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VOL. 4, NO. 20 BILLINGS, MONTANA APRIL 19, 1951 RATZLAFF AND SCHULTZ ARE CAST IN LEADS FOR ARENA STYLE PRODUCTION George Ratzlaff, Billings, and Betty Jean Schultz, Fort Benton, are cast as Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Stockmane in the forthcoming five- act arena style play, \An Enemy of the People.\ The play will start next Wednesday, April 25, and will run as long as there is a full house to play to. There will only be 150 seats sold for each pro- duction. Eastern students may pick up their tickets in the front hall of the administration building next Monday. Theater Is Trying To Preserve Peace America is facing another crisis, which is threatening her freedom. She is on the verge of a third world war. Throughout America. groups are endea voring to bring about international peace and un- derstanding. One of these groups is the theater. International Theater month is being celebrated by theater groups all over the United States. The aim of these dramatarians to promote international under standing. Their object—to buil., an international theater. They are trying to bring the UN message to millions, who will be able to understand UN proceedings. The UN has officially recog- nized the importance of the thea- ter as a peace agent. Internation- al theaterical activities are being promoted through the UNESCO (United Nations Scientific, Edu- cational and Cultural Organiza- tion). The theater is not receiving enough recognition for their ef- forts. They receive little money to present these plays. Private individuals are spending their own money to help the theater do a job important to every Ameri- can. Their purpose is not to en- tertain alone, but to break preju- dices and suspicions. Through the World Theater the public of many countries has learned about their neighboring countries thus forming more in- ternational security. \An Enemy of the People\ writ- ten by Norwegian playwright Henrick Ibsen, is to be presented by Eastern's dramatarians under the direction of Mr. Ray Harsh- field, April 25 through May 1. The play is being presented in cooperation with International Theater Month. Eastern is proud to be a part of this peace program. The third annual Montana Ad- ministrators' Conference began the second day of its three-day meeting today on the Eastern Montana College of Education campus with the opening of a dis- play in the gymnasium by text- book and school supply firms. The meeting opened Wednes- day with a meeting of county superintendents from all over Montana. Today's meeting includes the superintendents as well as school principals, school board members and other school administrators. The conference is discussing /- Mr. Aikins Makes A \Slip of the Lip\ We all know Mr. Aikins to be a well of information but perhaps few of us have won- dered as to his sources. It seems that lately he has been receiving intelligence through rather unusual channels. At the meeting of Eastern men students earlier this week on scholastic draft deferments, Mr. Aikins quoted the late General Pershing on student deferment requirements. Need- less to say, a mild wonderment was aroused but the situation was later cleared up when it developed that a slip of the tongue was responsible for his substituting General Pershing's name for General Hershey. Well, Mr. Aikins! I guess that dates you! STUDENT DIRECTORY NOW AVAILABLE IN REGISTRAR'S OFFICE The new spring quarter student directory has been printed and may be picked up in the regis- trar's office. This quarter there is in the directory a list of all the students who have started college this quarter, where they came from, and their Billings, and home address. Also in the direc- tory is the list of students who dropped out of school this quarter. problems that deal with rural and village schools, recent and future legislation, reading coun- cils, visual aids advisory commit- tees, special education and other public education matters, accord- ing to State Superintendent of Public Instruction Mary Condon, who called the conference. The conference will conclude Friday with group meetings, fol- lowed by a general summary and reports. The more than 150 administra- tors will push Eastern's guest list for the past 30 days well over the 1000 mar k, President A. G. Peter- son pointed out. Groups visiting the campus since March 21 in- clude the recreation leaders' con- ference, the Fairview band and chorus, the eight high schools entered in the one-act play festi- val, the Montana Intercollegiate Forensics Tournament, and the Billings Commercial Club Com- munity Banquet Wednesday night of this week. Miss Condon was greeted by many faculty and students who made her acquaintance while she was a faculty member at Eastern before being elected state super- intendent. This is the first time in the history of the Eastern theater that a full length play will be presented arena style. To the knowledge of Mr. Ray Harshfield, director of the play, this is the first time that this play has been presented in this fashion. Earlier this year students of Eastern and the people of the Midland Empire got a glimpse of arena style when the Delta Psi Omega organization presented two one-act plays that way. Cast are Peter Stockmane, Dr. Stockmann's elder brother, is Walt Nolt and playing the part of Kiil, Mrs. Stockmane's adoptive father, is Lyle Schwartz. George Snell and Bud Good are Hovstad, editor of the local paper, and Captain Horster, respectively. Dick Collver is cast as Aslaksen, a painter. All of these actors are from Billings. Jackie Lewis, Fairview, is Petra, Dr. Stock- mann's daughter. Billing, sub- editor of the paper, is played by Bob Deming of Plentywood. Ejbif and Morten are Ray Kunkel of the Eastern Lab School and Allen Gorden of the Billings Junior High. The crew chiefs for \An En- emy of of the People\ are: Stud- ent director, Tom Kilpatrick, Laurel; business manager, Cal Tillison, Forysth; publicity and (Continued on Page 3) Classes to Meet During Next Week's Assembly Next week's assembly will be class meetings. The Freshmen will meet in the Science Auditorium, Sophomores in the Gym, Juniors in 102, Science Building, and the Seniors in 104, Science Building. A short regular assembly will be held before the class meetings in the Science Auditorium. CALENDAR OF EVENTS April 19, Thursday 3:30 p.m.—Trackmeet, Rocky Mountain April 20, Friday 3:30 p.m.—Baseball, Rocky Mountain 9 p.m.—Residence Hall party April 23, Monday 7:30 p.m.—WAA, gym 8:15 p.m.—\An Enemy of the People,\ gym April 24, Tuesday 3 p.m.—Baseball, Rocky, here 7:30 p.m.—MEA, student union room 8:15 p.m.—\An Enemy of the People,\ gym April 25, Wednesday 10:15 a.m.—Assembly 8:15 p.m.—\An Enemy of the People,\ gym April 26, Thursday 8:15 p.m.—\An Enemy of the People,\ gym April 27, Friday 9 p.m.—Eastern Goes West- ern, gym ADMINISTRATORS BEGIN SECOND DAY OF CONFERENCE

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