The Lump City Miner (Lump City, Mont.) 1895-1895, August 24, 1895, Image 5

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THE LUMP CITT MINER: LUMP CIITY, 1'ONT/14A. It. i s ,NA. 100 3 00 90 90 [25 Z 00 300 250 3 75 4 25 2 50 Ited nit t It , 1 - t ES ry VER ni \ aria. Our City Court. During the pant week all has been \quiet on the Potomac\ ao far aa the ad- ministration of justice within the sacred preoinote of his Honor's court room was concerned, buta new disturbing element has appeared upon the Beene. Not only has it appeared but all indication, point te its becoming numerous, and it has not only obaken his Hoiaor'e confidence in himself as a man, but threatens to de- stroy his previously established notions of the majesty of the lave The particular parasite which is just now inflicting iteely upon the commun- ity and over which his Honor is expect- ed to exercise his official and judieiai functions, appear under all manner of circumstances and conditions. Some- times with a pack upon their back, with a one-horse layout or with a double team outfit. Peddler is the cognomen by which these individuals are known to the public. They are an eyesore to the local merchants. In casting about for sources of revenue they were not overlooked by our legislators, and are required before commencing operations to procure a license, and here is where interest in the matter attaches to our local representative of the common- wealth of Montana. Whenever one of these travelling mendicants hovee in sight a lurking suspicion at once takes form in the mind of some party interest- ed that he is sailing under false colors and he straightway hies himself before his Honor and demands that he inter- cept this son of lento], call a halt and demand the countersign. This he has always done with that stately majesty that attaches to his high office and person as well, and his authority in the matter has never been questioned by those engaged in this unholy pursuit, until an unregenerate son of the lost race appeared one day this week, and when called upon to hoist the national eolore and sail in review before the tribunal of justice, he positively refused, and with a nerve as astounding as it was monumental, demanded of his Honor that lie show his pin or other emblein o? authority. This wholly unlooked for exhibition of insubordination for a moment paralyzed our judge, but quiekly recovering himself he threw the strong arm of the law about the °trend- er and he now languishes in durance vile In the meantime his Honor is diligently delving into the mysteries of Sanders' erstwhile ten dollar codes try- ing to locate the limits and bounde of his authority as an ofbcer of the law. The Dance at Wickes. A number of our gay and festive young men attended the dance and con- cert at Wickes last Tuesday evening, among them were Henry Carver, Foster Senecal, Kay Reed and Ernest Ennereon. The boys all report an enjoyable time from • social standpoint but say that the concert, having been arranged by Editor Bailey, of the Piisneer, was a long drawn out and equally as wearieome as some of his labored editorials. And some of them also came home exceed- ingly hungry, not because there was not a sufficient supply of provisions under ordinary circumstanees, but it appears that the long sojourn of Editor Bailey in the unhealthy atmosphere of the dy- ing town of Hartford, had so emaciated his over robust forai that the good people of Wickes have not at; yet been able to satisfy this cravings of hin appetite. and sniffing the good things from afar he got in his graft before th• boys were aware and v.ilien they came upon the 1 , 1,19f10 nothing but cruets remained. It also seems that Foeter Sensioal not only managed to have a b riti.d time by having a solid girl all to himself hut by a neat arrangement eon- oiseted beforehand suoceeded in making Mr McGregor pay for it. MIR. Belle Moore, nee i:risseinger. left the city a few days pence ter olOrfiri0 to look after property inter' -te there. It is to be hoped that when she returns work will be resumed on the Mary Spring mine. Antimony and Platinum The Report of Mineral liemiiiirees, now being issued by tho gts,igeionl so rvAy give. a ' , then a•'-' int, of antimony end platinum. It says that an timenuil uures have been found in a notnher of t he western states, ehestly in A rkatises, ale forma, tattle., Miintana, Nevetula anui - t ,d. It is usually faund in the form of ii ‚ilphiuiIe. huit plait tievilra eepper end Isail The pr ((luit. of the I 'nited l -antes has risen from 60 tens in 18.82, 2.:P4) tons in 18(94, valued at iu4iu,(11 1 0 Nearly the entire supply is from California mid ernelted in San Francisco. A leader i i iianttty ram» from Nevada. The lie porn( vier/. small in 1894 being valued at only '21.3,00 1 / a bout two- thirds of the *mount The produrtion iif platinum is. still in- significant Th• results u if the et am inntion of th• annuls of 4 iregon boa-boa have prgtvrt«1 a uliempisuintment, The bicycle craze has struck Lump City. Th• roads hereabout are fine for the wheel and hardly a day passes with- out several being seen in this locality. Winslow (It Griffith, of this city, have purchased the stage and transportation business from William Sherman. By close attention to details Mr. Sherman established a good paying business in the freight and transportation line between this city and Helena, with the home office at this end of the line. There is no reason why Messrs. Winslow it Griffith should not increase this business and they no doubt will. The school census of this district has just been taken to ascerti-in the number of children of school age who are reel dente of the (listrict, in order that the apportionment of school money may be made for the current year, for the main- tenance of our public schools, according to law. In all, there are two hundred and thirty-four children in this district (District No. 1), one hundred and thirty-four of whom are credited to Lump. The number of ohildren of school age will, of course, be somewhat smaller, but will be considerable of an increase over that of last year. Gold iii Nevada. In the present geld renaissance Nevada is the slowest of States, The common- wealth that so long astonished itself and the rest of th• world with silver mines that paid a clear profit of hundreds of millions of dollars, has appeared to cling to the memories of the past rather than realize the possibilities of the future. There are signs of awakening. Nevada prospectors are beginning to feel that the old Silver State is not destitute of gold; that the mineral wealth of that arid region is not confined to silver alone, and that, if sought for, paying gold properties van be found. There are plenty of places in Nevada that are rich- er in gold than in silver. The old days of the ohloricler will never return. A lino drawn from St. (orge, Utah, to Lakeview, Oregon, would bisect the state, and the territory lying in Nevada to the westward of that line will some day be found to be as rich in gold as. barring the Comstock, it was ever found to be in silver. -Mining and Scientific Press. Business in n. In aiioordance with a dispatch from the City of Mexico, dated August 9th, 0Ś95, business was never in a more flourishing condition in that country than at present The condition of things in the sister republic is the tier, best Argument the friends of the white metal in this country can possibly use. The dispatch is as follows: The banks show aggregate cash on hand of over 0(X), the the largest amount of metallic money ever held by the banks of this city. Private bankers and wealthy indi- viduals hold about $2.5,000,000, making the aggregate available cash over $60,- 000,000 in this i•ity alone. Reporte from interior cities indicate a similar plethora of money. Trade is better than last year and crop prospecte are excellent. Railway oorporations are the only ship- pers of dollars at present, as bankers are awaiting a more favorable price for silver. It is believed that the moult of this accumulation of cash will be the precipitation of an era of epeculatite activity. Important railway iaincemeions are being made almost daily unit a new era in railway construction is beginning. feulerai government revenues are uery satisfactory and exceed the antivi patione of the treasury department, whieh had looked for greater quiet in business during the present rainy NO5II4In. Heavy rereipts from revenue ritarn pH indicate considerable movement in business. Importations via Port Tampioo for the terminus find rolling stook inadequate. Mr. Beattie, of Helena, was a \ t.) Lump one day thin week on business connected with the Norma, in which he is interested The shaft on this property is now down about 100 feet and they have eight ineheb of fine ore. The lean - edition of the Idlexe sold like hot cakes and we received orders for more than 1000 extra copies tram all parta of the State. Lump City Lodge No. 61, A O IT W. is the baby bodge of the State Insti tut -'l uus the Hail of May, last. with 21 members, the realize now has 21; ruem berm, anil new members are being initia ted each week We are irifermiel by Mr. L. C. McCann, who has J ust returnoul from Helena, that work on the tolerphone nonneetion be tween I JIITYlp City and the ()aphid w ill be commeneed in n few gla,s Ti„ required t. , raistogl In ink sio-o for Oils Ilittarpri‘is beleb time, and our citizens have isaiii pa Liently waiting for the Telephon• Cism pan-' tis wake up anil this u a y nn ee lion as they a u rend tti .lo Th.. fiwt that the am o un t of platinum h•wing scarcely th e y are ‚bout to do this Will le hailed noticeable, althieigh the nand entente with j-iy to every body doing tinniness» in al re , dg,I.1 per toe tho HALFORD'S ADDITION TO LUMP CITY. TITLE :---United States Patents Business and Residence Lots for Sale on Easy Terms. Special Inducements to parties desiring to build. J. W. DE CAMP, J. R. HALFORD, Helena. Agent, Lump City. A. P. •DORRANCE, Ajax, Crescent AND— Eagle Bicycles. Sundries. Bicycles to Rent. 132 Jackson Itt, lizi..stsz, MORTARA. E. A. CARLETON, Attorney at Law, Special Attention Paid to Mining Law. ItAwItd4 1 AND 2. H ('aios MAMA ELENA, MONT. Blanks of all kinds for sale at the MINER office. For residence hits in q uire of Ira N. Wittslow, Win.dow n u t' Griffith's livery stable. School books, slates, slate pencils, ink, pens, penholders, blanks, arithmetice, Ciloves Etr. readers base ball goods and all descrip- tion of stationery, envelopes, etc., for sale at the MINna book store. Novels, histories, magazines, papers and period- icals. Emil Wommelsdorf, DEALER IN Grocerim, ilay and (rain, Fruits, Cigars, Tobacco, Liquors and Tinware. Special inducements to the min- ers of Lump gulch and vicinity, on cash orders. Con Hobeek and 5th Ave. - HELENA. iTwo story brick building ) Boots and Shoes FOR MINERS. LARGEST STOCK. LOWEST PRICES. Clarke & Frank —Montana Shoe Co. HELENA, MONTANA. M. 1--I. BRYAN, 1515% N. Slain St., HELENA. - - moNT A NA. Established Mt. Guns, Revolvers, nmunition, The Lump City MINER can be found on sale in Helena at the bookstore of T. II. Clewell, No. 50 North Main Street, at the Post -office news stand, and at Swend Carlson's cigar store, upper Main street, opp. Cosmopolitan. BURLINGTON ROUTE. Halt Fare to Boston, Mass. Tickets on sale Aug. 16th and 20th and good for return up to Oct. 6th. Ask for tickets via the popular \Burlington Route\ and join the Nebraska, Colorado or California official trains at Omaha, Neb. Seven hour stop- over at Niagara Falls. For time tabled or for further information as to rates and Bleeper reservations ailitrerei either of the following repreeentatives of the \Burlington\: H. F. Roger, T. P. A. Helena, Mont.; F. A -sueiris, T. P. A., Butte, Mont.; W. W. Johnston, Oom'l Agent, Billings, Mont. The Lump City Mixer{ can be found hereafter for sale On thf , t streets of Helena by the newsboys •very Saturday morning. also at all the news stelae( in the -ity Steam Hoist tor Sale. A first-class steam hoist in every pere,.iiliir fie sale cheap for earth This hoist %ill sink to a depth of 250 feet, and it is prai•tically a new hoist, not having been used but • short time. Everything is in vompletes running order For further partieulare iiiincerning this hoist apply at this office Menke of every deineription fur sale at the Murata efflise The trade of los nip Is not being over looked by misrehante from Rheum] Mr JUIttie 'tan, .,r the cigar firm u uf Julius Sultan it , San Francieeo, was in tlin city one day this week taking order, f' 'r cigars anti also repreetinting the e ine firm of 1. W. Turk A co. 11reat Northam, Itonatikotien It is elairned by those professing ki 'near that the roundhouse will iser- tainly be built at Alhainbr• and that work will ieesn roue -lionise In view of thus it is aleis said that the Alberni - ea Springs Hotel (tu, will an addition to the hotel, niluline rooms thereto, and otherwise imir'''.\ tit. property Fishin g Tackle, Bicycle Sundries, Huntin g Clothes, Holing Complete Stock of Sporting Goods. J. T. PARKISON, InIALIta GROCERIES AND -- General Merchandise, LUMP GULCH, (Henrietta. A full stock of Fresh lir(x ? eriem constantly on hand. Als o , (lc)thing, Hate, ( 'a ye, Etc.. and a MU stotsk of Miners' g, .1.4. Liebig World Dispensary, OF SAN FRANCISCO, (dosTAN• DIT1MON,) PerinanPntly Located at Main Street, ‚this Bloek, Helena, Mont. LIEBIG & COMFY, Couttlett• to Treat Chronic, Nervous and Illie•aises, also Weak Men, Orictola Weaknewoi, 1 , •IlIng Me y, Leek F.nergy. Physical Oeeny forming/a. Et\ Arising from indes,retion, excess «f indn n I g ece, producin g s.)1111. luf the followin g etfecta. Nor - ',mane.... debility. Minna« of •laion. self trust. def.-tire memory, prematnrenees. want of control of vita] or g ans, pimples uni thP faci a aversion to society of re/noting, lie* arnbltion, lark of confSdennn, g loom moss. despondency, tin- fitneep tnarry. melancholy, 'touted develop_ moot, bet manhood, night lemma, pains in the gyonorrolma, mina - trim! dinallargria. Atrintium, idstet, et\ , timatod with IIIIIINNNNA safaly privately. Hand for o n\tn blank for men. or twitter call If yon can. A/EAK V I/ OMEN. I Aube., who are sufferin g from any form of fe- male Ironktines or piti•ats shteild not fall r•msnit me, LA ‘/Inr lar g o experience end new rant hod of trwremant will oftwn emrn roil whein you haw. failad with others Hand for gnaatioa blank for wornen, or better ordl if yon c an CATARRH And kindred affertione of the Eye. Par. Thr..nt and lAirigs ancestor/fully treated, and in a mannow wt mildly we to be neceptable the most delicate child. li v asee four Spinal Ii n forrnitied. 1;hralt Feet, tete m enn fart n red Stitt don ti tux g rir.rant.wrd. Th. Rrann and Appliance mannfactme r e hey. been brou g ht from San Francieno and all Hngi- cal itranes and sp r eirittne for deformed people will be mad* e q ual te New York hearer. Ait bracts. and apparottos for deformed people, for hip Joint Manama, annalyilla knew joint'', wry neck, artificiel harm, and area, ear drool. nlaatrir and magnath-Apigllanewa,glawwa trnaana, alertrir twittering. all are mannflintYtnati in ti\' !wan. manufactory 0 1.4bi g World lia - 4 ,' Ilslosna Permanent Office - - - ATT. A h BLOCK, HELENA lfintran , , Main and Jackson Street. •( Il\P - ; 17 1,T A TION FREE WEINSTEI NS. NEW TORE 185 Sixth Ave. HELENA -Sixth and Main. If you wonder how we sell ao much cheaper than you have been paying else- where, it is because we sell no much wore than any other house in the west, and we sell for spot cash only. TOBACt Our Durham, lb Plug ('ut, lb. .... .• ••••••••• • ••••••.. L ong Cut, lb . . ........ Fine Cut, lb ....... ..... T a Ra Boom, plug, lb....................... Cuckoo, ulug, lb Somethin Oast, plug, lb Climax plug, lb Star plug, lb ...... 25c 25e 25e 40e 25c 26e 40e 40e 40e GROCERIES. Gran Sugar 5 35 liest Hams and Breakfast Bacon 10% 5 Gal Kegs of Sp -up. ....... ..... 1 e Fancy California Dried Apricots ..... lb• \ Peaches tic \ Prunes.— ..... • 7c \ Raisins 5',4c 5 Gal Keg Pickles Full Weight 2 10 3 Oal Keg Pickl s 1(15 Montana or Eastern Rolled Oats, hand. . 2 50 t'rtish Java, fancy 100 California Canned Fruits, per case 8 00 Bent Carolina Rios, lb . ...... 7c The largest line of teas in the State at prices ranging from 18 eta. per lb. upwards. SUMMER SHOE SALE. The much under value prices we are now toot - Mg, easily bring our footweuar within the Emit of the most economical buyers. Mens full doable sole, !ace kip working t-littes, solid leather, value $1.75, out to . 00 Ment4 \Giant\ double sole and top lace and Congress shoes, a firsteclaes wearer, value $3.00, out to . . . 1 75 Mena full Double Sole and Tap Nailed Miners' Shoes, Buckle, value $2.00 cat to. 1 40 Goodyear \Oold Seal\ pure Own Hip Boots beat in the world. Shoe Store+ ask 86.00 cuit'> ............ ........ 4 50 Mons Tap Sole, Saddle Seam, Kip Boots all sizes, value $2.50, cut to. 40 WEINSTEIN'S riTil AVE. d MAIN 8T. HELENA, MONT. CLANCY MINERS' UNION NO. SO. Ti le Clancy Miners' Union holds its regular meetings on Tuesday evening of each week at m r 00 o'clock in their hall in Lump City, Montana. R. MILLga, President. if sea WILKINHON, Secretary WINSLOW & GRIFFITH, PIONEER Livery and Feed Stable Carriage to and from all trains. Dray and Express work will receive prompt at- tention. STABLE ON MAIN STREET, EAST OF HAYE'S HOTEL. WILLIAMS & LYON, ARTISTIC JOB PRINTERS Envelopes, Bill Heads, Letter Heads, Statements, Briefs, Tickets, Labels, Circulars. Stationery Books Cigar, Tobacco Mining Blanks Etc. Lump City, - Mont.

The Lump City Miner (Lump City, Mont.), 24 Aug. 1895, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.