The Hellgate Lance (Missoula, Montana) 1964-current, November 11, 1981, Image 6

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8- IJitCE Wednesday, November 11, 1981 ------------------------~---------------fine arts Blackfoot unorganized and disappointing By Greg Vance Fine Arts Editor I don't want . to appear too naive, but this being only my second concert , I was a bit taken aback at the Oct. 30th Blackfoot- /Del Leppard concert in the fieldhouse. J\irst of all, I was made to open my coat and pull it up in the back to show the authorities (cops in all their glory), that I was carrying no weapons, drugs or fireworks. Now, I went in all my glory too (pseudo-military, fatigues) and if I had had the 4 inspiration to transport in those large side pockets a .357 mag- num, a brick of hash, or a neu- _ The band Blackfoot. From left to right: Rick Medlocke, lead guitar and vocals, Jakson Spires, drums, Charlie Hargrett. lead and rhythm guitars, and Greg T. Walker, bass guitar and vocals. · tron-bomb, I could have done it. As it happens , the only thing I had on me was a large knife (through advice of a friend), but the last word andrea dixon There it is, right in the middle of your favorite Gomer Pyle rerun. A commercial . You think \Aha! My chance to get rootb- eer and do my homework.\ You give a final contemptuous glance at the screen, then stop cold. The man sits on a taxi hood in -Brooklyn . He holds a container of yogurt . You get a closeup of his spoon, overflowing with the pink stuff. He eats it, speaks French, you're in love, he's gone . You start for the rootbeer . \F orget the homework ,\ you think , \ No time now. \ But wait! Another commercial! It's a quiz show. An excited couple cling to one another. \Ho w many calories does this role of Lifesavers have?\ the host asks. Your thoughts whirl. \H ow many? How many?\ You 're on the edge of your seat. \20? 246? 910?\ . \Less than ... 10 each?\ The woman is nervous. \Yes! Yes!\ The host cries. Bells ring, confetti is thrown. You leap to your feet, shouting approval and encoura- gement.\Yea! Yea!\ . [5-] ~ ~~~~· ~(Jx; t::J~~. ~· v'lf. rtJ' ·~ ~ ~e~.~~ '\<:) .. '\ . . ' . .. , ... Pepsi Cola Bottling Co. Now youre hooked. The next is a plug for Love Boat. \Julie falls in love with Erik Estrada, but who ' s leaving tfiose teeth marks all over her perky little body? And a couple who meet on board decide not to have sex until the second date . Vicky de- cides to act her age, not her shoe size, Gopher finds his brain, and Captain Stubbing loses his tan overboard! '' Now it's a Mexican University . A student and his parents stroll along the grounds . He's away from home possibly for the first time, but they do not speak of old times, of new adventures , _ for they have a much more im- - portant topic of conversation - diarrhea . He's passed his diar- rhea test. He carries Pepto-Bis- mal with him everywhere he goes . He'll name his first born Pepto-Bismal. Pepto-Bismal Smith . The father is embarressed. You can't help falling into hys- terics. You wipe tears of joy and delight from your eyes . \Re-joice! Re-joice!\ Gomer returns, but the exqui- site beauty , the joy, the art, and the pain have been a part of , will stay with you always. Roger Ingersoll -~ Blaine'sA - ~Auto ~>C ,J ,~ -~~ .- Repair ~ .... 2100 W. Sussex 728-2757 W\llllllllllllllll1 I GET GASSED AT . ~ ~r~~~~~~~~~·~~~~~~ .... I UNIVERSITY I - I GAS ~ ~ 5th and Higgins -1 .... 11111111111~~ tLF SERVE- LOW PRICES 1 .. . . ~11'11111111....1 s• REGULAR ~ I• UNLEADED i I· PREMIUM I ~·POP I 5• CANDY SNACKS 1 ~FIIIIIIII.I'. I CIGARETTES ss• -~ ~ .. 11111111~ they never even gave me a sec- ond glance . Don ' t get me wrong, I wouldn't want a maniac in the fieldhouse - with a gun, but the authorities, if they wanted to carefully insure a safe evening for concert goers, could have been a little more careful. · Next, I've never seen so many zoned people _ in all my life. A lot of them were in costume, which · only served to further confuse the situation. Then the English band Def Leppard made its exciting en- trance. I couldn't'figure out the title of the first song (thanks to the fieldhouse's notorious acous- tics), but I then realized that I was in for an evening of hard rock music. The group's lead singer screamed at the audience - something like \We just got back from a gig in Denver, and they made a hell of a lot more noise than you do! \ The bottom line is, I liked Def Leppard. I really liked Def Lep- pard. I didn't think I would at -first, because I really couldn't hear much of the vocals over the screaming guitar, but after the initial loudness of the music was overcome, Def Leppard was a good show. During the intermission, I took the opportunity to observe more concert goers . I saw a Ma- rine, countless cats and punk rockers, and one thing that I · wasn ' t sure what it was. Only a few minutes later, The American Indian Band, Black- . foot took the stage . And to tell the tru1h, they weren't near as enjoyable to watch and listen to as the warm-up band. Rick Med- locke's vocals were too harsh in places and too weak in others. All Charlie Hargrett did was to point at the audience, nod his head in a menacing way, and every once in a while pick a note on his guitar. Blackfoot's best song was \Rattlesnake Rocker\. But the rest of their concert had no orga- nization between band mem- bers. They seemed to almost for- get some of the songs. And they weren't nearly as visually electri- fying as Def Leppard. Overall, on a scale of 1 to 10, I give the Blackfoot/Del Leppard a 6. Mainly because it just could have been better. However,' if you're ever bored at a concert, try watching some of the patrons , Sometimes they are more interesting than the main attraction. Congratulations Knights on your victory over Columbia Falls. For all your photo needs see

The Hellgate Lance (Missoula, Montana), 11 Nov. 1981, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.