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Page D-13 Dm un I mm m Wednesday. October 6. 2004 City Continued fruiti page A6 By agreement, (Albert reimburses the city for any retirement costs based on revenue above the basic agreed upon 55 hours. Under the agreement extra payment is due for work in excess of the 55 hours when approved by the mayor and extended legal ser­ vices, including litigation and appeals, grant applications and major capital projects. He is also responsible for all office expenses, including secretarial work. The contract, Malesich said, has been sitting in the judiciary com­ mittee, chaired by Cieorge Warner, for the past two years and like \.e_ A q u a T c » e h i t o r b u y i n g m y -I-I1 s t w r dk C9,- P i n s u p p o r t i n g 4.1 1 . 5>»iîi-it} „ <«»d> K umm -II was done with Suenram, the agreement has continued to be honored. An allegation of back pay is actually a delay in paying claims for a substantial amount that essentially put two years work into the current fiscal year, the mayor said. The extra amount, approximately $20,000 per year was budgeted for, under the appropriate source, including projects financed through the bond, Malesich and Turner said. The amounts paid were in line with the agreement given the city, and under the same structure as was done when Suenram was city attorne.'. Malesich also said he receives a regular itemization of all amounts hilled by the city attorney, per the agreement Malesich concluded that he is criticized in the letter for saying frequently \because I can\ when asked why he is doing something. Although a facetious remark, it is actually a truthful statement, he said, noting, \I can, because it's legal, because it's the right thing to do. and because it’s fot the good of the city. Bergeson s letter is on the city council agenda for this week's meeting, Wednesday, Oct. 6, at T p.m. in city hall. More of Beaverhead River closed fe? T h a n k S t a t e B a n k & T r u s t fur buy ing ray I-II s fw r ik Nupporilng -l-H & your community. JeMkictt It n* toll With drought conditions and low stream flows continuing to take a toll in southwestern Mon­ tana, state fish and wildlife offi­ cials announced today that they will close a 30-mile stretch of the upper Beaverhead River to fish­ ing and reduce the fishing limits on Clark Canyon Reservoir to pro­ tect wild and native fish popula­ tions. The closure of the upper Bea­ verhead River-front Clark Can­ yon Dam to the Selway Bridge in Dillon-to all fishing will be ef­ fective from Oct. 4 through Nov. 30. Normal winter closures and open seasons go into effect Dec. 1. The lower Beaverhead River from Selway Bridge to the mouth near Twin Bridges remains open to angling. 1 Thank You The Beaverhead County High School Rodeo Club would like to thank all the volunteers, patrons, donors, contestants & Parents for alt the support of high school rodeo! also recongnize Dr. Torn & S h irley W illia m s for volunteering untold hours to the sport of high1 school rodeo in our community & around the State. Without fine folks like you, it wouldn't be the great experience it is! \ vm special thank you lo all buckle sponsors & all-around award doners! Si«i \\ militi - IN s f'.cc k I** Ti ini ■ Suit RnL A, Irte i>. A-j.'Abid Vi-Lt Call kiu|ih{ - Tmi T.Ui Ru:t Stili Hr.ice Hums It,uh Ibln lknàtit • Ft'tat BuAlit Darrel Ranni Bette ì.vii H oe Ceno Team Rapii Htaèr • Ottlr. Su*ft Unrvkirl Ridici - kLiRUikB-f.', liti» T«m Rwpii* Ito** • b;<n fta lltviktritt Riatti ■ Rirbnke Cuti ltn:t ownSi*\l»u av Hall Riliie • A i. re Lui Insù tue Gua-R'HS Sibvl ILiJ A: Gu.wiul L iumx . I j Rude» Tram: Cmy Auili'i'v.>a • Rob Beimeli • Binine Unitile) * Ross Le,vii Jake Beici si ni ■ Kyle Zimmerman • Ruler Bucket ■ Like Kearns Danin T.unkr ■ Amlee Anderscm • Intime Reynolds • Kate Sluivm W jimiimt , ..... .... ......... Vi ì ,t: B in IlmdKurtIH k U h ____ Uri Frl-sn M il. ‘u r l i in Slri|ifilt| tAultc _____ J O h lU l.o Stili Wismi'i*. ......... bulli i ii KithbOahAdiifur _____ IUIWW Stili Vmlxn ............. I'm il.-n v:r kiitvkSiiciI'riAtM|Si __ Ite/l:w RsituLB. 1lIKT- i ............. — ---- S.jiiy II u lireAjvri Lahrv...... __ < l.iir A l.mt HiirLixp 111 'll».1 A► , c j C J t SttfiiH', I Tl»u ----------- CI jj I k ' A. Bur Juikv«... ....... ............. 1 hi ll.'ii ■> «i Slurs_________- ___ 115 .Vilowc ISti ''I , ji ' R.ulluAri I'kt I ji Mr* ................ IS ii Sr..». Jim, _____ _ ______ Jlmicy Hi, 1 .!,< Ikllr.U ( luoìhik ...... ........ . J <l I'd.-tl < Ir...» Din.il.ir ........ ..... M. n I I rj;l Kill i ila A Cili; tttujh Sink Itifrvlic __ Tii . f : : . . Vrrn'un.i A sundry ¡oral talent and all around good kelp lo bring you i/rit mint inehtdes hut h not limited to: Xnaerons Stole & ¡Meal Directors, John Seymour, Tarn. Tiler, A l.eo Tail. Joui Detersoli,Rrne'Dettnn. Carolyn Uaeh, Mark Baku, Knssril Harrison, Tom Pierce, limmerman 1 tamily, Harnett family, Kearns family, Reynolds family, Brenda IIuntie, j Hick A Maryann Sitarmi, Mike A Prgsy Coleman, Bon Kricktr, Or. X, Like Wipin',. A each A etvry parent and grandparent then has supported your youth! In addition, Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks reduced the fish­ ing limits at Clark Canyon Reser­ voir to protect the native burbot population, and trophy rainbow- trout and wild brown trout. The emergency daily and possession limit for trout is two fish, down from five; and for burbot (or ling) the daily and possession limit is two fish down from 5, The emer­ gency limits are also effective Monday, Oct. 4. For the fourth consecutive year, southwestern Montana's wa­ ter deficit is forcing early reduc­ tions in flow releases from Clark Canyon Dant to winter minimums. Flows will range between 25-30 cubic feet per second and result in 40-85 cfs stream flows in the Beaverhead River between the dam and Dillon. FWP recom­ mends 200 cfs minimum flows to maintain fisheries through the reach. The flow reduction coincides with the fall spawning period for brown trout and native mountain whitefish that populate the upper river reach and those populations are showing declines related to four years of drought and low flows. Meanwhile, flows into Clark Canyon Reservoir charted record lows over the past several years. For the past three years, virtu­ ally no rainbow trout spawning occurred in the Red Rock River and no fertilized Kagle Bake rain­ bow trout eggs have been col­ lected by FWP. Clark Canyon Res­ ervoir serves as an important t i k Y o i i l f ? ^ * *' B e s t o f t h o W tx.si ^ V, C o r r i n o W o l b o r n Ï W m u » ‘k . I r r u l l y H | i | i m - I » l r y n u Tir N? l* u v i» e any |ilg - I h a f t - > « u r n | a y -AT''\ j J «-««tn*!. (^Ä ^ ^ T h a iak You i S ? » ' * . \ 1 1 ^ S t a t o B a n k & T r u s t . ^ îfffïS. j «I»».'» ««|.|H.rll»K I-Il A. g fur bu,vin)i m,t purplt* ribban' \3 V; 2l> U ¿ r i i 4 'JC xl 'X ìc , Cickr HrAfrr« 2 > o yxu* +ieexJl a. fyurtn lite . tel&pJia+ie,, *7*0, a t fudf. euesufefcuf. life.? C omb see w hy it ’ s a treat to “ H ide I n T he H oller ” O ff t h e beaten path , affo rdable FULLY FURNISHED CABINS FOR RENT. Trout Ponds • Fire Rings w/Picnic Fables • Wildlife Viewing • Hiking • Horse Renta ivww.thehollcr.com 406 - 932-6532 • 866 - 746-5537 Otic hour front Billings j 3 0 tuiles sontlnutst of Big Tituber • Peace 6c Quiet 7Ae; M U hniod source for the wild Eagle Bake strain of rainbow trout and usually provides about 500,000 fertilized eggs for the FWP hatch­ er)' system. An emergency drought-related angling closure has been in ef­ fect since May for Red Rock River from Eima Dam to Clark Canyon Reservoir where biolo­ gists have recorded substantial losses in large rainbow and brown trout. Similarly, the stocked rain­ bow trout population declined dra­ matically with extremely poor survival in three of the past four years in the reservoir, \Under these low water condi­ tions, angling restrictions and modifications in our planting pro­ gram help mitigate for drought related losses in our rainbow trout and wild brown trout and burbot populations,\ said Dick Oswald, FWP fisheries biologist. Streams are closed to fishing wlien low-water conditions or high temperatures, combined with fishing pressure, would lead to an unacceptable level of stress on fish Montana's streams and rivers contain populations of wild trout that replenish through natu­ ral spawning. It is critical that sufficient numbers of wild fish are conserved to repopulate the fishery when conditions improve. The emergency reservoir lim­ its will remain in effect until con­ ditions improve in trout popula­ tions and reservoir storage, Oswald said. Rotary sets October meets In October, the Dillon Rotary Club will have three programs that the public is welcome to at­ tend. On October 13, Dr. Jane Maddock will talk about UMW's new \block\ scheduling and what it's been like for her as an in­ structor under the \one class at a time\ concept. On October 20, Dan Pence, who gives guided tours of Bewis & Clark sites, will talk called \Bewis & Clark: Fact or Fiction.\ The (ictober 27 program topic will be announced later. A T T E N T I O N ALL KIDS and Interested persons Please join the CYI Board at the St. Rose Parish Hall on October 12, 2004 at 7pm to discuss how to spend the next round of funding from the Turner Foundation. Your input is very important on how the funds are distributed. Anyone looking for additional funding for their organization should come to this worthwhile meeting. ,vY f C v i i COME & JOIN US!! FREE Pizza & beverages will be served to all that attend. \ BTC C_ B £ \ U :f\‘3 y ' h 1 Yi S T ' T W e & t h e r F o r e c a s t Wednesday ■ Thursday LOW 39 HIGH 7 \ Partly üoudv Wciu.-* LOW 5L' HIGH ! Friday Saturday ~ 0 ^ ^ Sunny Skies Partly c loudy A rharict* of Warm i S h u lers LOW 37 HIGH '3 j j L O W 3F HIGH 67 i Partly cloudy. A few showers. LOW 39 HfGH 63 'Melrose Twin •j :-.5 : is Bridges / • 35, 65 Y 1 Sheridan ' 38'79 Dillon 39/71 Urna 38'60 Forecast Details for Southwestern Montana A westerly flow nf warm air will bring partly ■ Inudy skies and nbov^ normal temperatures 'I ds w**r-k It at I! tjfj cooler on the weekend with a chance of showers as a cold front moves through Unsettled, showery weather is ^xpf-cted early next week Today’s State Forecast -<br \ ' - ^ Or*iAl Falls, j.ti, ( fvh-.scu'n p 40 74 \ Helena ,, J 40 72 o o' ' C j[ PlBingi, Miles City Hìstoflcat Record» for Wednesday. October 6,2004 NORMAL TEMPS J WARMEST J COLDEST \j MAX, PRECIP. j Lc>w33 I eo 1 14 : 0 11 inches High M j , . , w i ; in 1974 ! in 1930 Climate Summary (observed and recorded at Di'iom Sunrise end Sunàet D;iT,v,n( r,r CfJ.-'tse: f !'C’r d lasts fc ' 11 hour? ar.rt 25 FinV Sunrise 7 34 a.m Sunset 6.59 p n How much do YOU know about weather conditions? WeatherQuiz 1) What is the name of the weather radar that measures I he speed of prenpitation'’ H. t .M! C^Jut Strnair, R; t cp Tt-frr(SO>’■ f-t^ r lo ' k ^ U o O i U t - r ÌOr 2) WhicTi weather n d e x com b ines an temperature and hum idity m e a s u rem e n ts’’ QWiunuh.il iule«. Q Heat inde* Qünurhu inde» O b ., ys Balled s index 3j What if the name of falling water droplets that are small in diameter7 Q r i:i.v!e Q üm /.'!*- Q [ ja//le 4 1 What is the name . i: extremeiv dry cimate > Qûnsc.lt/'r Q a ^. t ;. j to describe an \nsuers: I‘U\ 1 r •'! m li .(II Weather brought to you by... Advertise your business on the Dillon Tribune's Weather Forecast! Call Today 683-2331 T a lb o t INSURANCE ) our l o i ul 'sttjrco Q S A F E C O 5.^1 V Momaihi • ftSn D IL L O N \F L Y IN G q S E R V IC E .S-A ■>!0i) iM > See Jerry Vessels Tire Center for your Jerry S I »Wassels Tirs Center 1 6 3 5 SELWAYR D

Dillon Tribune (Dillon, Mont.), 06 Oct. 2004, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/2015269516/2004-10-06/ed-1/seq-13/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.