The Hellgate Lance (Missoula, Montana) 1964-current, December 09, 1982, Image 1

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Vandalism program gets nod from Kraft Creepsnow? BobLaCasse F Students get carried away in the snow. Hellgate experienced the first major snow fail this year on Dec. 5th. The snow is expected to continue this week. MUN discusses affairs Twenty-two delegates from Hellgate attended the 18th an ­ nual Model United Nation (MUN) at the University of Mon ­ tana on Nov. 22-23. The UM ’ s college of art and science depart ­ ment sponsors MUN. MUN is a group of students from across Montana meeting to discuss foreign affairs, such as refugees and nuclear armament, as would the actual United Na ­ tions in Washington D C. Trophies and plaques are given to outstanding delegates. Winners are chosen by an evaluation of the UM ’ s staff. Hellgate represented five countries: Kampuche, Thailand, Nicaragua, Morocco, and Bel ­ gium. Larry Napper, officer-in ­ charge of the United States ’ Multilateral Affairs Division of the State Department ’ s office of Soviet Union Affair, was the guest speaker at MUN. Napper spoke of the relationship be ­ tween the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. President Leonid Brezhnev. Hellgate MUN advisor Willis Curdy said “ it acquaints them (the students) with some of the issues that are of great concern in our world today. ” An approximation of 300 stu ­ dents attended this conference. One of Thailand ’ s delegates, senior Karen Campbell said, “ Delegates kidnap or assassinate other delegates which makes it more interesting. Kids want something to happen, something to add to it. It can be really bor ­ ing without them. This year there wasn ’ t much stuff done openly, it was mostly done be ­ hind the scenes. ” This year ’ s “ emergency crisis ” was not as realistic as previ ­ ously, said many MUN dele ­ gates. The crisis involved, ac­ cording to junior Marcy Frissell, an Ecuadorian ship entering Columbian waters, (in a 200 mile Columbian zone) Columbia seized the ship and all the people aboard. Columbia appar ­ ently had a treaty written up and introduced at UN, but the treaty had not been officially signed. Ecuador was not at the UN at the time and knew nothing about it. MUN delegates resolved that both countries were in the wrong, all hostages taken re ­ leased and until the treaty was signed any other ships entering the 200 miles zone would have heavier penilties. A Morocco delegate, senior Angie Dwight said “ It (MUN) was really well organized and very benificial for me. Person ­ ally, I learned a lot about na ­ tional and international affairs. I think they need to change the general assembly and have more control. Not that they had zero control, but when you wanted to speak, you didn't get called upon. ” Freshman delegate from Kam ­ puchea, Vicky Hunter said “ at the end it felt like nothing was done. ” Recently, Missoula County High School Superintendent Dennis Kraft approved a vandal­ ism program submitted by Hell- gate ’ s Student Senate. The pro ­ gram is taking place at both Hellgate and Sentinel. There has already been some vandalism at Hellgate which cost senate $300. Student Senate has been given $3,500 money already budgeted by MCHS for the cost of repairs for any vandalized property at Hellgate. The money is placed in an account separate from the senate fund. Hellgate Principal Don Harbaugh is responsible for the presentation of bills to Sen ­ ate and the status of the ac­ count. If bills exceed the allotted amount of money, MCHS will pay the rest. The vandalism con­ tract may be renewed annually as agreed by student senate and Hellgate administration. “ If things aren ’ t vandalized, ” said Student Federation Vice President Andy Gary, “ the money will be spent on stu ­ Exchanging pencils for cooking utensils, Principal Don Harbaugh cooks breakfast for Student Senate in the Home Living Center. Chef Don dents. ” According to Gary the reason Senate is handling this program is so they are aware of what ’ s being vandalized “ so we can tell how much money the students are wasting. ” Harbaugh said that a primary benefit he hopes to see is the reduction of vandalism so the school can buy some projects that will give the students pleas­ ure, such as more stained glass windows. “ I hope the primary benefit will be that the students ’ and staff would enjoy a more es ­ thetic building.\ Kraft said that this is a pilot program and that he is in favor of this program because “ Any reduction is a plus for the stu ­ dents, they would be able to have a personal pride in their school. ” Gary said that the program was made “ Just to make stu­ dents aware of what ’ s going on. It lets them know how much is being spent and the fact that the money could be spent on them. ” A more .». 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The Hellgate Lance (Missoula, Montana), 09 Dec. 1982, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.