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Paga B-2 - Dlilsu Tribune - Wednesday, Apri! 26,1995 Dillon boys dominate in track The Dillon boys dominated the field at the Livingston Invi­ tational Track and Field meet, while a number of girls provided muliple place winning perfor­ mances for a third place team effort The track team went to Boze­ man on Monday, will compete in Salmon on Wednesday and again in Butte on Saturday. Dillon Results Girls' Team Scorea-Anaconda 190, Living­ ston, 173, Dillon 85, Hardin 24, Butte Centra] 18. 100:5, Chris Phillips, 14.4 200: 5, Jennifer Edwards, 31.0; 6, Chris Phillips, 31.9 * 400:6, April Cypher, 1:21.9 800:3, Claire Wehri, 3:21.1; 4, Miller, 3:32.1 1,600: 3, Claire Whri, 6:21.8 100 hurdles: 4, Carver 300 hurdles: 2, Jenn Edwards, 65.5. Shot Put: 4, Mandy Holt, 30-6 3/4 Discus: 5, Mandy Holt, 85-11 Javelin: 1, Mandy Holt, 102-11 Long jump: 2, Leslie Cole, 14-8 High jump: 4, Jennifer Edwards, 4- 4; 6, Breanne Jones, 4-2 Pole Vault: 1, Mandy Holt, 7-6; 3, Sara Rebich, 6-6; 6, Mary Iverson, 5-0 Boys' Results 100: 2. Tyler Roschinger, 11.9; 5, Jay Brost, 12.6; 6, Josh Clinton, 12.6 200: 1, Tyler Roschinger, 24.68; 4, Jess Jackson, 26.1 400: 1, Tyler Roschinger, 54.27; 3, Ed Dupuis, 57.5 800: 2, Trevor Burnaby, 2:16.4; 3, Nathan Miller, 2:16.4; 4, Chad Leavitt, 2:17.8; 5, Ed Dupuis, 2:18.2 1,600: 3, Nathan Miller, 6:02.7; 5, Lyle Weese, 5:09.08; Chad Leavitt, 5:17 3,200: 2, 3, Ryan Jonart, 12:18.2; 4, Jeff Peterson, 12:50.9; 6, Lyle Weese, 1305.5; 6, Tim Browning, 14:21.1 110 hurdles: 1, Mark Cypher, 17.20; 2. Jess Alberi, 17.4; 3, 4, Pete Lucon, 17.4 300 hurdles: 1, Tyler Roschinger, 43.8; 2, Jess Alberi, 44.3; 3, Pete Lucon, 46.4 400 relay: 3, Dillon, 49.1 1,600 relay: 1, Dillon, 3:54.66 Shot put: 1, Brian Broyles, 127-5; 5, John Connors, 39.1; 6, Jamie Winstead, 39-0 Discus: 1, Brian Broyles, 127-5; 5, John Connors, 123-6; Marie Cypher, 122- 3 Long jump: 3, Pete Lucon, 18-4; 4, Mark Cypher, 18-1; 6, Jason Ricks, 17- 5 High jump: 4, Pete Lucon, 5-2 Triple jump: 2, Jason Ricks, 38-9; Bryan Schaffer, 38-1; 4, Troy Peterson, 37-9; 6, Mark Cypher, 37-1. Ftole vault: 4, Wes Smith, 9-0; 6, Clyde Dawson, 8-6. Lady Beav netters progressing The youthful Dillon Lady Beaver tennis team is develop­ ing quit nicely into a divisional champion contender. Accord­ ing to Coach Jenny Waldorf, the missing ingredient now is expe­ rience, a problem she tried to remedy by making the Dillon Invitational tennis tournament a double elimination format The 32-girl singles and 16- team doubles brackets made for lota o f matches and a long day of tennis on Dillon courts Thurs­ day. Despite minor interrup­ tions, the tourney ran smoothly with Dillon's Jennifer Gordon taking the singles title. The doubles side ran into a time problem and the champi- onship match in that bracket will be played Thursday in Liv­ ingston. The Lady Beaver senior duo of Kathy Kimzey and Jill Welch will meet Livingston’s Blatter and Bums for the title. \I’m disappointed. I feel we would have been very competitive if we could have played them here,\ said Waldorf o f the de­ layed title match. “Our number one doubles team is coming along veiy well.” A surprise on the doubles side was the play of Dillon’s #2 JV team, Tasha Hilton and Kynda Larson. The freshmen two var­ sity #2 teams, Anaconda and Boulder. Shuland wins Bud Scratch Bowling tournament here By J.P. Plutt Kevin Shulund, a WMC senior from Hamilton, won the 11th annual Budweiser Scratch Bowling Tournament Sun­ day at Ned-Eva Lanes. Shulund beat Whitehall’s Bob Shaw 204-175 in the championship show-down. Twenty-eight bowlers entered the event which was sanc­ tioned by the International Bowling Congress and the Women’s International Bowling Congress. Thompson Dis­ tributing sweetened the pot with $500 added money. The field o f 28 was cut to 16 after each kegler had rolled six games. After three more games the field was narrowed to five and a step ladder final was then used to determine the champion. The Peterson Point System was used to make the first two cuts. Letha Kivinen, the only woman in the field, made the first cut and finished a respectable 15th. In the step ladder finals, head to head competition deter­ mined advancement. Dillon’s Brad Cottom, sitting in fourth place, and Whitehall’s Fred LeProwse, in fifth, opened the finals. Fatigue and lane conditions tripped-up Cottom. T h e lanes had dried out since early in the day and every­ body was having trouble keeping the ball on the right side of the head pin,” said Cottom after his 181-160 loss to LeProwse. “It was my tenth game and I was a little tired. I couldn’t keep my ball speed up and it kept crossing the alley high—a couple o f splits and that’s all she wrote.” As the tourney wore on, the balls took the oil down the lanes \breaking down” the surface and forcing the bowlers to adjust—or drop by the wayside. The conditions gave LeProwse’s next opponent, Dillon’s Trenton Selway, a slight advantage. Selway, as one o f only two left-handers entered, could bowl a line that didn’t suffer as much oil break-down as the righties. Selway beat LeProwse 193-159, but then lost to Bob Shaw, 156-162. T h e oil bothers me, but I can a4just to that,” said Shaw. “I enjoy it over here. I usually bowl pretty good in Dillon and the people are pretty nice.” Shaw said. Shaw entered the finals in second and that’s how he would finish, losing to Shulund 204-175. Shaw and Shulund were paired in the first round with Shaw winning two of three games. “I got my butt kicked. I was in 15th place after the first set,” said Shulund. “I went and got a ball out of the back and dusted it off and it worked.” Shulund adjusted to the lane conditions by going deeper inside and cutting the break down on his hook. At 23, Shulund was considerably younger than his finals opponent, but that didn’t get him over-confident. “He told me in the final match that he was too old and he was getting kind of tired. He said he couldn’t put the power on the ball he needed to carry,” recalled Shulund. “I don’t know, I bowled against him in quite a few tournaments and he doesn’t wear- out too much.” Shulund said that when he first started bowling in Dillon five years ago, he entered the step ladder finals in second behind his brother Cary and Shaw in fifth. Shaw went on a run all the way up the ladder to claim the championship. “It was kind of revenge I guess,\ said Shulund. “I owed him one.\ 1995 Budweiser Scratch Bowling Tournament at Ned- Eva Lanes FINALS Championship—Kevin Shulund, Dillon, def. Bob Shaw, Whitehall, 204- 175. Loaer Third—Shaw def. Trenton Selway, Dillon, 162-156. Loser Fourth— Selway def. Fred LeProwse, Whitehall, 193-159. Loser Fifth— LeProwse def. Brad Cottom, Dillon, 181-160. m int O C A / O i l U L I J 1 Final placing with Peterson Points, Dillon unless otherwise noted. 6, Bill Fredrickson, 39.34; 7, Bill Shafer, 39.15; 8, Dick Newton, 38.14; 9, Dan Grogan, 38.07; 10, Scott McDougal, 38.03; 11, Guy Wall, 37.48; 12, Mike Wall, Whitehall, 37.38; 13, Sean Dodd, 37.18; 14, Jack Eddie, 35.14; 15, Letha Kivinen, 35.20; 16, Jerry McIntosh, Whitehall, 35.11. FIRST CUT 17, Wayne Contway, 24.06; 18, Jim Valech, 23.16; 19, Don Colbert, 23.14; Henry Symington, 23.04; 21, Chuck Mclenda, 22.43; 22, Scott Rakich, 22,15; 23, Jim Plutt, 22.04 ; 24, Gene Shows, Whitehall, 21.40; 25, Jim Watkins, 21.28; Sam Stearns, 21.00; 27, Bill Allen, »5.23; 28, Jim Buterbaugh, Whitehall, 19.49. On the singles side, Kari Meine advanced to the semifi­ nals in a strong effort before losing consecutive matches to Anaconda’s Heather Yeoman and Nichols. Jennifer Gordon struggled at times but contin­ ued undefeated on the season with an 8-6 win over Yeoman for the title. “She’s a very good athlete and she’s mentally tough,” said Waldorf o f Gordon. “She knows how to get the big points. She’ll have a bad shot—her backhand was giving her trouble Satur­ day—lout it seems like she al­ ways rises up to the occasion to do the job.” “She’s in other sports and she knows how to handle people watching, she knows how to handle when she’s behind. I think that’s what sets her apart— she’s just mentally tough and she’s a good athlete.” The Lady Beavers will have a busy week with A Tuesday match in Anaconda, A Thurs­ day match in Livingston and a tournament Saturday in Ana­ conda. Champion Jenny Gordon stretches for a shot during the Dillon Invitational tennis match last weekend. Gordon won her matches, j p Plutt Photo Shuland claims unofficial title Kevin Shulund claimed the unofficial title as Dillon’s best bowler when he won the Budweiser Scratch Bowling Tournament Sunday. There is no handicapping the scores in a scratch tourney, the best scores win. Shulund, a 23-year-old WMC student from Hamilton, has had his share of good scores. Twice he has thrown perfect 300 games in Dillon, although they were practice games. And at a tourney on his home lanes in Hamilton, he bowled two 300 games on the same day. You might say Shulund comes by his bowling ability bio­ logically. His brother Cary is a successful bowler and his dad Lynn spent two years on the Pro Tour. “He made pretty good money, but he said he had to raise us kids so that’s why he got out o f it,” said Kevin. Shulund, in his fifth year in Dillon, is finishing up the re­ quirements for an elementary education degree. His wife Kerrie is also a stbdent and they have a two-year-old daughter Hallie. * Besides graduation, Shulund has a few bowling tourney’s planned for the month of May. May 2-6, he will enter the Mas­ ters, a professional tournament, and May 7-8 the Nationals. Both tourney’s are staged in Reno, Nevada. Teams win bowling titles The teams of Haley McDonald-Kevin Shulund and Nate McDonald-Sean Dodd won championships at Saturday’s Junior-Senior Bowling Tourna­ ment at Ned-Eva Lanes. The tourney format was 8- pin no-tap, meaning a score of eight pins or over would regis­ ter as a strike. Each team, one junior bowler and one adult, bowled two games. Adults Sam Stearns and Scott McDougal rolled 300 games under the format Dil­ lon Middle School student Nate McDonald scored a 297 for the high junior line. Shuland and McDonald to­ taled a 925 to win the bantam- prep division. Karen Odle-Jerry Odle scored 862 for second and Tyler Forrester-Liana Forrester 831 for third. McDonald and Dodd took the junior high-high school division with a 1094 total. Conrad McDougal and Scott McDougal were second at 1044 and Ryan Wall and Guy Wall third with a 964. Winning form Kevin Shuland shows his winning form as he practices for the scratch match, which he won. j p Plutt Photo Weather blitzes golf action The BCHS golf teams were scheduled to play the Butte High Invitational last Friday and Saturday but did not see action because of a weather can­ cellation. The tourney was re­ scheduled for Mon day and Tues­ day, the results of which were not know at press time. The golf team will travel to Anaconda on Friday for the Anaconda Invitational— weather permitting. Southwest Montana Tavern Association has Scholarships Available Call Connie Lively at 834-2721 or Write S.W.M.T.A. P.O. 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Dillon Tribune (Dillon, Mont.), 26 April 1995, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/2015269516/1995-04-26/ed-1/seq-17/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.