The Lump City Miner (Lump City, Mont.) 1895-1895, August 03, 1895, Image 5

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THE LUMP CITY MINEI: LON') CITY, MONTANA. it. T î smess ss188 rs. nt. 3alt int - 7 to by r . ES 7 - R. is Far- . [ON I. ice 'YER ,•• • ht'. ana. ECHOES Fltobli A DEFIINCT BANK. s. C. Ashby, Its One Time Pi estaleiti, Ac - mused of misappropriating About CI 10,000 Suit was 00mmeiket5d ia the district court at Helena tigiti Obi Shirley C. Ash- by fur the recovery ut about $120,000 which amount it is alleged was procured by him through \fraudulent acts.\ The tiret complaint named ten different causes of action, alleging in the first four of these that Mr. Ashby as presi- dent took four notes executed by F. F. Shur, to him personally, aggregating 825,000 to the bank and without the knowledge or consent of the directors secured the money on them, knowing at the time that Mr. Shur was insolvent and the notes worthless. The next four causes of action are similar to the first four except that L. S. Taylor figures as tlie maker of the notes aggregating $17,500. The other causes of action are based upon similar charges, and in a second suit brought by the bank Mr. Ashby is made defendant on three promissory notes aggregating about $50,000, which amount it is claim- ed he borrowed from the bank while its president, and without the knowledge or consent of the directors. (.ira pd Entertainment, Social, Supper and Dance.. f A grand entertainment, supper, i and dance will be given at the Miners' Union hall, Monday August 5th, for the benefit of the school fund. The citizens of Lump Gulch have, during the past three months, enjoyed a privilege un- usual in a mining camp as young as ours of having a well conducted school in our midst. As is well understood by all our citizens the expense of this school was to have been met by private subscrip- tion, and at the time of engaging a teacher a sufficient amount had been subscribed which if it all could have been collected would have paid the en- tire expense and left no 'debt standing. But from various causes not anticipated at the time of subscribing, many have been unable to make their payments, hence those having charge of the matter are confronted with a ilefluit and as the \laborer is worthy of his hire\ some- thing must be done to raise money to pay the teacher, and sustain the good name of our town. As a means, there- • fore, of raising the money, and at the same time of returning to those wh6 contribute an equivalent, it has been de- cided to give a supper and ball at the Miners' Union hall. Not only will there be a supper and dance, but a good social time as well. There will be ice cream, strawberries, lemonade and refreshments served from booths in the hall. Various garnee and attractive entertainments, so that all can participate, and in addition to doing a charitable act have a royal good time. The citizens of Lump Gulch have al- ways been found public spirited and thus far have never faltered in a public duty. We trust they will not misa this opportunity to place themselves on re - 'cord. The cause is meritorious and just the amount to be raised due. Let all respond with cheerful hearts and an open pocket book. Mr. McCann, the druggist, is now act- ing as local agent for the Lump City Townsite Development and Mining com- pany. Mr. Gable has not been serving in that capacity for sometime past. The Hartford Pioneer, an alleged newspaper, whose early demise we noted last week, takes occasion in its last dy- ing wail, to arraign Helena for her fail- ure to make its business profitable. The editor of this little two by four sheet, which never got out of its swad- dling clothes, tries to make it appear, in his venomous way, that Helena has not only failed in her support of him and hie asinine publication, but the district as well. This, however, is wholly untrue as the growth and development of Lump Gulch as a mining camp is largely due to the enterprise and energy of Helena business men and the investment of Helena capital. This, however, is not saying that all the business men of Helena have accorded that support to this camp which the business they are receiving would justify us in expecting, nor like Butte, or other cities which have received and are receiving benefits from thegrowth and development of the camp has failea in a just recognition of its merit. But the business men of Helena, and we may add, Butte as well, (-an distinguish between the sham and the real, the substantial from the ephem- eral, hence the early decay and untimely death et the Pioneer. Mr. F. E. Cornish has purchased the Boulder Age. Mr. Cornish is capable of giving the people of Boulder a good paper, and making of the Age what it never has been since it started, a credit- able Jefferson county publication. We can now look for the disappearance of seven words concentrated into one, and ;the publication of a lot of omelet's county records of no interest even to the jnan who compiled them. Mr. Kennedy sought to make an Age out of an Age entirely too fly for this Age. I amp City Court. One morning, some weeks ago, Lump awoke to find herself dignified by the presence of a real, live, animated judge, in the person of one of her oldest citi- zens. Sin that time her inhabitants have been doffing their hate with be- coming courtesy to \bis honeer\ upon the slightest provocation. This sort of thing was beginning to wear upon his nervous system and he Wan almost on the point of resigning -his high office to which he had been appointed by the county fathers declaring the ennui of his Aloe too wearing upon a once robust but now delicate organism, and that so much dignity, minus emolumento, was quite beyond his power of endurance. But now all has changed, that atmosphere of peace which has hovered over the gulch, like that calm which precedes a storm, has been disturbed; riots, routs and affrays have occurred and it became the duty of his honor to oil up the wheels of the court machinery and set the mill of justice grinding. The first case engaging his attention was an action brought by Ida B. Copper- noll vs. Martin Mulvahill, to recover an unliquidated board bill. Martin, who is a well known mining man of the gulch and who is spending his spare time and odd change sinking prospect holes, searching for greater wealth, declared that he had an offset against the bill and that when the court heard all the facts he would dismiss the action at the plaintiff's costs. The Judge presided at this, his first appearance, with dignity and aplomb— we don't know what aplomb mean % but that is the way he presided—ruling out evidence, sustaining and overruling ob- jections like a four timer. When the chips were all in and the game came to a show -down Martin turned up with a bobtail flush and Ida B. raked in the jackpot tr a pair of deuces. The next case upon which his honor was called upon to sit in judgment was an action brought by Mary J. Totten vs. Judge William 'Gibson on a charge of assault and battery. Both parties are residents of Clanoy, a suburb of Lump, and occupy the same house, each having separate apartments. It appeared from the evidence that there has been con- siderable friction between the parties for some time past which culminated in an open rupture and a declaration of war. Our newly appointed judge pre- sided with a dignity and solemnity in keeping with the gravity of the occasion and after listening to the plaintiff's tale of woe, and the defendant' plea of justi- fication, disposed of the ceee_with neat- ness and dispatch by imposing a fine upon the defendant of $10 and costs --- Nothing further occurred to disturb the judicial mind of his honor until Tuesday, when Madam Sarah Borren, a demi-monde of the town, rushed into his office with blood pouring from a lacer- ated lip and asked for a warrant for the arrest of an unknown man who had made a murderous assault upon her. This was promptly issued and placed in the hands of ad officer, but the' individ- ual who had probably felt the hand of the law before, \sniffing danger from afar\ and probably remembering that \be who fights and rune away, will live to fight another day,\ had shaken the dust of Lump from his heels and de- camped for parts unknown. LATER—Madam Borren appeared be- fore his hohor and withdrew the oom- plaint. Hartford claims to be the largest town in the state without a saloon. Tbere are as many as thirty people living in Hart- ford some daye. We learn that Mr. Keith, president of the townsite company, contemplates making Lump City his home at a future date, devoting his entire time to the in- terests of the district. Another season he will probably erect a residents() on the fine table -land west if Main street. Mr. Keith is interested in three or four very promising quartz lodes near this city, and proposes to identify his future with the good people of this enterprising dis- trict. The parties having in charge the mat- ter of securing the necessary funds for the establishment of a telephone line be- tween Lump City and Helena report that the amount has now been sub- scribed and that work will soon com- mence, and in a short time the line will be in working order, and then the citi- zens of Lump who want to talk with Helena can do so to their hearth con- tent. HALFORD'S ADDITION '1 1 ( ) • 'Nee \?. 1 7 -dis. LUMP CITY. TITLE :---United States Patents Business and Residence Lots for Sale on Easy Terms. Special Inducements to parties desiring to build. J. W. DE CAMP, J. B. HALFORD, Helena. Agent, Lump City. The dance and supper given at the Alhambra Springs hotel last Saturday evening was very largely attended, many being present from Helena and other adjoining towns, and was the most thor- oughly enjoyed of any social event of the mama. The supper given by mine host, Mr. Mogen, was a credit to his culinary taste and ability.' There will be another dance and sup- per given nt the hotel Saturday evening August 10th. All are invited. A. P. DORRANCE, Ajax, Crescent Eagle Sundries. Bicycles to Rent. in Jackson Ht.. HELENA, MONTANA. James Twiford, Furniture, Bar Fixtures and .M. Emil Wommelsdorf, DitAl.}:lih. Groupies Hay and GI din, Fruit. Vilrarq, Toloteeo, Liquors and Tinware. Special inducements to the min ers of Lump gulch and vicinity, on cash orders. Oor. Hobaek and 6th Ave. - HELENA. (Two story brick building) Boots and Shoes FOR MINERS. LARGEST STOCK. LOWEST PRICES. Clarke a Frank —Montana Shoe Co. HELENA, lito. I 1NA SI oyes, HELENA, 1E54, N. Main St., MONTANe. Established 14. Ore Sacks and Tents, 11111 ' 11( \ Ile rs9 11111111111i tin , HARNESS, ETC. I ',dung 111k is, Bicycle Sundries, Hunting Clothes. Boxing (.Io% en, Etc. Complete Stock of Sporting Goods. J. T. PARKISON, 1/K11 ER IN Articles of Every Descìiption Ten Thousand Second Hand GRocERIES to -be sold at one-half their ac- tual value. 235 N. Main St., HELENA. Blanks of all kinds for sale at the MINER oflIce. For reeidance lote inquire of Ira N. W n Winslow and (Iriffith'e livery stable. Dr. Denbaugh, of Wickes, arrived this morning to administer to Mr. J. Evans, barber, whose sickness has been referred to elsewhere in these columns. World's Fair Concert Garden. Whenever you visit the Capital don't forget to drop in at the World's Fair Concert Garden. The finest attractions appearing weekly. The beet liquors and cigars always on hand. O. G. FREDERICKS, Prop. School books, slates, slate pencils, ink, pens, penholders, blanks, arithmetic«, readers base ball goods and all descrip- tion of stationery, envelopea, etc., for sale at the MINER book store. Novels, histories, magazines, papers and period- icals. The Lump City MINER can be found r)n sale in Helena at, the bookstore of T. H. Clewell, No. 50 North Main Street. Bane Ball. The second and return game between the East Helena base ball clrib and the Lump City Giants was played on the grounds in Ohio gulch last Sunday and resulted in a draw game, each side hav- ing secured 11 runs each, when rain stopped further proceedings The Giants were unfortunate in not being able to get their regular nine together, their crack battery and left fielder being absent. AN it was, however, the game was a very enjoyable one and was wit - noosed by a large crowd of people from the surrounding country. The East Helena nine are norn posed of ità gentlemanly a set of fellows na were ever got together in abase ball aggrega- tion and they alsó put up a glean game of ball. We hope to see them again in Lump before the season gets too cold for out door sports General Merchandise, è LUMP GULCH. Hennet'a full stock of Fresh Groopri,iii, i•i instantiy on hand. Alen. Clothing, Hate, Cape, Etc., and ľaa II stock of Mi goods. Liebig World Dispensary, OF SAN FR 'NCISCO, (»sumo nrvonciej Permanently Located at Main Street, Atlas Block, Helena, Mont. DRS. LI LI31(k & COMFY, Continue to Treat Chronic. Nervous and SpeclahDlsaseept, also 'Arak Ken, Organkelfeakness. Falling Memory, Lack of Energy, Physical Decay, De. formities, Etc.. Arising trout indeecretion, «Oa« of indulgenc e. producing some of the following effecton Ner- vonsneee. debility. dimness of vieion, self die- trtist, \efective memory. prematnrenees, want of control of vital organs, pimple, on the fine, aversion to society of Natalie'. lose of ambition, lack of confidence, gloominess, despondency, un - Stine» to marry. melancholy, stunted develop- ment, lost manhood, night Lome*, pain,' in the hack. varineotedin. gonorraltea, nnna- tnral discharge'', pile*, stricture, ekes. etc.. treated with \i -ces., wifely privately. Send for quest lac, !drunk for men. or better call If Ian can. IA/ EAK Y OMEN. WEINSTEINS. NEW YORK -165 Sixth Ate. HELENA -Sixth and Main. If you wonder how we sell so much cheaper than you have been paying else- where, it is because we sell so much more than any other house in the west, and we sell for spot cash only. TOBACCOS. Our Durham, lb Plug Cut, lb ..... ..... ..... . Long Cut, lb. Fine Cut, lb T a Ra Boom, plug, lb... ........... ......... Cuckoo, plug, lb Something tiood,plfig, lb. Climax, plug, lb Star plug, lb Ladies who are *terming from nny form nf fe- male weakneee or naivete dinosaur, should not fail to consult un, an our lar'. 1111, , orif time and new method of treatment will often mire you when you have failed with others. Send for question blank for women, atr better call if you nan. CATARRH And kindred afire -Hone of the Eye. Par. Throat anal Lungs anceettefully treated. end Ina manner so mildly ne aneoptablo to the most delimit. child. linage for Spinal Deformities, Club Feet, etc . mannfactnred. Satisfaction ignasen tend. The lainhig Tirane anti A pplianee mannfacturars have been brought from San Francisco and all Saga- mi Brace* alai apparntne for deformed people will be made ;sine' to New York bestows. All braces and apparatus for deformed people, for hip joint \seen.. annalyale of knee joint*. wry neck, artificial arms, legs, ando;.'., ear dram.. electric and magnetic npplinneen, ubseace, frame electric bettering', all ant rmunilnettired in the 'brace manufactory of Liebig World Die- penoutry in Helena. Permanent Office- - - ATLAS BLOCK, HELENA Entranoe Main and Jackson Wrests. CONSULTATION FREE. 25e 25e eie 40e 25e 26e 40e 40e 40e GROCERIES. Gran Sugar 5 815 Rest Hanoi and Breakfast Bacon 10% 5 Gal Kegs of Syrup 1 Z11 Panel , California Dried Apricots ..... llo Peaches llo \ Prunes ...... lo \ Raisins 5%o 2 10 1 65 3 5 al l K e e e g g p i Pic e ki kl es el ) ia Full Weight Montana or %Mena Rolled Oats. hand 2 50 All Package Coffeee 22'4 Crash Java, fancy 190 Caliiornia Canned Fruits, per case ..... 5 00 Hest Carolina Rice, lb ...............70 The largest line of teas in the State at once@ ranging from 18 eta. per lb. upwards. SUMMER SHOE SALE. The much under value prices we are now quot- ing, easily bring our footwear within the limit of the most economical buyers. Mens full double sole, lace kip working shoes, solid leather, vala', *1.75, ont to 1 00 Mens \Giant\ double sole and top lace and - Congress shoes, a first-class wearer, value D $8.00, out to 1 15 full Men, ouble Sole and Tap Nailed Miners' Shoes, Buckle, value $2.00 cut to. 1 40 Goodyear \Gold Seal\ pare Gum Hip Boots ou bea t tin the world. Shoe Stores ask 116.00 to t.. 450 Mens Tap Sole, Saddle Seam, Kip Boots all sizes, value $2.50, cut to 1 40 WEINSTEIN'S' 6TH AVE. & MAIN ST. HELENA, MONT. CLANCY MINERS' UNION NO. 30. The Clancy., Miners' Union holds its regular meetings on Tuesday evening of each week at 800 o'clock in their hall in Lump City, Montana U. R. MILLER, President. Jam, WILKINSON, Secretary. WINSLOW dt GRIFFITH, PIONEER Livery and Feed Stable Carriage to and from all trains. .Dray and Express work will receive prompt at- tention. STABLE ON MAIN STREET,,, ' BAST OF RAYES HOTEL. WILLIAMS & LYON, ARTISTIC JOB PRINTEES Envelopes, Bill Heads, Letter Heads, Statements, Briefs, Tickets, Labels, Circulars. Stationery Books Cigars Tobacco Milling Blanks Etc. Lump City, - Mont,

The Lump City Miner (Lump City, Mont.), 03 Aug. 1895, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.