The Hellgate Lance (Missoula, Montana) 1964-current, October 30, 1981, Image 8

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# . • 8- UlltCE Wednesday, October 28. 1981 ____________ .__.._._._~~,--------------features----------------------------------------- Support Civii · Air Patrol get lost . Are you interested in learning how to fly or just want to help the community? If you are, the Civil Air Patrol may be for you. The Civil Air Patrol is a nationwide vol- unteer organization that aids in search and rescue . The Missoula chapter is knQwn as the Missoula Composite Squad- ron and they meet at Fort Missoula every Wednesday night from 7 : 00 o'clock to 9:00 o'clock. Other than aviation, members recieve training in first aid, navigation, search and rescue methods, and survival tech- niques . The organization originated as a volunteer unit to help out in case of nu- clear attack but has developed into a search and rescue unit. of its funds from donations and fundrais- ers, such as carwashes and raffles. The Civil Air Patrol's two aircrafts in Missoula were funded entirely through donations . The Air Force supplies the uniforms and provides some funding, but the Missoula Composite Squadron is not an extention of the military. The Missoula Composite Squadron con- sists of \Cadets\ (members from 13 to 19 years old) and \Seniors \ (18 years or older) . The program recieves a majority However, the Missoula Composite Squadron is militaristic . The members are required to wear uniforms issued to them and they march for 10 to 15 minutes at the beginning of each meeting . The marching helps to install dicipline and control, which are important in cases of emer- gency . ~ . \. • 0 The Civil Air Patrol also uses the basic military system of rank. However ; every two months a member may move one step up the ladder in rank if he passes a test. The test consists of things learned during instruction periods . To join the Missoula Composite Squad- ron, you must maintain a \ B \ average and be able to pass a physical examina- tion . There is a $30.00 fee required upon joining the squadron and a $7 . 00 fee per year . The fees help cover the costs of member ' s orientation flights , books , and uniform accessories . \ I joined the Missoula Composite Squadron to get the flying discount and to serve the community,\ said Regan Wil- liams , Hellgate senior and the only cadet pilot in the squadron . He added , \ It ' s not too bad if you can put up with the march- ing .\ Frorri left to right are Airman first class Mike Shoen, Master Sergeant Doug Lawerence, and Second Lieutenant Brett Markham of the Civil Air Patrol. \If you don ' t like militaristic condi- tions , don ' t join, \ cautioned Brett Mark- ham, Hellgate senior and highest ranking cadet in the squadron . Markham joined because he wanted to learn how to fly , but is also interested in the search and rescue portion. Markham is now a second lieutenant. All members of the Missoula Composite Squadron are on 24 hour call . If someone 'I'll do it tomorrovv' everyone procrastina1=es by Ann Naumann Asst. Features Editor \Never put off till tomorrow that which you can to today.\ This quote from Benjamin Framnklin expresses an opinion most of us have heard at one time or another, possibly coming from a parent or maybe a teacher. It concerns an afflictioDI almost everyone has had at one time or anotner-procrastination. Not everyone agrees with Benjamin Franklin. Aaron Burr. a contemporary of Franklin's, definitely dis- agreed . He played on Franklin's words when he said : \Never do today what you can put off till tomorrow . Delay may give clearer light as to what is best to be done . \ Few can give such good, logical excuses for their pr- rocrastinating habits as Hamilton . But most people do try to explain away constantly putting something off until tomorrow. Such attempted justification is com- mon. \Most procrastinators really believe that thev arP not endorsing inaction but rather contemplating some future action,'' said Dr . Frederich F . Flach. author and psychologist. Another psychologist, Dr. Joe Wells, notes that, in small doses. procrastination is not a serious problem. He contends ttiat procrastination becomes a serious dan- ger when all priorities are diminished to equalness . No-one needs to be reminded of the various possible effects of procrastination . The results can range from not gettmg a good grade on an easy asst~muem to 1osmg a chance at a well paying job or · being accepted at the college of your choice . Yet not too many people are as aware of what causes procrastination . The most common cause of procrastination is a sense of unpleasantness connected with the delayed action. Dr . Wells attributes it to \ indecisiveness born of fear or uncertainty of outcome .\ Other people simply find it hard to be decisive. \ Pro- crastination is common among people who find it diffi- cult to copy with · anything frustrating or distressing, \ said Dr . William Knaus, psychotherapist. Another theoretical cause for procrastination is rebel- lion. To people who feel deadlines and demands are too regulating , procrastination is a way to make them feel more in control of their lives . Some believe that by understanding the cause for pro- crastination. it can be eliminated . Diana Silcox , presi- dent of. an office consulting firm , deals with procrastina- tion. She believes that understanding the fear that causes people to procrastinate is the first step to solving the problem . She counsels people to set realistic deadlines by divid- ing a task into smaller pieces and then setting a realistic series ot deadlines for completiop of a project. For in- stance, if a big term paper is due in three weeks, give yourself separate deadlines for researching, ouillnlng, etc . Dr. Knaus also tells his procrastinating patients to · really question how much they want the thing they are procrastinating over. Procrastination may be a sign that something isn ' t important enough to take priority in your life. Another sure cure for procrastination is the realiza- tion of what terrible consquences might occur if some- thing isn't done on time. Procrastination is not always unpleasant though . Francis Herbert Bardley said , \There is no fun in hav- ing nothing to do; the fun is not doing it.\ However , procrastination can be a fatal habit. Bradley also 1 said that, \ Everything comes to him who waits- among other things-death. 0 cannot be reached fn case of emergency, the next person on the list is contacted . Williams has only been a member for two months and thus has not had the opportu- nity to be called out on a search and rescue mission . Markham has participated in two classified search and rescue assign- ments . Markllam participated in one search for a plane down in the Lost Trail area in 1979 . The search uncovered the plane but no res~ue was possible because the air- craft had been down for six days and both occupants were dead . Markham was also i nvolved with an as- si gnment concerning an ELT ( emergency locator t r an s mitter ) be i ng set off in Frenchtown . An ELT is a small transmit - ter pos i t i oned in the tail of an aircraft that is set off when the plane crashes and sends out distress signals. The pilots cir- . cled the area where the transmission was being sent from , but no plane was sighted . Only senior members fly on classified search and rescue missions . It turned out that a Frenchtown resi- dent had an EL T in a drawer and when he moved his dresser , he accidentally trig- gered the a l ert mechanism without know- i ng i t. The Missoula Composite Squadron has a physical cond i tioning program that con- sists mostly of soccer and baseball games. Other prog r ams and activities are partici- pated i n b y members at their weekly meetings . The squadron is currentl y i nvolved in building a Lynx T rain er (flyi ng simulator ) which will give a viation st udent s realistic sensations of flying . Markham suggested that if you are in- terested i n volunteering for the Civil Air Patrol , attend a weekly meeting to try it out. If you are still interested , simply con- tact a current member . Both males and females may volunteer :~nd : !l P',{ P \' •·· is necessary .

The Hellgate Lance (Missoula, Montana), 30 Oct. 1981, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.