The Hellgate Lance (Missoula, Montana) 1964-current, December 09, 1982, Image 3

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Thursday, December 9, 1982 Peer tutoring offers aid to those in need By Lori Getter Editorials Editor \ All of us have two educations; one which we recieve from others; another , and the most valuable, which we give our- selves,\ said John Randolph, an Ameri- can statesman in 1824. The phrase sums up a very positive program at Hellgate called peer tutoring. material that the students need helo in. The tutor is supposed to talk with the · teacheJ to find out exactly what areas · they are covering and where the student is having difficulties . By having the tutors informed about the student, there are more advantages gained for the student. Hellgate so unique compared to various high schools around the state . We have a special quality and that is the abilitv to care about each other . gra~. The program is not limited to llll!L subJects of h:nglish and math but there are tutors for such areas as foreign languages , home economics, and short- hand. Third , it's not only the student in need of aid that benefits from peer tutoring. The tutors gain a new perspective in that area . He or she learns how to teach it , to explain it thoroughly and by doing so he / she understands the material in differ- ent ways . None of us are perfect. We all have our weaknesses . Students who have difficul- ties in certain subjects should not be ashamed to seek help with the peer tutor- ing program . If you do need help, see The programs is a needed asset to Hell- gate. Hopefully with some support it will continue. It is a program in which all who are _ involved in it will . counselor and a~k about the pro- Hellgate's peer tutoring program was created last year by counselor Ed Bohart (Bohart is currently on sabbatical leave in Alaska). The program was designed to give help to students who have difficulty in a certain subject. Other students who excell in these areas become tutors for the students. Currently, counselor Marilyn Templeton is starting up the program. Already there are around 50 students who have signed up to become tutors . The program has a lot of benefits . First of all , the student in need of aid can re- ceive some help in trying to understand the subject. Many times, if students don't understand the material they will give up trying . Having a tutor it gives the students a push to keep on trying. Also, the counselor and the tutors should be commended for giving their time . The gift of sharing is a gift that the giver and the receiver both acheive. It is an accomplishment that all the tutors should be oroud of. The program seems to be starting off well , especially with all those who are willing to become tutors . But the orogram could easily become a failure. Tutors quit- ting , students afraid to ask for help , and lack of support an enthusiasm students and faculty can quickly end the program. Second, the tutor is well educated in the We have an obligation as students of Hellgate which is to give our support to our fellow students . That's what makes Senior Deann Birnel tutors senior Jean Fontenot in French . Vending machines offer new variety By Lori Getter Editorials Editor Students have been frustrated by having to stand in long lunch lines at Hellgate . Many simply avoid this problem by skipping lunch or heading to the Sugar Shack. But now students have a new c hoice . Dennis Kraft (Mis - soula County High School Super- intendent) has allowed vending ma c hines to be placed in the four high schools. Earlier this fall, Kraft pro- posed the idea of the vending machines to help reduce the long lunch lines. Many students would stand in line just to pur- chase an apple or a container of yogurt. Kraft thought that by having vending machines that would carry natural food such as yogurt and granola bars it would decrease the long lines plus the possibility that more students would eat a nutritious lunch . li was a controversial decision• especially since it could reduce the , number of students who wouk1 be purchasing the hot lunch meal. The current figure show that there is no decline m the m • . n;ber of hot lunches sold . . Many students are purchasing the meal plus buying the prod- ucts in the vending machines . · Currently, the vending - machines are on a trial basis . Kraft will soon decide whether to take them out or leave them in. Hopefully he will choose the latter . First , the vending machines are an asset to the school ' s hot lunch program . Since they are run by the school lunch pro - gram, any profits made are in turn put back into- the program . Second , th~y have helped to ease the problems of the long lunch lines . Students are more apt to eat a nutritious lunch , Be- fore the vending machines were installed, many students became discouraged with the long lines and headed for the laundry mat for a Coke or the Sugar Shack for a doughnut during lunch . Third , they offer a · va riety in the lun c h program . They give~ Before you get carried away, _ think about your next step ... MIS~OULA PLANNED PARENTHOOD Mon.-Fri. 8 a.m . -5 p.m . 235 E. Pine 728-5490 FIRST NATIONAL BANK'S TOP TEEN Wendy Norgaard is First ' National Bank 's Top Teen this issue. Wendy is the student body secretary and a varsity cheer~eader. She was a girl's state delegate and is a member of the National Honor Society with a 3 . 9 grade point average . Wendy played basketball for Hellgate three years, and was a volleyball team member for two years. Wendy is the features editor of the Hellgate Lance and plans to ' major in Jour- nalism or French at Stanford, or Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. · students more choices then be- fore . Therefore more students are eating lunch. Hopefully Kraft will decide to keep the vending machines . · They help reduce the long lunch lines. they offer more variety , and more importantly . they en- courage students to eat a nutri- tious lunch. HANSEtrS is getting sweeter everyday! . WE HAVE: SUPER STOCKING STUFFERS Bag of Assorted Candy Basket of Assort _ ed Candy S 2 50 Special Christmas Ice Cream Flavors Rum Raisin Egg Nog Pumpkin Peppermint Cranberry Sherbert A FREE COllE WITH PURCHASE OVER $1.00 Offer expires 12 / 31 /82 . First National Montana Bank . - - - - .. .. ' .. -

The Hellgate Lance (Missoula, Montana), 09 Dec. 1982, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.