Ksanka Annex (Eureka, Mont.) 1940-1943, May 10, 1943, Image 5

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May 10, 194-3 __________ JUNIOR POETRY WINS AWARDS Two junior g i r l s , Lois Hebisen and Gloria Kline, have been award­ ed c e r t i f i c a t e s of ac­ ceptance for the.ir poems ft on The National High'School Poetry As­ sociation which w i l l publish ther in their spring anthology. This anthology published each semester,, contains origin a l poetry of high school students throughout the noroh and middie-wart. Lineo ? r. 0 ov nty A-•, > h School ha s be e.'i rep 0 - sented in . th,. ■ j uthD - gy thr 36 time a DO !' 0r 0 twice by i\ j r f A ’P .1 Day, and once 0 y Bu [(1 p y Rhodes » bs hh “ cf th 0 class of 1942 The noems P 13 C, 07 ** - cry-' a nr5 \Tv. in it S C r i t i c 3 \ -p-> 1 1 a. - X»- - a v Youth To Tm: C r itics You think, that we are too carefree in time of wax? Unconcerned about the ITewc'i Do not rea l i z e the worst? ______KSA 2 SKA A l W S X ____ LGIIS mnAd XT CASTS SnnTTi. IX- X FOR ALULNI A service fla g in honor cf the XX. S alum­ ni vho are in some branen oi one sex'vice no ban \i in the as­ sembly . The red satin fla g is 4 r o, and has blue stars on a white satin h a c t r o u: id, a star for each s ervicemau. The students aid f 0- cultv donated ten cents for ea e h . s t a r . j u g cry nY lhe • c‘ c :v. c f11U C 6 on X : t is Not .1; and cue ion- 0. a ,h. is. But g'i, X.. 1 . . 7 ' T X t U P , lik e •p l i t t l e ' 1 (' e , ha 1 • . • fro 1. ' i.,:. neck I t ' s ■ ) ’ b- 1 '] • •\» • rb — l,nc:5 ' ct ,f lik e r-. i l l -, . 7 x. ■ . J i b C f SOft ,i \ r-j a .\ 0 .; c.\: i t . Not. ov r . .\ c knows fc.'ia V- ■ . ;e— but . *., ; n •7.. . .1... ,_. j 1. I f \ O ' -V m v rph of ! O I\ • Q ~';'J ( ho t J_ found i t . > ml v i s i lin e I t is you who do not understand; In our lives tne changes come, X '. i , n :, I t ’ s our blood that (Gout, stain's the sod, res I X need y. • p o litic r.-, OF PCLITEIXSS from page 2) top, you’ l l \ j o t t e r s of ■' D. C-. ___ _____________ Page 5 CART WHEE GIVES TALK Gaptain John- P. XL3el.ih.an- of the Army Air Corps , on leave from ' foxei ,gn duty spoke before U.- -0 0 „se. i' bled student bod 7 and oo._. e townspeople in t e high school assem­ bly at nine o ’ clock A p ril 7 • Captain fheelihan arrived A $ ril 1 to spend part of -is leave v i s i t i n g ‘ is s i s t e r , Miss Nan Theeli.han, a facu lty member. Because h i s : foreign assignment and the na- ture of bxc work, which could no t be publicly repealed Captnih Vfc.ee ilka. 1 was unable to to l l of bis exper- iences 0.1 u sice 0 j . t n i s country . b u u c 0 hi 1 110 d his talk to an in t e r - as ting and amusing ac- count of the l i f e of a S 01 Ci i ft r during his Lx 0 _Lj.i 1 . 1 . J ' period in oa p s in th is country. t>j*(. / t ... ^ XI h i s remarks were directed esp e c ial­ ly to the boys who w i l l perhaps soon be s/ib ?i in r ser v i c e , and offered suggestions which w i l l be of value to the/A when they en­ ter the army. He par­ tic u l a r l y stressed the fact- that arm;, lif e .is in a laroe measure what one -ahes i t and that advancement is precede by e f f o r t . his talk, given in- (cont. on nave 7 ) Xois Hebisen

Ksanka Annex (Eureka, Mont.), 10 May 1943, located at <http://montananewspapers.org/lccn/KsankaAnnex/1943-05-10/ed-1/seq-5/>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.