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1>Ü i I IN ! hi).I N P jg e A-3 City's new bus provides comfort, convenience for elderly, disabled New bus in service Ann Reynolds, a city employee whose work helped secure the new city bus, and Mayor Marty Malesich show off the new vehicle last week. The bus provides a comfortable, safe ride for the elderly and disabled. The vehicle is equipped for wheelchairs, and is available in the Dillon area without charge, by calling city hall. By John Barrows Dillon is able to offer an unique service to its elderly and disabled, with free bus service around town, and its been doing it for many years. Now, thanks in part to the ef­ forts of city employee and part time bus driver Ann Reynolds, patrons have a brand new vehicle. The 12 passenger unit is handi­ capped accessible, with a wheel­ chair lift, and comfortable seats. The new bus was recently pur­ chased to replace one that is now almost 15 years old. That unit, Dillon Marty Malesich said, will be sold. The new bus will maintain an ambitious schedule of runs, five days a week The bus, Ann said, runs in af­ ternoons Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, and in the mornings on Tuesday and Thursdays Drivers for the bus include Reynolds. Tara Rentier and Tim Buka. The bus will pick passengers up any place in the city and de­ liver them to where they are go­ ing, without charge More than a dozen people a day generally ride the bus, Reynolds said, and frequent stops are at the hospital and doctors offices and grocery stoi cs, among other convenient places To arrange a ride, call CMv Hall at 683-1245. Telling a story Historical reenactor George Britton discusses aspects of life during the times of the Corps of Discovery and the fur trade in the western United States at Friday's Pomp's Birthday Party held at the Dillon City Library i . ... ‘.¡uruou. Continued from page A-1 from Port Mandan to the Pacific Ocean and hack. He later lived with the Clark family in St. Louis and was educated there. When he was 18 years old, he traveled to Europe and Africa. He learned four lan­ guages. In 1829, Pomp returned to the United States, living as a mountain man and guide, guiding the Mormon Battalion from New Mexico to California in 1846-47. He participated in the California (¡old Rush, though he evidently did not strike it rich In the spring of 1866, he joined a party heading for a new goldfield in the Montana Territory. Unfortunately, Pomp contracted pneumo­ nia after crossing a river in cold, wet, spring weather, and died near Inskip Station, Oregon. CLOSE CONSTRUCTION LOANS N A I L I d o w n y o u r s S x W 4 \ Save $$ On Your Closing Costs Receive Today's Favorable Long Term \ Fixed Interest Rates W h i l e Y o u B u i l d ^ Quick, Efficient, Local Processing \ Of Your Loan Application ^ Your Loan Is Serviced Locally By \ Pioneer Federal After It Is Made Do Not Pay Closing Costs Twice Apply Today For Your One Close Construction Loan P io n Etre F e d e r a l * hq ; / t V is it m k W k b s itk w w w .p io r ie e r fe d .c o m 32 N orth W ashinuios D im on . M ontan a 683-5191 401 Mil.« At Kt K A A K, D m r I .onoM M oni ana 846-2202 FD IC t i r Outstanding Women awards planned The 20115 Outstanding Woman and Outstanding Young Woman awards presentations will be held this Thursday, February 17 at 7:30 p.m. in the St. Rose Family Cen­ ter. Nominations for the awards are received front community members, and award recipients are selected by a panel of judges also from the community. This year, two nominations for Outstanding Young Woman were received: Nicole Anderson and Ryann Hibson Nicole Anderson Nicole Anderson is married to Seotl Anderson and the couple has two children, i lolly and Troy The couple operates the Anderson family ranch. Nicole also assists her mother, Kara Olivier, at The Hood Life. Nicole volunteers at the Mary Innes and Parkview Klementary schools in the Parent Reading Pro­ gram. She also serves on the Par ent Council. Nicole Is involved with the New Hope Pregnancy Center. She is past treasurer and current pub­ lic relations person for the Dillon Jaycee Auxiliary. Nicole is a member of the First Kvangelieal Lutheran Church and is on the Prayer 'team, the Hospi­ tality Team and a member of the board. She also serves as a sub­ stitute teacher at Hand in Hand Preschool. Ryann Gibson Ryann Hibson is married to Travis Hibson and they have two boys, Pete and Jack. Ryann is employed at Mitchell Drug She is involved with the Beaverhead Business Builders and teas instru­ mental m forming the M.K.K.T. group for revitalization. She is currently treasurer of the Dillon Jaycee Auxiliary and was voted their 2004 Outstanding Member. Ryann also tutors children. She and her family are mem­ bers of St. Rose Catholic Church. The committee received five nominations for Outstanding Woman. They are tola \Olie\ Flse, Phyllis L.ideti, Vicki Thornton, Hail Kuntz, and Marcy Busch. lola \Olie\ Else Iota \Olie\ Flse runs a ranch north of Dillon .and is a business professor at the University of Montana Western. She is also the head rodeo coach at Western. She was named \National In­ tercollegiate Rodeo Association Coach of the Year\ in 2004. She is also host of the Rodeo Roundup on KDBM/KBKV Radio Olie is an instrumental part of the Smoker and Rodeo Banquet, yearly events at UM-Western Phyllis Laden Phyllis is married to Jack Laden find they have two children, Kali and Kade Phyllis is a member of Alpha Della Kappa and lias »i n rd mi numerous committees '. a ii I iiii the group She is an active member ol the First I’resln lenan Church She volunteers every summer to maintain the ground» surround mg the church Phyllis also i rcenl ly iycoia cd an award for her service to the Womens Resource ( enter Vicki Thornton Vicki is m a rried to Mike Thornton and they have three children, F.li/ahctli, Daniel and Katie. Vicki is a very active member of the Catholic Church and has been a religious education teacher for the past eight years, Vicki volunteers al the Hu­ mane Society of Beaverhead County five days a week, some­ times up to nine hours a day. She is president of the Dillon Junior Fiddler.» and is also a ( . irI Scout Leader. Gail Kuntz Hall is married lo Rick Kuntz and they have two children, Mur gan and Jure (¡ail is involved Willi the Dll Ion Junior Fiddlers, sewing en» tumes for the children lo wear She has been a member ol the B a rrett Hospital Foundation Board for six years and has been involved with fundraising elfnrts designed to improve healtheaie in Beaverhead County Drought Continued (rom page A-1 of January 2004:551070; Storage: 42,613 acre/feet. This is a posi­ tive difference in storage of 6,276 A/ft, said Miotke January 2005 inflows: 7631 A/ ft, 124 cubic feet per second (cfsi per day, or 52 percent of average. January 2004 inflows: 8472 A/ft, 138 cubic feet per second (cfs) per day, or 57 percent of average January 2005 releases from the dam: 1686 A/ft and 27.4 cfs/ day average. January 2004 re­ leases from the dam: 1596 A/ft and 26 cfs/day average. On Monday, February 14,2005. the reservoir s elevation was named as 5514.58 feet, with 51,692 A/ft of storage Current releases are at 27.5 cfs. Lima Reservoir fares little better, with an elevation of 6573.20, said Miotke, and 16 cfs currently being released. \They're not storing hardly ;inv water down there,\ he noted. \If tilings were just right, we could fill that and that would help things consider ably.\ According to the Natural Re­ source Conservation Service, the area is looking at 66 percent ol average basin-wide for snowpack However, electronic sites have yet to be recorded for this month, and once those are in, the NRCS will have a better idea of what the snotvpack really means. From the Forest Service, spring hunting will soon begin The BI.M will also begin some prescribed burning soon The I hi Ion Volunteer Fire I Jcpni tment r- watching the fire situation, i..i a ing already been called loa gras» fire. That fire, nearthe Apex FxP. occurred as a result of »pail - Irom a vehicle. According to I lie department's Rick Later, they an- watching the river boltom clo»eb as well as the Avcather. with con corns over dead gra .s and dead willow» On the topic of grazing, the agencies are looking al a »iriiMai situation to last vear s Accord mg to tile Forest Sen ice. mane BUSY? l e t u s lig h te n s o u r load. FREE in -tow n vehicle p ickup & d e livery. ir v n i G ■ ’ ! b y * Bill Bramkil LOBE, O il FILTER BRAKES SH O C K S ALIGNMENTS 24 HOUR FARM & ROAD SERVICE 535 N . W A S H I N G T O N S T R E E T • D I L L O N • 6 S 3 -6 I2 S I ¡ail is also a i l l leader of tIn.- Saddle Bilim Mie lias coordinated I lillon » ( living Tree for the past I \ years she is a Court-Appointed Special Allineato volunteer and serves a» a guardian for children who have been taken in by the Department of Family Services. Mie 1 » a member of the I'FD as well ( .ail is a member ol the I ’res­ ln lenan Church where she helps with the aller school church pro­ grams on Thursday s Marcy Busch Marcy is married lo Frank I’.useh and has luo grown chil­ dren and lour grown step-chil­ dren Marcy taught school loF’-olfièv 25 years and was a school princi­ pal for 23 years . .. She is an acm e tnomher and rhlei of the I ‘resliy'lenan Church, ■Allere she serves on various committee:- She is a member of the Dillon Shakespeare ( lull (35 year», and has been the club's president tw ice She is a member ol I lie l i b i a I V Board, the Fai l.' lew Aere» Auxilian and I Iella Kappa ( ¡anima »ni ni il y Marev is al-.n the Neeretarv foi Bea A el head Allied Si-oioi Sei a lia - and sci a e- mi I lie Fe» I inai of 1 I ce» I minium i- She lutin » rlcinriMan school »Indolii - and I- a pai I nl the iiiiTitm program M a n \ also \ nlniili-i i - lier Inin- al I wo local hu »me » -t » I lie K noci-. About ami 'I In- Bonl:»lore. pel m ilters hai e stucked doAvn wihintanh which is being mi- cnuraei-il I he BI.M , Mlualion n Ihi aim- w Mil li Her • already sent nig lo pel m iller - a- 1.1 Fit past I wo a ear» 11 I he g I ass i»n't I here, v.e re oui going in soil it. said BI.M N11 ! ’ o r v I » >r l'un Bozortli. \ci hi i| ; n g lu the- National Weal In-I Si gvu e. I lien are no -urpi ]•-<-» I In county ha» semi above in mm h aboA e noi mal pie eipi'a' ion in tin »uutliei n ai ea». v bili the noi 1 In-ni pai I ol the ein in; -. li.-g ■ emi min h hi low nor m -i! p in ipil.itmu I'lie month \i I i-bi ii . ii -, ha» »'-i'll a I nut imnnc oi e;-,.!! ,| i - a Irenil with »rvei at pi I i -ipit.it \ni I epuri mg »lat ions seen. : no pivcipitalion at all Ihr» mogli: I he ( .aliatili. Madison and del be - '-e m et ba»ni» are n in ­ nili..' ab.g e rei m d lows bu! below a\ ei ago at tin timo ai cording 1 \ tin '.’U N 1 1 - ; : 1 1 1 1 Nab Ititi- Hoag'■>■;. Doni last w eoi - how - -, el\ hit le »How covet in tin e< i i - - p i - e i a ! ! y in the 1111 ■1111 1 a 111 » notili I ail-. I.aknar, I b a- s r and 1 mi rgi-ney Sets tee» Cl\.i .linaloi tor Beavt-rhead ( ogni a i in group will meet ne'.t on Ma' en I In: i 11 3 i i a m in t In- ( uni n 11 - - ■ ' 11 : i : - Meeting Room at ! hr I.ive ’ m head l < .gn'i ( mi:Tl:n;i»e A t t e n t io n S e p t ic T a n k O w n e r s Nov/ is the time to think about pumping your tank if: • ria.e-oi p imped for 3-4 years • / 0 |; T'.'er have a r-^wer Can’t find your lid- WF CAN Over 26 years experience Klasen Septic 6 8 3 -2 0 6 3 or 6 6 0 -0 5 7 2

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