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Lance Makes History at Hellgate History is being made today in the life of Hellgate high school as the very first issue of the loanee, Hellgate weekly paper, is being distributed. Much work has gone into the construction of this paper by the first year Journalism class at Hellgate and the volunteer photographers, artist, typists, and columnist. The journalism stu ­ dents are : Linda Monk, Gail Me- * Intyre, sports editors ; Linda Kil- Hellgate High School Missoula, Montana * Home Ec Co-ed Correspondent Bonnie Burditt, Hellgate junior, has been named co-ed cor­ respondent for the 1964-1965 school year, according to Mrs. Leona Hansen, Hellgate home economics teacher. Selected for her qualities of leadership and her enthusiasm for home economics, Bonnie will serve as junior advisor to the editors of Co-ed, national maga ­ zine for teen-age girls. She will keep them informed the editors of activities at Hellgate. More than 4,000 Co-ed correspondents throughout hte United States and Canada report regularly. Handel's Messiah Produced The joint production of Han ­ del ’ s Messiah was given Sunday Dee. 13 in the University The ­ ater. Mr. Donald Carey, a visiting director conducted the orchestra and combined choruses assem ­ bling about 300 voices in the mass presentation. Of the 300 par ­ ticipants, 85 were chourses and orchestra students from Hellgate High School. The remaining par ­ ticipants consisted of Sentinel High and Montana State Uni ­ versity students and faculty. Mr. Carey, when asked his opinion on the performance, re ­ plied, “ It, went quite well. Mike O ’ Connor, tenor and Don Collins, bass, were the high school lx»ys capturing the two FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS are bottom row left to right : Janet McEIwain, secretary; Linda Fleischhauer, treas ­ urer. Top row left to right : Denny Curran, president ; Gary Jurdy, vice president. . Frosh Election Returns Announced The winners of the freshman class elections are: Denny Cur- 1 ran, president; Gary Purdy, vice president; Janet McEIwain, sec ­ retary ; and Linda Fleischauer, treasurer. Final elections were Dec. 11. Campaign posters went up the Friday before election and the campaigns went into full swing the following Monday. The prim ­ ary elections were Dec. 9 with a total of 39 candidates on the ticket. Every student with a C aver ­ age or better, had the opportunity dow, Sharon Kostad, make up editors; Helen Mulroney, Mari ­ lyn Snitih, copy editors; Bamma Key, Vicky Whitmire, feature and editorial editors ; Mary Har ­ ris. co-ordinating editor; Janice Davis, assignment editor; Linda Bailey, business man ­ ager ; Jim Bendickson, Delia Hansen, and Jeanne Storez, photographer. The artist is Sheila Gore and the retries HELLGATE HIGH SCHOOL SOLOISTS FOR THE traditional Christmas cantata to be presented this evening in the Hellgate auditorium are, front row from left, Barbara Gleason, Donna Potter, Gayle Sedg ­ wick and Suzanne Dundas; back row, Larry Stewart, Mike O ’ Connor and Don Collins, Staff photo). parts as soloists in this year ’ s production. Ed Blacker, Norm Mikelson, Esther Englund and Janet Boyer, a former MCHS student, were the other soloists. One Hellgate representative in the Messiah, Karel Meierding, said, “ It really thrilled me to sit on stage and watch the entire theater fill to the top. ” Alden Pritchet, another Hellgate chorus member commented, “ Well ah- I ’ d say it was pretty good. ” Mr. Dahlstrom, Hellgate choral director, said to his class the day following the Messiah, “ The over ­ all tone of the chorus and or ­ chestra came through to the audi ­ ence quite well. I was proud of you kids. ” to run for a class office by filling out an application. On the ap ­ plication they simply gave their name and the class office for which they wished to run. Mrs. Pearl Felker, English teacher, received the applications. She stated that the campaigns got off to a slow start but to ­ ward the middle of the week they were going strong. One of the jobs of the new of ­ ficers began right after elections, is working with faculty advisors to co-ordinate the affairs of the freshman class. weekly columnist is Steve Smuin. Typists are Toni Rasmussen and Diana Martin. The three names nominated by the journalism class Shield, Charger, and Lance were to rep ­ resent the medieval periods when historical knights charger to bat ­ tle on their mighty charger with a shield in one hand and a lance in the other. The word Lance suggests that the school paper digs in and gets ilff. Jennings lleieentes Lance (The Lance is indebted to Mr. Mark Jennings, Hellgate High School principal, for the follow­ ing piece, epescially written to welcome the Lance. Mr. Jennings, who holds the degree of master of education, became a faculty member in 1947). By MARK JENNINGS The Lance is another of the many outward signs that identi ­ fies Hellgate as a new high school. Its advisor and his staff have spent much time and effort in planning and developing this important part of the school pro ­ gram. This issue of the Lance, ’ the first, is the one which all at Hellgate have been eagerly await ­ ing. It is with much pleasure that I welcome the Lance to the list of activities at Hellgate and exteund to its staff and to Mr. Forssen, the advisor, my best wishes for a successful school year. The newspaper has become an important factor in the social, political, and economic life of America. Though the scope of its activities is restricted to a small field, the high school newspaper when properly conducted will carry out the same functions as the professional newspaper. Prob ­ ably the primary function of the Singers Perform Today, six choral groups, the Hellgate band and orchestra offi ­ cially marked the commencement of Hellgate ’ s Christmas season. Tradition dictates that every year a music assembly commemorates this gayous occasion. Mr. Neil Dahlstrom and Mr.Johnson, Hell- gate ’ s choral and band directors, put together a Christmas pro ­ gram and presented it first period to the student body in the gym ­ nasium. The vocal groups that per ­ formed were : Chevaliers, Chan- sonettes, a sophomore-junior group, two freshman girls ensem­ bles, and a freshmen girls choir. Mr. Dahlstrom gaid that Christ ­ mas wouldn ’ t be Christmas with ­ out the different music groups presentations of our familiar carols. to the “ heart ” of every story. The Lance will always welcome students donations for the liter ­ ary column, letters to the Lance, and even news stories. The Lance, will have guest col ­ umnists occasionally if a student has shown special ability and de ­ sire to have this work appear in the paper. This is the students paper and students contributions will trigger more students inter ­ est. December 23, 1961 Vol. 1, Issue 1. school newspaper is to serve the eyes of the readers; to reflect the activities of the school. The high school newspaper is an in ­ strument of education. It affords a training ground for students in ­ terested in newspaper work. It encourages creative writing on the part of the students body in the resources of his school and its need. The school paper edu ­ cates the fathers and mothers of the community by informing them of the school system and its operation. Through its humor columns and its features the paper can sene as an entertainer of the student readers. Originality finds its place in these columns and students are drawn closer to­ gether at having something in common at which to laugh. Conversely, the paper should be the guardian of the rights of its student readers. It should serve as a weapon to fight any harm ­ ful influence that makes its way into the student body — cheating, lying, stealing, discourtesy, poor sportsmanship, selfishness. These traits are contagious; the influ ­ ence of the newspaper, I feel, ought to be steadily against them. The school newspaper more than any other medium will re ­ flect the school to the community and the state. One incident mis­ represented, poorly stated or hastily opinionated, reflects upon the school. If, in the mind of the advisor, any story tends to place the students, school person ­ nel, or the school itself in an un ­ favorable light, careful review of the story should be made. It should be the goal of the school newspaper to make an effort to place high in interscholastic com ­ petition but never at the expense of student, school personnel or school status. Students working with the school newspaper are in a learn ­ ing position and should temper their stories to fit the school sit ­ uation and not compare their work directly to that found in a metropolitan newspaper. Con ­ troversial news should be so han ­ dled that neither the individual nor the school becomes involved in controversial issues to the de ­ gree that individuals or the school are injured, treated un ­ fairly, or subjected to contro ­ versial publicity. Story Told in Music and Pantomime The Adoration Cantata for Christmas by George B. Nevui, performed for the past 34 years by Missoula County High School students, is now being presented to the public for the 35th time. The Cantata will continue for one more evening in the Hellgate auditorium. The Cantata is the story of Christ ’ s birth told in music and pantomime. Each year the music department of Missoula County High School has reproduced the performance. This year will be the last performance of the Can ­ tata by both schools. In future years Hellgate alone will take the tradition as their own. The Cantata consists of seven choruses, six solos, and four well known Christmas carols. On the alto solo Gayle Sedgewick will sing both at performances. The soloists for the Archangel Ga ­ brielle are Suzzane Dundas and Barbara Gleason. Barbara sang the solo part last night, while Suzzane will sing it tonight. Nancy Dodd and Donna Potter share the solo part of Mary. Nancy sang last night and Donna is to sing tonight. Mike O ’ Connor ’ s voice is being featured in the solo selections of the Christmas carol, “ Cantique de Noel. ” Soloists ofr the carol “ We Three Kings, ” are Dave Gray, Don MacDonald and John Sem- Annual Chocolate Hour Presented With the near falling off of an angel costume the Hellgate Girls ’ Club had their annual Chocolate Hour, Dec. 16. The Christmas program opened with the comedy “ Angel Child, ” by Helen Louse Miller. The actors added even more laughter when the angel, played by Bette Tomlinson, nearly lost her cos ­ tume. Other members of the cast were Jackie Mitchell, Ellen Man- ley, Wanda Lechner and Carolyn Lewis. Debbie Ryan , directed the play and was assisted by Martha Erion. PERFORMING ON AND OFF STAGE, Jackie Mitchell, left, shows how she did one line in the Chocolate Hour play. The interested audience is from left Linda Overcast, Susan Rowherry and Carolyn Lewis. Carolyn also acted in “ Angel Child. ” School Flag Contest Student Council is sponsoring a contest to receive a design for a school flag for Hellgate. The contest will be open to any stu ­ dent with a first place prize Of $5.00. The entries must be turned in before Jan. 11. The art class will make the flag. The possibility of Sandpoint, Idaho; Deer Lodge, or Great Falls Central or a bus trip to Great Falls Central or Deer Lodge is being discussed. The final decision will be made when all information has been received. The Hellgate Student Council is taking orders for Knight sweatshirts. Two styles are avail ­ able each $3.50 and available in medium, large, and extra-large. The red sweatshirts come in short sleeves with black letters of “ Hellgate Knights. ” They will have a gold Knight with black lettering. The gold sweatshits will come with long sleeves and black lettering. The sweatshirts will have a red Knight with black shading. Phyllis Grenz, sophomore, won the Twirp Week trophy. She col ­ lected 81 tickets through the Twirp Week of hard tasks. The nions. The baritone solo is shared by Don Collins, who sang last night, and Larry Stewart, who will sing tonight. Paulette Geisey will also be featured in a solo part from, “ The Star of the Mountain. ” Although the concert choirs of the Hellgate and Sentinel com ­ bined have a total of about 140 students, only 70 are to process. Of these 70 students, 30 are Hell ­ gate Juniors. The Cantata makes use of lots of special equipment and this year part of it is the newly pur ­ chased scarlet and gold choir robes. Also an organ was placed in the balcony for accompani ­ ment of the choir, and battery operated candles took the tradi ­ tional job of real candles which are too dangerous. The stage production of the Cantata features several nativity scenes. The auditorium is re ­ quired to be in complete dark ­ ness except for stage lights. Because Mr. David Andrew, drama teacher at Hellgate, had an unfortunate accident, Mr. Royal Bameli, the speech teach ­ er at Hellgate and Miss Margaret Friehl, drama teacher at Sen ­ tinel, took over the directing of the stage production. The Cantata is to be recorded by KGVO Radio Station and broadcasted Christmas Eve at 8:00. . Following the play, the girls went in mobs to the cafeteria where they were served cocoa, cookies and candy canes. Patti Nolan, president of Girls Clubs, beamingly said she was very pleased at the turnout and the spirit of the Chocolate Hour. Adding to the numerous Christ ­ mas decorations Girls ’ Club put up and decorated the Christmas tree at the head of the main steps on the second floor. Patti Nolan said that she was thankful no one stole the decorations off the tree as they have in years past. week brought many queer looks to hte numerous girls down on hands and knees racing ’ in the halls. “ Most of my tasks were quite embarrassing, ” commented Phyllis. She said that crawling up and down the stairs from first to third floor was her worst stunt. Many girls who had been uncooperative during the Twirp Week were scared to attend Kangaroo Court Friday night after school conducted by Key Club. Those who did attend, how ­ ever, found everyone sentenced whether they deserved it or not. After an excruciating week sev­ eral girls came up the idea of “Revenge Wee. ” Perhaps, that's a good idea. How about it boys? Chess Club became the first chartered club of Hellgate High School. All clubs are reminded to submit constitutions and char ­ ter applications to Lex Hames, chairman of the administrative committee. Ed Sale, chairman of the di ­ recting activities committee, with his committee is investigating the possibility of having Hellgate Knights pennants to sell as a project

The Hellgate Lance (Missoula, Montana), 23 Dec. 1964, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.