The Hellgate Lance (Missoula, Montana) 1964-current, October 28, 1982, Image 5

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i ---- --- Terri Hanson photo Francis Morrow Is teaching sophomore Arlene Robison · the dramatic art of pantomime. Morrow Is a new English teacher, and has recently started Thespians, a national theater organ- ization, at Hellgate. Morrow will be directing 'Lovers', the Hell- gate fall production. Thursday, October 28, 1982 ( Ld~~~ fine ~rt~ ~ ) Fogelberg looked bored, but gave a smooth concert By Ellen Reynolds Fine Arts Editor Looking lonely and bored, Dan Fogelberg came onto the stage at 8 p.m. and began an organized and · smooth concert. He per- formed in front of a very full and eager Harry Adams Field- house audience, without a warm-up band to get the audi- ence going . review Fogelberg started off with some of his more popular songs, and performed them alone . He didn't bring his back-up band with him, which didn't affect his concert . It may have mellowed- out the concert's energy level and the audience. Fogelberg's attitude was puz- zling . He made a few of the usual comments about being in Missoula, but he didn 't talk with the audience . He initially ap- peared to be bored and uncom- fortable. He didn 't relate with the audience at all at first, but gradually relaxed. He asked the audience to join him only once in singing , and that was after the first standing . ovation . Fogelberg rarely spoke to the audience, and try to draw the audience into their music. Fogelberg did nothing of the kind, and it was hard to really get into his music since he didn ' t seem to be enjoy- ing it. H he had talked more and been at ease , ~ audience might have · settle<f ~ aoWn. · As it was , people were con- stantly moving around and leav- ing, while blocking other's views of Fogelberg . This was very an- noying and rude. Another annoy- ance was the red-shirted security people. At first they were help- ful, helping the lost and late people to find their seats , but after that they wandered around and blocked the view. Fogelberg is a talented guitar- ist and pianist. He played both a guitar solo (from the movie . ~l~ck Orpheus) and a classical piano . solo. The sound of the gui- tar was more pleasant than that of the tinny-sounding piano . Fogelberg sang three new songs for the first time, and they were in his style of typical ( and popular) love songs . The new songs will supposedly be on his next album that will start to be cut in January . On one song that he and Tim Weisburg ( a floutist ) usually perform together , he sang the part of the flute . This was one of his better pieces , and was pleasing to the ear . His voice is pleasantly harsh , but it always hits a nerve when he strains to sing the higher notes. Fogelberg was obviously popu- lar , and it's good that ASUM Programming could get some one who ' s so well-liked. Fogel- berg was a leap upwards com- pared to some previous perform- ers . Fogelberg would have been more captivating if he had ap- peared to enjoy what he was doing . But the concert .was fun anyway . He was a polished and talented performer, though he shouldn ' t depend on that to such an extent. ----------------------~ ! PRESS BOX ! I I : ONEFREELARGECOKE : 1 WITH THIS COUPON 1 Morrow takes on all drama projects : 835 E. BROADWAY : I 721-1212 Expires Nov . 15 , 1982 1 1 By Ellen Reynolds Fine Arts Editor Teaching Hellgate 's all-year drama class is one of the many performing arts projects that Francis Morrow has taken on . Morrow is a new English teacher at Hellgate , and will be directing all of Hellgate ' s stage productions. Pantomime , improvisation , make-up , some set work and seam work are the subjects fea- tured in the beginning drama class. Morrow said , \ As the stu- dents develop , we ' ll work on characters and solos . The em- phasis is on participation rather than anything else .\ This year there will be fall , winter and spring productions . Morrow wants the new drama LATIN THE BASIC LANGUAGE club she organized to be a mem- ber of the Thespians ( a national drama club ), because they usu- ally have two workshops a year. One workshop will be held this fall at Sentinel , and the spring workshop will be located in Great Falls . \ You have to work for a certain number of points to become a Thespian ,\ explained Morrow . The points can be earned by acting or working backstage in a production . Another benefit of being a Thespian is an initiation banquet at the end of the year , when the actors and actresses who have earned enough points become Thespians . Morrow has also planned to give out best actress and actor awards at the banquet. A Thes- pian scholarship might be given to a senior , with the Hellgate club earning the money . \ This banquet will give drama people a chance to be recognized ,\ said Morrow . \ The lighting board is the first thing that needs to be done ,\ said Morrow about the audito- rium . She is presently working on cleaning English Alley , the dressing rooms and the storage room ( for props ). English Alley might be converted into a make- up area . Morrow said, ' 'I'm very im- pressed by the number of people coming to me to say they ' re in- terested and enthusiastic ( about drama ) . More males interested in acting are needed , though .\ • Halloween Masks • Make-Up • Costume Supplies • Tuxedos IURMALLY YOURS 1100 KENSINGTON 1--------------------- CRACKLE POTOMAC NATUR Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, Spices and Vitamins. And try our Fantastic Juice Bar! . -- -· _..• 10 a.m.-6 p . m . · Mon.-Sat.

The Hellgate Lance (Missoula, Montana), 28 Oct. 1982, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.