Evergreen (Eureka, Mont.) 1946-1968, December 07, 1962, Image 2

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Page 2 E.vergreen Editor Assist, Ed. Circulation Managers (V? O N 7 /4 /x/A_ \ I 6 K Mike Kearney Sandi Nelison Jeanne Heibein Maria Stoken __ Business ^Managers The Marlene Bolen I lane Nelson EVERGREEN is published by the journalism classr of LCHS every j tfcwo weeks* Subscription price,75 T H E V R G R E E JM ARE BOYS BASHFUL? Every year the same problem• arrives in LCHS when it is time for the Junior Prom or the Sen­ ior Eall, the toys won't ask the girls. Why? Because they say they're bashful or they haven't got a carr or may­ be their finances are .a little low, and last not least, because they can't dance* They can solve their problems if they want to. If they.haven't got a car, double- date with a pal and his girl. In case of money, get a job after school. Let ycur girl friend or sis* ter teach you how. :.- to dance and your problem is solved. Come on, boys, you'd better get on the ball now because .'the Senior Ball is December 29,and someone else may ask /our best girl. SHOULD STUDENTS READ MORE? The Bookshop has a tho- sand books, all colors, hues, and tinges and svery cover in a door that turns on magic hin­ ges. A took can open for you new highways of thought. (Is there anything as rel­ axing as a good book de­ cide an open fireplace? r anything as exciting I eftd bloody-chilling is one df *Edga> All<Sn Foe's bo­ oks ®n a winter'5ve. 'yov can laugh and ary • with the characters asactual- ly as if you are with them. You can travel in­ to India with Kipling, an isle in the Pacific with Stevenson or laugh with Boath Tarkington. Books* are facination where else can you travel from T.Eng- land to Australia in an hour? The LCHS school library has a good selection of books. For the boys there are many good sport stories. For girls there are romances and-: career girl stories. ' Fdr the more adventuresome there are. stories of g-pirates, cavaliers and cowboys. The number of books in circulation in LCHS are not enough for the numb­ er of students. Reading is essential for a well- rounded personality for it broadens the mind The card file is -a simple thing to use for anyone who knows the al­ phabet. I am sure you will come away perfectly ' satisfied. r a c i a l ” p r o b l e m OF PREJUDICE The problem of racial prejudice may not affect us in this area at the present time, but it will some day and that is why we should give it some serious thought. I assume that most of you have read the news­ papers or listened to the radio, and know what has happened to make the problem of prejudice - more serious than ever. Getting a Negro student enrolled in a Mississ­ ippi university result­ ed in the'National Guard being called by the Pre­ sident, much violence and grief and even death was the result* Is this necessary? Is there really so much hatred right in our own country that this should happen just because a Negro wishes to go to schorl? No, it is net necess ary* Yes, there is hatred but most of the tine it falls on the wrong per­ son and this is where prejudice arises* First, let us look closer at the causes of prejudice, Whether it be against • a person, a group or a thing, every­ one seems to think there is a- direct hatred .or dislike' _ envolved. In some cases this may be. true* But I think the ones ■ that I''get from a book, Glass House cf Prejudice. which deals, exclusively with the problems- of prejudice. The first reason they gave was imitation- When a child sees his parents or • ether piople shew outright dislike cf a person, -he will grad­ ually come tc dc the same thing, and in this way • will acquire a pre­ judice against' a person that envclves nc hate and has nc basis-' Another reason is the desire to strike back at someone, even if he had nothing t o ’ d.o' with the : hurt that was inflicted ' ,cn this person. Because one person, has .’hurt them deeply they take their revenge out on someone else. This someone else is usually a person who is different in appear­ ance cr in religcn, such as a Ne re cr Jew- This emvclves hate, but it is net directed toward the person wbc caused it. Then there is-thbg pera- son who has a dislike confined sr '; deeply with- ----- (-c • n t .— &n --par- s— ----- \> > • ■ 'December 7 , l§2 | j L_

Evergreen (Eureka, Mont.), 07 Dec. 1962, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/Evergreen/1962-12-07/ed-1/seq-2/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.