Semcoe (Billings, Mont.) 1954-1954, June 17, 1954, Image 1

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rt Mr\ TIoN DAY SPrrIAL. ART WORKSHOP HERE A special three day art workshop started here yesterday according to 1:r. 1;arL LiAGUa r chairman cf the arl: department° The workshop is co-sponsored by the il. 'astern Art leapt° ano Binney and \Smith manufacturers cf art matevialse money and Smith seonsors a ver-e ontensive art program and has a staff of well qualified teach- ers and inatructoroo Miss Bevefs1y ;Jean Steith, 7 radeate of the bniversioy of ltah is in eolree o^ tl-et werl-shon. Miss Smith is thR 'eolder of a misters degree in art., she hes worked in television art instruction and public school_ art inebruotien in Taos, new oxicoc, The work 'op has enrolled abott sixty Their work now •r1 display fn the art depart- ment, There will e an exhibitlon oP the oerk ne in the student iounee of the \Ad\ Building or, o-iday afternoon do•inK the eofree ^our. \;vex-von invited to some In and Sec 1-,he we k.,o '\IrDcsTIR% , ,F, P.7 rrir I 0 . 2! Tri7717 There will be a short ceremony rhurAdy morn 71030 a.m° oo note. the beginning o con- .roction on the now SUB,- Dr,' Peturon wi Teak the 'round for the building ca which von- e , uction *ill begon FrRay° The buiiding '.;hat been long eougEt at lastern and is/ now to oe a reality, was cleared w:th the letting; of biAs t Friday. The cost of the buiOding, built entire tudant funds,, is Ito follows? General Conetruction v ?rater Coast, Co. .1'9A,523 ?'Burning inatallation v Frieay Pig. • vtg.'2,075 Eiectrieca installttion v \extol PahIstrem Ik 7, 429 rho architeeta fees w',io'ri are set b,, the state et a rate of 601% of tine total are 47 v 565J660 The t&tal cost of ine building le .131,592c660 It is interesting. to note that in making hie h143 4 , Mr, De..i;rom who is doing the electrical work, fo•got to add ;Ihe oost of letor© This ,a ooe rea'on for the price being so 1 PW0 (T OW 0 TA 7oie work ee11 be done at the bid or'oee 44h******* r , rc A. r president, is in ilelena rwit d tt..-nitv, the rooting of the l ent, C , vrevei110 The 0040Yell is drawiro, aey plane for the l966e , 67 hi-annum;. NSTITUTE ON JUVENILE DELINY TO AT EAUTLRN FRICAY AND SATUROAY On Friday and Saturday, June 1 and 19, ' stern Montana College of Iducetion one the ”entana Probation and Parole Aseociation will seonsor an Institute on Juvenile Deliqeercy, 7 eeistratton for the Institute :ill \nor q;30 ontII 900 a.m. in the 7,cienco wilding 000m 102, Friday, June IP° The irstitute is open to all who are interested in one cenoerne: ed with th© increasing problems of ,tuvenile delinquency° Director of the program will be rof. 4.1 0 'lyron, noted Criminologist from :ortlowestern i t niversitv. The Trogram to be follooed •ill be 7 rieey 100 9t15 \Welcome to •astorn', 7 ra no r eterson, President of 3a8 4 -,ere 'Ortana eoll w , o e e reoeetton, 9i1S- 9330 \FrOecting the inetitute\ Prof. N. P. Myron. 9330 - 10:45 \Y.isconceptions in Juvenile Delinquency n followed by ciscuesione Dr. R. Lowe, Vir• eotor of the Sumer Session 1014B - 1200 'Effective Probation Through Team Oork\ fonoleo ed hi discussion. Claude F. '!orris, President MPPA0 \The Effective Juvenile Probation Officer\„ ) followed by discussion. Pref. ,;.F. Byron° •20.5 - 330 Film, 'The Quiet One\ followed by discussion. Science Auditorium:to 3t30 - 400 Lot's pose some pro- blame juvenile probetion in Thntana0 4100 Adjournment until 8145 Saturday morninee Saturday's program ist 6s45 10t00 \Fro- blems of Juvenile Probation in ontana\. follow- d by discussion. Fred Verritt, Psyehlatric vtial - orver, qygiene 11330 - 12115 Pilm, \Angry Boy', followed by disease.- ion, Science Auditorium. 1115 - 1140 Film, \Probation Officer\ 1340 - 1t40 . 1150 Re.: port by Resoiutions 6ommitteec, 1150 - 2100 Presentation of Certificates, Dr. A. Potent , s on s President, Eastern MGntana Coll -e of 141-e eatfon0 Preregistration indicates t! at -iany pro- ottor nor' 4 uvenile officers will in atted-. emeee. 7\ 7 7P vr11:0\1'WT Ps z: PLA\rrID 017' 3 1 ou''RTB enta are urged to sign up for the trip to Yellowstone Park as soon as possible, Fulli details may be found on the bulletin boart'. in the Ado Boileiog, first floor hallo

Semcoe (Billings, Mont.), 17 June 1954, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.