Ksanka Annex (Eureka, Mont.) 1940-1943, September 29, 1941, Image 3

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/ w f) 1, _ - n W- U<£) .RA1 One of the juniors in typing class spends a lot of time staring into the bookkeeping room. We wonder why. Does Jean D. come over for shorthand or other attractions? We wonder if Jimmy H. has decided who the girl is. Patricia says he can come up to her place any old time. Clara Belle seems to have made up her mind about the two Glens. To Mr. Anderscn--the \Lynch\ is all right, but watch out for the \Mob.\ Did you see the \sparkler\ on Kay’s third finger., left hand?\ It really blinds you. We wonder why that soph, girl spends half the noon down .in the basement before the mirror. It couldn’t be the attraction, could it, Lu Verne? It seems that Clara Belle's and Pauline's horses needed a drink. At loast, they ended up in the ditch. Ruth surely had a relieved look about six­ th! rty last Friday night, didn't she? One of the girls on the Trego bus seems to have become a \Sleeping Beauty.\ At least, she slept all the way home from the mixer. Did Deris C. kick Jack S. or did he really get hurt in the game? Stub calls them the trio --Jack, Deris, and the crutches, The mixer seems to have been a great success, at least7for a certain soph- o.tacre? Huh, Charles? Lois P., what's the mat­ ter? Things getting comp-i licated? Deed any help? Dale B., you'd better nphr\bring her up here so 'often. She's pretty cute. Why the hand-shaking, _ N o . f . d KJ E x P r e s t o n s Sari Weber--You can say that again. Pat b.— Ricky Ticky Tick. Bumpy--Hi, Babe, let 1 h osculate, Pauline — Baa r-ae , I ' u a rancher now, Andy--Hi ya, In d . Gh, isn't this fun. Ruth Day--Weeny Clara Belle--You am' b a wo of m g . Tommy C. --I' n *- qo bashful. Ralph 0.--Hct _tusr. Bubb] es--Oh! But iel- inik ol v . Dale B. — Beat ties' s j. i i r: s { b oat t h o s e U \ urn s Peggy L.— Isn't .n't jus: Key J a ck u unc whs L words t v m v mo, too devis . D.— In the gro- v 3.— Rooty toe':. figuring out the of some of the in first year Keith and Pauline? And why does Bill B. lit freight trains? Have you all noticed the latest fad? Suckers. Even some teachers have it. Chris has had an awful COo ir »es. Brownies • • Bruit Bars OattahhL cookies _ iutterscotch ^ ■'/’\j j iocoan^£fy /o ; ■i- ~ at ij j T -4 V /* !\ i H 5 i \f g

Ksanka Annex (Eureka, Mont.), 29 Sept. 1941, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/KsankaAnnex/1941-09-29/ed-1/seq-3/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.