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Tuesday, Nov. 7,1989-©lll2©a 1?8$l«pa®-13 T w i n B r i d g e s h o s t s D i s t r i c t 1 1 - C Class “C” girls basketball action la s t weekend saw area teams w in only two o f six con­ tests. Sheridan defeated W est Y e l­ lowstone 65-38 F riday, b u t was ' turned back 45-33 S a turday by Townsend. Lim a was defeated 52-30 Friday by H a rrison, b u t rebounded w ith a d ram a tic 36- 35 w in over W e s t Y ellowstone Saturday. T w in B ridges dropped two games, Friday 45-40 to W h ite S u lp h u r Springs, and a , 70-61 contest S a turday toThree ' Forks. Sheridan broke open a close game w ith W est Yellowstone in the Becond q u a rter, a n d h e ld o ff a th ir d quarter rally by the W olverines for the v ic toiy. , D a n e tte D a y a n d K e lly Ludwiek scored 17 p o in ts each, while Tracy S m ith added 12 in a balanced scoring a ttack. Against Townsend the Pan­ thers matched the Lady B u ll­ dogs point-for-point in the first period, b u t were outscored 29- 13 in the m iddle quarters. Sh­ eridan rallie d in the fourth quarter, b u t i t was a case o f too little , too late. Day again p u m p e ^ iin 17 points fo r the Panthers. L im a sta r te d the gam e against Harrison ifee cold and fought to g e t back in the game the entire evening. The Bears did n o t score in the f ir s t q u a rter andfound themselves in a 29-11 hole a t the h a lf. The W ildcats broke the game wide open in the th ir d q u a rter a n d cruised to the victory. The B ears were led by Stacey Olsen w ith 14 p o in ts. The Bears were victorious Saturday n ig h t as Becky P almer buried a ju m p shot w ith five seconds le ft to give Lim a the heart-stopping wirj. The Bears r a llied from a 20- 14 halftim e deficit to post the victory; Tammi H u n tsm a n led the Bears w ith 13 points, while Olsen added 11 p o in ts . Palm e r was also credited w ith 13 re­ bounds. The Twin Bridges Falcons found themselves in a real shoot­ out w ith Three Forks S a tu rday night. The run-and-gun contest saw the Wolves ahead by a s lim 20-19 score after one period. The second period continued to resemble a trade meet as the Wolves took a 40-34 lead in tf/ the locker room a t the h a lf. The game was dedded in the th ir d quarter as Three Forks . raced to a 61-41 lead a fter three periodfi'of p la y . A /late fourth quarter ra lly by the Falcons came u p ju s t a little short. Three Falcons scored in double figures in the game. E lyn McAlear scored 19 p o in ts ,, fol­ lowed fay 17 from Amy P h illips and 13 p o in ts from L eslie Perry. Perry alffo pulled down 17 re­ bounds. Results o f the Twin Bridges/ W h ite S u lp h u r Springs game were n o ta v a itable a t press tim e . Sheridan, Lim a , and Twin Bridges w ill compete' in the D is tr ic t 11-C T ournament to be held in Twin Bridges Nov. 9-11. Curfew (Continued from Pag* 1) lice) to u s e .. I t ’s kind o f a sparkplug ty make them go o u t and contact the k id s .” “I ju s t c a n 't im a g in e why k id s should be' o u t a t 2 a .m .,” Piyor said. N o ting there is a statute in the state law th a t gives the county commissioners the au­ thority to set a curfew, Pryor saidhe would contact the county attorney concem in gthe v a lid ity o f the city’s curfew s ta tute. “I f he says no, I won’t do it ,\ Pryor said. The police c h ie f also explained there is an alternative way to handle the problem, o th e r than the curfew. “Field interrogation can be \ised.That?s askingpeople i f they’ve seen or heard any­ thin g .\ “We’re not there to harass, ju s t to get inform a tion,\ Piyor said. Loose dogs w ill also be a ta r ­ get for increased police atten­ tion. Because neither D illon nor Beaverhead County has a n ac­ tu a l anim a l shelter or pound, officers are b e in g instructed to chase s tray dogs home. Officers w ill then contact the owners arid issue d tations; Piyor said. A rrangem e n ts have been made to place dogs a t a local veterinarian, lim ited by space available. Dogs w ill be h e ld five days i f they a p p e a rtobehealthy, then destroyed. Owners c la im ­ in g th e ir anim a ls w ill have to pay a b o a rding charge o f $2 /.40, P iyor said. s a g g gsgsggffig g g g g g s s s gga g y t h e i i A it c r * T tais “Judge Lynch w ill fine the owners $25 for the first offense, $50 for the second a n d $100 for the th ir d tim e ,\ Piyor added. “M y orders are to h a n d le the dogproblem the b e s tl can. There are very little funds, a b o u t $300, which w ill take care o f 10 dogs. I ’ve already spent a th ir d of my budget in a couple o f weeks.\ “I would love to see a Humane Society;\ Pryor noted. “I would even take h e a lthy dogs to Butte i f th a t was necessary.\ Pryor has recently had a w a m ingletterprintedthatgives m otorists 24 hours to correct a variety o f parking problems. Included in the lis t o f v io la tions are p a rking on the wrong side o f the road and abandoned ve­ hicles. F la g rant v io la tions, such as p a rking by a fire h y d rant w ill’ bring a n im m e diate tic k e t Also included in the violations th a t w ill b r in g a first tim e w a rning is > tak in g two p a rking places and parking in alleys. W ork is also being done, b y the d t y coundl, on a ordinance p rohibitingpark- in g in a liandicapped zone with- out a proper license p la te or card. The police w ill also enforce the open container law , Pryor said, except on occasions when ■ special p e rm its are issued. He is instructing h is officers to pay s p e d a l attention to d riv­ ers whose ability may be im­ paired through alcohol. “He’s the guy who thinks he can d rive well andhe’sthe one who causeBalot of acddents.\ Pryor is encouraging d tizens to c a ll the police i f they observe someone d riving in a hazardous m a n n e r. “We need the license num ber a n d vehicle description, and thecaller can rem ain anony­ mous,\ P iy o r said. Police w ill continue to p a trol school zones, espedally when school is s tarting or le ttin g o u t. Because o f the secondary state highw ay t h a t passes the high school, the area is not zoned, something P iyor says h e w ill t iy to correct. He warned drivers to be e s p e d a lly careful a round the high school, since s tu d e n ts go in and out eveiy h o u r. “We really need a lig h t there,\ P iyor said. Although D illon does not, appear to have a m q jo r drug problem, i t is d e finitely present, Pryor said, e s tim a tingthatthere are about six people providing drags, principally .m a rijuana and cocaine, to friends. -Each one furnishes firom seven to 10 people,\ P iy o r said. “Because friends don’t tu r n each other in , we have to catch them in the a c t o r buy or sell to them . And they know every cop in tow n,\ P iy o r said, e x p la in in g the d ifficulty in prosecution. H is first p riority, a n d some­ th in g he h as been w orking h a rd on since he a rrived in D illon, is “getting the operations o f the departm e n t going.” T h a t includes increased tr a in ­ in g for officers. “We’ve s ta rted to have train in g come here. More can be trained i f we b ring i t to D illon .” Much of the train in g , Piyor said, is' a v a ilable a t low cost, or even free, through the Federal M a rshall a n d the FB I. Havingserved nearly 20years in law e n fbrcem e n tin W yoming, m ost recently as u n d e rsheriff o f Converse County a t Douglas, Piyor noted he was espedally impressed t>y M o n ta n a’s juve­ nile system. The C h ildren’s Protection Agency, which in ­ cludes the local s h e riff, police, m e n ta l a n d fam ily services, m eet regularly to discuss juvenile problems and how to Handle them .,“Invariably thekidcom e s out on top,\ P iyor s a id:“H « gets protected by it .\ (!! ■* C o u n t y t o r e d i s t r i c t u s i n g 1 9 8 0 c e n s u s ?lOU5t 4 Piecc Chicken .... $3.00 8 Piece Chicken ......$4.95 12 Piece Chicken ...$6.95 INCLUDES: San Franscisco garlic toast and french fries. 16 Piece Chicken ...$8.95 20 Piece Chicken.. $10.95 INCLUDES: San FVandsco aour dough garlic toaat and french fries. SPAGHETTI EXTRA 1 p in t -12.76 lquut-63.76 0|_ B t S3 caai aa can H 1 H o u r s : Lunch Tbes.-Sat. 11-2 Dinner Tues.-Sun. 4-11 F o r r e s e r v a t i o n s c a l l 3 g t 9 683-5088 l i ¥ D illon B Q ao K ca can 1 a a S3 S3 SS The county commissioners are going to comply w ith an order from the D is tr ic t C o u rt to re­ district Beaverhead County as to commissioner d is tricts. Randy T ommerup, c h airm an o f the Beaverhead C o u n ty Commissioners, said Monday the county w ill redistrict the county based on the 1980census figures. D is tr ic t Judge Frank Davis had earlier ordered the redis- trictin g in a w rit o f m andam u s. “We’ll t iy to d iv id e the county in relation to area a n d p o p u la ­ tion. I t could be interesting, b u t hopefully not too d if fic u lt,” Tommerup said. ■ The county w ill be the center of the “pie,” Tommerup said. Each district w ill radiate from the courthouse. “I t ’s the o nly way we can do i t ,” he said. One area th a t w ill need to be investigated,Tom merup s a id , is the relationship o f Western M o ntana College students. “I hope we can follow natural landm a rks,\ he s a id , “b u t we’re not sure we can do th a t.\ Although the commissioners are elected a t large, they m u s t reside w ithin the d is tr ic t they were elected from, Tommerup said. Later Monday evening the commissioner s jo in e d the D illon C ity c o u n d l for theirsecondjoint m eeting since beginning the sessions e a rlier th is fa ll. On the agenda was a presen­ tation from S tate Rep. a n d d i­ rector of the Beaverhead Eco­ nomic D evelopmentCorporation Chuck Swysgood. Swysgoodoutlined the a v a ila­ b ility o f federal T itle IX funds, for which B eaverhead C ounty is eligible because o fth e im p a c t o f reduced employment a t Stoltz Lumber a n d M o n ta n a Cubes. Those funds, S toltz s a id , are available on a m a tc h in g basis, usually50-50*and m u s t be used for economic development th a t w ill create jobs s im ilar to those th a t were o riginally lost. Both the d t y and county approved using existing eco­ nomic development research as a basis for the county's strategy planning, which w ill allow an earlier application o f funds, Swysgood said. Am ongthe projects suggested as possibly eligible for funding would be an ind u s tr ia l park, certain public work projects, including w ater (development, and the use o f the old B a rrett H o s p ital B u ilding for either private or public development S o c i a l S e c u r i t y b e n e f i t s i n c r e a s e ( £ r T h e B i c e n t e n n i a l A p a r t m e n t s are now accepting applications for studio; 1 and 2 bedroom units. HUD subsidized rent based on income, a ll utilities included. Housing for low income over 62 or disabled. Apply now for early admittance to economical, safe, comfortable living. Call or visit at 76 W . C e n t e r 683-2727. ROBERT K O R E N B E R G , M .D . D e r m a t o l o g y a n d D e r m a t o l g i c S u r g e r y D is e a s e s o f t h e S k in a n d S k in C a n c e r Dr. K o renberg's nex t visit t o D illon will b e F r id a y , N o v e m b e r 17 a t Southw e s tern M o n t a n a C lin ic . 401 B a iie lt , D illon. C a ll 723-4305 for a p p o in t m e n t The S o d a l Security A d m ini­ stration has announced th a t people receiving S o d a l S ecurity benefits a n d Supplem e n ta l Se­ curity Income (SS I) payments w ill receive a 4.7 percent in . crease in th e ir payments in Janu a r y 1990, according to Butte S o cial S e curity M anager, Paul F. Vang. This cost o f liv in g expense is based on increases in the Con­ sumer Price In d e i from Septem­ ber 1988 to September1989, and, according to Vang, is tied to the S o d a l S e c u rity law w h id i m an­ dates th a t S o d a l Security a n d SSI benefits w ill keep pace w ith in f la t io n A T T E N T I O N D I L L O N L A N D F I L L U S E R S In order to c o m p ly w it h federal a n d s tate r e g u la ­ tio n s , th e la n d f ill h o u r s w ill be s t r ic t ly adhered to: M o n d a y : 10 a .m . to 6 p .m . T u e s d a y : 10 a .m . - 6 p .m . W e d n e s d a y : C L O S E D T h u r s d a y : 10 a . m . - 6 p .m . F r id a y : 10 a .m . - 6 p .m . S a tu r d a y : 10 a .m . - 6 p .m . S u n d a y : 10 a .m . - 6 p .m . Closed Holidays M^tolMaNNImrti Intense action... BCHS forward Jammie Ellis fights for a loose bail to last Friday nighTs game against the Livingston Rangers. Ellis scored 13 points in the Senior Night contest. G ir ls B a s k e t b a ll Lima (30) Hantaan (KZ) DaiMJajmwCM) DiUoo J » y » iaa LMncaUnJqnmiCM) Olaan 3 6-12 M, P k lM 414 8, Hama 2 1 4 6, Luaa 1 0-22. WDaanOO.1 O.HuntaaanOO-20, K a m il oo-io. S uuioimoso . .o u t n-so -IS 1« 15 8-62 M. H u i I m i m m , Pauladaut-Olaan. Total fauia - L la u 8, Harriaon Sharidan <56) WaalYanantanaQS) BhifMiB D*y8l417,U>dwick7S-1117,SMith60411 Carlor20-l 4l.kna0ll-23,IULhlal0-02. Total* 2S 6-1966. Sharidan __ , _____ 1* 11 IS 10-66 WoatYallawatana ____ 10 7 12 (-36 Total Ibula-Sharidan 12, Waat YaDawataoa IS. Scholar 1 1 4 3. Gaaach 0 1 2 1. L o b 2 1 4 * Enm a 2 1 - 2 S ,IW iUh00.10.*taa«0lTl,SoUa«i 1 0 4 2 ,Hull 10-02. T a U k T S - lllt. UrinctfanJV _____ 14 10 12 8-44 DiUanJV _______ 4 4 4 7-11 ToU] (bull-UvtafiUn 14, Dillon 9. Tochnka] - DUlan Coach Kaad. Dillon Jajveoa (41) DaarLadgaJajrvaaa(40) *8dmlar0&6>6,CanMll0232,Qa«ach2641A, Loofia 21-2 6* Evan* 2 3-4 7, Baa 3 2 4 8. H all 03-6 3. ’M ala B 22-30 40. DillsnJV _______ 12 8 10 10-40 DaarLadfaJV _____ 11 I 14 10-41 Total fail* - DUlan 11, Daar Lad«a IS. , Twin BridfM f f l) ThnaFariuCMl D illo n Frooh (TO D illo n Praoh McAlo*r(«-419,MauDj 104S,FfcflBpaS7* It 17, Millar 11-13, P a r» 6 1 4 1 3 , Satan 2 2-2 7. Tatala2216-2681. T h m rw k a ______ 20 20 21 9-70Twin Bridfaa— ____ 1» 16 7. 20-61 Thraa-pdnt |oal - McAlaar.Ealan. IM al fcala • Thna Porta I t , Twin BridfM 21. Sharidaa (33) Taamaand (46) Laaiy 01-21, Sarith 1 2-2 4, Day 311-1617, HatHa20-24,Ludwkk3147,Jiaaa0O-10. Total* 9164133. Taomaawd^w ........... 6 14 16 6 - 46 Sharidan ------- « 7 6 12-33 Tag] hula - Toanaand 36, Bharldan lft Link (36) Wart Yallontana (30 BarraU 0 0-10, Hot! 0 0 4 • . S a lih 3 4 4 IQ.' Duptaa00-a0.0aorald94-1122r2unaarl0242* Kip* 0 1 4 1, Loaara32 4 8 , K a m i 3 0-16. IWala 291*3672., LMi«aUnA*ah_ -- IS 10 12 19-64 DUlonfraah ______ 20 16 17 20-7* Thraa-paintfoal-Sdanar. M a d a o t- B a m O . Total bula - LMnp«ac 1*. DUlau *7. Dffianrraah(*2) P o a r t l ^ rraahow DOlan Praah B a m tt 0 (M) 0, lla ll 3 3-7 8, S a lih 8 4 4 20, Dopiual 1 4 3 ,O n n ld4 l- 4 9 .f tlm r 6 0 4 1 2 .K t t 204 4 ,l«a a n 2 1-26,R « u m I I M S . TaMaST* 2762. ' DfflanftMh __ _ ___ 12 12 14 34-12 DaarLadfaflnah ____ 6 • 10 13-3S H i m paint faal - loM W . ftria j a Total lou la - Dillon 18, DaarLadfa 24. Huntaman 3 7-1013, B a m U 0 0-20, M a a r 2 2-3 6, Olaan 4 3-711, K am il 0 2-2 2, u n 2 0 4 4. Tolala I I 14-2438. WaatYallawalana ---- S 12 6 9-38 Lina __________ 4 10 8 14-36 Faulad out-Luca. Total faola-WoatYoIWatana 24, U n a 17. S c o u t s a l e The V igilante D istrict of M o ntana C o u n d l, Boy Scouts o f America, is conducting a T rail’s E n d G o u rm e t Popcorn sale through Nov. 12. Money from the sale w ill help provide the M o n tana Council a n d Scouting units w ith funds to support the D illon Scouting program. Anyone w ishing to place an order can c a ll J u lie Carpenter, 683-5345 o rP a tC la rk,683-2853. D istric t 11-C G ir U B a s k e tball S tanding * ALL CONF Ennis 15-3 -10-0 Harrison 12-6 7*3 Sheridan 8-10 6-5 -Twin Bridges 6-12 4-4 Lima 4-12 2-8 West Yellowstone 0-18 0-8 F r o n tie r Conference F o o tball S tandings ALL CONF Carroll 8-1 5-0 W. Montana 3-3 2-3 Rocky 4-5 2-3 M. Tech 3-6 1-t A t h l e t e o f t h e W e e k . . . . . ....... JAMMIE ELLIS BASKETBALL BCHS Senior, Forward COACH: Scott Hill Jammie Ellis, forward for the Dillon Beavers, was named Athlete of the Week by the D illon Tribune staff for her outstanding performance in two games last weekend. Her parents are Jim and Cheny EUs of Diiion. Jammie scored 22 points in two games. She scored 13 points against the number-one ranked Livingston Rangers Friday and fol­ lowed g up with nine points against the Doer Lodge Wardens on Saturday evening. E llis ted the team in rebounding both nights and is one of the leading rebounders in the Central A Conference. T h is A thlete o f th e W e e k is S p o n s o r e d ,by~. Valley Motor Supply The Auto Parts Store 204 N. M o n tana DiHon 633-6141 \ %

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