The Hellgate Lance (Missoula, Montana) 1964-current, February 22, 2013, Image 3

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NEWS Celebrity Pun Fact: Should the#·e be a CJ•ash., Prince Cha#·les and Prince William neve#· b·avel on the same ai#plane as a precaution. 3 APOSTLE PAY RAISE RECAP: STUDENTS EXPRESS OPINIONS AT FEB SCHOOL BOARD MEETING Chloe Autio News Editor Tuesday Feb. 12 marked a busy night for Missoulians. With the State of the Union Address and a crosstown basketball game, it may come as a surprise to many the turnout at the MCPS School Apostle called Stein before the meeting to discuss her and other students' concerns and activism against his raise. They met with other Missoula area high school students on Wed. Feb. 13 and discussed top- ics ranging from Graduation Matters Missoula to his salary. \I thought it was overall pretty unproductive. Apostle was very defensive and his attitudes made me feel as though anything that was said at the School Board meeting had gone right over his head,\ Stein said of the private meeting. Board Meeting was exceedingly high. The meeting, which predominantly focused on Superintendent Alex Apostle's 13 percent pay raise, drew audiences and speakers from all over the spectrum of education. As public comments opened, groups and individuals that included Teachers's Union 406, a variety of spe- cial needs teachers, and some of Hellgate, Sentinel, and Big Sky's own, expressed their opinions to the Board . Along with educators and stu- dents, parents and general tax payers of the public also addressed the School Board. Yetta Stein, Hellgate senior, said of the response of the School Board to her comments, \I thought the majority of them were open and lis- tened. Apostle looked a bit emotion-less and kept a rather stony face.\ There are several different ways in which voices can be heard in terms of public opinion. Stein and others against the raise specifically support this. \I think we need to campaign against the school board members who supported this raise,\ said Stein. \Calling members . and writing letters to express public opinion is important come School Board election time. Apostle seems to think that the people of Missoula support this raise. It is crucial that we tell him how we really feel.\ MONTANA LEGISLATURE: 63rd Session addresses reproductive health The 63rd session of the Olivia Adams Montana Legislature that Assistant News Editor convened on Monday, Jan 7, has brought about a plethora of controversial topics ranging from gun control to environmental issues and more proposed and debated over the last month in numerous bills. Notably, though, there have been 12 bills- a newly • nigh number- concerning reproductive health. These bills address just about every topic on the spectrum from abortion to sexual education classes, and have become a major focal point for many of the sessions. House Representative Cary Smith (R, Billings) has proposed House Bill 239 associated with the teaching of sex education in schools. It requires written consent from parents to have their child receive sex education and prohibits anyone affili- ated with an abortion service provider (such as Planned Parenthood) from offering instruction _ to the students. Op_posing sides state that if you look at the ac- tual facts, teen pregnancy rates have dropped dra- matically over the past few decades. Representa- - tives qf Planned Parenthood also explained that if they are prohibited from stepping in to teach kids the legitimate facts relating to sex, students will just end up getting filled with the corrupt or false information heard from peers or on the internet. Some state that a class on Sex Ed. is necessary in order to teach teenagers about growing up, and the best ways to stay safe from the risks of partaking in such sexual activities. Then of course, there are the kids who are sexually abvsed at home. They need to learn about it, but it _ is highly unlikely that a par- ent would sign the consent form . Considering that there is already an opt-out option for the classes, it is thought that this bill is driven by an anti- abortion agenda that ends up putting the legislator in control of the school board process and deciding what is taught and who will be teaching it. In the past, rather than opting-in to it, sex education has always had an opt-out option. In defense of the bill, many claim some college kids don't know the most basic questions or answers re- lated to sex, therefore showing that the earlier kids learn about sex, the sooner the are ex osed to the risks as- sociated with sex such as STis or un- planned preg- nancy. Others in the same defense believe that the Kelly Shull Phone: 406-327-9749 Website: EmaU: - kshull@bresnan .p et · -, school has no right to choose at what age a kid becomes educated in this specific field of learning, and that the decision should be . completely up to parents. Some even go as far as to believe that the rates of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases are all soaring due to the teaching of Sex Ed classes in school. If this bill is passed, the curriculum would be re-written and many guest speakers who address students on this topic will most likely be permitted from continuing this practice. The bill, if passed by both houses and if not vetoed by Steve Bullock, the governor, would become effective on July 1, 2013 and will first affect sex education at the beginning of the new school year 2013-2014. 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The Hellgate Lance (Missoula, Montana), 22 Feb. 2013, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.