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I n the M ail O ff the cuff T he v i e w s o f o u r r e a d e r s O u r tak e o n n e w s - B y J o h n B a r r o w s , E d i t o r & P u b l ish e r Friend of Beaverhead County Museum Election time blues... To the Editor, ; I am a friend of our museum. I have been a county appointed board member since 1999. Since • that time I have been involved with many activities iat the museum. I have mowed the lawns, washed ; windows, cleaned carpets, scrubbed the bathrooms, put carpet in the theatre by the stage, cleaned the theatre and tightened screws on the seats, made curtains for the 2 windows above the stage, planted flowers, weeded the flower beds, trimmed the lilac bushes, used lemon oil on the logs inside the mu­ seum. I made a quilt to raffle for the 50th anniver­ sary. I made a Lewis and Clark wall hanging and fny father made a quilt hanger for it to raffle as a fund raiser. When the museum was painted I brought the power washer from our ranch and we used it to wash the outside of the museum before it was painted. I also helped the Challenge Crew with the painting. For two years our ranch donated the , Jiamburger used for the car show. A year ago our J ranch donated half a beef for the Cowboy poetry. I t have donated my wood projects for the Cowboy poetry. I have donated homemade candy for the Festival of Trees. I have participated in over 40 hours of oral history interviews. For the Smithsonian Barn Ex­ hibit 1 visited our rural schools to tell them of the upcoming exhibit. I have taken pictures of over 175 barns in Beaverhead County along with pic­ tures of outhouses, machinery, fences, feeders and anything that I felt was worth recording for the history of our past. I put together the barn books that were on display while the exhibit was here. I talked my father into building the scale model barn that was displayed during the exhibit. I helped my two neighbor girls make barn pillows, made a quilt featuring 13 area barns that was on display, helped organize the Barn Photo contest, took most of the photos for the barn calendar, visited with sponsors to get donations, and put the calendar together. I furnished most of the photos for the Name the Barn contest in the newspaper. I wrote several articles for the Three Rivers Edition about barn days. I helped organize the Barn fours and was the tour guide on the Grasshopper-Big Hole Tour. I provided some of my milk bottle collection with barns for the exhibit. I painted the barn bird houses and bird feeders built by the high school students. I brought my butter churns to various activities and made butter. Before the exhibit arrived I scrubbed windows in the school and helped put the display together. I attended meetings in Kalispell and Clancy before the exhibit arrived. I put to­ gether a scrap book about the exhibit. I donated 3 photo albums plus the scrapbook and 2 CD's of the barn stories to the museum. I put hundreds of miles on my car, bought and developed over 30 rolls of film and asked for 4 print cartridges for my printer. I did all of this because I am a friend of the museum. For over three years I traveled 130 miles round trip every week to help accession artifacts at the museum. I donated an old school desk in memory of my mother and grandmother who had both at­ tended the Argenta School. I was born in Dillon, raised in the Big Hole, graduated from eighth grade from Jackson school, where I was fortunate to have had wonderful teach­ ers. I graduated from Beaverhead County High School and got my teaching degree from Western. I taught for 22 years in Darby and retired to help my husband manage a ranch for his nephew. We have been ranching in the Big Sheep Creek Basin for he past 12 years. During that time we entered our cattle in the Beaverhead County Fair and I have always tried to participate in the Fair. I believe that participation in our county is impor­ tant. I am the 5th generation resident of Beaverhead County on both my mother's and father's side of the family. My great grandfather rode with Buf­ falo Bill. My mother's family had mined in Coolidge, Bannack, and Argenta. My grandfather hauled wood for the Meade Hotel in Bannack and was a friend of Charlie Russell. My father's family came into the Big Hole Valley in the late 1880's and have lived in the valley since that time. Pictures do­ nated by my grandmother are in the photo ar­ chives at the museum and have been used by the local newspapers. My father built and donated the beaverslide that is the museum today. A great aunt was born in Bannack. My great grandmother cooked for William Clark in Butte and also in Hamilton for the Daly family. History is a great part of my family and we have lived it and want it to be shared with future generations. I do not be­ lieve that a friend spends time listening to and repeating gossip to help the museum. Gossip is not and never has been anything but a disease that ruins any good that others have done. After the County Commissioners took over the financial business of the museum, I knew for the first time where the money was and how it was spent. Our County Commissioners have been a valued friend to our museum in many ways and have gone above and beyond in helping us. They have my admiration and thanks for all they have done. They truly are a fridhd'of’The.museum. . For all this some \Friends of the Museum\ have asked the commissioners to remove me from the board. Ruth Ann (Nelson) Little Dillon, MT Always Fit to Fight! To the Editor, Dear Fellow Montanans from Dillon and the Surrounding Area; Recently I wrote and asked if anyone would be interested in contributing to help me raise morale funds for my battalion, the 72d Signal Battalion, currently deployed to Iraq and Kuwait. I wanted to provide the soldiers of my battalion with com­ bat patches and a special commander's coin as a way to boost morale in the battalion. I am so grateful for the magnificent way that so many answered my request. We were able to raise more than $2340 from about 37 donors and I was able to purchase the coins and patches that my Command Sergeant Major and I wanted. Having my hometown come through in such a gracious manner does wonders for my own morale as well. As of this writing, the battalion is shifting the focus of our efforts and hopefully looking toward Travelers enjoy To the Editor, My wife and I were motoring to Mesa, Arizona from Lloydminster, Alberta and had the pleasure of overnighting in your fair city. We chose the Guesthouse Inn & Suites for our accommodation. When we registered, the young lady who greeted us was most friendly and profes­ sional. We asked about a place for dinner and she sug­ gested several. We chose “Klondike Mike's”, the food was delicious! Our room was well appointed with microwave, refrigerator, etc. and we were very comfortable. After dinner I remembered I had some medica­ tion that needed refrigeration. I went to the car to get some. I had to take a garment bag out of the back seat, so I laid it on the trunck, but forgot to put it back in the car. returning to our families in the near future. It looks like we will be cleaning and loading our equipment for shipment sometime in early No­ vember. Hopefully, that will mean we will be out of harm's way soon thereafter, although even as we draw down our communications mission, we have increased our support to force protection missions providing soldiers for camp security. Thanks again to my wonderful hometown! You honor me with your support to the great soldiers of my battalion. I am eternally in your debt. Always Fit to Fight! Jeannie (Mular) Tibbetts Lieutenant Colonel, Signal Corps Commander, 72d Signal Battalion Camp Buehring Kuwait APO AK 09330 our “Fair City” We were in Northern Arizona before I remem­ bered about the garment bag. There was a blue blazer with a C.C.N.A. (Cana­ dian Community Newspaper Association) lapel pin. I received it when I was the national president. The garment bag has \Cliff Rose\ Lloyd minis­ ter, Alberta. (Address) I phoned the Guesthouse Inn and a young lady said nothing had been turned in, she offered to check the freeway where we turned south. You should be very proud of your community and the way they treat the traveling public! Thank you, Byron Keebaugh Mesa, Arizona My Friend In Memory of Mike King who died this past week. My Friend Oh my friend we knew you for a while Times on this old planet...just a passing glance Eternity a word not comprehensible Oh my friend we will miss your smile, your words Sun rays beaming majestically on pine trees Winds blowing briskly at our back Oh, my friend we will miss your love of humankind . Gentle rains Gentle Soul Oh, my friend we will miss your friendship The universe has set you free...life as we know seems so short...eternity is forever The sunrises...the sunsets have come and gone. Times have come...times have gone Souls have come...souls have gone But love is still love Peace is still peace Oh, my friend we will meet again at the edge of the universe... LaVon D. Brillhart Dillon, MT Although as this is being written the polls in Beaverhead County haven't yet closed, it is apparent that local voters are joining those nationwide in record breaking numbers. So many, in fact, that in several precincts, both in Dillon and in rural areas, voting stations actually ran out of ballots, necessitating a hasty print job, delays and the possibility of disenfranchising some voters who may not have stuck around for ballots. The task faced by judges was complicated by new rules concerning identifica­ tion, and questions about whether or not a voter was qualified to cast a ballot if his or her identification did not have a current address on it. In all, like is happening all over the country tonight, Beaverhead County was facing the same concerns others have, in part because of a huge turnout that was estimated two hours before the polling booths closed to exceed 75 percent in most precincts. The intense interest, both nationally, in Montana and in at least one local race, the commissioner's helped spark local voters to join those across the country to vote in record numbers. Though the results are still hours, or maybe, in the case of the presidency, days or weeks away, the excitement for this election exceeds almost any I have seen in the 35 years I've been covering a beat at the courthouse election center. It's a good thing people have strong feelings and it's a good thing that they are exercising their right to vote in big numbers. That's the way things are supposed to work. A Big Thank You! Letter to Editor I would like to take this opportunity to say, \Thank you,\ to two very special people. Tom Mitchell and Jeff Love. Thank you for giving of your time and your patience. Thank you for teach­ ing the kids that it's not important whether you win or lose, but to play fair and have fun. This was my son's first year of flag football and I am grate­ ful that he had two wonderful coaches. He wasn't the best passer, runner or blocker, but he has a good heart and really tried hard. For that I thank you for giving him a chance. I am also very grate­ ful for the wonderful kids he played with. They were a great team. Thanks for giving my son a truly wonderful experience. Hope to see you again next year. Thanks again. Kim Eddy Dillon, MT “I am that I am” To the Editor, Two weeks ago. the, pastor mentioned in the sermon that tbs “1 am that I am\ in the heart is of Christ, and no man is necessarily entitled to pro­ claim this. Yes, and rightfully so. Well, after some internal speculation with marine terminology the words \I think therefore 1 am, I am therefore I remain\ came to mind. If one really digs deep in the soul there is no justice in justice. Just is just. This letter is not meant for religious connotation. This is flipping real to me. I'm not sure if my fellow man have been noticing the changes in our planetary and environmental condition. I believe these changes have been for the good. All it takes is the littlest spark of static/ kinetic energy from within, and we're packed with electricity, and we're on our way to cleaning these dark thought forms. Who knows, maybe we can even see through to the little sun that sets in the middle of our planet. Up to the heart, we win. This is no emergency, not 9/11. This is 11/1, 2004. The truth of how we are, are the condition of the waters. Bill Weaver Dillon, MT Local Celebrities To the Editor, Is the town of Dillon aware that we have among our midst a group of local celebrities...Gail Barnhart, Laura Horst, Todd Hazelbaker, Seth Stoddard and Tom Helle? We wish to direct your attention to the Dillon Elementary School Board who recently received the Golden Gavel Award at the Montana Conference of Education Leadership in Billings, Montana. This award is presented to a select few school districts in Montana who can boast that 100% of their board members have re­ ceived state certification. Board certification is achieved when trustees obtain a required number of points for attending training, completing policy Thank you! To the Editor I would like to express my warmest thanks to a business and a citizen of Dillon for engaging in random acts of kindness last Friday afternoon. The McDonald's Restaurant treated 3 children to ice cream cones, then shortly after that Stacy Thornton provided popcorn and refreshments for us to enjoy at the movie. The movie was good but work and reaching district goals. We are extremely proud of our Dillon Elemen­ tary School Board and are grateful to them for their dedication to our children. Children are a precious commodity; a symbol of our future. How fortunate we are to have these fine people striving to create a successful school system for our chil­ dren. Kudos to the Elementary School District #10 of Dillon! From the K-5 Parent Council, Leighanne Clark, Secretary the best feelings we took home with us came from your generosity; a valuable lesson was taught and learned that day. Thank you for your unsolicited gracious giving and genuine kindness. Ken Scalzone Dillon, MT John M . Barrows, Editor & Publisher Susie Bramlette, Advertising Manager Amanda Berkram, Advertising Anna Marxer. Advertising Elaine Spicer. Reporter J.P. Plutt, Sports Editor Tawnia Lechner, Composition/Graphic Arts Jennifer Engstrom. Office Jim Lincoln. Distribution A YELLOWSTONE NEWSPAPER Call us at 683-2331 OR 1-800-386-3156 E-mail us at editor#dillontribune.com Visit our web site at dillontribune.com Annual Subscription Rates: In Beaverhead County............................................ Elsewhere in Montana............................................ Outside of Montana ................................................ Six Month Ratres: In Beaverhead County............................................ 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