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D illo n Tribune - Wednesday, April 26, 1995 - Page Â-7 Fat-free doesn’t mean calorie-free Grocery shelves now have fat-free sour cream, low-fat sour cream, regular sour cream and the same options for many foods we enjoy. Lower fat products give people trying to cut back on fat much more variety in their choices, but don't start thinking that fat-free means calorie-free, Lyn Paul, MSU Extension nutritionist, says. It doesn’t. Recent studies have shown that we eat larger serving sizes of low-fat and fat-free foods compared to foods containing regular amounts of f e t I know I did when I first tried low-fat sour cream. It tasted great and I “treated* myself to a much larger portion than usual. I ended up havingas many calories as I would have had with my usual smaller portion of regular sour cream. Now as I prepare * portion, I consciously try to remind myself that low-fat and fat-free do not mean calorie free. Low- fat and fat-free products can help steer away from the nega­ tive effects of a “diet mentality,” where we feel deprived of eating normal fbods, feel guilty when eating regular fat foods and may binge after constant deprivation. When dieting, we don’t need to completely give up foods that are normally high in calories, such as ice cream, sour cream and cookies. However, we do need to remember that we have thepotential to eat as many calories or more when eating fat-free or low-fat options. Reducing the amount of fat in our diets is very important, but if we lose sight of the calories in the process, we may end up “ounce-wise but pound foolish.” The new nutrition labels on foods make it easier to figure out the amount of fat we’re buying, l h e serving sizes on the labels are based on amounts people actually e a t I c + s > c + s c + s c * o c + J i ^Does ^ o u r ^Household Diave • ¿An ¿Allergy Sufferer? 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U.S. law doesnotrequire those producing or selling herbs to guarantee the products’ safety. It does not give the Food and Drug Administration the power to regulate herbs the way it regu­ lates drugs, even though both may be used to “cure” a problem. When such a law was proposed in the Dietary Supplement and Education Act of 1994, it was defeated after a letter-writing campaign by proponents ofherb- based products. This means that some “natu­ ral” herbs sold in grocery stores, pharmacies, health food stores and by your neighbor can be ex­ tremely hazardous to your health. Several recent warnings from the FDA and the Montana De­ partment of Health and Con­ sumer Scienceshavebeen issued for herbs and herbal products such as Chaparral, E’OLA, and Nature’s Nutrition Formula One. Chaparral is an herbal rem­ edy widely available in the Uni ted States touted for its anti - oxidant properties, which are said to protect against aging. Its leaves can be used' for tea or ground and made into tablets. The active ingredient in chapar­ ral is a very potent antioxidant, nordi-hydroguaiaretic acid, which can cause severe liver dam­ age. A case reported recently in the Journal of the American Medical Association chronicled the use of chaparral that resulted in severe liver damage. The pa­ tient required a liver tran splant. E’OLA is an herbal weight loss product widely distributed in Montana. It contains Ma Huang, a Chinese herb. The active in­ gredient of Ma Huang is ephe- drine, an amphetamine like chemical that is a potent heart stimulant. Last year, the Montana De­ partment of Health and Envi­ ronmental Science’s Food and Consumer Safety Bureau issued a warning to avoid E’OLA after ithad received reportsfrom Mon­ tanans of potential adverse ef­ fects of taking this product. Sev­ eral Cascade County residents were treated for significantly high blood pressure and a Bill­ ings resident was treated for a heart attack. Each person had been taking E’OLA before their acute health problem. All recov­ ered after discontinuing use of the product. Recently, the FDA warned of problems linked to use of Nature’s Nutrition Formula One supplements, which contains Ma Huang in combination with a kola nut mixture. The FDA bulletin said the agency has received more than 100 reports of health problems linked with people taking the Nature’sNutrition Formula One supplem ent. The problems ranged from heart attacks and hepatitis to death. The FDA con­ cluded that the combination of ephedrine from Ma Huang and the caffeine in the kola nut could produce a health risk even when taking the supplement as di­ rected. Another herbal fad is Man­ churian mushroom tea or kombucha. This home-made tea has no documented medicinal value. A March FDA bulletin in­ dicated that kombucha’s rela­ tively high acid content could leach lead or other toxic sub­ stances from some ceramics or painted containers. The FDA found no sanitary problems when it inspected one kombucha tea supplier in Cali­ fornia. However, the FDA bulle­ tin also said people should be cautious of home-brewed ver­ sions of this tea, because the yeasts, bacteria, black tea and sugar from which it is fermented could nourish illness-causing mi­ croorganisms. Many people believe herbs are safe because they are “natural” and “organic.” However, many such products contain powerful chemicals that can cause health problems. Do not assume that the latest herbal remedy is safe just be­ cause it is touted as “natural.” If you now take an herbal remedy, check with your physician, phar­ macist or the Poison Control Cen­ ter for potential toxic ingredi­ ents found in the herbs or the potential dangerous interaction between the herb and other medi­ cations. Paul is a registered, dietitian with a doctorate in Adult Learn­ ing and Education. She can be reached at MSU in the Depart­ ment o f Health and Human De­ velopment, 994-5702. Nellie's Notes - s* v B^nao^ The Internet is good for your health information, too The Health Fair is May 13 so I have been surfing the Internet for health information. I was surprised a t how much is available. Earlier I had printed out a \Guide to Internet Medical Resources\ dated December 1994. Recently when I browsed the Guide online I discovered that it had been revised March 1, '95 and had grown from 67 to 84 pages. Well have both printouts available a t the fair and invite you to view them. The guides include Internet addresses to reach more informa­ tion on each subject. We will have a computer online a t the Health Fair so if you find a subject that interests you we will try to get it for you. Big Sky Telegraph has this latest guide available to download from their files in the BBS Networking area, titled Medical List. Health workers use of the Internet is growing rapidly. There are files available online for physicians, dentists, nurses, thera­ pists, pharmacists, and emergency medicine practitioners. One new resource is The Virtual Medical Center. It provides an index of- multimedia education courses available on Internet. Many universities are now offering xrays, MRI's, and multimedia inter­ active programs as part of education projects, since the Internet can provide a rich environment for sound, images, and video presentations. Another resource, The Virtual Hospital in Iowa, is accessible on the Internet 24 hours a day. Their medical multimedia database is continuously updated and provides patient care support and distance learning to practicing physicians. There are many health-related discussion lists for those of us not in the health field. One example is the Alzheimer group for patients, family and professional caregivers, researchers and any­ one interested in Alzheimer's or related disorders in older adults. Their purpose is to provide an opportunity to share questions, answers, suggestions, and tips. Likely topics include drugs cur­ rently available, treatment, tests to diagnose, likelihood of devel­ oping Alzheimer, and the differences in the disease and senility. Other topics of the discussion and informational groups are cancer, autism, diabetes, Lyme disease, multiple sclerosis, al­ lergy, Parkinson's, epilepsy, AIDS, ALS, cataract surgery, psy­ chiatry, deafness, stroke, transplants, and many others. To join a list group you subscribe via email; no charge is made for most lists. Then you receive messages by email a t various times that you may read a t your convenience. You may choose to reply to any or none, ask for further information, or ignore and delete the messages from you mailbox. You might wish to print out a particular message to keep for reference. You may unsubscribe by sending email to the list manager a t any time. Persons who join lists but never respond are called lurkers; that is not a derogatory term. It is better not to respond unless you have something worthwhile to add to the discussion. Ken recently found another example of free sharing of informa­ tion on the Internet when he read an announcement in the cancer list he had joined months ago. CancerGuide is a new WWW site for cancer information written by cancer patient Steve Dunne. Dunne is devoted to helping patients research their own treat­ ment and points to other resources. He also offers original mate­ rial on such things as the pros and cons of researching the disease, how to get basic information you need to begin your research, and accessing databases. Space for CancerGuide is provided by Boulder Community Network, a community Internet service, by and for people of Boulder County, Colorado. CancerGuide is only part of BCN, which is located at http://bcn.boulder.co.us. The BCN home page (the first part you see when connecting online) is designed to be user friendly. BCN is on the Internet and a part of what is being called World Wide Web. WWW provides a new way of contacting and interacting with all the great resources on the Internet such as music and other sounds, pictures and other graphics, motion or action, and the usual text. The home page has options available, such as help for people who are new to BCN, directions to search for information, lists of current local events and information available, plus what's new at BCN. The information centers are listed as arts, business, commu­ nity, education, environment, government, health, human ser­ vices, job training and employment, library, media, transporta­ tion, and weather. Public kiosks are available to insure that everyone has access to the information whether they have a computer at home or not Classes are given a t various times to assist those who need help using BCN. Distance learning is an interesting idea. We have been in­ volved in distance learning through Big Sky Telegraph by taking introductory classes on the computer a t home. Also Roadmap'95, which is listed on BST in the Networking area, is free from the University of Alabama. We appreciate the technological progress that allows us to take a class and leam how to use the Internet without leaving home. Questions, comments, and requests concerning this column are invited. Send to The Tribune, 22 South Montana, Dillon, MT 59725, or email them, as one former Dillonite now in Texas already has done after seeing this column. nellieh9bigsky.diUon.mtus You Can Trust Our Pharmacy at Mitchell Drug See our complete line of Value-Rite Cough & Cold Preparations M ITCHELL DRUG 125 E. Glendale *683-2316 Spring is just around the corner and its time to get in shape. 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Dillon Tribune (Dillon, Mont.), 26 April 1995, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/2015269516/1995-04-26/ed-1/seq-7/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.