Ksanka Annex (Eureka, Mont.) 1940-1943, January 08, 1941, Image 4

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V o L X J ka. y *j ___ w h i : T . L o . $ . C j * u $ e ..■i C b r T r o p h i s s S p e a k _ 'Bump* ft. LET5 R E A D \And Tell of Time” is a historical novel of the south during the Reconstruction Period after the Civil War. The first part of the book gives a the only tine we’re looked at is when a person comes to school or wnon a student wants to pass away a little time..„Whv are we Here we sit, day after day, in this dusty but nice look-picture of Virginia and Georgia as they were short­ ing trophy case and ly after Sherman’s march to the sea. Later the scene changes to Texas and a descrip­ tion of Texas is given as it was after the slaves had been freed and had then threatened the peace of the state. This novel gives an excellent picture of the civil and political strife between the poor white trash and the negroes against the plantation net given more glory owners and their following for the control of and recognition for the state government. the great history Besides historical value, this novel has a plot we hold? But since delightfully interwoven with the background, most people have forgotten us, we will tell our own little history>to remind the students that we . - j u s t aren’t to be looked at and then forgotten. Be­ cause I am the old­ est I feel it my privilege to speak first, I was brought to Eureka to be given to the winner of the 1937 track and field meet. Eureka was victor and I was set in their trophy case with just my brother Relay-37. We were the only ones in the case because, since j the old school burn-j ed, all of my old relatives had gone too* The men from Lincoln High that helped win me were: B. Elliott, T. Roholt,•B. Mikalson, L. West, C. Patrick, & Eugene Fleming... A new record was set under my reign; the new record of 11 ft. YJWh y0u e f '4 /P b DMfiNS.Nl & M a i t V ‘5 R e Alky. S H o f > Overhauling Lyon's G a r a g e Rexford . Mon+.

Ksanka Annex (Eureka, Mont.), 08 Jan. 1941, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/KsankaAnnex/1941-01-08/ed-1/seq-4/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.