The Hellgate Lance (Missoula, Montana) 1964-current, November 23, 2015, Image 1

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Issue 5 Volume L November 23,2015 Crash Landing: Refugees in Missoula / As the fourth year of the Syrian News Editor an( j £ ra qj conflict rages on, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant has snow ­ balled into a larger threat than previously thought of years ago. “ After demolishing the Syrian/Iraqi border set up by the crusaders to divide and disunite the Muslims, and carve up their lands in order to consolidate their control of the region, the mujahidin [soldiers] of the Khilafah [Caliphate] delivered yet another blow to nationalism and the Sykes-Picot-inspired borders that define it. ” ISIL publicists have said in releases to the press. But the crisis is not just limited to the war, as this last month Amnesty International has revealed that over nine million Syrian and Iraqi refugees have been displaced fleeing the vio ­ lence wrought by the conflict. Four million of these refugees have been displaced outside their home countries, with 95 percent of these refu ­ gees fleeing to their neighbor countries in the Middle East and Northern Africa. Lebanon hosts approximately 1.2 million refugees from Syria which amounts to around one in five people in the country. Jordan hosts about 650,000 refugees from Syria, which amounts to about 10 percent of the population. Turkey hosts 1.9 million refugees from Syria, more than any other country worldwide. Egypt hosts 132,375 refugees from Syria. With more than 50 percent of the population displaced, the pres ­ sure has continued to build in the West to respond to the crisis. In Missoula, Montana, however, there is a different story. Two months ago, Naser Yahya and Pakhshan Abdulla arrived in Missoula for the very first time. Travelling from the Kurdistan province of Northern Iraq to Montana, they faced many struggles and a month of hardships ac ­ Naser Yahya and rakshan Abdulla v (Photo courtesy of Naser Yahya) NEWS China ’ s One Child Policy (pg. 3) EDITORIALS Missoula Busi ­ ness Hurt by Big Business (pg. 6) FEATURES Winter Trends (pgs. 9-10) climating to life in a new country, they found solace in the Soft Landing Missoula organization. Sprung from a quick response to the publishing of many stories and articles about the refugee crisis in Europe and the morbid images and accounts coming from refugees, Soft Landing Mis ­ soula ’ s genesis came with a plan. Their story is taken from their very own manifesto. “ We started out very small, with the idea of bringing 10 refugee families to Missoula. Just through word of mouth, within a week, we had about 20 people involved with what we were doing. ” They continue, “ When we are chosen as a loca ­ tion, the Department of State Refugee Processing Center and nine non-profit Refugee Resettlement Agencies (VOLAGs) will open a field office here to administer the programs available to refugees, Soft Landing Missoula will then morph into a volunteer group that supports the resettlement of ­ fice in their work. I see us helping with community integration both helping the refugees integrate and helping Missoulians understand their cultures and needs, language services, monetary support, and so much more. Everything from picking them up at the airport and hosting their first meal, to making sure their apartment has linens and is a welcom ­ ing space. Maybe eventually we even help make it monetarily possible to send a child/ children to college. At that point, I feel that the possibilities to help will be endless. ” The dedication of the over 200 signatories and donators to Soft Land ­ ing Missoula may be a rarity, but something characteristically Missoulian. With Naser Yahya and Pakhshan Abdulla and their children being the first of many to come to Missoula, Soft Landing Missoula remains headstrong to provide for those in need. A&E Thanksgiving Recipes (pgs. 12-13) SPORTS Boy ’ s Soccer Wins State (pg- 17)

The Hellgate Lance (Missoula, Montana), 23 Nov. 2015, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.