Dillon Tribune (Dillon, Mont.) 1989-current, October 30, 2002, Image 16

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Page B-8 - D illo n T ribune - Wednesday, October 30, 2002 J y <t ! t j t / ' t '* . * » . Æ - w J t e î U f - „ . . A . .^L^iuitiu - -- \ ] . ' s i \ . \ S > n m i . i \ ( I m : m i J i n u n ' l i t I n . i i : \ l i n ' i i i . \ I . ■ ' I \ I V I - I I I ' I I I N 'jridfA * ‘-\\W M a r i n i Drcan 2,6tt*S F ciHlom l o i boraa w/12\ lo w 4BR, 2BA, LR, Kitchen w 1 ■aliane««, FR, loft w/ office f t (iH ft n o , teun- dry im f t dock, t i n t e d 2 I c a r i a r n e , wood/tool d a i I f t o u tb u ild««. Ploiity o f I ncraiiünfc, ridrâubv-1 .able vicari f t yaar rotuid | acacia. B a ird a lc K W in | River, MT. I aaa c f t A a a o c ia t n aaaaa).CMi jappt.com montaranechJaDd.com TRADING Any & All Ammo iiteWiact 4 M C. « a n d a ta S trait an, riant sans dû. I can be ordered lM, through us. lvu) Special Ordtn-Ha eatmtkarge C o m p lim e n tary U o r e iig h lm g I Wild Game Processing Cut and wrapped just the way you want T This tl All That’s, We also make various kinds of sausage products! Far domestic animals.. Phase call for appointment AL Left, IRoborto Packing Co. 12800 Hwy. 91 S . • D illon • 683-5542 M e t W e € « n W e r i§ h IGrev Bull Taxidermy Specializing in,.. •Big Game •Birds L icensed T axidermy ' Bob Rhea 406 683-9599 Vie buy Hide $ & Capes 35 Badger Run Dr. Dillon, M T 59725 Minding your manners When you load up the truck with hunting gear, the latest copies of Miss Manners and Emily Post may not be items on your checklist. But if you have plans to hunt on private land, social graces go a long way, says MSU Extension Wildlife Specialist Jim Knight. Knight does everything he can to improve hunter-land- owner relations, and not just for the sake of etiquette. In his fact sheet, “A Sportsman’s Guide to Landowner Relations,\ (free through MSU Extension) Knight offers hunters the perspective that landowners depend on their land for a livelihood and have justifiable concerns over allowing visitors to hunt or fish. The conventional hunters’ wisdom of “close the gate behind you” is only one of many points that ranchers have to consider before giving permis­ sion for you to hunt. “Gates left open, livestock killed accidentally, weeds, fires and damage to roads are just a few of their concerns,” says Knight. Even the most basic rule of hunting on private land, obtaining permission, can be done with the rancher’s per­ spective in mind, says Knight. Fall can be a busy time of year on farms and ranches and a steady stream of trucks in the driveway and calls on the telephone can be overwhelm­ ing, even for the most welcoming property owner. Knight suggests making the contact to ask permission before hunting season starts, if possible, to give the land- owner a little advance notice. He also reminds hunters that restricting calls or visits to a reasonable houi^of the day is basic politeness. N You should let the landowner know how mftfiy will be in your party, what species you will hunt, and how loiig you intend to stay, says Knight. Landowners are often dealing with requests from many hunters while doing their best to manage wildlife as a natu­ ral resource. “Allowing hunters to shoot bucks may not manage the deer herd,” explains Knight. “Some landowners try to maintain a 50-50 sex ratio to improve the future of the herd.” By understanding the situation of the landowner and re­ specting both the individual and the land, sportsmen can assure future years of hunting. Tips for behavior on private land: Cl Close all gates that were closed when you approached them. Leave them open If they were open when you arrived. If you see a gate or fence that looks damaged, mention it to the landowner. Cl Don’t drive off roads and trails unless allowed by the landowner. If in doubt, walk) □ Take care not to spread noxious weeds. Clean your equipment and vehicle undercarriage. If using horses, feed certified weed-seed free hay. □ Know and respect boundaries. Hunt only in areas that the landowner has specifically allowed, and be sure that you know where one farm or ranch ends and the next begins. Don’t cross a fence if you’re not sure whose land is on the other side. When in doubt, ask. □ Make sure that you hunt only on the day or days you have discussed with the landowner. □ Never assume that permission Is for multiple years. □ Don’t assume that permission to hunt extends to all your friends and family. If you plan to bring more people than you had discussed, check with the landowner first. □ Correspondence after the season is always appropriate. You can send a thank-you note to let the landowner know you enjoyed hunting on their property. Don’t assume permission for the following year, but do ask permission for next year ahead of time. Do let the landowner know if you won’t be returning, so he or she can plan to give someone else permis­ sion in your place. W d c o m H m t m l Prmm that hunting trip on Wm I I U L J m II f k l l f t I m E •U A M ftLlM I H u ll r a u f t i MKiwn urug r a s t v i f y v n | you n m « O N E H O U R P H O T O L A B CAMERAS ft ACCES80MB'KM BINOCULARS' COMPUTE PHARMACY . A ' Ì f f I /s I 1 ' / » ' i 129 E (Mandato«M ìni ,UT' «884818 201.E.' Ang-m-gM F « : 40 M * 32 - ?S 8 . i.-i-c..«— m ._ i i j l l . __ , TSrrSft:CyoiPMBPWWf? UmmmmWianWIW^Um Visit us on in «rati; «rawrytrinriad i.omI I We have.. a MIEI 1 Hot C M jn Long • FMd lino Pack* • Galton ; S a g e b r u s h O u c d o p r Geot f 33 N. ktoho • ONIÓn .1 Enjoy our Monday Night Sltak HptckU 16 oz. 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Dillon Tribune (Dillon, Mont.), 30 Oct. 2002, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/2015269516/2002-10-30/ed-1/seq-16/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.