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EASTERN'S MODERN SCIENCE BUILDING VOL. 1 EASTERN MONTANA COLLEGE OF EDUCATION BILLINGS, MONTANA, SEPTEMBER 28, 1949 NO. 1 Fall Quarter Opens - - Record Enrollment A DREAM COME TRUE The first step in Dr. Peterson's dream of an enlarged campus for EASTERN students is nearing fruition with the opening of the new Science Building. Students and faculty members making use of this new building will find ready for their use a pleasant, functional and modern science building. Congratulations to Dr. Peterson, the planners, designers and builders of EASTERN'S lat- est contribution to modern educa- tion in eastern Montana! The building is primarily de- signed for classes and laboratory work in science, but other classes will meet there as assigned. Dr. Hines, Dr. Cooper and Mr. Weich- ert will have their offices on the first floor and Mr. Lyle Cooper, Mr. Gloege and 0. W. Peterson on the second floor. A faculty lounge has been provided in room 103, a girls' lounge on the first floor, a boys' lounge on the second floor with a smoking section assigned in the east end on the second floor. The Art Department of EAST- ERN has departed from the tra- ditional school decorating colors. Throughout the building are found harmonious yellows, blues and greens in dynamic schemes which blend beautifully with the modern and colorful tiling of the floors. Dedication ceremonies are ten- tatively set for the last week in October when this beautiful build- ing will be opened for public in- spection. NOTICE! Big plans are in the making for a real demonstration of EASTERN'S talents at all home football games. All you gals familiar with that swinging stick sign up quick. It takes time to provide suitable uniforms for as many as we hope to have on the field leading our new band. Room 101 Adiministration Bldg. SWING IT— GOSH DING IT ! ! ! The Rhumba—the Conga—the Samba—with that Latin American swing—will be part of Eastern's activity program for fall quarter. On Friday, October 7, at 7:30 o'clock, the first informal dancing party will \swing into swing\ in the gym. Professional instruciton will be available for beginners as well as for our talented Terpsic- horeans in Latin American danc- ing, square dancing, jitterbug and American ballroom dancing. The first hour of instruction will be open to beginners only; at 8:30 at this first meeting square dancing will be called. Eats for everybody at 11:00. CALENDAR OF EVENTS Thursday, Sept. 29—Orientation Assembly, 10:00. Friday, Sept. 30—No-Date Mixer, gym, 9-12:00. Sophomore class sponsors. Monday, October 1—W. A. A., gym, 7:30. Tuesday, October 2—K a t o y a, Stage 142, 7:30. Wednesday, October 3—Football Assembly, gym, 10:00. D. P. 0. initiation, 7:30. the general theme of Democratic Goals: Martin Hall on October 31; Subodh Chandra Roy, November 28; Robert Bradford, January 30; Rev. Charles Emerson Boddie, March 6, and Dr. Elwood C. Nance on March 28. Musical numbers and lecturers will appear informally at assem- bly programs in the morning for the date they, are announced. They will be available for class use or individual conference with stud- ents during the day and will give their formal programs at night. 310 Pre-register for Eastern Fall Quarter Added facilities have encour- aged a record enrollment at EASTERN. As the EMCOE goes to press, Mr. Aikins, registrar, seems assured that all existing records shall fall as to the number of students registered for any previous quarter. Pre-registration totals reached 310 before Monday morning sched- uling began. This sets a new rec- ord in pre-registration. More room and the addition of many new courses seem to be the contributing factors in this record enrollment. The new science building, the most modern in Montana, adds the needed space to accommodate the great influx of students to EASTERN'S campus. Mr. Johnson's new commercial department seems to have swayed many students to enroll at EAST- ERN. Seven new instructors have joined the many new students here as classes begin Tuesday. Money has been appropriated by the Board of Examiners for two new buildings on the EAST- ERN campus. Therefore this rec- ord enrollment shall probably be surpassed when the additional The previous top registration at EASTERN was 404 students in the fall quarter of 1947. ATTENTION Tryouts for cheerleaders will be held about October 10. All \Easterners\ who led our yells so successfully last season. are asked to sign up again. New students are urged to get in the tryouts. Who knows, YOU may be wearing the gold n' blue at Homecoming, Oct. 26. ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE PLANS SPECIAL PROGRAM Three outstanding musical pro- grams and five lecturers of note will make up The Eastern College Series, which is being instituted for the first time this school year. The whole program will be in- cluded on students' activities tick- ets and also will be available to the general public. The musical programs will be \The Guardsmen Quartette\ of Hollywood on November 9; Jer- ome Frederic, a concert pianist on April 12, and the Mozart Trio, tenior, violin and piano, on May 3. Four other units of Montana space is added, but until then this University are sharing the five is the banner quarter at EAST- lecturers, who are speaking on ERN.

Emcoe (Billings, Mont.), 28 Sept. 1949, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/Emcoe/1949-09-28/ed-1/seq-1/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.