The Hellgate Lance (Missoula, Montana) 1964-current, January 28, 1981, Image 4

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4- LAICl W~ .. ; ••• ,. \-Y 21. 1111 Vinyl Verdicts Jeff Morgan Williams' hopes high for speech meet · in Billings Loverboy is a tal- ented little new wave rock cross-over band from Canada that's attempting the big time. Judging from this debut album, they have a pretty good chance of mak- ing it. The tunes are good, but the album is far from flawless. First of all, it is over-pro- duced. It sounds very muddy. That is the ·seperate tracks sound pasted together (al- are \pasted together\ but when done right, they don't sound like it). On some of the songs, they randomly throw in violins. This isn't violin music - they don't add a thing to the music, or at least not anything good. As said before, the music is good. However, the lyrics are mind- lessly banal. This aspect of the album is even worse than the over- production. Virtually all of the songs are about big, macho dudes looking for hot women, finding hot women and/or utilizing the hot women after they have found them. . I'm not implying that the lyrics are disgusting or offensive because they're not - they're just plain stupid. The Macho-Dude-Vs.-Hot- Woman subject can be f6und on nearly every record since 1965. It's grown into a trite, boring cliche'. It serves only two functions - A: to insult our intellegence, and B: to lure in the 14 year old crowd . It does both very well. They would be really good if they would just shut up. If you can ignore the poor song arrangements and stupid lyrics, you can pick up a not bad album. If not, you had better stick to the Cars. Loverboy has lots of talent. Hopefully they will realize their mistakes and learn from them. If so, you can expect a real good sec- . ond album. ••• Coach Barry Williams has high hopes for Hellgate speech team in this year's State meet. \We should do very well. We should finish in the top three or four,\ he said. The meet is in Billings, Jan. 30-31. , Of the 32 competing teams, Williams said that Flathead, Bil- · lings West and Bozeman are al- ways the ones to beat. \W e're definitely the fourth strongest team in the state and maybe third or second, depend- ing on how things break (at the meet). Third place is our goal,\ Williams said. Williams said that anytime that the team finished in the top four, they considered it a vic- tory . The Hellgate speech team has about 35 team memoers, which is \definitely\ a small team, said Williams. He- went on to say that other schools have a . much larger team, and coaching staff . Williams has two assistant coaches. He also said that other schools give much more support to their teams with more speak- ing classes in the curriculum. Hellgate finished third in the Bozeman meet on Jan. 10-11. Bozeman was first and Billings West finished second. UM Drama Dept. to present 'Decent Exposure' The University of Montana, School of Fine Arts, Department of Drama/Dance presents the second Fringe Production called Decent Exposure : Personal Statements in the Theatre. Each presentation by the performing artist was developed from her- /his personal experience. D«:eent Exposure will be Jan . 29 in the Great Western Stage in Main Hall at 8 p.m. Tickets are $2. For reservations or information call 243-4581 or 243-6886. 'Glass Menager~e' auditions to be Thursday, Feb. 5 Tennesee Williams' \The Glass Menagerie'' will be the spring Hellgate drama produc- tion. Auditions will be in the au- ditorium on Thursday, Feb . 5 at 3:05 . Callbacks will be Oll the following Saturday. Hellgate Drama Director Brien Sankey said that the play deals with a one-time southern belle who now lives in poverty in a dingy St. Louis apartment. Tom, her son, cannot stand his mother's constant nagging and seeks escape in alcohol and the unrealistic world of movies. Laura, the daughter, is crippled and this defect, intensified by her mother's anxiety to see her married, has driven her more and more into herself. The crux of the action comes when Tom invites a friend to dine with the family. Jim, the friend, is a nice, ordinary man who is at once pounced upon by the mother as a possible husband for Laura . In spite of her crude and obvious efforts to entrap the young man, he and Laura get along nicely, and momentarily Laura is lifted out of herself and into a new world. \The Glass Menagerie\ will be performed in the Hellgate au- ditorium March 27-29. For more information, contact Assistant Director Chris Jorgenson in Room 303. SOUTHGATE MALL k RENTALS!! x-country package skis, boots, poles, bindings $129.00 1st day- $6.00 2nd day - $5.00 week - $30.00 Mon.-Fri. 10-9, Sat. 10-6, Sun. 12-5 - 4 - - . . - ... - ; - - - ... . - ~ , , . . I put on the first side of Ian Mathews' \Spot of Interfer- ence\ and was bounc- ing all over the room to the beat. I loved it. Then I turned it over and thought, \Whoops! Hey, Ian, what happened?!\ It sounds as if Mathews had all of the time he wanted to write the first side, but then he , got a call from his ' manager who said that they were re- L __ _!tii .. lfi!!L _______ _j. cording the album in an hour. So Mathews had to write the remaining _ five songs on the bus going down town . None of the songs on side two are terrible, but comparing the two sides is like comparing a Cadillac to a Datsun (well, not a Cadillac; maybe an Oldsmobile). Mathews is a good musician, a . good song- smith, but a very limited singer. He has a nice voice, but he can't do a lot with it. His singing sounds strained on . the second side of the album, plus the songs are not as toe-tappable which results in its de- m~. . . Enough of that. Back to the good side. It starts out with \I Sur- vived the Seventies,\ a happy rocker brought to life by Mathews' frolicking guitar. After that, there's \She May Call You Up To- night,\ a charming number with a wonderfully innocent school girl- ish quality to it. Surely it will be released as a single. It's hard to not like. After that is \I Can't Fade Away.\ It's in the same vein as \She May Call You Up Tonight,\ but not quite as good. Finishing off side one are \Driftwood From Disaster,\ and \Why Am I?\ Both are nice, but nothing to get tiu!lg about. \Spot of Interference\ is not a great album, but it boldy stands out in the sea of mediocrity which the record companies have been drowning us with lately . ••• 707 could be the story of the little band that tried. \I think I can, I think I can, \ they kept telling them- selves . Sorry fellas . You can 't. They would be great at the Trading Post or at the prom, but they don't . quite cut the proverbial mustard as a record- w~ group . They are on the Casablanca label, the home · of Kiss and former home of Donna Sum- mer which is reason enough for not liking them. As musicians they're not bad . It's their music that I can't stand. They assimilate Firefall or a limp-wristed Boston - boring, predict- able, much too middle-of-the-roadish. They ' re nothing but clone~ of God knows how many other groups. It seems that each song is a car- bon copy of the one before it. If they make a second album (which I seriously doubt) I would bet a lot of money that it sounds near iden- tical to the first. No, 707 isn't bad, but they're sure not good. If you like the Fire- fall-type stuff, you'll probably like 707 . I don ' t. Pleasant, but b-o-r-i-n-g. ••• All albums reviewed courtesy of Eli's Records and Tapes, 3629 Brooks, 721-2955. Hungry Before Mc~ona~:-s School? Go to McDonald's® and get your free pen, with every breakfast entree. 3310 Brooks Missoula

The Hellgate Lance (Missoula, Montana), 28 Jan. 1981, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.