Mount Saint Charles Scholastic (Helena, Mont.) 1912-1916, July 01, 1916, Image 13

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MOUNT ST. CHARLES SCHOLASTIC 13 charges against the fair name of their city is called “Civic Spirit-” Such a citizen will do all in his power to advance the prosperity of his home town. He will advocate reforms, he will subscribe to charit­ able and public institutions, he will be interested in the politics of the town. Briefly speaking, he will be the wide-awake up-to-date busi­ ness man who has welfare of his home town at heart, lie is guided bv all the feelings of lovaltv that moved the alien to return to the defense of his country. As a city provides its citizens with a means of sustenance and arouses their pride in its growth, so your College likewise trains you and furnishes you with a means of livelihood, provides amusement and recreation. These benefits should arouse in you, pride in her pros­ perity, and in the success of her students, and awaken a feeling of fellowship as a member of a large family of students and alumni. A beautiful house may be furnished with the best of everything, a fortune, may be invested in its adornment, it may contain everything the heart could wish, but if the doors of that house were closed to love and reverence it would never be a home. It is love that makes the following beautiful lines so truthful : \lie it ever so humble. There is no place like home.” A home without love and reverence is a hollow mockery. The home gives us a most vivid example of spirit, that of Family Spirit. It is in the home that we reecive the care and attention of fond and loving parents. It is this care that awakens the love, the loyalty and the respect of the members of a family for each other. Who can place a value upon the care lavished on her children by a loving mother? Not even the object of all this affection realizes its value until the kind hand that has done so much for us is gone. The loyalty of brothers and sisters is well known. If little Willie comes home with a bloody nose, inflicted unjustly or by a larger boy, Willie’s older brother will eventually visit retribution upon the offender's head. Or let the elder brother be defamed by anyone in little Willie’s presence, he will stoutly defend his absent brother’s name. The College fulfills many of the functions of the home, it is your home during the greater part of the year. Your parents place you under the care of the fathers and teachers of the College and they instruct and advise you to secure your spiritual and material welfare ; they mould and train your character that you may some day take your place in the world of honorable men. Far beyond the value of perish­ able gold are the friendships contracted and consolidated during your school years, and these friendships you will cherish to the end of vour days.

Mount Saint Charles Scholastic (Helena, Mont.), 01 July 1916, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.