The Lump City Miner (Lump City, Mont.) 1895-1895, August 03, 1895, Image 1

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were Raz 111 ID, J. iam %cor rend ,etle le lit. irs irs. 95. a. m. P. ni- a. m. p. ni. P. ru. P. rn• a. m. p. m. . m. a. a. ru. a. m. and r. A.. s'e iT jro- aods any S T , ANA. ce, Hn1•I sen t I CT - \r ri ECK $2 RO on ‚(K) ‚on 3\ (,(4„,/ - The Lump City Miner. 0.4 VOL. 1.—No. 31. LUMP CITY, MONTANA, SATURDAY, AUGUST 3, 1895. For Mining Supplies and Machinery OF GOOD, SUBSTANTIAL AND HONEST QUALITY, AND FOR PROMPT and INTELLIGENT SERVICE, go to A. M. HOLTER HARDWARE CO. 113 and 115 North Main Street. HELENA, MONTANA. Montana Lumber Manufacturing Coi HINING TIMBERS and BUILDING ILITERIAL of ILL KINDS. Yards Located at HELENA and HUTTE. A . N. ADAMS, Cor. Park St. and Sixth Ave., - - - HELENA, MONT. Plumbing, Heating and Ventilating. Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Iron Pipe and Fittings, Valves, Pumps, Mining and Mill Supplies. THE PEOPLE'S STORE, 513 and 515 Broadway, Helena,, Mont. HEADQUAlt Yolt Groceries, Dry Goods, Tinware, Notions, CHINAWARE, Hay, Grain and General Merchandise, CHEAPER THAN DIRT FOR SPOT CASH. ('HARLES II. HENTON, Prop. COLEMAN'S LUNCH COUNTER Meals at all hours. Short Orders a Specialty. Your patronage solicited. MAIN STREET, Rear of Chies \ Liguer LUMP . CITY, MONT. Ler' This space belongs to the Lump City Townsite De- velopment and Mining Com- pany and is devoted to the interests of Lump City. Keep your eye on it and watch devel- opments. The future of Lump City is assured and a new era of progress is before it. ..jel g FRED SASS,. 135 N. Main Street. . 11111.112(A. uni rii, Fine Domestic Cigars, 00,1 Perdor Áll lOi 1 4.4, smoking And ch.. w . iug Tohaeo0.4. N.11. !Mt I . nin Mnn Er,‘ , 1,¡•.1 Helena lion Works MINES AND MINING. Regular Weekly Clean-up from the Mines of the Lump Gulch District. Mining Noter ast4 Item• or the Dey uf an IntereatIng Chatearter Bar silver, 66 1 4. Lead, $3.55. Copper, $11.85. • 41 ORE SHIPMENTS FOR 'nu wzreg. Liverpool Little Nell 2 \ Free Gainage 1 \ Badger 1 \ Little Alma f 1 \ Hope Total .74 Complaints are loud lied deep among some of the miners and prospectors who are doing their level best to develop Lump Gulch and the balance of this district, because of the treatment they are receiving at the hands ,,f the citizens of Helena, whom, it is claimed, never miss an opportunity to give Lnmp • back -handed slap whenever the name comes up for discussion in the capital. We have taken some little pains to investigate this matter persiieally during the past few weeks, and finit the subject greatly exaggerated. Aside from the insane vaporings of a few uiuiuuiig sharks some of whom are Boston bred, i Boston brown bread, perhaps, ot Boston beans), tige is no inclination to throw cold er upon the enthusiaein of any one engaged in the development of this mining district. It in true, there may be a thief or two lett in Helena who somehow escaped the halter in the days of the vigilantes, and Who would like to get in under sonic poor unfortunate devil of a prospector and get his location away from him by putting up six or eight dollars worth of sow -belly and Mexican frijoles, but these men are the exception and not the rule. The gl K)(1 citizens of Helena practically own Lump gulch — some of them eighteen or twenty claims apiece and therefore could have no particular object in trying to black the eye of Miss Lump floloh. Sinon the days when the auriferous gravels of Lest Chance ceased to be agitated for its golden manda, and hang- man's tree in Dry gulch fell a victim to the woodman's axe, there have corne to Helena, from the land f the rising sun beyond the father of waters, a class of individuels who know los. about m'aies than they do about raisins checks. The» individuels may have oast slurs at Miss Lump --indeed they would not hesitate to slander their own mother for a pecuniary consideration —but Lump has nothing to fear from such as they. But that helena ais a city delights in traducing this camp or in sneering at her aspiring greatness and dreams of future minoralogival bilas, the tacts do not warrant the bolier. Gold and silver is where you hind it, and all the ravinas of the disappointed ground -floor sharps In Montana cannot change the situation. TI1E FIADI;RIL The Badger is shipping • large oar of fine ore this week. This 'flakes the third car of ore that has been shipped from this mine, all of which lia\ been taken from the »et drift and at a depth of only 50 feet. This is an ex , ellent showing for the property and when greater lepth is reaohed we shall expect to see the Itailger corne to the front sa one of the large ore producers of this district. • THE Iforlt. • 2 cars. and time. While Mr. Hooper will gain nothing, and probably he loser also, un - legs he can find other parties ready to tako up the work at once before the shaft tills with water and cave-ins follow. Messrs. Grobe, Hinton ..fiz Hogan have made a reoord in the Krach as gentlemen and \hustlers\ and we are sorry they were not permitted to make a mine of the hope. It is much deals as this that retard the growth of a vamp, and drive those who possess the meaus and nerve to expend them in development, away. s s THE FREE COINAGE. Development in the Free Coinage has progressed mon satisfactorily since our last report, and nome of the finest ore yet encountered in any ruine in the gulch was uncovered last Wednesday in the crossent on the 250 foot level. The ore in this property differs in some respects froin that of any other mine in the gulch, anil while it may not be richer as a shipping proposition when it is averaged up, week in and week out, it does contain richer streaks of black sulphnrets, bromides and chlorides, and in this respect more closely resembles the ores formerly produced by the Legal Tender in its paltny deys. The Free Coinage bas now passed the experimental stage are I inay pow be classed among the regular producers of Lump. The owners of this property have shown commendable pluck and stick-to-it-iveness in their development of the mine, and have it tinely equipped for extensive operations. * * • THE MUSKEGON. Six inches of zinoiferous galena ore is the result of continuing the west drift in this property, which has now ad- vanced a distancie of 250 feet from the bottom of the 125 foot shaft. The Muskegon never gave better promise of developing into a paying proposition than it does today. Development on this mine has now progressed far enough to establish beyond question that it will make a mine, though of course the present shaft will have to be sunk deep- er when, if only the present width of Nil or eight inches of high grade ore con - continues, is good enough of itself. Messrs. Church and Laborite, who have the contract for drifting, are getting along nicely with their work, the rock having softened up a little, though it is hard enough yet. BELL (X)NSOLIDATED MINING 00. This property was secured from John I hxon and others some time ago by Col. R. A. Hawkins, the mining man of Helena, and by him organized into a stook company with a cash capital of 300,000, shares, par value, $1.00. The property is located between Townsend and St. Louis gulch, and about six miles from Townsend, in this county. The property consists of three locations all on the same vein, and work is now progressing on the Bell mine with • force of four men which number of minera, it is expected to double within the next ten days. They already have a shaft down 80 feet, in the bottom of which, it is claimed, there is fully six feet of good concentrating ore, running from 60 to 180 ounces in eilv,ir an d go per cent. lead, besides a small streak very rich in gold. The cornparly is • itrong one, composed of go-ahead in ming men, of which Cornelius Hedges is pro. dent, Col. Hawkins, vice presuient. I, D. Berry, secretary, and its board directors include the former manager of the Ontario mine, and other well known mining men. It is the intention, within the next month or so, to equip the prop- erty with a mteani hoist. and put up such other machinery and buildings SA May be neoessary te properly work and develop the property extensively The Bell vein crops strongly on the audace, an d eau b e We are sorry to have to note that the easily tracei throughout the entire Ilepe, one of the most promising prop length of the three claims. From the erties in the gulch, has closed d‘eiin. It showing to date it is very probable that is n however, to know that it bas the Bell group of mines will make a not ousted down by reason of any pi'. 'r record equal to the Isist ri, inf.' ittJetTer showing or loss of confidence on the part son county ot thome operating it, but a disagree ment. between Mesere Grobe, Ilinton & THE r.iirTi.x llogan, the parties having the property 'Tg : property keep., , i1 the even te tinier bond. and Mr. Hooper, one of the its tva \ and is rnpully aescrting tenor $2.00 A -. l'EAU. left. It is only a question of Hui\ when the Little Alma will strike a chute of \pay\ and then all the wise ones will slyly wink at on» another and say, \ I tOld you so. \ M IN I NG Mr. tioneau, who tiare a tine property near the head of Moppin and McClellan ¡mines, is erecting a concentrator hay - ins a 15 tons capacity. Mr. Commit.' has been developing his property for Home - time past and now has on the dump and in eight a large quantity of concen- trating ore, The building of this con- centrator will awaken new interest in this district and will be the means of opening up a number of mines which have been unable to operate on account of the ore being too low grade to mine and ship at a profit without being first concentrated. Martin Hogan, of Grobe, Hinton & Hogan, with a party from Lump gulch consisting of Frank Day, Jas. Holland and ,100 linldwin and others will leave in a few deys for a six weeks pleasure tour through the Yellowstone National Park. The boys expect to do the Park thor- oughly and while viewing the glorious works of nature and beautiful scenery, to gain rest end enjoy the recreation which close attention to business and hard work has entitled them. The governor has received word from W. B. Green, of Kalispell, state game and fish commissioner, to the effeot that a party of 30 Flathead Indiens are slaughtering game on the south fork of the Flathead river. The commissioner has sent men to arrest the Indiens, who if caught, will be tried for breaking the game laws of the state, or be sent back to their reservation. The State Historical society bas re- ceived from the Department of the In tenor the most complete Indien report ever gotten out by the government. The book is a large quarto, bound in sheep and has 1l75 pages. It contains many illustrations, including numerous color- ed engravings. The book is devoted en- tirely to the tribes in the United States. It devotes a great deal of space to the Indiens of Montana. SHE TOLD THE TRUTH. And Because of it no So Called Christ ian Charitable Institution Would Give Her Shelter. \ Let Him Who is Without Sin Cast the First Stone.\ A Story With a Moral. While not exrealy upset, the city of Helena is considerably turned over rela- tive to a hospital story that hati been given publicity through Oie daily press. It appears that a young lady disembarked froni ii through train and directed a hack man to bise no time in d riv mg her to the nearest hospital He took her to St. Peter's and when the mate ni met her at the do( ir she made the migtake of lier life, namely, the in iatake of acknowledg- ing that she was the victim of a previne mistake that was now very much in evi douce. She confessed that she was about to become a mother, although nota wife, and seerned endowed with enough legal tender to pay the requisite hospital fees. She begged to be taken in. Although mhe was bet ter heeled, as it were, than the lamented Lazerous, it Fle•IIrs that the hospital is run very \much on th» same plan RH the rieh man's dining room was. The p,se girl as net adnutted, having been honest enough to tell the truth instead pleading her inability to reach a waiting humband in time. From the St. Peters' hospital the hitokman conducted her, to the Sisters' hospital, where she was again rot listel admission. Front thence she \vas driven to the Utilise of the Good Shepherd only to agent meet a shake of the head. Ily this time, however, the pains ef travail were on the poor worrilln and elle sank iluwn and was given a bed. The ch ill that was born was taken to the orphans aeylum, gent lemen froin whom they bonded. It WIIHrf‘ It. d I .. , 11, prOblibly RH III , n4141111. ‘ d' mine in appears that the former who have done elaint to li. the most produntive the district Tlin ore still oontinuem in . th\ troittnient Recordai! ite neither. In a large einount of work on the mine, and Mill the stopee end !ovnis, being wideat la oouple et weekii the mot lier was able n a reinarkably short ti nie, having sunk and 14 , Ht in ii,,,, I' west lAvole . w h„„ t h., to travol and took lier departure frian ri shaft `....4)( feet, and eirtended a drift :on „ the eit, 'I lie moral of this etory le, mine nits iieen é ,i,\no I u p to reater feet in each direction, deeired lote Relis depth, thrmigh a p„ruondioniar daft, it whither are we drifting? ('an ene Orr l'ar and Butiob, Trark trou, another 1,00 feet provided they unni'! get .. u m De a hmer. woruler at crime, at religious indifferenee, an exteneion oz the bond This, for will at infidelity, w lien a poor despendent ar litowls, Iron am rus IH /MA tinknown and inexplieeble reason, Castings, ele. Special Mining; Mulliner% of all i 11(1 , made to ordei Miner\ an d Proepeetors supplies of all kinds. Work promptly attended to on short notice. A M Wit.r.loss, Agent, Miner Offloe Mr. Hooper deolined to grant, and tle. Hope people promptly stopped work and pulled their punie»; Had they been allotred to continue work, RH they deeir- ed, there in little doubt that they would have made of the trope «ne itf the fore- most afin« in the g il ne it is they . will loeo a large cipolin t et '‚bor * * THE LITTLE ALMA. This mine shies itt' castor into the mineralogical ring thug week and monda soar load of gray replier ore due', the guloh that, if the net proceeds from which was made present tA, the NliNr.ft outfit, woubi “node us te makir a trip to the Me‘i an c r ¡tipi have nions; creature in RI mi iet. d r yen u win the street to die. It is etrniuzii to make one's Missi boil, and the hoepit ais of Helena owe an explanation to tIm We have board of criticism before, but if these institutions wish to poise as objecta of religious benevidenve tbu\y chou ld place their piety on titp with an onergetio spigot.

The Lump City Miner (Lump City, Mont.), 03 Aug. 1895, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.