The Hellgate Lance (Missoula, Montana) 1964-current, October 14, 1982, Image 11

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.. j • t Thursday, October ~ 1-4, 1982 ( LdrtCE spoll'is II) Borgmann sisters lead Knights into ci~y meet By David Woodbury Sports Editor be right up front with them ( McRae and Millhouse) .\ Hellgate would have finished fourth in the 18 team field in- stead of sixth . Foggin was beaten out of the spot on the varsity squad in the race prior to the UM Invitational , but Hill said that she ran that race sick. Foggin will return to the varsity team for the city meet. Hellgate ' s girls cross country team is looking for a possible city championship . when they _ take on the teams from Big Sky and Sentinel in a triangular meet at Greenough Park tomorrow . Head coach Shirley Hill ex- Hill said she was happy with the Knights sixth place finish in the UM Invitational last Satur- day . ' I am really pleased with the finish , but I kind of wish I would have run Terese ( Foggin ) on varsity ,\ said Hill . • pects the meet to be a two-team battle between Hellgate and Big Sky . \ It should be very close . We have a really good chance to win it ,\ said Hill . Hellgate Girls Varsity Kendra Borgmann led the Knights in the Invitational. · She edged out her sister by .4 sec- onds in a time of 13 : 44 for 13th place in the 109 runner field. Freshman Joanne Reiter was eight seconds back earning her 16th place . Another freshman , Beth Colbo , running with a cold, finished in 23rd place with a time of 14 : 01.3 . Hill said that Colbo didn ' t have one of her · 13th Kendra Borgmann 13:44.0 14th Ca . ity Borgmann 13:44.4 16th Joanne Reiter 13:52 . 7 23rd Beth Colbo 14:01.3 The individual race should be a battle between Big Sky ' s Lo- reen McRae and Sentinel's Kim Millhouse , but Hill expects sen- ior Caity Borgmann and her sister Kendra , a freshman , to be in the heat of the battle . \ They should 88th Jean Robinson 15 : 19.0 89th MaryWaddington 15:19.4 1 05th Lisa Moser 15:45.5 If Foggin would have run the v arsity race in the same time that she finished i n t he JV race , the morning after/ dave woodb Bricks and Bogeys Before I start this issue's column , I would like to make an explanation . It has been brought to my attention that I offended several of the Hell- gate football players with certain parts of my last two columns . The jokes concerning the football team were meant to be taken humorously. My in- tentions were only to provide some comic relief from the disappointing season, not to offend the players . I am still one of the most avid fans of the Knights . So whoever is sending me the special de- liveries of Extra Strength Tylenol can stop . This column is directed to those non-athletes who wish they were athletes . Anyone can trick most people into believing that he or she is an athlete just by the use of one simple element : sports jargon . Using the proper terms can be very convincing. For example : Which sounds like it came from the mouth of an all-start baseball pitcher? \ I applied saliva to the ball, \ or \ I threw the spitter . \ The answer is fairly obvious. Every sport is riddled with its individual vocab- ulary . I will cover only a few . Football. When you hear the pla y er s on the sidelines yelling , \ nice stick ,\ they are not refer- ring to an injured players crutches but to a violent tackle . A \ wounded duck \ is a pass that is not quite up to par ( see golf jargon ). These wobbly throws often result in another form of football jargon the pickoff . Basketball is probably one of the easiest sports to find jargon . Words such as swish , brick , slam , and face come to mind . A swish and a brick rep- resent opposite ends on the basketball A brick is very similar to a wounded duck in foot- ball. Those who are persistent in throwing up bricks, such as myself , are known as bricklayers . Slam , short for slam dunk , is probably the most widely understood term. Face, whittled down from the original form, \in your face, \ is new to the sports linguist. This is a very vigorously blocked shot. Probably ' the toughest sport to gain complete control of the vocabularly is golf . The problem with golf is that the , words don't represent the definitions at all. If two under par is an eagle, and one under is a birdie, then why is one over par called a bogey? Shouldn ' t it be called a magpie or a yellow-bellied sapsucker? And, of course , if you don ' t know what par is you are probably in a state of total confusion . When the less proficient golfer swings , he or she often dislodges a clump of grass from the ground . This clump is called a divot. Why it ' s called that I don ' t know . If I had been in charge of naming , I would have called it something origi- nal like a \ grassclump .\ On the golf course this summer , I heard a fellow linkster ( golfer ) ex - claim, \ I hooked my tee shot O . B. , hit an iron into the bunker and then three-putted to a triple bogey seven. \ Wanting to sound professional Ire- plied , \ Me , too .\ ' Now I can ' t guarantee that my tips will propel y ou to the ranks of living legends , but drop a few choice tidbits here and there , and you might wit- ne s s some surprising results. Then again , you might not. Next issue .. . an exciting and deliciou s low cal recipe for stuffed pigskin . Stop in at 3310 Brooks Missoula best races but still did well . \ She ' s usually battling it out with Joanne ( Reiter ), but she ran sick and by no means had a bad race .\ Robinson , came in over a minute behind Colbo, placing 88th overall . Mary Wadington . and Lisa Moser rounded out the Hellgate runners finishing 89th and 105th respectively . Jean Robinson pushes to the · tlnleh In the UM Bob LaCasse photo Invitational. Robinson finished 88th In the meet and helped the Knights capture sixth In the team scores. Service Center 6th & Higgins Across from the Roxy

The Hellgate Lance (Missoula, Montana), 14 Oct. 1982, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.