Dillon Tribune (Dillon, Mont.) 1989-current, October 17, 1989, Image 8

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i\ayi3 -Tuesday.Oct. 17,1969 o o o News of Meetings and Eventsln our area Wednesday, October 18 Thera w iilbe an AA (12x12) meet­ in g . et the Alano Club beginning a t 8 pan. on Wednesdays. The W eatern M o n ta n a College G a llery - M useum isopen Monday through F riday 12 to 4 p.m.;Tvie*day and Thursday evenings, 7 to 9 p-m. and 8 m 4 ^ « fte r iio o M faun 1 ta 4 P-m. E x h ih itainclude “SelectedW o rk of BockweU Kent\; the Seidensticker Wild- life Collection, permanent a rt collection andatudentwork. The S ^ n thw a a tG a llarjr on the cor­ ner or Center and Idaho s tr e e taU ^ e n . (h u n S p .ih.to 4 p jn . Monday, Wednes­ day, Thuraday and F riday and Tuesday from l t o * p jn . E xhibits are works from local artists inwateroolar and o il p a in t­ ing «a well aapottery and jewelry. > . -V There w ill be p o tlo e k a t the Senior Citiaene. Center Oct:, 18 at 1 p jn . A ll senior* are welcome. . The monthly meeting o f tha govern­ ing board o f the W oman'a Resource C a n ter w ill meat; a t 7 p jn , a t the Center's office, 25: E . Glendale. Tha Thursday, October 19 TheDriver’a E x am S ta tio n w ill be open S u n d a y , Oct. 19, for a ll service* except the behlnd-the-wheel drive teat. Hours are 8 a jn . tb noon and 1 to S p jn . ■ Ths B e averhead C o u n ty Muaoum Board meets the third Thursday of each month a t 2 pan. a t the museum office. . - ; . '* i Friday, October 20 Alooholiea Anonym o u s (closed 1 meeting) meets every F riday a t 8 p.m. at the City H a ll a t 125 N . Idaho. TherewillbeanAAwomen’agroup meeting(cloeed)Friday* a t 8 p jn . a t the ' Dillon Alano C hib. ' The Beaverhead Cham b e r o f CanusiMva w ill meet the flrat and third Friday* o f the month a t 12 noon a t C ity H a ll. Thar* w ill be an at the The Beaverhead w ill meet from 5:30 to 7:00 a t tba Vig­ ilante Electric Co-op Building Thurs­ day Evenings. Proepective members are encouraged to attend. Pleaae call Donna Brooks a t 683-2653 evenings for more information. .> O v a reatera /Anonym o ua meets Thursday at 8 p.m. in the multi-purpose room » t the Alano Club. F or informa-' tion c a ll 683-2985. There w ill bo an ALANON m e e ting at the Alano Club at 11:45 a jn . on Thursdays. / ■ A d u lt C h ild r e n o f A le o h o il ca will moet Thursdays a t 8 p.m. a t the m u lti­ purpose room in the courthouse annex on Pacific Street. Vigilante Electric Building Oct. 20 at 7:90 p.m. I t ia sponsored by R amblin’ /Rose. The G o ld N ugget S q u a re Danoe C lub w ill have a dance Oct. 20 at 8 p.m. ' a t the M aiy Innea SchooL Butch Suttey i#the caller. Saturday, October 21 Thera w ill be a meeting a t the D il­ lo n A la n o C lu b a t 8 p jn . for a ll addic­ tions. ’ • ■ * 810*7 h o u r w ill be held a t the D il­ lon C ity Library from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a jn . for children from four to eight years of age. Sunday, October 22 A looholiea A n o n y m o u a meets every Sunday a t 8 p.m. a t the Dillon Alano Club. Monday* October 23 B in g e is played eveiy Monday at the Senior Citizens Center a t 7 p.m. Come jo in the fun. TOPS w ill have their weekly meet­ ing a t 7 p.m.’at the Methodist Church. 1 Eveiy Monday evening AA B ig Book Study w ill be held a t 8 p jn . a t the Alano Chib. Eveiy Monday a t noon there w ill be an AA Meeting a t the Dillon Alano Club. Owareaterw A nonymoua will meet every Monday at 2 p.m. st 29 East Center. Bargain Basement is open Mon­ days from 9 to 3:30 at 226 S. Atlantic. The fourth Monday of each month AAUW meets at 7:30 p.m. at the Vig­ ilante Electric Building. For more infor­ mation call 683-4932. Tuesday, October 24 Open AA and ALANON meets 1 M o torbike route p ro p o s e d The Forest Service is propos­ ing to open anew 11-nine motor­ bike route from C liff Lake to Elk Lake and the Centennial Val* ley, according to Mark Petroni, Beaverhead National Forest district ranger in Ennis an­ nounced. „ ' _ Prior to this summer, motor* bikes used the Lost Mine Can­ yon Trail to get to the Centen­ nial Valley. A nesting bald eagle near this road necessitated its closure. ., Because it’s likely the eagles will return to the nest, Petroni explained, he would like to keep the Lost Mine Canyon Trail closed and open the new route. _ That route, would leaye.the \ Lost Mine Cbnyon Trail on, the ridge between Lost Mine and . Spring Brandi and follow the ridge above the canyon, provid­ ing a scenic view of the Chain of Lakes. I t would connect with, the Hidden Lake Bench Road and follow it south for aboiut two miles, leaving the road to follow an old trail west into Elk Lake. Petroni is also proposing to allow motorbikes on 3/40famile of trail connecting Cliff Lake Bench and Cliff. Point Camp­ ground. I t would provide .a sce­ nic loop trail for recreational riders to return from Elk Lake and Hidden Lake to C liff Lake-. Petroni hopes to incorporate this new route into the Beaver­ head National Forests 1990 “Travel Plan Map,” eveiy Tuesday at 8 p in. a t the St. James Episcopal Church, 203 E. Glendale. There will be a Bible Study Tues­ day morning* with Pastor Willis Cook, Twin Bridges, from8;30 to 10:30 a.m. on the WMC campus in the Mathews Hall Ureen Room next to tho executive din­ ing hall. M izpah Chapter No. 13 OES will have a meeting Oct. 24. The Past Ma­ trons andPast Patrons will be the guests. Dinner will ba served at 6:30 p jn. Wednesday, October 25 Soroptimists, International of D illon will have a program meeting Wednesday, Oct. 25, at 12 noon at Ned- Eva Lanes. Tentative program will he a Montana Highway Patrolman talking about their HOPE program. P U B L I C N O T I C E W a l s h R a n c h e s , I n c . h a s l e a s e d e x c l u ­ s i v e h u n t i n g r i g h t s o n i t s r a n c h p r o p ­ e r t y l o c a t e d o n S p r i n g , T r o u t a n d M c K e s s o r c r e e k s , M a d i s o n C o u n t y , f o r t h e 1 9 8 9 h u n t i n g s e a s o n . T h e p r o p e r t y w i l l b e p o s t e d a n d p a t r o l l e d a n d t r e s p a s s e r s w i l l b e p r o s e c u t e d . T h a n k y o u f o r y o u r c o o p e r a t i o n . % W a l s h R a n c h e s , I n c . R o b e r t W a l s h P r e s i d e n t • • • r l i t y a g a s f i r e p l a c e o r f i r e p l a c e i n s e r t f o r C t o i s t n i a s . L e t U s H e l p . rG E T $200CASH B A C K .1 ; Oct $200 in ctoh back from Montana tower ‘ when you purchase a cozy M ttm fjas fireplace or fireplace insert.1^ our wqr o f nying T a m WkhjwT A ik yoqr dealer fcr Thfcistheyear. This hoUdty season, enjoy the quiet beauty and grace gMheraTround tbe hearth on C h t o n K f t e l the W m radiant h a t from hassle-free natural gas now ' and q ll winter long. I f jwiVe a Montana ltower m u n i gas customer, you can have a gas fireplace or fireplace insert installed in time for the holidays.1 They look great. Call your MFC Home Energy Advisor fcr a current lilt o f gas fireplace dealer*. Shop early and choose from free-standing units, fireplace inserts, or ipace efficient fireplaces. Installation is easy; venting is simple. Jkautyfcrftonlyskmdeep. Theirs no hassle when you heat with gas. No mess, no toot Just turn it o n - if t rehdy when you are. Wfch . low-cost natural gas heat, j w ill wonder why you e w bothered with any other fod. m j f l t M U C d t i X . . e S(9 Moam Riwcr Compaqr Homecoming... , Kelly Evans from Dfflon Is crowned WMC homecoming queen by Provost Mike Easton during homecoming activities Saturday. West­ ern celebrated with a 28-22 victory over Jamestown College. I n s u r e d C e r t i f i c a t e s o f D e p o s i t 6 month 8.20% $10,000 iniiiimum deposit lyear 8.15% $5,000mininnnn deposit 2 year 8.15% $5,000 minimum deposit 3 year 8.15% $5,000 minimum deposit 5 year 8.25% $5,000 minimum deposit Stop in or call today : t for all the details, Jack D. Davison 126 S.Montana, Dillon, MT 59725 683-6868 ' ^ Toll-Free -1-800*344-6868 r ' Issuer'* name available on reqnett. . , Federally insured to (100,000. May be sobject to interest penalty for eariy withdrawal Effective W l i m . Sntyect to availability. S S E d w a r d D . J o n e s & C o / i eta amifatB frwwapr fiqiigBBW Sarjiwiiiiw IV ' ■ ' 1 -fx ■ •Nomiriimums •No service charges * Free Ideal Instant Cash Card use •you select and purchase the checks of your choice * You get a monthly statement and free return of your cancelled checks iStop In today and open your personal checking account! N o r w e s t F r e e C h e c k i n g : t o jm t o & q x c t i h e b e s t g g e tarnN o r m ! O v * D O s n , f t A t e w b t , m c

Dillon Tribune (Dillon, Mont.), 17 Oct. 1989, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/2015269516/1989-10-17/ed-1/seq-8/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.