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T h e g h o s t s o f B a n n a c k . Tuesday; October31,1989 ^ Volume 108-No.44 SenangSouthwestMontanaSince 1881 DiSon, Montana 50 Cents {N o v e m b e r 7 U s e l e c t i o n . . . Voters will k o to t h e poll# tovoteonbuilaingaiiewfire lu ll in Dillon ana to elect a variety of county water and ■ewer diatrict directori. Atstakeisanewfirehall, a propoaed Joint project be* tween the City ofDillon and Hrs District 2. If passed in both district^ the measure Would build a new f in hall I in Dillon, a email hall in Grant and provide money fbr additional equipmentfor the county fire district. The measure asks fbr approval of an additional mill levy in both district*. '^oilingplaoesfer the City n are VigaSita Elec*' ford 1); City Hall 2);' Bicentennial tnta (Ward 34) and State Bank (Ward 4). The polls a n open from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 7. Voters living in the county fire District No. 2 will vote at the multipur­ pose room of the courthouse. \ Water and sewer direc­ tors will be elected at Jackson. The pollingplaceis the Jackson School. It will be open firom 12 noon until 8 p.m. At Wisdom the water/ sewer election will be at the communityhallfiom 12noon until 8 p.m. At Dell directors for the - water/sewer district will be elected from 12 noon until 8 pjn. at the community hall. R e c e i v e s t o p ID & r a t i n g . . . r A fepal jltHmcjal insjjjjtt.,| ings andLoan, hasrwctfved pi) » ^ lle q t rsmking. in fi; nandal performance, plac- ingitin the top 15 percent of tha nation’s thrifts. U m ratings were issued by IDC financial Publishing and are used as a guide to evaluatingsavingsandloans S firom Bauer ionsylnc. S w a p p l a n n e d . . . The Beaverhead Ski Patrol’s annua] Sid Swap is Saturday, Nov. 11. from 10 a jn . to 1 p.m. at the old Dilmart building on Ban* nack Street in Dillon. Con­ signments will be received Friday, Nov, 10, from 7*9 p a , with a 60 cent per item fee. Out of town con* signmenta will ba taken. Saturday morning until 10 ajn. I n s i & t i U J ; . ^ J U I l o n ' g Weatherwatch Getting ready... \ S u s ie Rebish and Lynn B u ckley work h ard Monday night getting ready for S a turday's C e n tennial B a ll at the old Union P a c ific Depot. D i l l o n ' s b a l l s e t t o g o Preparations for Saturday’s Centennial Ball in Dillon are nearly complete, according to RogerPelletier. The b a ll, to cele­ brate Montana’s 100th year and to raise funds for refurbishing the 80-year old Union Pacific depot, is planned for 8 p.m. Saturday. The tall* which is open to the public, Will be held in the old railroad station. Crews of voir, unteershave thoroughly cl box social, with dancing to con­ tinue u n til 2 a.m. Buggy rides, being headed by Bob Miller, will be available to the State Bank parking lot and to the Elks Lodge, which is also celebratingits 60th anniversary with a dance and dinner. \People are encouraged to attend both,” Pelletier.said. Although period costumes are «ne, and a; contest for the costumes is planned, they The Beaverhead County Commissioners w ill mecibefore Judge Prank Davis a t 10 a,m.f Nov. 16, to . consider hew to comply with a writ o f mandate the judge issued to redistrict the county. The writ, issued O c t 19, was not served! oil the cdntmission* ers u n til late b a t week, necessi­ tating moving back the O c t 30 date for the appearance. - Commission chairman Randy Tommerup said the delay, how­ ever, - is not affecting the l/commisuon’s plans to comply i with Jwifc “ We havethe censusreportand will probably . go ahead, with the iqtotxfct, althoughwe may ask the judge to wait u n til the 1990 census is complete.\ The issue of redistricting, to allow more closely matched Commissioner districts under the one man-one vote principle, came up “several yean ago,” Tommerup said /Ih e issue \sort of dropped,” although he felt the commissioners would have done ' it with the 1990 census. The commissioners triso got* \bombshell dropped on u#,” Monday, wften M u tual of Omaha, an irounnce company that was conrideringtakingover the county, employees’ health insurance plan, declined. A to­ tal of 18 people on the plan, which iscurrentlybeinghandled by Great West Insurance, were deemed tobehighmedicalrisks and M u tualof Omaha told the commissioners th wy would not write the insurance. Currently the county is pay­ ing about'$14,000 i q ^ h for insurance, and Great Weet has u , m u h , K o o o . 15 to consider options, including reduced coverage or self-insur­ ing part of ihe policy. The commissioners, along with th# comprehensive plan­ ning committee, w ill meet a t 8 a.m. Monday to review propoe- als to t h e p l ^ The commission­ ers w ill holdhearings on the plan in a M 90d*ys, Ttan- merupsaid. R o g e r s g e t s 2 0 y e a r s FifthDistrictJudgeFVankM. checks in Davis sentenced Linda Rogers during the 28 ofDillon to up to a 20-year prison \ 7 ' h' f C ........ those without time to make one, they are available firom several Dillon restaurants. The Healthy I wi|l also be open until mid­ night for anyone who needs to get one a t the last minute.r : thisyear. Two counts o f forgery, also a felony, were dismissed a t that time. In sentshdng Rogers, Davis agreed with County Attorney Tom Scott that a stiff sentence was appropriate. Rogers was sentenced to 20 years at the Women's Correctional Center in Warm Springs with 10 years suspended. Rogers, who is clas­ sified as a persistent felony of­ fender, must make restitution for the checks, and will not be allowed an account a t any bank­ ing institution. Davis also stipu­ lated thatRogers stay away ftom establishments where alcoholic beverages are served and to submit to urinalysis testing. Rogers was accused o f writ- ingbad checks totaling$2,401.44 and forged another $752 in n L — r . _ , _____ l , _ i J issuingbadcheduinlttS. She received a suspended Mntanco thatwi she was again ol i n g bad mocks, sentenced ^ JndfsDavis s t i f r t w * . Women’sC violation o f j __ 1986RogeraW i. to the Women's Center forissuing bed ch scka, this time in Silver Bow Codnfar. Rogers'attorney Vince Koaak- iewics noted that alcohol has been amqjorproUem in her life and asked thathis client receive Rogers has boon transferred to Jefferson County where warrant for herarrest has be issued for a bad diode charge. The social itself, is optional, /elletiernoted.\Weencourage V I A S I • ■ M m r y j ^ to come, even i f only J 3 I I fO f CJOOQ C3USG for a little while. Ilfs not neces- . saiy to stay a ll n ig h t” the building, Pelletier said, 8nd ^^tfe certainly, not necessary, O tf.2 4 0CL25 O c t « l O c t 27 O e t 28 O e t 29 O e t 30 O c t 31 H I ! ) 50 40 44 3 1 49 31 45 31 35 27 36 12 40 15 25 W e a t h e r . . . the process of decorating, e evening will open with arein The evening m il open , an old-fashioned address by P. F F. White, Montana's last terri­ torial governor in 1889, who was also a Dillon resident, followed by a reception. Dancing will begin a t 9p.m. with music being . provided by a swing band. At midnight there will be a Pelletier s a id .! \One thing that might be confusing people is the box so­ cial. It shouldn’t The social actually means bringing a deco­ rated box, with a lunch for two. The b ox$ will be auctioned off and the successful bidder will sit down and eat the lunch with the woman that brought i t For Almanac Buslne8s/Ag Classified ...... — 14 Community Sports Life ......... 11 Viewpoint..* .......... 4 IN THB ISSUE O f THE TRSBUKE: T V ie w DSaen’. Cen&tu V/ktfarmion (fukfo 9 - 1 - 1 i n s e r v i c e The county’s new 9-1-1 emergency telephone number is now online and working, according to Beaverhead County Sheriff Rick Later. The number, which can be called firom almost any point in the county, automatically goes to the dispatcher's office at the courthouse, where it is answered by a trained employee. All calls are recorded, -Later said. Through the 9-1-1 number any emergency situation can be reported, including fire, sheriff, police and ambulance. All the dispatchers are CPR trained and additional training is being planned, the sheriff said. The only areanotcovered with the newnumber is the 835- prefix area, including Glen. They can contact the emergency services of the county by calling 1-800-722-2333. The new line is for emergency service only and nuisance calls can be traced, Later warned. A total of four lines, two forDillonand two for outlying ar­ eas, are in the system. No tax money was used for the new operation, with money for the 9-1-1 system comingfrom a 25 cent per line fee paid by telephone users through their phone bill, he explained. f Punch will also be available at the ball, Pelletier, said. Fourteen former l7nion Pa­ cific employees, who actually worked at the depot, will be Special guests a t the reception. A total of 400 tickets are available for the event Tickets are $5 each and are available from Pioneer Federal, State Bank, the Courthouse and the Chamber of Commerce. New river plan The Montana Fish and Game Commission is considering a plan that will direct trout man­ agement on the Big Hole River for the next five years. The commission, which will meet Nov. 9 in Helena, is con­ templating a range of manage­ ment issues on the river, includ­ ing continuing the \slot lim it\ and artificial lures-only regula­ tions between Divide and Melrose. Also being considered are maintaining the special regulations and fishing gear restrictions on the reach be­ tween Dickie Bridge and Divide for two more years, and preserv­ ing, protecting and improving the last native stream-dwelling grayling in the river by allowing a high harvest of brook trout above Dickie Bridge. Scores ofDillon residents w ill face arrest Nov. 7-8. But itfo a ll for a good cause. The Western Montana Col­ lege Associated Students group wul be \arresting” Dillon civic leaders and residents... and each w ill be faced with one hour in the \slammer^ as part o f a fund-/ raising benefit for the March of ' Dimes fight against birth de­ fects. ' Bob Carroll, president of Associated Students, said the event is called “Stars Behind Bars. Anyone can request the incarceration of a spouse, friend, co-worker or other person, and share the amusing action b u ilt into the event” Requests for \arrests” can be phoned tothe March o f Dimes a t 1-800-873-4332 or to Bob Car­ roll a t 683-7612, along * fth a pledge In tiie lm o a n t o f $10 hgr the complainant* A phony arrest warrant is prepared and an arresting offi- cerpk* ' to the mode will be located i n ______ ___ Union Building ■ a t Western1 Montana College. There, the w h ic h oner is placed behind bars. Tbe next hour the ’inmate9’ w ill have to call friends andacquaintances to raise b a il in the fbfrm of a pledge con tribationto the March - e f Dimes. Additional information can be obtained by c a lling683-7612. E a r l y s n o w s c l o s e r o a d Early snows this past week­ end have forced the closing of the Gravelty Range Road to trucks and cars, according to Mark Petroni, Beaverhead Na­ tional Forest district ranger in Ennis. \There were several parties caught by the heavy snow,” he said. \ It was a busy weekend for the search and rescue folks. A few hunting parties are going to have to leave their equipment - horse trailers and pickups - until the roads open next July 1 \ \There isn’t any off-road travel allowed in tho area to protect the natural resources* That’s real tempting te do when you're confronted %ith a drift blockingyour way \ Petroni said. \B u t it s real hard ot the land.\ The closure affects the north- south Gravelly Range Road, Forest Road 290, from its junc­ tion with Road 347 in Eureka Basin, on the south, to its junc­ tion with Road 292, the CaU Road, on the north.

Dillon Tribune (Dillon, Mont.), 31 Oct. 1989, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/2015269516/1989-10-31/ed-1/seq-1/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.