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Tusadcy.Ocf. 17.1959-ME-^Si - IS S e n i o r b o w l e r s k e e p o n r o l l i n ' DiUon bowlers Bob Sawyer, Chet H ill, and Josephine Dickey are currently in second place in their respective age groups in tbe Montana State Seniors Tournament being held in b il­ lon a t Ned-Eva Lanes. Sawyer, with a total of 1277, trails Jack Erb ofHelenabyonly one pin in “D” division play (age 55-59). H iIl,w ithatotalofl253, is 20 pins behind Ed Morello of East Helena in *C” division (60- 64), Dickey is breathing down the neck of Ellen Rucker of Deer Lodge with a total of 1144, only four pins off the pace. The three-week long tourna­ ment concludes this weekend. Over 40 towns and cities acrossMontana are represented among the 165 entries in the tournament The winner from each of four divisions will repre­ sent the state in the National Senior Championship May 5-6 in Reno.'' Tournament play will con­ tinue through Oct. 22. Current standings are: First Week * . “A* Division (70 & over): Howard Mattson, Manhattan, 1220; Wilson Clark, Ennis, 1189; Anton J . Holzei*, B illings, 1183; M ilt Crooker, Ennis, 1182; Stanley Cebull, Roundup, 1182. “B\ Division (d65-69): Don Lynch, Missoula, <1228; Russ Leland; Belt, 1189; Bob Shupp, Ennis, 1161; Ken Ames, Ennis, 1154. “C* Division (60-64): Kerry Keyser, Ennis, 1223; Bob W. Robinson, Dillon, 1174; H. Homer Seibert, Ronan, 1159; Heniy W. Lee, Billings, 1159. “D\ Division, (55-59): Bob Sawyer, Dillon, 1277; George Morrison, Bozeman, 1266; Amos Rucker, Deer Lodge, 1217; Dee Eddie, Dillon, 1189; Marty Vi­ gen, Great Falls, 1179. Dorothy Rinke, Ronan, 1208; Joyce Huber, Big Fork, 1204; IsabelleBitner, Cut Bank, 1177. Women’s “D\ Division (55-59): Ellen Rucker, Deer Lodge, 1148; Second week Men’s “A\ Division (70&over): Barton 0 . Wetzel, Dixon, 1281; Eugene Dahinden, Hamilton, 1222; Howard Mattson, Man­ hattan, 1220; B ill Shipley, Liv­ ingston, 1209; Wilson Clark, Ennis, 1189. * Men’s “B\ Division (65-69): Wes Martin, Great Falls, 1311; Don Lynch, Missoula, 1226, C J , Steinbacher, Fort Benton, 1209; Russ Leland, Belt, 1189; How­ ard Steele, Hamilton, 1187. ' Men's *C” Division (60-64): Ed Morello, East Helena, 1283; Chet H ill, Dillon, 1253; Kerry Keyser, Ennis, 1223; Harold Bangen, Great Falls, 1203; Bob W. Robinson, D illon, 1174. Men's “D” Division (55 to 59): Jack Erb, Helena, 1278; Bob Sawyer, Dillon, 1277; Geotge Morrison, Bozeman, 1266; George Fujimoto, Shelby, 1238; Amos Rucker, Deer Lodge, 1217. Women’s “A\ Division (70 & over): Sara Cheney, Manhattan, 1218; Elsie Culver, Poison, 1216; Fran Stringer, Medicine Lake, 1206; Grace McLurg, Bozeman, 1178. Women’s “B\ Division (65-69): Iris Snyder, Manhattan, 1165; Inez Driscoll, ■ B illings, 1162; Audry Gover, Manhattan, 1154; Mabel Benning, Colstnp. Women’s “C” Division (60-64): Alice MiUer, Bozeman, 1227; Dorothy Rinke, Ronan, 1208; Joyce Huber, Big Fork, 1204; IsabelleBitner, C ut Bank, 1177. Women’s “D\ Division (55-59): Ellen Rucker,Deer Lodge, 1148; Josephine Dickey, Dillon, 1144; Ramona Durham, Cameron, 1117; Joan Servel, Missoula, 1093. L a d y B u l l d o g s w i n t w o o u t o f t h r e e ' The Western Montana Col­ lege volleyball team won two of three matches last week to run tKeir record to 9-11 overall and 4-2 in conference. > Tuesday the Lady Bulldogs defeated the Carroll College Saints 15-7, 17-15, 11-15, and 15-7 in an entertaining match. Jenny Reynolds led Western 15-6,4*15,6-15, and 15-12 hard with 23 k ills. Joani Mogolis was fought victory, credited with 48 assists and Dillon native Cindy Ferris added five blocks. The Lady Bulldogs were led by Reynolds with114 kills and 52 Northern Montana College invaded Straugh Gymnasium and walked away with a 15-11, assists from Mogolis. Sunday afternoon Western improvedits record with an easy 15-3, 15-13, 15-3 victory over Rocky Mountain College. Sports Boxes F o o t b a ll WaatYallowttone ----- 8 6 0 12-34 TwinBridiM ________ £ 30 C 12-38 W E Sr-Patanen3run(paeaUM ) TWIN • Oibean 1 run (paaa fciled) TWIN‘ O n teS run (Oibaan run) TWIN . McAlear l t ftaabl* mtairn (p m UMfWEffT - B w U nd 10 run (run U H TWIN-Oft i t 1 run (run M M ) WEST • Bawbuid 3 run (ran U M ) TWIN • MtAlaar » paaa tnm Davia(paea U M ) : J W E S r - M m r 5 run(runU M ) TWIN-fepioMsMtuiOnmDwrUdiutfiUM) Sheridan ------ .— 0 0 0. U n a ______ ___ „-20 & • x-48 - LIMA . M M c b EO run tiM t d d i paaa U K * - J J M t h 24 run (faaa U M ) UMA • Janaan 87 ran ( m a U M ) LDM-JaoMn fit run wamaa run) r . U M A - a S M c h lO ruaO U U a k h run) , LIMA - B.Steaidi 28 run (kick U M ) > LIMA • WanJt 17 flnabla rarawiy (ne attempt) DOIenFraohiaowa, T 0 0 7-M Balt ruta F lwhaur— _ _____ X> 0 0 0- 0 DIL • W a ite 4 run (K tnun kkk) OIL - Halt 7 run (Kanrnn kick) G lils B a s k e t b a ll ShnUanOO SbarUan Laan I l-28,Cartarl l-28,BamoakjrO 1-21, •alO-32,talOil4-&7,Day4 l-78,HatMel 1- 33,LnM c k S l-37. Taula 1810-2738. SharUan _________ • • 10 12-38 Ermta __________ 34 IS 18 14-71 TaUl hala- Sheridan 12, E n s it 22. TarinBrUaaa(EO) Twin BrMfaa Hantaan (41) R M l t y lM n W N M r t i Sophomore hitter Rhonda Mailey from Twin Bridges powers a kill shotover the net Against Carroll College last week. Mailey is joined on the team by another Twin Bridges native, Jenny Rey­ nolds. PMIllpa 8 8-822, MU!«r 60-010, Parrjr I M ! , MtAlaarS 1 4 7 , A ttina 10-12, Satan 00-10. Total* 2010-1780. TvfnBrt4|*e. _______ 18 11 13 10-SO llarrteen__________11 7 10 13-41 Total (bull-Tvin Bridfaa 18. Hantaan 14. TwinBr1dfia(36) Manhattan Chriatian (88) TwinBrUjee EJ4cAJ*arB0-2U.MetB]ly1 M l , Alklna 12- 2 4. JJ4cAlaarO 1-1 l.Peamier 1 1-3 S.PhiMpa 31- 2 8, Millar 12-4 8, Parry 11-23. TWala 136-1736. ManhattanChrtaUan.— —>18 20 28 23-88 TvinBrMfaa ------- 2 10 19 4-36 Thna-painl 8*al • BJIeAlaar. ToUl foula - Manhattan Chriatian 20, Twin Bridfee 22. Dillon J ayr i aa (61) Belffnufc Jayree* Ci9) DiUon Schuler 1 M 5,(M e ch3 3 4 1 0 , Lon(ia 3 6-11 ll,Evana 3 14*17 IS, HeMah 0 0-1 Ot Elaa 2 0-2 4. SoU .nl 2-4 4, Hull 00-10. Totala I I 26-44 51 L A S T W E E K o f o u r M u s c u l a r D y s t r o p h y A s s o c i a t i o n - S p e c i a l - We'll save you 80% on installation, p lu s do­ nate $5 to MDA through October 20, 1989 CALL TODAY to reserve your installation. Current TCI customers can help too. by ordering a premium movie service fevery c a r ’ l l SHOWTIME. TCI Cablevision of Montana, Jnc. 683-2110 I a m ^ = = ® 16 North Washington Dillon, Montana 59725 1 i HOUtS: MOH-Fri 8-12 & 1*5 H B ® Rhonda Mailey converted 15 kills and Mogolis contributed with 30 assists.. The Lady Bulldogs will be on the road a ll next week. Wednes­ day Western is atMontanaTech, Friday a t Rocky, and Saturday: at Eastern Montana College. Belgrade J ayvaaa....—„..3 1 IB 1 12-48 Dillon Javveaa ------ 10 17 12 12-61 Thraa-patnt Boat • Gaaach. Total foula - Belgrade 28, DUlon M. Dillon Jajrreea (29) Butte Central J ^ n a a 08) Dillon Oaaaeh 4 IA 10, U n fia 124 4, Evana 8 0-210, Bafaiih 00-10, Elaa 01-81, BuUan 1 (M) 2,UuU 10- 2 Z Totela 126-1829. Dilloti Jayvaaa ........ . ..... 8 8 8 9-29 ButtaCantnlAqrvaaa _____ 2 7 10 7-28 Total fault • Dilloa 12. Butte Central 21. Dillon Fraah (82) BuUa Central Fnah (38) DHlan talU i 18, Dupuia 2, O amld 10, R n > 1. Lucan 10. Dlllen Fraah---.-— ..... 11 11 18 1E-S2' ButtaCentralFroah...— 7 10 12 7-38 Dillon Fraah (61) BalgndaFndiO O Dilleo B a m lt 2, S a ith 13,Duplua2>Oa«aU4,8kia- naf90,Lut«(a9,RaauaalL Beaverhead County High Schoolcross-counbynmner Jay Mclsaac crossed the finish line first in his age group at the WMC Triathlon held last Saturday at the College. Mclsaac’s time of 1721 placed him second overall. C r o s s c o u n t r y t e a m it J i n 17,-38 11 t* 18.81 sports C a l e n d a r Wednesday: BCHS girls basketball team hosts Manhattan Christian. Freshmen play a t 5:45 p.m. and Jayvees play a t 7:30 p.m. WMC volleyball team travels to Tech. t r a v e l s t o Followingadoubleheaderlast week the Dillon Beavers cross country team w ill travel to He-. lena this Saturday for the state meet a t the B ill Roberts golf course. The teams competed in Boze­ man last'niursday against Class AA, A, and B squads. Hie finished third while the finished fourth. Leading team was-Jay Mclsaac with a seventh place finish. ' > The team then made an im­ pressive showing as they swept the teenage running competi­ tion a t the WMC Triathlon on Saturday morning. Top finishers for the boys were: 1. Jay Mclsaac, 2. Zack Lansing, 3. Josh Bwrline. Top finishers for the girls were: 1. Melissa Miller, 2. Sandee Nel­ son, 3. Barb Schisler. Mclsaac tunied in a time of 17:21 for the 5K race to finish second overall, while Miller was clocked a t 21:49 and won first in overall competition. ' *1 think we w ill peak jnst as planned for the state meet,\ said ■ coach Margie Lakner. T alking aboutagreatweeMhavetoiay our runners of the wedi are Mary Mclsaac, Melissa Miller, Zack Lansing, ' Ju s tin Schluessler, and Josh Eberline.\ *lt was a fun, almost relaxing week* stated Head Coach BoS CarrolL *We have the momra- turn needed for our next meet^ andlexpectthesquadtohaveat least two runners tnake the All- State team.” H ie. cross-country awards ceremony will take place O c t 25 at 7 p.m. in the Rec Center a t BCHS. team ' hosts' White Sulphur R i f l e s e a s o n o p e n s Friday: WMC college volleyball team travels to Rocky Mountain Col­ lege. Lima girls basketball team hosts Mountain View. Saturday: WMC football team travels to Rocky Mountain College. WMC volleyball team travels to Eastern Montana College. BCHS football team travels to Butte Central. , Lima football team travels to Absarokee. Twin Bridges football team ' travels to Seeley Swan. BCHS cross country team travels to Helena for the state meet beginning a t 10:15 aim. Rifle hunting season starts this weekend and the Forest Service is reminding hunters headed for the woods there are travel restrictions in effect There are few changes from last year, according to Ron Pritchard, supervisor of the Beaverhead National Forest Forest Service offices in Dil­ lon, Wise River, Wisdom, Sheri­ dan and Ennis have maps ofthe Beaverhead National Forest that show which routes are open. The maps cost $2. In addition, there will be Forest Service ofljeersintipfield throughout hunting season to answer hunters’ questions. Western M ontana College A l l C l a s s H o r s e S a l e Saturday, Oct. 2 8 - 1 p.m. at Beaverhead Livestock Auction I All commissions donated by Beaverhead Livestock Auction to fund the Rodeo Scholarship Program. For hunters going into the Gravelly, Snowcrest, Greenhorn and Madison mountain ranges, there are new requirements to brin« only certified, weed-free hay, straw or processed pellets. *1 wantto emphasize thatonly pellets manufactured from cer­ tified weed-fireehay are allowed,” Ron .Stellingwerf^ the Beaver­ head National Forest’s district ranger in Sheridan said. “Our effort is to stop the spread of noxious weeds, like spotted knapweed. Weeds pose a real threat to wil dlife habitat,” Stellingwerf said. Lands administered fay the Bureau of Land Management, the Forest Service and' Uw Montana Department o f Fish, Wildlife and Parks, are included in the special weed-free area of southern Madison County.' Several local hay growers are currently selling certified hay. the Forest Service said. Only certified hay will carry A e offi­ cial weed-free certificate and to p p r in p r Additional information on the weed-control program is avail­ able from the Bureau o f Land Management in DiDon, 638- 2337, or the from the Forest Service a t the Sheridan Ranger Station, 842-5432 School’s out... Area schools willbeclosed Thursday and Friday to al- low teachers to attend train­ ing sessions and the Mon­ tana Education Association teachers convention in Great Falls. , Classes w ill resume Monday.

Dillon Tribune (Dillon, Mont.), 17 Oct. 1989, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/2015269516/1989-10-17/ed-1/seq-13/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.