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L Tuaadoy.Nov. 1 . 1989-MM®a tfBSflwja®-7 J to m a d e o n W is e R i v e r P o l a r i s R o a d J L 1 0 9 y e a r s . Mike Crosser, of Eliel's, waits on a customer dressed in period clothes as part of the store's 190th anniversary party last week. The store was originally established in 1880. B E A V E R H E A D L I V E S T O C K A U C T I O N 7225 Hwy 91 S. D illon, MT . Yard Phone: (406) 683-2002 S a l e R e s u l t s : 1 1 / 2 / 8 9 U tility and commercial cows ........... ..1 ..... . .... ..42-47 Cutters . ................ . ................... ........ .7. ..... ..40-43 Canners,.......................................................36-40 Bulls ........ . .................................................. 50-58 Heiferettes.................................. . ................ 60-64 Feeder steers ................... . ......... 1 ................ 70-79 Fttetter heifers . .......... . ............;.;...........i ........ ....70-76 Slfeef salves 85-96 Heifer calves 86-90 S p e c i a l S h e e p S a l e N o v . 9 . R e g u l a r C a t t l e S a l e N o v . 9 . F l i n t C r e e k V a l l e y A n g u s B u l l S a l e N o v . 1 5 . S t a r t s a t 1 2 : 3 0 . S o c i a l c a r e e r d a y s l a t e d What will I do when I gradu­ ate? Almost every high school student has asked himself that question.' The S-Club and the Sorop- timists are trying to help stu­ dents answer that veiy question by sponsoring a special career day a t Beaverhead County High School Wednesday, Nov. 8. The program, scheduled from 8:30 a.m. to noon, will bring a ■ number of local business people to the school to help-answer questions students may have M O N T A N A I IYT.S I'OCK At, cK l i n , r . about potential careen. Juniors and seniors a t the. school will sign up for career information that interests' them.''., and a t a later time may everivisit a busi­ ness to get hands-on experience. The program will be in; the Rec Center a t the high school. The Beaverhead National Forest is planning two projects to improve the 'Vljlse River-Po- laris Road, according to Ron Prichard, tiie Forest Supervi­ sor. The road was designated a National Scenic Byway this spring and the Forest Service has received federal highway “money to upgrade it to accom­ modate current traffic. In one project, Gilman Con­ struction, awarded the bid for paving a 14-mile section ofthe road, from Elk Creek to Price Creek, has proposed obtaining gravel for the job from an exist­ ing p it near E lk Creek. The company proposes to use about 80,000 cubic yards of gravel 'and to build an asphalt batch plant in the pit area to prepare the asphalt for paving. In order to determine the ef: fects ofthe proposal, the Forest Service is conducting an envi-, ronmental analysis.; Public commenton the proposal will be taken at the Wise River Ranger District, 83^-3178,untflNov. 30. . / Further south/the Forest Service ia proposing to surface sixmilfeg ofthe road with crushed. stone and to do some minor cleaning and alignment, be­ tween Price Creek to d the Maverick Mountain turnoff. Currently, there's adust prob­ lem and public safety is aeon- cem, especially on b lind comers in this stretch of tiie road, Prichard said. Prichard noted some vegeta­ tion would be removed on the road shoulder to improve visi­ bility and to provide for turn­ outs. The cost o f the proposed project is $200,000. Survey wo A will be done in 1990 and actual construction work would start later in 1990or 1991. Maps and drawings of the proposed' are available for review a t the For­ est Servic* office in Dillon, Prichard added. - \Our specialists feel there’s little effect on* wildlife or other resources from this project on . the south end of the road..,But, i f someone feels we’ve overlooked something, we’d like to bear about it,” Prichardsaid. . Comments and questions on theproposalshouldbeaddressed to Jim Lincoln. Dilloo Banger District, 610 North M«ktana Street, Dillon. Comments must also be received by Nov. 30. 5 , \ S o c i a l S e c u r i t y o f f e r s t o l l - f r e e s e r v i c e Social Securitynowhasanew toll-free telephone service, ac­ cording to Paul Vang, Social Security manager in Butte. People Who wifeh: toPadc I H . I' ^ : Ms'-' ■1 . ' I I . ( ,1 I 1 I i H i l l . ) ! (t I ( m .1 . M l r' I S C H A F F N E R R A N C H C o m p l e t e D i s p e r s a l A u c t i o n S a t u r d a y , N o v e m b e r 1 1 , 1 9 8 9 - S a l m o n , I d a h o 1 0 : 0 0 A . M . S h a r p ! - L u n c h A v a i l a b l e DIRECTIONS: Oo w*it 4.6 mites put Tandoy store, Tandoy,Idaho on Highway 28. Turn right oppoaHa HAY- NESS CREEK RD sign on paved road. (Just put mil* post matter 120). Cross Lemhi River to T . Turn left at T and pnSeaedto Sandy Craak Road. Turn iaft and proceed to Radk> Dite Tower. Head north op hil approximately 1-1/4 mlM to ranch she. WATCH FOR 8KMS1I OR From Salmon. Idaho, 0 mfes southeast to Baker, Idaho on Highway 28. Turn left on paved road across Lemhi River. Turn right at T and proceed approxiately 4 miles to Radio Disc Tower on Sandy Creek Road Turn left at tower and head north up Ml 1-1/4 miles to ranch. WATCH FOR SIGNS!! 1 - JOHN DEEES f l A 0 4 tncU r, SOB C * . M ' A K m tap«4a<k,Tmti»tMBlarian*tth ta f l n n t a r , ! pL P.TXX AIr,Haatar,S04 h w n . Daal n a k M n d n . (O m aflha daanaat tm & rtm raaU ataaaartlaiOIS.taSSivbbw . I - JOHN DEERE SS«0 Im tar, IS *paa4 fcrwai* 8 r a m * Im w M n P.T.O. 1 f t HMa ahin. *a*4 haon, Dual n w d (nteolics.W I ---- Ball ta r u r fcw a p y .J S A d S n * (Army daaatnctarj I-Sataartnatardalna. ‘. ’OPS, HATBOCIFMXNT W V > « l-PAJOttlANDSSO'eickalUclilawlar.Ennanl eao^ftiML I-*BAUC HANDLES'ImU h a d . (lOtelthMulX AsnmcMny M i . Mmr. l-NEW H O U A MD . _____ ___ ___ IOCS Btmtk With 440 acFOKDna«ictiia4/2tnaaalaabn.Cab,Air, B * * ., AliTM lU n a , 1100 baan. (Ora tha ctMmM Hack aanAa tm i l M far aala a l aa anrtlw j 1SS1 n w . l- H E » I 0 8 4 < t » talar. Ukanaw. Of uataaaU S- ftaaa BKJDOH talar twtoai *10 laat 1 -BESOTON lO llH jd r o »wtn* S n I W . t f daanj ' M idi m a r it a l . M l n t a y t a iaw.wMi mm intffar. I J. K taMc M i l a ia M a n aaoilar. 16 - a * * e a f B e a t e lldfc e a i gimin e a * . T O A M I M BQVEnOCNT I-30HN DE&B no ir 41*. Claan. 1 - JOHN DEEBE PS«S S tatian raOanr pta*. Class. 1 - JOHN D O T * Medal B 10* grain d r ill 1 - ACC K fadtisadnr. 1 - J O H N D E E H E S O > tA rpnjrm r. IS O p f t n . 1 - 1HOB9EN haafjr tfatjr aaoaaaa chut* 1-nCO c a irtakia. 1-FOWOERBIVEK calf t o t e ,v t t h pataU. 3- P M taU .M b u n k a i 1 -1-ia tm partabi. m l n Ua. On Ufa. *1 - T n e la d iiid e a * d bam peke. 11’ *80 - SUal p a a li.U ln naw. IS - r^S* naw m a t e aaata. §0-11' cam] [win S - Waarfan ata). filaa. T. l- U U f W i f a n a t U a b a n . k p U i . Nuaanua w t roppBaa, Whfpa, Bactric brandinf inniMn.dt n x K u n o N * p ip e w p jm a a r r MO’ rfl-lA ’ PVCpip* 1 - W d S * 4 iaM tar, S O *aB t o l pipe l- M M f < lB H l a f , M t il » h a l > h a i AaaafM a lm ln a s p m Haa aaUa. U - n a a tk InlfaUaa d u u . 1 - M - U hw r y n Q p4p«., 1 - m i ( T ca h u t pipa.Naw. t k o c k * t o x x b u r r s 1 - hitarMHanal H1B010 whaakr Samp track. 12 . jarddnap.40t«>.paanflna.G'3tnnaataaiM>. boaip kM kaa gnda otaa^ana. lOMaaOM n t t a r . M a rt m V a ^ daa&) 1 - MUlaiy truck winch. Haary fcltr l-tHCm8apa»Sha«»yJalytfaaaail»alaB.WIUi P.TO. I -BEDDIAMOXDSOSfcyl ln c k M ((m .( B lm TANKS I-SOO^Uan IM tank with a u n t, n i m * hoaaa. 8 - t n gaJloa (Wd Uaks with aUads. P flu n A LAWNAHOUSKHOCaOrmU T0B02Iam rb«cfvl«vnB0w «r:(4)chair»*(l) Ubte t e k m ; UAYTAO cklhes irjwr, AUEHI* CAN r a i l wttar bmUr. HOME COMFORT u - tlfiw m d •**\% skit. Mbs A boota; (6) Usscbed •cuO htnmi trfph burm w**d ttova; ARKLA gu grflU charcoaS frilk crek*t Mt; CD M d in f tova t f a a i r y i i y mfl1ibc<l1—;canningjws;6diiiw«f netaJ fik cabfnst; 8EAR8 wood b itn in f BLACK A DECKER ttUrn a u k r , 60 filkm waUr hMtar, «kct(te ndto; w r t s d gun M l cu ln f t and aauBimilton; f lo w poto; Ufht flslttrN; aa* •ertcd alnminiiB ridinc; HQTPOINT rtfirifinU f/ M9CKLLANEOUS 1 - 8aad aortinc ttand^aqnratar. t - Psrtabla atetrfe caosnt m inr. S-WMdancabhrMla.MakacxcellanthorMfaedar I - BUSH BOO 170 $ ahtfik Hppw. S- 8 lM lb)aiikalhaiy m .n ) 10 * ( I) V . I- I f f ttsal wfikM Uoih hanww. U l t f t t t i r t o y i h B i l w r w r . 1 - PSESNO f aerra«. Antiqoa MG ---- 1- KAWASAKI J75«yd* 1 •> HONDA 90 trail, r a u . LIVESTOCK BOU1PMENT 1 - PDftaUa catUa laa&nf dnrta. On wharia. 1 - PAXBBANKSYORB18 ms I a CampMa tmdar carvtafs. Waifh bar. I M * . Unaeeembled. 1 • A R « 10* post halt sagar. P.TX). 1 - BNELLrOAUAGEB it e t r k fcnea. 2 charfen. AppradataUhr 1 nDa «if% with pasta. ‘ 1 - nanx-kkk prwrantar. 1 - ITiOKSCN bMd ckteh. I - BagUUnd 6 yaar M Qoaftar Hotm OaMinf. Baglar Ranch brad. 8«mL *8far Lodnr Baby* By: Lo^y Dac t a • O ut afi My S^BahyJV ««D faraka iw h n M In g D a r t y a a t o n p . TACK Brt4laa» haltan, span, cbapa* btankela, and bits, <® stack aaddlaa. Brmbaa, larfaU, curry camba, ak. BAT T A W tMtej^MiimttfpiUU^wfthp^ VBVUHWB alrcataprwaar. ISO pai; Bltant nafla; taipa; air haaaa; iharaia; M a ; baits; gvaaaa car* trtdc«a;WD40; IqrdraaBc AMERICAN 12lmpraa^ Unaafbalta: pipa fitttafi, aU 4 KENMOBE brash ir, handI ( Una. Asaortad bart>ad and oat wiia. 17 B m » auchina sUifh. 1 - Bal SUifh balls. 2-Bn^atraaa. 1 • OU sMgh n n a lo f f«ar. 1 ~ OU h x it board springs. 1 * PwtaWa 3T cat woad aaw. With Wiacondn 4 cydaaalar. 1 - M A S S Y FfeBGUSON made! 90 backhoa. Cab. 1 - Quick hitch FARMHAND buckat r . 1 -Laadar mount pUtfara. l>CASEbackhaabock«L 1 -Sat o f1000 lb. tractar waighta. WithbrackeL 1-60 galko portable propane tank. 1 - Waedan lwdgata. New. 1 - F O M 2 N * 2I0Buira)a with tonga. 2 - Pickup bcaaa. JEEP A FORD 3/4 ton. HAY (Afi hay v B l ba tcated) US-tans 1st crop <nmethy/al&I£» hay. 90 - Iona 2nd crap aetfel&dfa hay. 78 - teas 2nd crap alfUfe. SO-tans lat crap TUnethytel&Ua hay. 8S - tana lat «f«p eat haw. 78-tana l i t crop ItaotigrfeUaMa hay. t f - tans 2nd crop alialfii hay 90 - Ians i n crop ItooUiyriufalfh. •Hay wfll ba auctioned eff in stack leie tools; (rtndan; welding stand; scrap steal; wooden cabinet; SEARS ShaDow waD iat poapc wheel barrow; acacpa; aaaertad chain ■; DMwrt m a p caolar; aseMted A rt A • lumber. , AUCTIONEER'S NOTE; Haniy and B a rton Scheff- , ner hava sold their ranch m d w flfbo m o ytng/M' equipment snd hsy «?!“ bs isJd. Ths squfpsnrrf fitted above is in exsepficftai oon^ticn. Rc;e It t* ta **U tu d i a ekmn Une of equipment. DON'T MISS THIS SALE! H I G H C O U N T Y A U C T I O N G a le H a rding - P.O. Box 761 R e x b u rg, Id a h o 83440 208-356-3700 Not responsible for accidents. Cash or Cheek at Time of Se!a question, apply for a Social Se­ curity card, start a Social Secu­ rity or Supplemental Security Income claim or make a report cam vcaH ‘tfttinfila tolMree tele- p.) r ff't< , ’a ’ S I T Z 5 7 5 H E A D sisu> L u n c h 1 1 :0 0 S a le 1 2 :0 0 T H U R S D A T , D E C . 7 3 2 5 Reg. A n g u s B u lls 15 0 Reg. B r a n g u s B u lls \200 B r e d C o m . A n g u s H e ifers P r o v e n P e i j b r m a n e e Free Delivery For Catalog - Ph. 685-3360 S I T Z A N G U S R A N C H Harrison. MT50735 phone number firom anywhere in the United States. 'Hie new phone number is 1-800-2345- USA. * ■ ‘CalUtothenewifumberwill be answered a t one bf several - telephone service centers around the country. I f they need to be referred to a local Social Secu­ rity office, they w ill‘be referred to their local office, frequently an appointment will be made or the local office will return a call. The service is available 24hours a day, every day. As part o f the changeover to the new service, easting pub­ lished Social Securitytelephone numbers have been disconnected and callers w ill be referred to tho 800 number. M8950 DTC - Cab, air, heater, radio, 85HP, 4 WD, triple remote valves. Reg. price $47,000°° F a l l S p e c i a l $ 4 0 , 5 0 0 0 0 M6950 DTC - Cab, air, heater, radio, 66 HP, 4 WD, triple remote valves. Reg. price *39,500°° F a l l S p e c i a l ^ S / O Q O 0 0 M4950 DT - 4 post rops, dual valves, 47 HP, 4 WD Reg. price *27,800°° F a l l S p e c i a l $ 2 4 , 5 0 0 0 0 K u b o t a F i n a n c i n g a s l o w r a s 2 . 7 5 % Kubota Tractors Zetor Tractors MacDon Swathers Ezee-on Loaders M&W Round Balers Gehl Equipment Tamip Disc M.G. Westendorf Loaders M a c h i n e r y T r a d i n g P o s t , I n c . 4555 North Reserve - Missoula, MT 59801 (4£ J n/,\ g in UO/ 9 U V U O A

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