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Thursday, December 9, 1982 (tl ; ;,m · . . ,f:.;::·l·i}::. }·!·:·.·;·, ·:~r·· ,,n: A:·, ·····.::, ··~ill:· , · :-,·- , ~ 1 Senates' efforts are benefitting stUdents Student Senate has been busy this year, starting with making signs the first day of school to welcome students to Hell- gate and establishing a theme that many students recognize and clubs have adopted, \1t's a Matter of Pride.\ One of senate's most important ac- tions so far this year is the vandalism pro- gram. The vandalism contract essentially puts money allotted in the MCHS budget for vandalism repairs into the hands of senate. They receive bills for materials and labor used in the repairs, and are able to indicate to students damages done. This year the budget for vandalized material is $3,500. Of the money, senate has already had to spend $300 for repairs. Any money remaining in this fund will be given to the senate to spend however they choose. Senate intends to spend the money (if any remains at the end of the year) on something that can reach the en- tire student body. The money, in a sense, is coming out of the student's pockets, which gives the students the responsibility of taking care of the school. It's nice that senate plans to spend the money on something benefit- ting all the students and not senate mem- • hers alone. Hopefully , once the students realize this, the vandalizing will decrease. Student Senate has also initiated so- cial activities to get students more in- volved in the school. They organized Homecoming and an arm wrestling con- test which were both successful and had students outside senate participating. Also, senate is planning on purchasing in- gredients with which home economics classes will bake cookies for a senate sponsored Christmas party during lunch period for all Hellgate students the day before the Christmas vacation. Senate has also bought material for the woods classes to build toys which will be given to needy families for Christmas. Reasons for these accomplishments: senate members seem to be interested in their projects and, contrary to previous years, senate is not an elitist club. An- other reason for the effectiveness of sen- ate that must be considered is the quality of leadership. Now that senate is accomplishing things , and seems to have an open line of communication with the school admin- istration , they should become more in- volved in the administrative side of school. Student Senate can and should look into such problems as the long lunch lines, library policies and the possibility of a seven-period day. Students have com- plained about all of these issues and Sen- ate's responsibility is to represent stu- dents opinions. They have proven they are effective in involving students in school · activities , but now they need to \test their power \ on more important student-re- lated issues. Student Senate has done a wonderful job in becoming involved with the student senate and the administrators. They have done a number of new and special things , but they need now to concentrate on providing solutions to present conflicts that if not taken care of now, will merely be a burden to future, perhaps to less ef- fective Student Senates. Sarah McMillan ~ ,~ \~ ...... Engen didn't ask for experience, he got it! - \It's no big deal,\ they said. \They just stamp the card,\ they said. \It takes five minutes at most, \ they said. They were speaking of the process of draft reg- istration . Everyone I talked to said it would be painless. They lied. I guess I can understand the need for selective service, but I can't understand why the United States Government would want a guy like me to serve in the Anny, Navy, Air Force, or Marines . Neither could the clerk at the post office when I went to register. Armed with my obvious gift of timing, I went to register on the busiest day in post office history since the Great Mail Order Bride Influx of 1929 . I filled out my registration and waited in line to have it approved . \Next the clerk said . . \Hi I'm here to register for the draft,\ I said. This simple statement of mine seemed to be a great point of hilarity for the clerk and the people in line behind me. It took the clerk some time to recover from a lengthy fit of guffaws . \You're a funny guy, kid, but seriously, what Managmg Ed•tor News Ed•tor Ed1tonals Edttor national scholastic press association 1.\ .;1. CIP a COLUMBIA SCHOLASTIC PRESS ASSOCIATION . - .. -. -- . . Features Edttor Fme Arts Edttor Sports Edttor Busmess Manager ASSIStant News Ed1tor ASSistant Ed1tonals Ed1tnr Ass •stant.Features Ed1tor ASSIStant Ftne Arts EditOr . do you want to mail '!\ saui the clerk. \No I'm serious , I've come to register for the draft,\ I said . The room again echoed with laugh- ter . I couldn't figure out what was so funny, so, after checking to see that my fly was closed, I said \I'm in kind of a hurry.\ \Okay funny guy,\ the clerk said, \are you ap- plying for C.O . status?\ \You mean Conscientious Objector?\ I in- quired. \No Cute and Obese!\ the clerk said with a vi- cious laugh. There was another wave of laughter in the room . \Look ma'am\ I said to the clerk \I'm notal- together' thrilled' about being here, I' just want to get this over with as soon as possible and go eat lunch!\ \I just bet you do, big fella , \ she said, \but first you have to run this form down the hall to the third office on the right, you'd better hurry , we'll be closed for lunch soon. \ So I ran down the hall to the third office on the right, which turned out to be a bathroom. I re- turned to the clerical desk, breathing with diffi- culty. The clerk had a pleasant smile on her facP \May I help you,\ she said in a voice sweeter than honey. I was , to say the least, mad. \All right you!\ I said, \All I came here to do was to register for the stinkin' draft. Everyone said that lhJs should only take five minutes . Well, it ' s taken an hour, and during that hour I've been verbally abused with derogatory remarks alluding to my vast physical stature, I'm been on a wild goose chase to a toilet, and I've been laughed at by people who don't even know me, and you say 'May I help you?' Just put a stamp on my card and let me out of here! \ As she okayed my card she said \ I apologize for the mistreatment you received here today, but it's just our way of giving registrants some idea of what boot camp is like.\ She stamped my card and gave me my driver's license back. \Has everyone who registered before me re- ceived the same treatment as I?\ I asked. \Certainly she said. I had been set up . Oh, well. And for all you gen- tlemen who will be registering for the draft in the near future, don't worry about it. Trust me. After all, it only takes five minutes. Wendy Norgaard . Ellen Reynolds Oavtd Wo odbury . Tncta Ftfleld .... 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The Hellgate Lance (Missoula, Montana), 09 Dec. 1982, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.