The Lump City Miner (Lump City, Mont.) 1895-1895, July 27, 1895, Image 7

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3 THE LUMP CITY MINÉlk LUMP CITY, MONTANA: er to Is no ) I Elle BO. NM/ Bs. ito LOT ind Lii idy eed . I ak- on It and my -Mt Ian ions eve w ai r) (n lads • re he'd all einte I'ange, it pren& t, th' In th' •n this heel whin timing et KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who live bet- ter than others and enjoy life more, with less expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best products to the needs of phrsical being, will attest the value to health cf the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in the remedy, Syrup of Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting in the form most acceptable and pleas- ant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect lax- ative; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and levers and permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions and met with the opproval of the medical profession, because it acts on the Kid- neys, Liver and Bowels without weak- ening them and it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drug- gists in 50c and $1 bottle; but it is man- ufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Syrup of Figs, and being well informed, you will not accept any substitute if offered. tus Prize Winner Read what the World's Fair Judges said when grant- ing the Highest Award to LORILLARD'S J im a l Plug \A bright, sweet navy plug chewing tobacco, con- taining finest quality of Bur- ley Leaf. Has a fine, rich flavor and excellent chewing qualities,combining all points necessary to rate this product of the highest order of excellence in its class.\ Everybody who tries CLI- MAX PLUG says it's the best.' For sale eve e rywhere.. dETIRMAN HOSPITAL TONIC Pure Malt and Hops à Great Nourish« for Mothers and Nurses. A Wholesome Fluid Extract of Malt and Hops. Cures Dyspepsia, Sleeplese- mess, Indigestion, Soothes the Nerves and is the Best Appetizer. Trade supplied by ii.T.CLARKE DRUG CO., LINCOLN NEBRASKA WELL MACHINERY nt AVOMIS ca l t a l ie s e, 111 P f t ' s -l e n dITLIO AND 0 MACHINERY. etc. Hiner Tam Have been toned and all warranted. i--.1oux City FIngine& Iron Work's, Successors to Peril Mfg t o • fly, Iowa. Ti.. RAWItt h (*WA«. aly•It• 4 W••t V.1••enth Street, 1(•nea•I'lty. Ye. firs (IF. Ti l l.; ENTIRE WORLD, and flinch In portnn t infor- mation eoncerning all cities m id ronntriee In the world, are glven In the Atlas ni the World, handsome '(t.?\ date book large pages Colored plates etc Sent postpaid en receipt of 30c in «taint's. CAPITAL PURIJ.5111N(1 CO , Neb. HAIR BALS NI V_Lea= end bowelOw th• kale • artwaot rowth. 164 Reuter* gray ri.t• Oa Youthful tilholor. Ouna• leap ewer,* A Ault tea& Ilen tad 1.00$ WANTED-LADY AGENTS h. ..•••• touu erell onr defer• if4wIledne. seed term r eam In phr•Plane ' wirer* praettre Addrwo, «At ha. ww6lowe. Sou lea. A. CO, MII.M.1411 PITENTS 11,ninse P Rimparte. Weablacto5. wt. t re. uatil Pete** et> 'mined. Write for Is eenter'sQuishe. HE DEPENDED ON HIS HAIR. Oco-Beeker Who Thought it. Redness Would Have Weight. There is one office -seeker who be- lieves that a man's character can be told from the color of his hair. This man wanted to be postmaster of a town in the West, so he came to Wash- ington, azul for several months was a daily visitor to Private Secretary Thur- ber's room in the White House. He was very countrified in his appearance and possessed a wonderful growth of the reddest of red hair. Mr. Thurber re- ceived him upon all of his visits with his usual courtesy, but explained to the persistent gentleman that hu should file all of his Indorsements at once in- stead of bringing them in one by one. as he received them each day. This ad- vice the man did not heed. Finally M. Thurber's patience commenced to give out, and one day, when the man presented himself and handed over two or three additional indorsements, the private secretary told him it would not be necessary for hint to call again that the case would be considered upon the papers already submitted. The would-be postmaster started to leave the room. As he reached the door, however, he turned about, and, not- withstanding the fact that Mr. Thur- ber had engaged in conversation with a senator, said: \Mr. Thurber, don't you think there is something more I can do BO as to make that matter of mine a 'dead cinch Mr. Thurber interrupted his confer- ence with the senator just long enough to say: \Oh yes, yes, yes,\ with an impa- tient gesture. \Send me a lock of your hair.\ 'rhe man disappeared murmuring his thanks. Next (lay, sure enough, the White House mall contained an envel- ope from the candidate in which was inclosed a generous portion of his very red hair and a note stating that the writer had heard that it was possible to tell a man's character from a lock ot his hair; that he inclosed some of his own, as suggested by the private sec- retary, and that he felt reasonably cer- tain that he would be given the office he coveted if his hair was properly ex- amined. Whether this episode settled his ceances or not, It is for Mr. Thur- ber to tell, for It must be said that the red-headed man did not' get the post- mastership.—Washington Post. TO PREVENT COLLISIONS. Electrical Device Invented by a Man In New York. A New York electrician has invented a compass which, if it will do all he claims for It, will be of value to the mariners of inland waters as well as to those who sail the trackless salt wastes. It will, he says, avert all dan- gers of collisions between ships, and he is trying to interest the navy depart- ment In his device. Being an instru- ment for the good of mankind the in- ventor will no doubt release all pecun- iary claim to it and make it free to the world. The compass is about two and one-half inches in diameter and three Inches high,. Under the needle is a strip of metal. Underneath the face of the compass is a saucer in which a chemical is placed. The whole is con- nected electrically with an enlarged horseshoe magnet, ten feet long, made of soft iron bars. The poles of the mag- net are connected by wire with the ship's dynamo, thus giving the elec- trical powbr. The moment a ship en- ters the magnetic field of the vessel which carries this compass, which the inventor says he calculates at six miles, the needle of the compass is directed in the direction of the ship. In turning it passes over the metal plate on the face, and as it does so it closes an electric circuit which seta alarm bells ringing, telling of the approach of the other Ves- sel. \I wag on the steamer ha Gas- cogne six years ago.\ said he, \looking at the compass. Suddenly I not ire41 the needle shake and turn half WAN around The captain pointed to a steamer four miles off. 'That steamer,' said he. 'Is loaded either with steel rails or canned goods It has deflected our needle by magnetic attraction.' That net me to thinking, and my magnet is the result. I experimented in the bay two weeks ago with the magnet and it worked per- fectly. I sha I I noon experiment on some craft furnished by the navy depart- ment.\ The Flying Squirrel Dom Not Fly. Of course the flying squirrel has ne whits, and he dote; not really rise and fly; but good Mother Nature has kindly , given him a wide fringe of akin run- ning nearly all the way around hie body, which fornis a very perfect pat a chiite. When he leaps from his ti top into the all - . and spreads himself, his parachue and his broad. flat tail enable him tu float down eattllt, and gracefulls in a slanting direction. un- til he alights 'tout' on the 11011k of it tree pet halts m PP 011P loin tired feet dist an, Then he clambers nimbly up to its top. chooses his direc- tion, and hum . lies forth again quite potesibh. te the genie tree front w hich he startod Ilin flight Is simply a nail- ing downward at an angle of alien, 46 degrwee. with a graceful sweep upward at the islet to enable him to alight easily Mt Nicholas 0 4 4 t lee t :*** •+; •ee • •* 4 •e i :• 4 •$'2 1 •4 •+: :•** * .• 0 • VI t. t lea ‘ i is;ai sea sik I' sea tea iea i.e; 41 ab4à 1 â All other powders are cheaper made and inferior, and leave either acid or alkali in the food. ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO., 106 WALL ST., NEW -YORK. p l . vo r vo r yr. _ it N g At , r e - I . 1. 47 - t yr o wort •Teort 1. 4 11 - t t • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • MICE PUT TO WORK. A Scotehman Has Discovered th• I lus Mus\ of Economies. • A Scotchman one evening recehtly sat looking at some mice. An idea, struck him. He decided to set the lit- tle thieves to spinning yarn, and it was probably a very astonished pair of mice that found thenaselves a fe%v days later working a small thread -mill in a cage like those in which white rats and other small animals are kept, but with- out the slightest idea that they were paying for their board in this way. An ordinary mouse can twist over 100 threads on reels every day, al- though to do this he has to run ten and a half miles. He is not going to have any ‚plum - cake though, now that he has gone in- to honest business, nor even cheese, only a penny's worth of oatmeal every five weeks. This does not seem very generous board to be paying for hard work, but it makes a tine profit for his ernplover. • • He Lacked the Nerve. upon receipt of your address we will mall free a package of beautifully Illustrated transparent cards. picturing and explaining tuat how and why men frequently suffer from nervous trou- bles that prevent their doing (tie 51G HT TRINO at the RIGHT Tuts Edition limited Address, mentioning thLv paper. sterling Remedy Co , New York City or Chicago. ; As a Moral Agent- Belle—Fin so glad Jaeic has got a bic \.ele, it has helped his disposition wonderfully. Nan—Ilis dispositioi.0 Why, how could It? Belle-- Oh, when he gets up to give baby a drink and ',tops on a tack he is so glad that it is in his foot instead of his pneumatic tire that he doesn't swear at alL Stage Manage—No, your pose isn't sat- isfactory Living Picture—What is the matter! Stage Manager—You have some thing on your mind. The Motel New Trains. The new train service of the Nickel Plate road, which went into effect Sun- day, May 19th, has met the approval of the traveling public. On all sides are heard expressions of universal natIsfae tiOn regarding the efforts which this popular road is making in the Intel eats of Its patrons. Three fast tratni , are now rurt lit each direction dallx Superb dining car service; no vhang , of cars for any elaes of passengers be- tween t'tilrago, New York and Boston City ticket offlce, Ill Adams street. Tel Main MI. Depot, Twelfth and clerk streets Tel. Harson 200. The world is a great has• ball genie, say\ the Manayunk Philosopher - Every man gets one chenre at the bat, and only • few make a hit.\ We wi.. eve ltingi reward for any cave ot Catarrh that can net be t•ured with hiaUtt Catarrh Our, Taken totern•Ilv J t HENRY & (‚1 Proprei Toledo it A Topeka man better., that he hen ilia oo•ered evidence of the early us• of to cycles from the fart that Christ once de livered a sermon on the mount. Yleo's Cure cored me or a Throat and Lung trouble of three year, standing •iir. Huntington, Ind , Nov 12, Iftit4 A Minnesota OI•11 has had aces. in the nourne tw•nty-fiv• yisanr and it isn't sett led yet He hopes to lay up enough during his Ut. to pay him lawyer's tee. PROSPECTIVE MOTHERS eliortrned tion of an the child till (horse soon to I•er • tne mothers, know that Dr. lieurs Favorite Pre. scoption robs child. IMO, of its tortures and terrors, as well as of it, danger* to both mother and child, by ajding Suture in pre pat Ing the system for attotition. There. 'tlabor \ and flic pr,l..1 of c-onfine meld are greatly It slat, promotes the aecre abundance of nourishment for Mrs IN'.' A. Ottrum106 ••I Ores 10. ( /ewe , write. \ When I began taking Dorlor Pierre's Vasorit• Presto - 101.n t was not Oat. to Wand o,. my feet without auffr . rtng alwout death Now I .lo all nu housework waahleg. cooking, sewing and ‚ref trifling for or, family of eight am stouter now than I ha. , \ been in six psrs Tony ' Favorite Freertiption :a the beat to lake before confinement, c' at le•o it proved so with me. I Sever marred vo Nine with any of my Ilkildren at I did with rat tact Not Entirely Inhuman. Tom, reading history — Pretty rough, the way that Spanish Inquisi- tion used to treat people, eh? Dick Oh. 1 dunno. They showed a good deal of ingenuity in thumb- scre‘vs and things, but not one of there thought to try the effect of recitations by young lady elocution- ists. Whither Are We Drifting? Our national library contains 700,000 bound volumes and 200,000 pamphlets. The yearly increase is from I5,000 to 20,000 volumes. No wonder- Mr. Spof- ford asks whither are we drifting? The new building, which it will take four years to complete, will cover three acres and will hold 4,000,000 volumes. Those distressing Cornai Bad.. they are, linuter,orn., wiii ramose them, and then you can Welk end run and Jump aa you like. A little machine for sewing on buttons, just invented, is likely to prove • boon to 1 achelors. F:xperleuee leads many mot here to say \\.e Parker's r.lnirld Tenn . ,\ br.. all•.4. It IC OPped•II good for olds. pain atul almost ct e.y weakness Only about one man in every twenty- five who seeks to enlist in the United cHILDREN States army is accepted. Currying Came High. General Gordon o! Geor,ria tells the for, lowing story of the war period to illustrate the shrinkage of the confederate currency: \One day a eavalryinan rode into camp on a reasonably good horse. 'Head cavalry- man,' said a toot soldier, -111 give you Et.000 for ',our horse.' - You go to the bad placer' was the horseman's reply. .1 just paid FLOC() to have him ' - 'urr'ei •' \Hanson's Magic Corn Salve.\ Warranted to CO, ur money refundinl. A•5 yobs dru gg let for It. I': e 15 erot, It will take '20,01)0 yards set carpet for the steamer:, St. Louis and St. Paul. It will be American carpet too. * ASK YOUR DRUGGIST FOR * P ER IL RANUIVI *THE BEST* IT 15 e'NURSING MOTHERS,INFANTSe o Fieseman , e Camphor lee with Glycerine. ( '‘tr\.' lt&Pd Rand , ' and race, Tender or Sore Yee% Plie.. . ‘' ClItrke0..Net• Haven, It is elaime I that Lake Erie produces more tish to the square mile than any other body of water in the world. * JOHN CARLE & SONS. New York. * JOHN W.mounia, Washington, D. c. Liafterp t el 1 2a i n ir e i rg. I. / te en l iteg i g t yrsin hut war, 151.4indiratiugitlairna, at.ty NSION \WINDSOR HOUSE BOQUET !\ 1:71•TitiMICCiial]Lei-a11117:3 4DIC:iir.dILR \ BURLINGTON! .9 LEADING 5 CENT CIGAR. Menufactur\4 by 11 KRAUS & LEWIN. • T. T CLARKE DRUG CO., LINGOet L i r eMi ts. Very Latest Styles May Manton 55 Coot F•ttera• for 10 Ceuta. When the Caumpaa telow le Pleat. Alma One Cent AddlIttesal for restage. es:5 6169 ‚4 '3 Fkrrtsr Nf). 41611161 . -Cut In 11•• thew •t• h, u, W. u hed te Lallle bed .•••••r. N\ HIS ‚„ I» 11•• •leent •It W. 44, M. tI .664 64 htnh bast •%•.64 re. Co' - ,.., No 46211- 141.••••.' Reef•r „‚''tee., •1s le. Ill I4 and 14 years „CO Misses flkIrta. three „tee, 14 14 «el Id years. WOO COUPOI O. X 16. T.1 I= 1 0 1%T. er HIM (Nd•PoN sent with an order for one or so u or the •bove II4 seat galleon» Is weellea ar t5 rent. makin g earls pattern rest only l• abate. lms• ,ent rertra for pn•t•411 (or Ohel. patter - 11 01•111 Itembsr el tiseltee ea.t•t ••••.11ter• fOT skirts and mantel' of Whet t.‘lst measure for wals•It Address, Look Boa 747. COUPON PATTERN COMPANY, IMF TOPAZ. 111. T. e• - earqw - s - spim e l elkeelt Citie e oà i trivD ia \ - rete..7y \ An` Burlington Route NEW SHORT LINE HELENA I. FRANCIS, Gee'l Peter Asset, MAU, NU. Patents,Trade-Marks. ' ,reset \ AIM crnat.. g ar -Kindly Mention This Paper vilbea Yea MOr)te to An Advertiser.

The Lump City Miner (Lump City, Mont.), 27 July 1895, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.