The Lump City Miner (Lump City, Mont.) 1895-1895, September 07, 1895, Image 7

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THE LUMP CITY MINER: LUMP CITY, MONTANA. DANCE AND 1H DAM% So thinks the Rev. T. V. Moore who reads a curtain lecture to Helena school 'Wants. Celebration of the Battle of Sedan. — Beer Flows in Helena. Parties who thought they had a string on the Capitol, see the error ot their way, and now wink the other eye. Rev. Moore, the eminent Presbyterian divine of Helena, has delivered a stir- ring addrese on the NU') jeCt of dancing it was stirring beeaumi it hati stirred up the question until it fairly bubbles like a pot of new soft soap Over a col) tire. It happened that at a teachers' re- ception, held in the High School build- ing, dancing was indulged in, and Rev. Moore is after the man who hired the tiddler. The pastor is pretty nearly eorrect in saying that. a High School building is no place in which to hold a dance; but in decrying the evils of dancing he waxes very fresh. He states that from his own experience he real- izes the evils that grow out of dancing, especially the round dances, as he danc- ed when a young man. But from the way he nays he felt after dancing it is evident he did not, like Moses, dance before the Lord. Most men who (lattice have not been afflicted with evil result iind if Rev. Moore felt that way it is a good thing he iluit dancing just when he did, and it is equally a good thing when men of such propensities keep out eoeiety altogether, as nature didn't in- tend them to look upon the sacred form or woman. No doubt the reverend gentle man will give a discourse on the nude in art, if the plaster of paris overcoat should happen to fall off the figure of George Washington that now urn/talents the courthouse in Helena. The preacher is going to protect the young if he has to pound his pulpit theeadbare. Mr. Moore is right in saying that dances should not be held in the achool house, but he shoote his eloquence up the wrong flume when he infers that the ladies and gentlemen w he attend respectable dances are surrounded by bad influences. As a rule the dancing public are just as moral ne the church going public—just as good fat hers and mothers. The Battle of Sedan was celebrated in Helena in great style. A man who evidently saw double informs us that 25 barrels of beer were used up and 1500 drunks placed to their credit. They were dancing all day and of course could use a good many more hops than otherwise and the chances are that the fellow who stew double ornamented a gutter early in the action. The Germans uf Helena are a fine class of people and all hands were glad to see them celebrate the Battle of Sedan, except the French, who can't see where the fun comes in. Nick Keaaler'e beer will make a man eelebrate anything after a glees or two has penetrated his vitals. At last the Capitol question is settled and the million dollar building will be erected on what is called the Winne Site on the East side of town. It was a hard struggle in which the four hundred and the dudes were done up by the people. The common people came to the front and the pressure was too great for the aristocrats to overcome. The capitol hill gang squirmed like a worm on a rusty fish-hook but notwithstanding their methods they had to take their medicine. Talcott stood up and voted like a man, despite the temptations that assailed him. The Capitol hill fellows tried to get the matter reconsidered and offered every inducement, but the men who voted for the Winne site stood firm and the people approve. 'EMIT HELENA SMF.LTER. The following is a brief account of the history and what has been accomplished at the East Helena smelter since the date of its organization: The annual election of the Helena & Livingston Mining & Reduction oompany was held last week and three new di- rectore were eletted. They were Thom - use A. Marlow, president of the Montana National bank, Henry Klein, of the firm of Gans A K lain, and Henry Seligman, of New York. Two of the former direct- ors retired to give place to the newly eleeted otlicere, whoeei intereete in the company are large, and who have not been represented before in the directory. The new officers are: e. T. Banner, president; John T. Murphy, vice presi- dent; A. J. Seligman, treasures; O. R. Allen, secretary, anti the following, who, with the other (Arlen', oorn pose the di- rectory: A. M }loiter. Henry Seligman, M. Parcben, Henry Klein and T .1. Marlow 'Flo) exteneive and far r•nohing opera lions of the liedena t Livingston Min tng ,t Railitot ton ttont panv are not fully epprooiatad all those who are familiar with the oxist.‘nce f the company It was tinder it. tilt -Potion that the smelter at. East Helena wan Guilt, at a (Neat of I ween eue),(1' sod ;1) 0 .1 00 T1, and coal plant near Livingston, which was built and is controlled by the com- pany, ia valued at $750,000, and ia the Wes:it in the State. The Alta mule, at Corbin, with its concentrator and more than seven miles of interior workings, represents an outlay ot between $500,000 and $700900. In addition to that the guiai oompany tive years ago °tumuli dated its interests with those of ex - Mayor Hewitt, of New York, and others who owned the Great Falls smelter and the refinery at Chicago. The Wickes smelter is a part of the same company's property'. The consolidation of the smel- ter properties was affected without in- cluding the coal and coke workings near Livingston. The combined value of tlie interests represented by the company will exceed $:3,000,000. The smelting works are third in the United States in magnitude, that at East Helena having paid out during its terni of existence from $300,- 000 to $i)00,000 monthly, and the smelter at Great Falls and the refinery at Chi- cago have been doing there share, too. The Alta mine was the first to be oper- ated entirely by electricity in the United States. The (mid mine and coke works are shut down temporarily, owing to a mis- understanding between the eastern and local interests, but it is believed that af- fairs will be adjusted at the next meet ing of the board of directors, and that they will resume on their former basis. A London cablegram reoorts that in its financial article the \London Times\ in discussing the possible consequence of an international bimetallic agree- ment says: Not France, whose monetary position is se- cure, but America, aould be the urat to take advantage. slit mild we be foolish enough to enter into sod' an agreement America ia the only g reat country which would really gain by the agreement. She would try to dispose of her silver here for gold. But the mere hint that we would enter into an international bimetallic agreement would cause such a scramble for gold that it is very doubtful if any would be left In the Bank of England by the time the agree- ment W/18 signed.\ This is pure neeasense, even if it does come from the \Thunderer.\ - It 're- sembles the dire predictions made when this country resumed specie payments after the war. Many declared then that every one would scramble for the gold the govern ment had provided, but events showed that no one wanted it. The ability to get gold for paper simply rendered the paper an good as gold, and then paper was preferred. The use of silver i not only absolutely necessary, it is preferred in all poor countries, and this use will not be lessened anywhere, but rather increased. Moreover, it would be very easy, in an international agree- ment for bimetallism, to provide that the governments entering it should con- tinue to hold not leas than a certain pro- portion of their money in silver. This would be no hardship, for silver would be everywhere as good as gold at the ratio adopted. One argument that apreial England in favor of bimetallism is the fact that by making the money of the silver basis countries as good as that of England it would take away the advan- tage they now poesoss over British nian- ufacturers in Paying their wages in de- preciated money. The adoption of universal binietallism would be equiva- lent y an advance in usages in the silver basis countries and would thus inure to the benefit of the exporting gold basis oountries. The adoption of universal bimetallism under a permanent inter- national monetary commission or clear- ing house would benefit all countries bUt would be of greater advantage to England than to any other. \The Times\ may dismiss its groundless fear, there would be no sale of American goy - eminent silver for British gold under in- ternational bimetallism. The cause of international bime‘tallism is making satisfactory progress in Great Britain -the only country that stands in the way of its prompt adoption -and for this progress the British Bimetallic League is to be thanked. Mining and Engineering Journal.' • Editor- Lear cm Mt NKR I hereby challenge any miner in Mon. tana, who is in good standing in the Miners' Union, for a six days oontest all round mining, in any mine where arrangements' coin be made, for money and witgite while working. James J. MARTI*. Mr. Martin, while mining fire clay silicate for Lite Fire Clay & Brick Co., of Anaconda, mined, and wheeled out one hundred feet, 120 tone of rock and dirt in six days, which usas hauled away and weighed by Mr Nebo, of Anaeunda, as fast se mined, the work being done for Dr. Mitchell anti Mr Chnunotty Weet, of Deer Lodge coil n ty. Mrs. Win. Gibson, of Clancy, who met with a sorioue accident last week, which reunited in the broakjng of h er collar bone, ei reported to Ito n' job improved. Martin Il' ‚gal' and party, who have been Al ploring the wonders if Yon. ,w stone N atioual Park, returned to the gulch a few dava ago, anti report a pleasant trip The did n ot miss an y- thing or overltstk any objestte of interest. HALFORD'S ADDITION TO LUMP CITY. TITLE :---United States Patent. Business and Residence Lots for Sale on Easy Terms. Special Inducements to parties desiring to build. J. W. DE CAMP, J. B. HALFORD, Helena. Agent, Lump City. Emil %Vommelsdorf, A. P. DORRANCE, Ajax, Crescent Eagle Bicycles. Bicycles. Sundries. Bicycles to Rent. 182 Jackson St., 14 ....ELENA, MONTANA. E. A. CARLETON, A_ttorney at Law, Special Attention Paid to Mining Law. R err i or B I AND HELENA, MONT. Blanks of all kinds for sale at the Miens oftioe. For residence Iota inquire of Ira N. Winslow, Winslow and Griffith's livery stable. School books, slates, elate pencils, ink, pene, penholders, blanks, arithmetica, readers base ball goods and all descrip- tion of Fitationery, envelopes, etc, for sale at the MINER book store. Novels, histones, magazines, papers und peiriod ioals. The Lump City MINER can be found on sale in Helena at the bookstore of T. H. Clewell, No. 50 North Main Street, at the Post office news stand, and at Swend Carlson's cigar store, upper Main street, opp. Cosmopolitan. The Lump City MINER can be found hereafter for sale on the streets of Helena by the newnboys every Saturday morning; also at all the news stores; in the city. Steam Hoist for Sale. A first clam; steam hoist in every particular for sale cheap tor cash. Thin hoist will sink to a depth of :lei feet, , and it is preeticeilly a new hoist, not having been used but a short time. Pe/ 11001 mill) . Everything is incomplete running order. For further partioulare concerning this hoist apply at this office. Blanks of every description for eel» at the Mlle» office. Facts Worth knowing. That the Burlington Route, in con- nection with the Northern Pacific R. R., via Billings, is th• short line to Louis ville, Ky. That if you are going to at- tend the R. National Encamp- ment, you can save distance and time by taking Glut route. That upon the (lay you leave Billings, you take breakfast in Montana, lunch in Wyoming, dine in South Dakota and sleep in Nebraska. That it is the only line passing within view of the historio Custer Battle t ;round. Cali upon Northern Pacific ticket agente or write for maps, folders, ette , to W. W. JOHNSTON, Agi Billings, Montana. The picnic at Alhambra Springs, on Labor Day, wit/4 largely attenibel by our citizens and many from ad» ti n ng Po:smog Three cars excurtioniata cani• out en the N. P. }Cy, limier the guidance of the Woodmen of the World The day was not as propitious as it might have been being moot to oold for snout door picnic, and the threatened rain prevonted the ball game Which was down on this pro grant me Good mono , wan funnelled by Moss', manager of the Hot Spring Hotel; and dancing was quite generally indulged in, and withal the day was passeei very pleasantly DEALER IN Croceritis, Hay and Crain, Fruits, Cigars, Tobacco, Liquors and Tinware. Special inducements to the min ers of Lump gulch and vicinity, on cash orders. (Jon Hoback and 5th Ave. - HELENA. (Two story brick building Boots and Shoes FOR MINERS. LARGEST STOCK. LOWEST PRICES. Clarke & Frank Montana Shoe Co. HELENA, MONTANA. M. H. B RV A N, 1115% N. Main St., HELENA. - - MONTANA. Established het Guns, Revolvers, Ammunition, Fishing Tackle. Bicycle Seinttritea, Hunting Clothes, Hotting (Doves, Etc. WEINSTEINS. NEW YORK -165 Sixth Ave. FIELICNA -Sixth and Malta. If you wonder how we sell so mu& cheaper than you have been paying else- where, it is because we sell ao muoh more than any other house in the west, and we sell fur spot cash only. TOBACCOS. our Durham, lb Plug Cut, lb.......... Long Cut lb Pine Cut, lb. Cuckoo, ulug, lb Something Good, plug, lb.. Climax, plug, lb Star plug, lb ........ ..... 26o 25e 25e 40e 25e 25e 40e 40e 40e GROCERIES. (Iran Sugar 5 85 Best Hams and Breakfast Bacon 10% 5 Gal Kegs of Syrup 1 25 Fancy California Dried Apricots ..... llo \ Peaches lie 5 Gal Keg Pioklee t : Fat : RPrun i m a , n , is e ii ne : a s h - i ....• • • •• .• 2 7 10 5%o 3 Gal Keg Pickles 5 1 86 Montana or Eastern Rolled Oats, hand 2 50 All Package Coffeee. . ...... 2e4 ( rush Java, fancy.. ....... ....... leo California tnned ....... per owe 00 Best Carolina Rice, lb 7e The largest line of teas in the State at prices ranging front 18 eta. per lb. upwards. SUMMER SHOE SALK The much under valueprices we are now quot- ing, easily bring our footwear within the limit of the most economical buyers. Mena full double sole, lace kip working shoes, solid leather, value $1.75, out to 1 00 MOM/ \Giant\ double sole and top lace ad Congress shoes, a first-ulatte wearer, value $3.00 cut to 176 Mens fail Ilemble Sole and Tap Nailed Miners' Shoes, Buckle, value $2.00 ont to. 1 40 Goodyear \Gold Seal\ pure Gum Hip Boots best in the world. Shoe Stores ask $6.00 cad to 450 Mens 'rap Sole, Saddle Beam, Kip Boots all sizes, value $2.50, cut to 1 40 WEINSTEIN'S 6TH AVE. dt MAIN ST. HELENA. MONT. CLANCY MINERS' UNION NO. SO. The Clancy Miners' Union holds It. regular meetings on Tuesday evening of each week at see o'clock in their ball in Lump Oity, Montana. O. B. MILL», President. JESS WILLINEe0y, Secretary WINSLOW & GRIFFITH, PIONEER Livery and Feed Stable Carriage to and from all trains. Dray and Express work will receive prompt at- tention. STABLE ON MAIN STREET, EAST OP HAYE'S HOTBL. Complete Stodi of Sporting Goods. J. T. PARKISON, WILLIAMS (t LYON, DEA L ER IN ROCERIES ANI. General Merchandise, LUMP GULCH, Henrietta. A full stock of Froah oonatantly on hand. Also. Clothing, Hate, Caps, Etc., and a frill stoek of Miner.' goods. Liebig World Dispensary, OF SAN FRANCISCO, (sroNTASA Diyisios,) Located at Main Street, Wag Block, Helena, Mont. 1)Rs. HEBB; & COMP'Y, e outline,. t» Treibt Chronic, Nervous and Npeclal Diseases, also Weak Men, Organic Weetkneits, Falling Memory, Lack of Energy, Physical Decay. De_ fornultles, Etc., Arising from itninineretion, orreen of nn hi igent-e, prrninrinit of the followin g Affnetn: Nor- voilannow. dirrinenn vienon. waif din - train, defin-t IVO memory, pronintlirenenn, want of sontroi of ental organs, ;Umpires on the facet, aversion tIl 64,4•16.t y ”r ff1f11(116. b... of ambition, lewk f rtinfidnime, g I re un inema, det e toxidenry un- fitness to marry. malannholy, atiinteri meet, lost menhtsst. ni g ht 101 , 40.14. IRA in thole hark. •Nri‘wrrreol lo, gon , rrttlusa. unnit- turn1 ha - tiara'...Fitrirturn ets , trented with .ornenri. safely privately Hand for q noatirrn blank for rTIOTI, or hetter If pen nau'. IMEAK If I/ OMEN. Ladies who ar0 tY0r1,14/ from any form of fe. male wenknress or teiti••ts distress should not fall ror11.1111 'Is, as 'Mr !Wye nx perionno and riAn• north,. I of frontward will often mir e yo u when 7\11 fai ‚si with Rend f or (jr , si dl g blan It for erornon , or Istetter onll if T on etan ATA 111111 And kindred effnntiona of the Er,. Mar. rt,r.,at •,n.1 ['tinge nrinnerinfully trwittwl. and in a manner att inildly as t.', Is acceptable , to tlen intern li ne ar, fo r Ruinai Dnfornilthwr, lint) Fact ate , frilUITIfactilred. Ftatirtfart het guaranteed Ti'. Prie\ rtn.I A p i d farm* mannfantnrorn linrn hewn in-mi g ht from anti Frannino, and all Hag{ rwl Itrneeri and nipprirntlin for dnfiirrnwit penipla will bn main a t rial to New fork leaner All 1411114101 and rent,aratets er danrIrif.1 for hip Joint chignon., annnlyaln of knee Joints. wry neck, arti litUre ant] g. loga, end nyoa, ear Ill ma, telactrir end mn a nnt a rt , l an rwn. glasen. tIMIN001 electric latterics, all arc matinfactorwi in the trrettet rnonn fart. 'ri re Linhi g World Dim- peenreary In Holum' Perrino usent Office - - ATLAS HEI,ENA ftritranew Main tint! Inch 014,T1 Wrests CON:;i ;1.1 A i( . ARTISTIC JOB PRINTERS Envelopes, Bill Heads, Letter Heads, Statements, Briefs, Tickets, Labels, Circulars. Stationery Books Cigars Tobacco Mining Blanks Etc. Lump City, - Mont.

The Lump City Miner (Lump City, Mont.), 07 Sept. 1895, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.