Semcoe (Billings, Mont.) 1954-1954, August 02, 1954, Image 1

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will NM*. fVfL, UL Billings, Mori August 2 0 1954 TO OPBN TOPORROW - arLe Skin of Our Teeth!' by Moreton utLcer ee ,, a e neastio cometa: about the human race, aleeaeirg dur;ng the ice aGe and eontinuAng throughthe deluge and the post war period, opens e7 erree, eeeust 3rd e for a tee day rune The play promisee to hold the audience with great • ee ieterest ancaoomedy as it plays up and poke'e fun at man and hietorye Students aro adeitted ay showing their activity tie:Note, a price of eighty cents for adults and fifty cents • celioree, will be charmedthe reblioe rembers of the cast are students and eommurity pi t includes aaarles reedke, aertrude \vbere p aee vcCollooh, nary Buchanan, Larry fl eet rathews, Pill Selzwedel, Ronald Scribner Jim Nada ° alirf Schluesner o Peg Ma eary Louise aood, Charlotte Boyle, and Nancy Ri.gcrso o 4 * * * C** * * * * * T* * * * * * * * * * * * * * TY 7.{6 e0aVOCATION TO FEATURE NOTED PROFESeOR edecators are caning to reelize vote and more that visual and auditory aids are proving t(• ent of the !est means of teaching nee orlv elerentare pupils but the more advancedgrades ae welae even the average layman will eird a complexsehelect made much more graphic through t ie 1:80 of films, slides and recordirese One of the top specialists in this relatively new field of addle-visual eduoation is Dy, Lester Fa Reck, the noted psychologist who will speak here on \Our Hidden Motives\ at t en egelock in the =ring * August 5th, in the Soienoe euditorium o and on \Indonesia Today\ at (eeht o'cleck in the evening o August 5th, in the Science Auditoriums The students are urged te attend both lectures if possible, and the publio is invited° A Professor of Psychology at the University of Southern California e Dr. Beck as devoting tLe relor portion of his time to the preparation of films and allied materials for educational aee ownercial television with the aim of bringing the facts and principles of meodern soientif- hology to ax' everainereeeing audiences research voce has centered arounu problems of animal and child behaviore the formation ce •tteteees in children and adultu, and unconscious behaviore His motion pictures are in wide use in sohools, universities arm demonstration centers throughout the United States., The me en \Inconscious Activation\ has on praise from esyohologists ° psychiatrists ° educators, ede etceel film specielists * film critics and others* This comment from novelist Nancy 'Nilson Ruse, fteeaor of The Left hand Is the Drearier\ is a general feeling of many in viewing the 'I watcheo the unfoldire of eae elm ''Ineonocioes eetivetioe' with complete feeoination* It was for in a most enerossine experience, offering me fresh perceptions of those below-the-threshold compulsions that so powerfully in huaan being's outer life, and which are as much the concern of the writer as tally are of the peyoholoeist and the psychiatrist\ re in Hildebrand * Oregon, Dr. Beck earned his B.A. and MoiA, at Oregon University where he teaeka psychology for a dozer years before ioinine the staff of the University of Southern California He took his doctorate in peycholoey at nroen University in l9330 He has traveled widely in Europe and Asia, In 19a3, he was invited by the Government of Iedeeeala to visit Sumatra, Java and Pali and advise on problems of mass communication* In ceneuneVen with this visit to Ineoneela he also stored parent-child relationships in the Or ant Di e Beck hac written numaereus scientific papers and pamphlets about his worke Popular reviews of his films have been published in Life, Look, and the Saturday Review of Literature° He is a member of the National Education . Association, the American Association of the Ad- eveleiement of Science and serves as consultant to the National Institute. of Mental Health of alaseington o DC e Because of his broad kuowledge of audio-visual education, Dr e Beck is Chairman ee the Film and Television Committee of the Amerioan Psychological Association*

Semcoe (Billings, Mont.), 02 Aug. 1954, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.