The Clancy Miner (Clancy, Mont.) 1896-1899, February 22, 1896, Image 7

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as ov me ; oe + Soe 6 e. an né¢ in re- st. f} the ive ‘OLANCY MINER: we OLANCY, MONTANA. Tramps The original of the word trump as used in card playing is said to be the French word ‘‘triomphe,” equivalent to the English ‘‘triumph.” Ghosts are Pale and Shadowy, Say those who. profess to have interviewed them. Whether spooks ane tallow-faced or | not, mortals are whose blood is thin and watery in consequence of imperfect sassimi- lation. ‘When invalids resort to Hostetter’s Btomach Bitters, and use that unequalled tonic persistently, they soon “pick up” in atrength, flesh and color, It should be used also to prevent malarial, rheumatic and kid- ney complaints, and to remedy constipation, + EARLY PAPER. Troubles Experienced by Early Authors in : Writing the Scriptures. The scriptures were first written on skins, linen cloth or papyrus, and roll- | ed up as we do engravings. The Old Testament was written in the old He- brew character—an offshoot of the Phoenician. It was asymbol language as written, having no vowels. . The consonants were only written, and the vowgl sound supplied by the voice. sick headache and nervouspess. The words ran together inacontinu- As long as a girl is engaged, there is one | 04S line. After the Hebrew became 4 person she treats with greater cordiality | dead language vowels were supplied than the women callers she dislikes. | to preserve usage, which was passing. ¥ | After the Babylonish saptivity the | written Hebrew was modified by the ic, I As mercury will surely jdestroy the | oer and os ee ee taught gense of smell and completely derange | the accent and emphasis. nen came the whole system when entering it | the separation of words from each through the mucous surfaces. Such ar-/| other, then Wivision into verses. ticles should never be used except on | - , ssisciantileipioe PROMO ONS trom ig. ew’ yh physi- | g400 IN PRIZES ON OATS AND CORN. cians, as the damage they w 0 is ten- | ‘ 9 ‘the fold to the good you can possibly derive Last year “we offered $200 for wes from,them. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manu- | “iggest yield on oats. 209 bushels Sil- factured by F. J. Cheney & re Toledo, | ver Mine Oats won the prize. This O., contains no mercury, an ia taken | » 9 t 00 on internally, acting directly upon the | or we offer $200 more on oa 7m =, blood and mucous surfaces of the sys- | Silver King Barley, a barley yielding tem. In buying Hall's Catarrh Cure, be | in 1895 116 bushels per acre, and $100 gure you get the genuine. It is taken in- 1 , w Dent Corn ternally, and made in Toledo, Ohio, by por Golden Triumph yo ’ R F. J. Cheney & Co. Testimonials free. the corn of your dreams! Sold by druggists; price, 75c'per bot- What's Teosinte and Sand Vetch and tle. Hall's Family Pills, 26c. Sacaline and Lathyrus and Giant Spur- Ancient coins, many of which ante-date | TY and Giant Incarnate Clover and lots the Christian era, are made in large quan- | of such things? They’ll make you rich tities in London and sold allover the world. | sf you plant a plenty. Catalogue tells | you! Beware ef Ointments for Catarrh That Centaia Mercury, Comfort to California. Yes, and economy, too, if you pat-| ronise the Burlington Route’s Person- ally Conducted once-a-week excursions If you will cut this out and send it with 10c. postage to the John A? Salzer Seed Co., La Crosse, Wis., you will get * THESE-ARE QUEER FISH. fomé Prodicts of the Sea That Are Found in Australian Waters. Sydney Letter to Boston Transcript: Several varieties of fishés which have long disappeared from other parts of the world are still represented in New South Wales. Among these are the ces- tracion, or Port Jackson shark, whose teeth resemble those of the fossil acro- dis, found in mesozole deposits, and the ceratodus, an existing ganoid, otherwise exclusively represented in the trias formation, its anatomy showing a con- necting link between a lizard and a fish. Among other remarkable fish found in these waters several may be enumerated. The frog fish, belonging th’ the order pediculati, has fins adapted for walking on the ground rather than for swimming, and is found floating in- shore among marine plants from which it is with difficulty distinguished owing to its great resemblance to them in point of color. The hopping fish, a va- riety of gobil, or sea gudgeon, has its fin developed into legs, so that the ani- mal is able to leap among the mud flats which it frequents. The eyes of the fish are curiously placed at the tep of its head and are capable of being thrust far out of their sockets and of moving independently of one another. The hippocampus, or sea horse, 80 | named from a resemblance in the shape | of the head and fore part of the body | to that of the horse, is a very singular fish, but the phyllopteryx is, perhaps, | the most remarkable fish of Australia, | if not of the world. It is like the ghost of 4 sea horse, with its winding sheet all in ribbons around it. Its tattered which leave Omaha every Thursday morning. Through tourist sleepers Omaha to San Francisco and Los Angeles. Second class tickets accepted. Bish, See the local] ticket agent and arrange about tickets and berths. Or, write to| J. Francis, G. P. & T. A., Omaha, Neb free 10 grasses and grains, including above oats, barley, corn and their mam- moun catalogue. Catalogue alone bce. w.n. She Squeiched the License Clerk. Just as the door of the city clerk's office was due to be closed the other night, two young ladies called and stated that they were looking for a marriage license. “This is not the explainea the sober-faced clerk. ‘The clerk of the court issues them at the court house, but you are |too late to get down there befvre he goes home.” “Isn't that provoking?” remarked one of the maidens, with a pout equally provoking. “They told lus that this was the place to get HHicenses.” “Itis: Dog licenses,” the | facetious clerk answered. ‘‘The license is for me, not you, sir,” answered the and a deep hush fell on the city A new bridge is to be built over the Rhine at Worms. place,” girl, seal. ‘Brown's BRONCHIAL TROCHES” are of Coughs. Sold only in. boxes Avoid imita tions “SE at ONE ENJOYS Both the method and results when Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant and refreshing tothe taste, and acts gently yet promptly on the Kidneys, iver and Bowels, cleanses the sys- tem effectually, dispels colds, head- aches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of Figs is the only remedy of its kind ever pro- duced, pleasing to the taste and ac- ceptable to the stomach, prompt in its action and truly beneficial in its effects, prepared only from the most healthy and agreeable substances, its many excellent qualities commend it to all and have made it the most popular remedy known. Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50 eent bottles by all leading drug- gists. Any reliable druggist who may not have it on hand will pro- | cure it promptly for any one who wishes to try it. Donot accept any substitute. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO, SAN FRANCISCO, CAL. 4OUISVILLE, KY. WEW YORK, &.¥. THE AERMOTOR ©. Goes naif the world’s windmill business, because it has reduced the cost of wind power to 1.6 what it was.e It has many branch houses, and supplies its goods and repairs atyour door. It can and does furnish a better articie for less mopey than It makes Pumping and Geared, Steel, Galvanized-after- Com pletion Windmills, Tilting and Fixed Steel Towers, Steel Buzz Sa\; Frames, Steel Feed Cutters and Feed Grinders. On application it will name one of these articles that it will furnish until Jannary ist ot 1/3 the usual price, It also makes From a scientific journal the eee fact is gleaned that the average life of an oyster is twenty years FITS—A!! Fits stopped free by Dr. Kline’s Grert XNerve Kestorer. No FitSafter the first day's ure. Marvelouscures. Treatisean! $2 trial bottle freet> Fitcases, send to Dr, Kline,831 arch St., rhila., Pe While the crescent moon may be the sym bol of Turkey, it’s the sign of no quarter in Armenia “Wanson’s Magic Corn Salve.” Warranted. to cure or money refunded. Ask yout druggist for it. Price 15 cents. No difference now rich a‘man is, or how prominent, a woman can throw him by ac cusing him of trying to kiss her Hegeman’s ( amphor loe with Glycerine. Cures Chapped Hands and Face, Tender or Sor : Feet, Guilviains, Piles, &c G. Clark Co., New Haven, Ct. Women are never more ridiculous than when they talk seriously of how and why men love Just haw it does it is not the question, It is enough to know that Hindercorns takes out the What a pity Paderewski was not carried through a university and educated for foot ball “T have tried Parker's Ginger Tonio and beli¢ve in it,” says a mother, and so will you gay when familiar with ite revitalizing properties, Rice throwing is an assault according to one English magistrate We will forfeit $1,000 if one of our pub lished testimonials are proven to be not genuine Tue Piso Co., Warren, Pa. There are not many all-round men. The poet is rarely a first-class horse trader If the Baby ts Cutting Teeth. Be sure and us2 thatold and well-tried remedy, Mas WIxsLow’s Soorsine Srxur for Children Teething- There is such e thing as showing injustice in clamoring for justice Tanks and Pumps of all kinds. Send for catalogue. Pactory: 12th, Rockwell and © Pillmore Streets, Chicag® Best. Rest. Test. The best —and the And when the rest Well, ‘‘the tree and a safe one. That's another There are two kinds of sarsaparilla: rest, The trouble is they look alike. dress like the best who’s to tell them apart? is known by its fruit.” That’s an old test And the taller the tree the deeper the root, test. .What’s the root, —the record of these sarsaparillas ? The one with the deepest root is Ayer’s. The one with the richest fruit; that, too, is Ayer’s. Ayer’s Sarsaparilla has-a record of half a century of cures; a record of many medals and awards — culminating in the medal of the Chicago Worid’s Fair,- which, admitting Ayer'’s Sarsaparilla as the best—shut its doors against the rest. That was greater honor than the medal, to be the only Sarsaparilla admitted as an exhibit at the World’s Fair. If you want to get the best sarsaparilla of your druggist, here’s an infallible rule: Ask for the best and’you’ll get Ayer's. Ask for Ayer’s and you'll get the best. great service in subduing Hoarseness and | corns, and a very ploasing relief it is.15c, at druggists | | cerements are in shape and color like | the sea weed it frequents, so that it | hides \and feeds with safety. The | dugong (halicore Australis) was | merly met with at the mouths of the Richmond, Tweed and Brunswick | rivers, but it is seldom now seen south of the Brisbane river; in Queensland size, but has no dorsal fin. The skin | | It.resembles the porpoise in shape and | i is heavy and thick, and is said to make } excellent leather. The habits of this animal are those of a graminivorous ruminant, its stomach being exactly | like that of an ox. It frequents the flats and shallows along the margin of | the shore and feeds upon the grass | which is found thereon. Like the whale | family, it suckles its young, is warm- blooded, and therefore is incorrectly described as a fish. The dugong at tains a large size, sometimes measuring fourteen feet long and ten feet in girth An anithal of such dimensions would weigh about 300 pound The World's Greatest Forest. At the recent congress for the ad vancement of science in this it was said that the largest existence was from the St. Lawrer Ontario, and 1,800 f: A recent French writer, commenting on this, aserts that the Canadian forest is only entitled to the fourth place, if even that. In South America, he states | in the valley of the Amazon, is a stretch of woodland 2,200 miles long and 1,300 miles wide; while in the center of Afri ca explorers have reported a forest at least #300 miles long from north to south, and of a width as yet unmeas- ured and untraveysed, but certainly vast in extent. / This African known as the ‘’Great Forest,” is in all | probability the largest area of land country in the world. country forest in nearly 700 miles north » of Quebec and m east to west forest, wood- been trod even by savages, let alone civilized man. Stanley, in his “Darkest Africa,” describes this great forest and | tells of the many days he and his men | marched through it in what was almost darkness, hardly a ray of the sun be- ing able to penetrate the dense foliage Murderers’ Mascot. There is a young man going about the country attending famous murder trials, and the lawyers have given to | him the nickname of ‘Murderers’ Mas- cot.” He says that he has attended thir- teen murdocr trials within the last two years, and in no cas¢ viction. He was at the first trial of the Hyams twins for the murder of Will iam C. Wells. This took place in Toron to. It looked black for the twins, but when their counsel saw the “murder- ers’ mascot” in the court room he felt confident of victory. “If you will re- win the jury, sure.” the jury disagreed. iie went back ‘o Toronto to be present at the second trial, and the Hyams were acquitted. Black Foxes in ‘Maine. Four black foxes from Alaska were turned loose on Heron island, in Booth- bay harbor, Me., a few days ago in an attempt to propagate these animals there for their valuable fur, The spe cies is rare and the fur commands a high price. The four fe all that reached their destination of a band. of fifteen that were shipped from Alaska in September. Ten died’on the voyage down to San Francisco, amd one other died before Chicago was reached. The four that survived weré-in good condi- tion when’ turned loose on Heron isl- and. -If the attempt to breed these aa- imald is successful at that place cther species. ? ohne “a for- | The greater | portion of it is virgin soil that has never was there a con- | main right with us here,” he said, “we'll | He remained and | REALISM AT THE’FRISCO FAIR. A Mining Camp Shows Things Just as They Were in \49. Most realistic is the,mining camp of | ’49in the midwinter fair of San Fran- cisco, ‘The good and bad features, the flashy and the picturesque, are set forth as they existed in the feverish days of goldseeking. ‘The cabins of Mackay, Perkins and Jones (the two last named now senators of the United States) are reproduced to the life. There is a. shanty saloon, with bar-keepers in rough shirts and boots, but they sell tem per- ance drinks only. The typical | gambling-den is not does the old miner fail frontier postoffice, the tent or the frame hut in which his newspaper was rolled off a hand-press, and the rough barber shop where he had his hair cut when it grew down into his eyes. At one end of the camp are some Indian tents with real Indians, like those who used to buy firewater of miners and often exchange shots with them when both were under its in- fluence. At the other end of the camp a theater is shown, with candles for footlights and antiquated proper- ties. Here the variety performances omitted, nor which used to delight the rude gold- | |diggers are repeated. And finally there is the mining camp graveyard with its scattered headstones. Lamentation. Japan's Japan laments the decrease of fo> éign visitéts; vho fo-nsrly spent so much mersy in the country. aroused a regular anti-foreign feeling people are afraid to go to that coun- ltry lest they be molested in travel- | | ine. Their absence makes a consid- erable difference in the profits of the curio-séllers and dealers in embroid- eries and all kinds of art objects. to sée the | the | PPL LD Since | the agitation about the treaties has | loss. Think of suffering with 5 io 15 Years Years Years “aie ST. JACOBS OIL. IT CURES. 3} 3} 3} s[sul4n]5% FIELD AND HOC FENCE WIRE. < 26, 83, 42, 6O, or 58 inches high. | Nothing on the market to compare with it, i DO YOU KNOW... That the finest vegetables in the grown from cause they are Nort ; earliness, and sprout qu and produce enormously! 35 Packages Earliest Vegetable Seeds, $1. POTATOES IN 28 DAYS! ; Just think of that! You can have them by plant- ing Salzer'sseed. Tryitthis-year! LOOK AT THESE YIELDS IN IOWA. Silver Mine Oats, « . + « + 197 bu. peracre. Silver King Barley, - . 95 bu, per acre. Prolific Spring Rye,- . - - + GObu.peracre. Marvel Spring Wheat, . . . 40 du. peracre. ¢ Giant Spurry, ... « + «© #4 8 tons per acre. Giant Incarnat Clover, . . 4tons hay per acre. Potatoes, . .» . « + §00to1,100 bu. per acre. ; Now, above yields lowa farmers have had. Afull, list of farmers from your attd- adjoMing states, doing equally well, is published in our catalogue. CLOVER sHED. § Enormous stocks of clover, timothy and grass seeds, grown opacity for seed. Ah, it’s fine! Highest quality, lowest prices! IF YOU WILL CUT-THIS OUT AND SEND IT With 12c. ins .you will get our big catalogue and a sample a Pumpkin Fellow Waterme on 2 sensation. Catalogue alone, 5c., tells how to get that potato. JOHN A. SALZER SEED CO., LA CROSSE, WIS. wn ee, world are Salzer's seeds? Why? Be- own, bred to y, grow rapidly > 7 7 ] ~—~——<—<_—~_—~ W. P. Ogden of Harrietta, Mich., who was drowned last August, hus turned up alive at Eagle, Wis. He insists that | drowning is an easy death. Hon. M. D. Harter has taken himself out of the list of presidential possibili- ties, thus giving the public the first intimation that he was in it. Patents, Trade-Marks, Examination and Advice as to Patentability of | Invention. Send for “ Inventors’ Guide, or How to Get . oo } Patent.” PATRICE O'FARRELL, W | Mozphine Habit Cured in 10 i OP to 20 da ts Nopey till cured. } DR. J. STE HENS, Lebanon,Ohio Quality and workmanship the bes Write for full information, UNION FENCE COMPANY, DE KALBMLL. ATTLE AX ‘THE! ‘ARCEST al LU G | OF GOOD TOBACCO Maine islands will be stocked with the EVER SOLD FOR 10 CENTS ty f] Hi \

The Clancy Miner (Clancy, Mont.), 22 Feb. 1896, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.