Dillon Tribune (Dillon, Mont.) 1989-current, October 17, 1989, Image 7

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T u ^ ^ ,C ^ .1 7 ,'l^ - f f i> M !S ) ia ? g ilibT O g »7 | ' Obituaries T a d J o s e p h ; L u n d b e r g ■ < Family burial services were held Oct. 11 for Tad Joseph Lundberg, ipfcnteonofMarkanaSecretLund- berg with Joe Morstein officiating. Tad was bom O c t 8 at Barrett Memorial Hospital. . , Besides'hi* parents, survivors are his grandparents, Kale and LeU^a Kivinen and Marvin and Maggie Lundberg of D illon; aunts and uncles, B ill and Aldalee McAl- mondofHelenaandMaiy Ann Wilke of Dillon. Great-grandparents are. Alda Kivinen of Fort Shaw, Ida Lundberg of Hamilton and Ed Iver- son o f Belgrade. E a r l N y h a r t TWIN BRIDGES - Earl J . Nyhart, 92, of Twin Bridget died Monday at his home in Twin Bridge's. He was bom Aug. 21, 1897, at I. I ten? it time your voice was heard and your financial needs met? , At the credit union, we listen. You're npt just a face in the crowd or a voice in the wilderness - you're an owner. Working with other fnember/owners, your needs give direction to the credit union. Together, your voice is strong. This principle of member ownership is what makes credit unions uniqqe. Credit unions exist to serve members, not make profits tor stockholders. On International Credit Union Day - Thursday, October 19 - people around the world celebrate the unique structure of credit unions. We take pride in our philosophy of \people helping people.\ We encourage you to stop by the credit union and leam more about the benefits of membership. Dillon Federal Credit Union 109 S. Pacific 683-4373 W ' ORE VOICE International Credit Union Day ■ October 19,1989 j ' ; ’$:A the family homestead a t the P o iat; of Rocks. His parents wore Jordan Lucrins and Frances Korf Nyhart. He ranched most o f his life near \ Point of Rocks, selling tiie ranch i h , 1967. He moved to Twin Bridges where he’s made his home since.’ ' . Mr. Nyhart was a World War*] veteran. He was a past member e f the Madison County F air Board, a past school board member o f the TroutCreek School andapast presi­ dent of the Garden Creek' Stock Association. He also was a member ofthe Church o fthe Valley. •>'* Mr. Nyhart married Doris Ed«r on Oct. 15,1934, in Bozeman. SKs survives in Twin B ridges.. ., f Other survivors include daugh­ ter and son-in-law Evelyn and Jerry Dodd of Silver S tar, brothers, Orrie and Maynard Nyhart, both of ly t o Bridges; sister Opal Cox o f Twin Bridges; two grandchildren arid three great-grandchildren. He wait preceded in death by a brother, Lester in 1967. . ,; j ; , Memorial services will be bq!4 . Wednesday a t 2 p.m. a t the Church of the Valley in Twin Bridges,'ivifti the Rev. Clifford Ajndhal offijdafri' ing. Cremation has taken place. 1 Memorials are preferred to th* PointofRocks Cemetery or theTwip' Bridges quick response u n itK A L Mortuaries of Twin Bridges i s i p Charge of arrangements. E r t y a L . K q o n t z -Erm a (Ole) L. Koontz, 77, of Missoula died after open hdart our* gery O c t 6 a t S t Patrick’s Hospital in Missoula. . ' She was bom Sept. 7, 1912 in White S ulphur Spriniga to C arl and Verriey Anderson. As a young child she moved to Superior where die attended schools. On March 17,1929 she married Arnold P . Koantx in Superior. They moved to Missoula in Januaiy of 1957 and she did volunteer work in various organizations. She waa a member o f Women’s League o fthe Salvation Army and Retired Senior Volunteer Program. Survivors include her husband of Missoula; four daughters and Sons-in-law,’ Npwton and Phyllis McCall um of D illon; and A lan and Donna Johnson, Karin Guinn and Mark and Nikki Skrivseth, all of Missoula; brother, Arthur Ander­ son ofVancouver, Wash.; 10 grand­ children; seven great-grandchil­ dren; five stepgreat-grandchildren; and special friends, Duane and Patricia Brockway o f Superior. Cremation has taken place at Squires Simmons and Carr Funeral Home and no memorial services were planned. Births . B ir th s , a t .Barrett Memorial Hospital include: A boy to Christine and Umothy Visscher o fDillon O c t 13. A boy to Audrea Andereon on Dillon O c t 17. ; Births elsewhere include; A bey bom S e p t 28 to Jim and Judi PSlon o f Helena. He has been named Travi s James. O ran p a rents are Clare ^ndRpscoe Pilon o f Dil> Ion. ■ y. • ■ A boy to d in t ' and Debra Ras­ mussen ofDillon b o m in livingston O c t 3. He weighed seven pounds and has been named Shane Chris- topher-Grandparent* are C liff and Ramona Rasmussen and Tom and Gloria Oostmeyer, a ll of D flion. Sheriff of a stolen stereo from a pickup on thePilon R anch., .O c t l& D u t c h AHrad reported one ton o f hay stolen from Ms field on the East Bench Canal Rond. O f t 15- DeWayne.Oarrett, 19, airastieid on * charge o f no liability insurance. O c t 16- D aniel lin d n e r , 19, qr* rested on a bench warrant from During the month o f September the Baavvhead County Sheriffs Department made 10 arrests. Total trafSc fines wain $660, and total jQneefrom arrests were $235. A total of42 days were epentin county ja il and 83 in d ty Jau. 4 1 d v il p a­ pers were s n v e d ..lheanrestsin- 4rH FRUIT SALE The 4-H Club members are again selling oranges, grapefruit, and mandarin oranges to raise money for the 4-H Council. Anyone may call a 4-H xnember, leader, or the Beaverhead Extension Office: a credit card. O c t 3-. Called to investigate the theft o f gravel from the DiUon A ir­ port / ' ' ■ . O c t 7- Received a report t lp t trespassers had gone into a nuvch yard in the Dell area and started spotlighting elk. Oct 10- Called to investigate a possible D U I eouth o f D ell. Oct lO - Steve Morehouse re­ ported that the restrooms at Barrett’s Station had been vandal­ ized. Oct 11- John B. Hines, 39, ar­ rested and charged with a revoked licence, no insurance, andfinlure to report an accident O c tll- Betty Grose reported a boy's 10 speed bike had been stolen from her driveway sometime on the' Sept 30. O c t 11- Investigated the report dudedcneibraasaiilt,twblbr theft, one on bad check charge, one for DUI, two for disorderly conduct one Juvenile matter, and one each for probation violation and bench war­ ra n t Police O c t 10-FarrestFurausreported th a t a iifl* had been taken from his vehide while parked on West Ban- □adc S tr e e t, , . O c t 11- SusanPalma reported vandalism to her fence a t her resi- (dence on , North Pacific Street. Juvenile bays were identified as doing t t a damage. 0 c tl2 - At apprazimately 1:47 a in . police responded to a distur- bence a t the Club Bar where nu­ merous individuals were involved. Arrests are pending. O c t 12- George Johnston re­ ported that the window a t h is den­ tist office on E ast Helena had been broken. O c t 12-Laura JEnopp reported that a dog had been chasing har geeae and lamb on North libntana Street O c t 13- T eni D. Hawkins, 36, was arrested and charged w ithDUI, no inaunutce, no drivers licence, and false swearing. Fined $100 on theialee swearing,$300fortheDUI and three days in ja il, $150for no in ­ surance, and $30 on the no insnr- ancechargs. O c t 14* Chria Bayreported that a 30.06 rifle had been taken from his vehide while parked on Mon- O c tf t- Mkhael Kelly reported apinttofttU ftresuiance on South • D a k o ta ,toeet; •. n • v .- .;'1) ■\ O c t 15- A 10 speed bike was turned in * r « i » BOatf M ie * D £ pertinent It had beeo p o k e d a l Safewayfor maqydaya. O c t 17-DonnaSprinlde reported that twoeoHegoHgsmalecotole two pumpkins from in front o f Saiewsy. The Dilloa FaHee Dspartaent wdaldHketoremind people to avoid lecvii^ their gunainunlodMdve- hides. Ifyoumustleavsyourgunin yoervemde,putitoutofaighk • C o u p o n £ o m 1 t h r u H ) / : U / H H FOR SALE I / % O F F - \ s . i t j a l l fa l l & w i n t e r c l o t h i n g } \ an d s o r r e l s n o w p a c k s / & \ « ' . * 1 \ * M U S T H A V E / » * . \ * * \ I P y W E A R E a n d y o u w i l l b e t o o a f t e r y o u s t o p in a n d ^ c h e c k o u t o u r c o m p l e t e lin e o f fa l l & w i n t e r c l o t h i n g & b o o t s . * W E .S T O C K a c o m p l e t e lin e o f l i n e d v e s t s & j a c k e t s ; i n s u ­ l a t e d ( B r o w n D u c k ) c o v e r a l l s , b i b o v e r a l l s , a n d p a n t s ; S w e a t s h i r t s ( w i t h o r w i t h o u t h o o d ) ; f l a n n e l s h i r t s ; a n d S o r re l b o o t s a n d l i n e r s (fo r m e n , w o m e n a n d c h i l d r e n . ] -• F O R T H E H U N T E R , s t o p i n a n d p i c k u p y o u r o r a n g e v e s t , s w e a t s h i r t , a n d c a p w h i l e y o u . . c h e c k o u t o u r lo w , lo w p r i c e s o n h i g h q u a l i t y F e d e r a l ^ I m m u n i t i o n . Y o u c a n a l s o b u y e v e r y t h i n g y o u n e e d t o g e t y o u r c a r / R V r e a d y fo r w i n t e r Antifreeze 'W indshield w a s h e r flu id / a n t ifrce z c ^ - Gasljne dryer/antifreeze 'Ice scrapers Interstate car batteries - 1 _ *RV antifreeze , T * * . S t a r t in g f l u i d ‘Diesel antifreeze/additive . M U S T H A V E C O U P O N * / i r N O W O N S A L E T H R U O C T O B E R B U L K A U T O M O T I V E A N T I F R E E E Z E $ 6 . 9 9 g a l . B r ing your ow n co n t a in e r ■ 1 R V A N T I F R E E Z E $ 3 . 4 9 g a l . 7 0 G N . M o n t a n a - o p ___ _ Registered Hone Stallioo P ^ J u m o r Myerson\ z . • at the WMC 7HoneSale Saturday, Oct. 28 1p.m. iverhead Livestock .. FOOT SPECIALIST Shorhlan • Anaconda JERRY DANIELS D.PJkL 842*5103 • 563-5029 T U I ? ;i0 U S E T 4 Piece Chicken __ $3.00 8 Beca Chicken— $4.95 12 Piece Chicken ~$&95 INCLUDES: Sso Franscisco g arlic to u t and french friee. 16 Ptece Chkksen _ . 18.95 20 Piece C h ic k e n - 1 1 0 ^ INCLUDES: San Frandaco sour dough garlic toast snd french fries. . SPAGHETTI EXTRA tpba-trrs l^oot- e .n s 8 s i n a p H o u r s : H Lunch ^ Tbes.-Sat. 11-2 _ Dinner S H Tues.-Sun.4-ll g ^ F o r r e s e r v a t i o n s ^ H c a l l P 683-5088 DiUon

Dillon Tribune (Dillon, Mont.), 17 Oct. 1989, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/2015269516/1989-10-17/ed-1/seq-7/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.