquor Store. LUMP CITY, MONT. Ur This space belongs to the Lump City Townsite De- velopment and Mining Com- pany and is devoted to the interests of Lump City. Keep your eye on it and watch devel- opments. The future of Lump City is assured and a new era of progress is before it. 14'1,111.) 1118 N. Main •fro.4.1. 111/trolfewelrg./ Fine Domestic Cigars, And 114•4Ior in All kinibc l'ipea. Smoking and Chew • jug Tr deters ea. N , .r.4. bat Union f•II Helena Iron Works On Cars and heliels, Trark Iron, Car Wheels, Iron and Brass l'asljngs, elf. special Mining Machinery of all kinds made to order. Mtwara' and Proapectorti euppliee of all ti' Is Work promptly attended U o on abort notice A M Wu., I Able, Agent, Miner Office Total * * THE FUTURE OF LtiliP OPIA'11. Thin mining camp has proceeded far enough with its deVelopiment work, so that it is now possible to predict some- what as to its immediate euture. The existence of quartz.lodee in Lump gulch has been known for the past seven- teen years, and perhaps for a longer period of time, but that these lodes con - tamed rich pay ore chutes was not known, except in one instance, that of the Liver- pool mine, until about one year ago. What, has been done towards the devel- opnient of the district has therefore been only of twelve months' duration, and the showing made warrants the belief that Lump will not only be a perman- ent but a great mining camp in every sense of the word. There is now no question brit that the mines of this dis- trict will go to the deep, fled that in two or three years from now there will be twenty or twenty-five minis which will be regular shippers of very high-grade ore. The veins are true ' . iiroureri, cut- ting east and west tierces the oldest known granite formation, which trends north and south, and it is pretty safe to say that they will never be dug out. 2 care 66 2 46 Only one giant has been at work in the diggings, which has been suoceee- fully operated by four, and sometimes three men, and the ground in which it has been at work has this year proved exceptionally rich, oven for this famous placer. This year the washing season in that vicinity was really prolonged into two ordinary seasons owing to a heavy fall of snow which occurred just at the time when they would othkeeise have been compelled to cease operations, and the extra water supply was taken advan- tage of, with the result that, considering I the number of men working, the output will be most satisfactory. These placer diggings are among the very best great virgin gold fields yet un - worked in Montana. It has been thor- oughly prospected for a distance of five 7 or six miles along Baein creek, which flows through the ground its entire length, and if utilized could he made to prolong the working reason into seVen or eight months each year. Five miles or more of the ground ia owned, under patent, by Messrs. Winters, Heber and Braun, and only the lower end for a dis- tance of perhaps halt a mile or so, has been worked out, and that only to a false bed rock, and hardly any instance from rim to rim. The ground prospecte about fifty cents to the cubic yard, throughout its entire length, as demonstrated from the gold saved in the clean-ups each season during the past ten or twelve years. Experts who have examined the ground thoroughly have given it as their opinion that the ground will pay, from rim to rim, from fifty to five and one- half dollars per cubic yard. The strip of ground held by patent by these gentle- men, for a distance of five miles along the creek, is from 150 to 4(X) feet in width, and embraces within its limits all the ground available for placer min- ing purposes. The depth to the bed rook is from ten to twenty feet. At the head of the diggings nature has placed a little park or meadow, con taming perhaps 100 acres, the lower end Long after the present occupants of this of which narrows down like the neck of mineral district have retired from active a gourd, and through which level piece operations in this locality there will be of ground flows the combined waters of scores of mines, now unknown, regular- Basin and Shoo-tiy creeks, making it a ly sending an ore output to market. natural reservoir for the storing of water This fact is becoming recognized and with which to work the rich gronnd be- understocx1 better every .ray, and in six low. 'Flits meadow is held by Meters. or seven of the most prominent proper- ties here the order will be issued in a short time to go on down with their shafts another 100 OT 200 feet. The Liverpool will sink another 1(X) feet in a very short time, so will the Little Alma and the Nell, and the Hope and Free Coinage may go 200 without stop- ping. That is what will make miners and open up the ore bodies. Four hund- red feet is now the depth of the deepest mine in the gulch. In every instance the ore has increased in quality and quantity with depth. The importanee of this mineral field is not understood or appreciated to (lay. In three years from now there will te more men working in Lump gulch than in any other camp in the Northwest outside of Butte. New strikes, Ho called, are of almost daily oecurrenee. These \strikes\ are all of them on the surface of the ground, or nearly eo, but they are Kure indica- tions of what may be expected with depth. As a state, Montana has a grand future before her, rnineralogicell con- sidered ; as • county in this state Jeffer- son 'is the peer of any of them, arid in the number of men employed, number of mines working, shipping and paying, Lump gulch, a mining camp in this county, will outrank them all. ... 4 , • • THE LITTLE NaLL. Wednesday was another red letter day in the history of ore production in the Little Nell, 231 80 -pound sacks of high- grade ore being the product of ten him ra work. The highest previous record was 215 gecko, no reported in the MiNalt last week. Eighteen thousand four hundred and eighty pounds of ore in ten hours with eight ore sorters is • good days work in any country. and goer; to demon strate what ran be Ilone from the ric h ore chute' of Lump gulch when proper ly opened. The ore is clean and rich, among out of the mine in hugh chunks, concentrated by nature into almost pure bars of ieolid bullion, so to speak Forty men are given employment on anil about the mine altogether. • T/11 , WIN I ,'TOFU. The last run for tie season in the Winters plower digging- , IN now about fi nis h e d, an d the „wrier are now engag- ed in clean ing up, wh«o they sue pend opereteino for the year, ow rig to • lark wat.4 , 1' with eh, h Is. ,o li tieue work Tt.0 pain Rang' has been a most sueveoeful one, and whon all the gold haw been gathered from the ohnoe botree and diepotted Of it w il he found. it. esit \ported, that the na profits for the season's work will be a hmsol,if an y f u t ure operations on this gr ore] Winters & CO., by location, we under- stand, and it is their intention at some future day to put a darn across the gulch at the narrow point spoken if and work their diggings on a large scale. • I 11 T. IIALDEM This property has now reached the 100 foot level where drifts have been com- menced both ways, east and eerie The ore chute encountered ou the surface was found within a distance of eighteen feet from the bottom of the billet in a quartering cross cut. The west drift is now in about 15 and the feet drift 20 feet, in the fare of both of which there is high grade ore averaging a foot in width. It is the intention to drift in on the vein and stops out the ore from the 100 to the surface before going any deep- er with the shaft. If the ore continues ae good as it now allows a shipment oan be made from this property within the n•xt month. A whip is used for hoisting purposes which will easily handle the dirt another 50 feet, when arrangernients will 141 made to equip the mine with steam machinery. THE Snag COINAGE. New ore bodies have been uncovered in this property during the past week and two car loArls have already been sent to the smelter The Free Coinage is putting out ¡ionic wonderful ore from the new discoveries, consisting of chlorides, bromides, gray copper, black sulphurets and other metallic combinations that go to make ores very rich. TilE eAmise. The Badger has over a car load of ore on the dump ready for eliiiiment, and there is plenty of ore in sight in the shaft. Work is progressing steadily and the property never looked better than it does tu day. * * THE HOPE. The Hope is daily demonstrating the fact that it is a mine of no small preten- sions. They are taking out good ore and there seems to be considerable of it, though the property has not made the stir in the mining world it will make when greater depth has been reached. HIDDEN TREASURE. This is a silver -lead property owned jointly by H. S. Johnson, Christ and Fred Heber, and is located in the Upper Basin country, near the fatnims Winters placer diggings and adjoining the Wei- ser oompany's property. It has been developed by an incline shaft to a depth of 1(X) feet by doing aaseasenent work each year The treareire thought to be hidden there was thus year disoovered before Meshing the required flier werth of work, through the iliorsoery ID the shaft f a tine streak of lea.] vertsinates fri mix to eight inches in width, assay- ing about 80 ounce; silver and 70 per rent lead. Mesere..liihnson and Heber are very mui') elated over their discov- ery and are of the that the !la- den Treasure which they have been so long seeking has at last been found Surrounding the 11111/0 are ninny as good piompects, leans of which hai a Matta is011111der0100 Stir 11,flit excited the ownero into visions of future wealth in ‚laye past There is rei doubt hut that, under anything like a favorable market for the white metal, a pri,npor ono '''Iii ing community vi ',old be opened up in the I fpper Itsairi 'rho Hidden Trefieure is about ta tri' e miles distant from Basin City, near the headwaters of Basin Creek, a stream, which, if Feuer- voired, «mid be male to increase th e supply of gold sent «ii erceh year from lb\ diggings along ita banks very ma- terially. MINING NOTES. A chunk of ore weighing 148 Rs, was sent from the Little Noll to the smelter at East Helena Thursday of this week. Accompanying this was another one weighing 75 pounds. Both chunks were clean, high grade ore, but very little quartz being mixed with it. The report of the Elkhorn Mining Company, limited, for June, shows the following: Mill worked twenty-nine days and crushed 1,129 tons; bullion pro- dueed in the mill, $24,237; smelting ore sold, thirty-three tons, $2,568; total pro- duce, $26,805; total expenses, $21,947; estimated profit for the month, $4,858. All miners are rep's:rated lo stay away from the Cieur 1)' Alene country. False reports will be sent out by the mine owners for the purpose of inducing men to go there to establish the scab rate of wages offered by them. The tight is now on and victory is reins if you will keep init of the country. By order of Executive Board W F. of M. SAM Mt ROBERTS, Pres. W. 171. EDDY, Secey. Two diluent named Peter Krause and William Foge, while working at the face of the Sheep Mountain tunnel, were im- prisoned by a cave-in which rx.lcurred about sixty feet from the mouth of the tunnel lest Wednesday afternoon, at about 3:30 o'clock. The tunnel ie 450 feet in length, but fortunately they were beyond the spot where the cave took place, and when rescued at about 11 °Mock were found to be uninjured. The fact that the tunnel had caved in and the miners imprisoned was not dis covered until the night -shift went up to go to work. They summoned help and by 11 o'clock had the men released from their living tomb, though they were com- pelled to timber the spot where the rave occurred as fast as the dirt was removed. The mine is very wet and the water would have ultimately filled the tunnel hail the obetrurtion not been removed. The three big bripks of Yukiin gold shipped to the assay office a few days ago were placed on exhibition in the windows of the Ainerivan National bank Wednesday. They attracteil great atten tion, there being a vrowd around the window all day. When the bank elosed for the day the big bricks were lifted, not without considerable effi ire out of the window and placed in the vault. —Independent. Geo. Mcririvran, Jam Russell and Jas. Hanlon have bonded the Mountain Side anil Mountain Top claims to B. Brant, - nee Geo. Diem, anil Wm, Quinn. This property is located almost within the limita of the town and has a good show- ing oil the surface ot the ground. The bond T111114 for one year from to -day, July 27, and the cash oonsideration is $8,000. Work is to eommenve right away and be continuous during the life of the bond .1.4ide front ite record -breaking quali- tee in the matter of ore produvtion and huge chunks of solid ore, the Little Nell has again met the pace this week in a DOW (11111It'tP ‚n by utiiiiiong it car, load of ruby OT0 W111011 gava a $4,200. If not the richest, it is orie the most valuable car load olopritents yet made from Lump gulch. net return Work will commenoe on the Hidden Sunlight next week. This Is the prop arty mentioned in these (+chilling last week as having been contracted to the kleinaeliniolt Broil to sink 2to feet and drift too feet for an interest. The mine is owned lo Meagre Lock wood and Ilead of Helena .berry and ‚lark Ellie have made a strike en legal Tender Hill, near Clancy of six eight inches of good ore. l„)

The Lump City Miner (Lump City, Mont.), 27 July 1895, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.