The Hellgate Lance (Missoula, Montana) 1964-current, October 14, 1981, Image 15

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~ - - - ......_ ....._ Wednesday, October 14. 1981 ' a..tCE _ 15 --------~------------------------------sports----------------------------------------~ Soccer ort that's growing ~----------~----------------------~~----~~~-r--, • a un1 By Ellen Reynolds Assistant Sports Editor \Soccer is a unique thing,\ said junior Jenny Miller, \which not very many people at Hell- gate are into. I wish they were; they are missing a lot.\ \ Soccer is so much better than football,\ said Miller, \there's ~lways action. The ball's always moving . It's so much fun, and I • don ' t think I could play football, because of the aura around foot- ball - the football scene just doesn ' t turn me on.\ Miller has been playing soccer for two and a half years and will continue to play, like many other soccer players in Missoula. When senior Dave Bond com- - pared soccer to football, he said, \Well basically, football doesn't require brains except · for the memorization of plays . Soccer requires you to think all the time . I think you have to be in a lot better shape to play soccer.\ Junior Joanna Bond said, \Soccer's not as rough as foot- ball. It can be, but it doesn't have to. It doesn't involve all the tackling .\ Dave has been playing soccer for six years, while Joanna just started a year ago. Joanna started because the rest of her family played. \When I tried it, I had a lot of fun,\ said Joanna . Miller said, \ I love it now . I'm a soccer maniac. One thing I really like about it is that it's a reason to get together with friends.\ \It's a really good , fast going, competitive game,\ said Joanna. Dave likes the running around and scoring goals most about · soccer. Dave said, \It's a contact sport, and it gets me in a lot bet- ter shape than anything else . It's exciting and everyone can play.\ \I have a lot of team spirit, \ said Joanna. She said she keeps playing because \it's so fun .\ Joanna added ; \The game is fast; it's not boring. It ' s always going. \ Both Joanna Bond and Jenny Miller started playing soccer through the YMCA . Dave started playing through the YMCA when he moved here. The YMCA fall season is almost done, with only the tournament left. \I'd really like to see a soccer team in school,\ said Miller. \YMCA was fun, but once I really got into it (soccer), I liked co-ree (a female / male city league) better. It's faster and plays more soccer . It's not just kicking the ball around like the girl ' s teams in YMCA.\ Joanna disagrees with Miller about having a school team . \YMCA is already basically school teams. More kids can play in YMCA,\ said Joanna. Dave said, \YMCA is defi- nitely a good program . Some soccer should be school affili- ated, though . It doesn't cost much.\ There are six YMCA girl's t~ams, grades seven through Placement of the girl's teams: twelve, and six boy's teams, grades nine through twelve. Two points are received for every win, one point for a tie, and no points for a loss. The top four teams are the four that have the highest points, and they will con- . tend for the championship. The championship games for the girls are played on Mondays, Oct. 19 and 26. The boy's cham- pionship games are on Tuesdays, Oct. 13 and 20. All the games are played at Rollins field, and the schedules (for both boys and girls) are: First game: ~ : 00 first place team vs. fourth place team 7 : 20 second place team vs. third place team . 8:40 fifth place team vs. sixth place team ( 8 : 40 game's teams are not eligi- ble for title) Second game: 6:00 fifth place match (overall standings) 7:20 third place match (overall standings) 8:40 championship (winners from the first game's 6 : 00 and 7: 20 games) Teams Wins Losses Ties Points Hellgate Sixers 5 0 0 10 Hellgate Fever 3 2 0 6 Sentinel Fury 2 2 6 Sentinel Phiilies 2 2 5 Hellgate Flyers 1 3 1 3 Big Sky Eagles 0 5 0 0 (Doesn't include the glUDe played on Monday) Placement of the boy's teams: •. Teams Wins Losses Ties Points Hellgate Atoms 2 0 3 7 Sentinel Stars 2 2 6 Big Sky Comets 3 1 0 6 Hellgate Cosmos 2 2 2 6 Sentinel Skyhawks . 1 1 3 5 Sentinel Suns 0 0 0 (Doesn't include played Y:esterday) the game

The Hellgate Lance (Missoula, Montana), 14 Oct. 1981, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.