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Dillon Tribune - Wednesday, September 24, 1S97 - Page A-15 /T* B h c c r «»A E>-A sf~t\ Continued from paga A-14 fi 5' I ? ! Ì 5 1 {! Ë; 9 j : r, ,* r : *, * ?! Tam as Benda was fined $70 for a basic rule violation. Bobby Turney was fined $50 for speeding. Kurt Askins was fined $50 for speeding. Reid Cooper was fined $60 for speeding. \George Marinkovich\ ¥ CATCH OF THE WEEK 23*. 6.45 lb. Trout. George received a $15 Gift Certificate. All entries will be e ligble for a $25 G ift Certificate to be drawn a t the end of the month. Co-Op Supply of Dillon 700N. llofttiM • 643-2308* 1-800-750-23M Opts I a.m. • 10 pjn. 7 days i wwk. - VI m • MaMKHd • Discover• Cenex Conwnimce Card a W \ Eva Rodriguez was fined $50 for speeding. Chad Mussard was fined $70 for operating a vehicle with im­ proper lights. Chad Newell was fined given six months in jail and fined a total of $1,110 for MIP, unlawful trans­ action and obstruction. Part of the fine and the jail time were de­ ferred. Debra Strohmyer was fined $45 for speeding. Michael Kelly was fined $375 for disorderly conduct. Gary Hansen was fined $50 for speeding. Len Zito was fined $120 and ordered to pay $50 in restitution for issuing a bad check. Mandy Tyler was fined $50 for a stop sign violation. Lisa St. Louis was fined $50 for speeding. Dwayne Wock was fined $500 with all but $70 suspended, and given six months in jail with b II but 48 hours suspended for ob­ struction and endangering the welfare of children. 9\12\97. A pair of binoculars was stolen from a pick-up at Clark Canyon Dam, while the owner and his friends were fishing. The bin- A U C T I O N S A L E Sunday, September 28,1997 • 11 AM Wisdom, Montana Keller Electric Metal Saw, Super Sioux Steam Cleaner, Vises, Bench Grinders, 3/4\ Drill Press, Floor Jack, Chain Hoist, Air Tire Machine, Valve Face & Seat Grinders, Lots of Other Shop Related Items, Antique Tools, Old Trucks, Automotive Parts, Large Safe, Coal Wood Cook Stoves, Lots of Household Items and Antiques. 20X30 Log Building (To Be Moved). Also to be offered at Auction, Two Lots 50’X135’ Each. For Listing and Details Contact: PROPHET'S AUCTIONEERING 406-683-5331 • Dillon, Montana Owner: Monte Clemow 406-689-3630 or 406-689-3145 oculars were described as follows: Bausch and Lomb 10X50 binocu­ lars with a leather case and But­ ler Creek Strap. 9\12\97. Officers are investi­ gating a report of harassing phone calls in the Melrose area. 9\12\97. Officers are investi­ gating the theft of food stamps and a medicaid card, taken from a mail box some time in September. 9\12\97. Officers are investi­ gating a report that a mother left two young children alone at their Skyline Trailer Court home. 9\13\97. Officers assisted the Highway Patrol with a one vehicle accident ofT the Red Rock exit at the lower end of Clark Canyon Dam. The driver, who sustained a broken ankle, was taken to Barrett Hospital. 9\14\97. Officers investigated a report of vandalism at the Shady Nook Trailer Court. Several win­ dows were broken by rocks. 9\15\97 Officers investigated a report of a suspicious person. A woman w alking down Selway Drive was approached by a male in a pick-up truck who persistently asked her if ahe wanted a ride. The driver did not get out of the vehicle and did not tiy to force her to enter the track. The driver then left and did not return. 9\16\97. Officers made a rou­ tine traffic stop on a vehicle on the Blacktail Road. The passen­ ger, Michael Robert John, 20, of Dillon, was cited for MIP. 9\16\97. Officers investigated a report of a suspicious vehicle on Blacktail Road. Apparently the occupants of the vehicle threw out a golf bag. Although unable to lo­ cate the vehicle, officers recovered the bag which had allegedly been stolen from a garage at a resi­ dence south of Dillon. 9\16\97. Officers investigated a three vehicle, non-ii\)ury acci­ dent on hwy 41. One vehicle ■ topped in the lane to make a left hand turn into Beaverhead Home Center when he wee rear-ended by another vehicle. The rear ve­ hicle struck the one in front and in the process ended up in the southbound lane, and (truck the front o f an on-coming vehicle. Nicholas John Miller, 24, of Dil- Dear M o n t a n a P o w e r : ’re offering a smart choice * , » *7 7 7 1 . . . . . • . l - * - . - . * . - a - s th a t - comf QrtapJ.e fo r s ta y in g warm i n w in • s i g h f sm a rter e f f i c i e n t N a tu r a l Gas. I t ^ T o u to ow, th a n * y u s u a l method o f ja r m - ^ flyin ’ thousands of vW * ‘ * Besides, , .H-r-ine:. that long m&uu I t , S S° e v e r y o n e ’ s flocking down there now , th e crowds are unbearable, th e co s t o f p r o p e r ty is sky h ig h - je e s h . A l l th in g s considered, I’d rather convert to natural gasheat, thank you. Just stay home and save money a ll winter. I * ™t exactly s ittin ’ up here on a pile of gold eggs, you know. Cheers, M r s • G o o s © p . s . i f y ° u know ^ sn o w b ir d s l o o k i n ’ f o r p rim e la k e s h o r e p r o p e r t y in F l o r i d a , t e l l ‘em : to g iv e me a j i n g l e * FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT SWITCHING TO MFC NATURAL GAS HEAT AND LOW-INTEREST FINANCING, CALL MONTANA POWER NOW AT 1-800-227-0129. NATURAL GAS FROM MONTANA POWER. THE SMART CHOICE FOR STAYING WARM. Ion, was cited for careless driving. 9\16\97. Officers received a report from a Utah man that his raft had been shot at while he traveling south from Clark Can­ yon Dam. The man advised that while he was traveling between Lima and Monida he heard a noise similar to a tire blowing. Pulling over to check his tires he noticed that his raft was de­ flating. He assumed that a rock had made the puncture. Later, while he was cleaning up the raft, he found a bullet lodged in the pump. He believed that the shot came from the west side of 1-15. 9\17\97. Officers received a report that the Lima High School had been broken into and a Sharp VCR stolen. Investigations con­ tinue. 9\19\97. Officers received a report that fishing equipment had been stolen from a vehicle while it was parked at the South End of Clark Canyon Dam. Investigations continue. 9\20\97. Officers are investi­ gating a possible break-in at a resi­ dence in the Wise River area. Marking it down Bill Hritsco marks down responses from a planning session last Wednesday, that involved almost 7 5 adults. The adults were reviewing responses made by 170 Dillon youngsters as to ways to spend a $ 5 0 ,000 grant from the Turner Foundation. T h e grant is for youth projects. The remarks will now go to a steering committee, which will develop subcommittees to mix and match dojjars the wishes '««iMMAfcMhtIwftpubHc meetlngs.nw ^ V ^ ’ ¿4«« lYni - 7 Trie three m a jorelem e n tsofth^^$§iqp 3 d 0 reS§.di. 9 ! e h , center, idea, social issues raised by youth and facilities requested by the youth a t the first planning session The grant would begin in January and is renewable, with a grant deadline in November. Now Southwestern Montana Homebuyeis Have a CHO ICE! Stick built Factory Homes wtth distinction at affordable prices. In t r o d u c i n g .... J lrajUprd homes* GII£ATIIOM13_b<UMrMV*«ai ««*»* and S a b i plana, o t O M t d S T .Cearramenet.-i»*»)«« and •m e u m o o n vhtm <xWH«isealw*JbHSUW*aei i* i-wBIBI.iPfrjw CMUMMflMvtfwVBWIWw'WWw'PffiW V f . • vXX'XvXv'-'vXv:1:- ,,,j>:vy i-:*i JDL CONSTRUCTION SHERIDAN, MONTANA C a lle r S tep la M l talk a lt k a * Yaar araa v M e S M O o rt Heaiea AMhortzad BulMer ___________ 4 0 1 e . M A IM . e m a U D A H . M r SS7«S (4011 W -8 1 1 2 ____________ li your backyard a forest? Find out more about it: At the Forest Stewardship Workshop. ^ S m a r t C h o i c e A r r o 'r c t O / T r : '. c - i . - . - i Prv.tr C c - ; — y Learn from specially-trained instructors Develop a Forest Stewardship Plan for your property. Use professional tools to explore yo u r fo rest Montana Tech campus in historic Butte. October 8—10 & 15—17. Cost is only $45. CallusbyScptcmlvr28.1997to nredtea uvrfclvp Iwocktrc andappbu ‘’on. iiSO Extension Forestry i m v -,. ->4 %.4~na U\ '-vouh

Dillon Tribune (Dillon, Mont.), 24 Sept. 1997, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/2015269516/1997-09-24/ed-1/seq-15/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.